Lucky Bun

Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Lucky Bun
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Feelin' lucky? Get extra lucky with Lucky Bun's BUNS! 128518128521128077🏼 *Lakas maka-commercial 128514128514128514

I've seen a lot of photos of Lucky Bun before and would always be curious but because they don't have a branch near me, I never had the chance and time to try them. Yes, I'm curious but too lazy. 128541 So when we chanced upon this place one afternoon, Ony immediately bought one (not because he knows I want to try this but because he was hungry 128530128517).

128055 CHAR SIU PORK BUNS (45/pc). Char Siu pork enveloped in their signature buttery crust. 128055

128176 PRICE: Fairly priced at 45 per piece. This can already pass as a morning or an afternoon snack but if you're hungry, this is not something you should get because a single order will only cure your hunger for a while. For a very short period of time. 128518

127860TASTE: It was good, the pork was tasty and tender. The bun:meat is just right. But I think this would be better if was served hot and not room temp. We asked for them to reheat it but ayaw ni ate. 128530 Also, though good, I still like THW's. 128541

Btw, aside from the pork buns, they also have other flavors available -- Chicken Curry, Veggie Shiitake, Salted Egg Custard, and Pineapple.

One Dozen: 540php
Half Dozen: 270php
Per Piece: 45php

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Eboy D.
3.0 Stars

I seriously wanted to love these buns after seeing Ben Wintle of Booky fame sniffing a boxful but after a few hours in the box it was not appetizing anymore (except for the pineapple buns).

Eat it while its hot, dont let it go cold like your whithering relationship with that so called signicant other. The sizes were uneven too. Had to ask to get the bigger sized buns. I espouse buying local but i'd rather buy those in Binondo or the more famous ones in Aura or Megamall. 45pesos a bun is quite expensive when i can get it cheaper and more uniformly baked by more established baked bun bakers. Will try again very soon.

Senior cards was not used. No parentals during this visit.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

About the photo, took a page out of Peanut D's book with what she did on Nonna's dough balls. #cute 128517

Back to the buns... Chinese food needs more exposure in the south and this a good step in that direction! It isn't my favorite cuisine but its pretty obvious that us southerners sometimes have to head north since Chinese food here's quite limited. Mostly for take out, the buns come in 4 heavenly flavors: pork bbq, veggie, chicken curry, and pineapple. Baked just right with a softly crisp outer shell and piping hot and flavorful fillings. The veggie bun filling tastes a lot like what they put into Chinese lumpia, the pork bbq is your typical asado, and the chicken curry speaks for itself.

But my favorite, and even this surprised me, is the pineapple filled bun. Wow! Great as a snack or as a dessert. The flavor of the sweet & sour pineapple just goes so well with the sweet bread. And they use whole pineapple for the jam too! As can be seen when you bite into pineapple chunks.

Took home a box, ate 5 pieces out of the 12. Came home later in the day and the box was gone! 128514

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