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2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Lucky Chick
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Most Recent Reviews

Manfred M.
3.0 Stars

A month ago, a blogger invited me to savor the American style offerings of Lucky Chick, located at the second floor of UP Town Center, Diliman, Quezon City, beside Wingman and Casa Verde. The restaurant interiors remind one of a homey and upbeat ambiance that caters to families and kids who want to bond over home-cooked meals. The place has actually been around for less than a month in the area.

Whats's interesting about the menu is that it gives the diners a taste American home-cooked meals. The food carries a diverse selection that includes sandwiches to salads, as well as its flagship chicken dishes. Let's start with the chicken. As the restaurant's specialty, the impeccable friend chicken comes in its golden brown skin fried to a satisfying crisp. The recipe follows an American southern style blend that has been passed on from generations and has filled homes countless times. This recipe has been a mainstay, then. The authentic taste is a sure hit for people who want an excellent-tasting chicken dish that can easily outclass the local fried chicken offerings. Add to that a wildly variegated selection of side dishes, and one can experience the unique taste that comes into play with every meal. At 138 pesos, a one piece chicken meal with rice and drinks is enough to satisfy a hungry boy. For those who want more, a two-piece chicken with a side dish complete with rice and drinks is priced at 308 pesos. Hungry families can get a meal with 4 pieces of chicken coupled with 4 cups of rice, 4 glasses of iced tea, and 2 sides at 688 pesos. I'd say its pretty reasonable given the quality of the dishes served.

As one of the bloggers privileged to attend the foodie event, I was able to taste their one piece chicken meal coupled with a mashed potato side dish. I can attest that the chicken was unlike any local fried dish I have ever tasted before. The chicken is one of the best I have ever tasted. It wasn't too oily and greasy. The tasty deep fried skin can easily be taken away from the meat and eaten alone or with their special gravy which comes in Original, Honey, and Apple Cider variants. Furthermore, the meat was cooked just right. There was no blood or dark meat patches in it. It also tasted fresh and well-cooked. I liked the fact that the meat and skin never tasted salty.

The side dishes include garlic rice, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, biscuits, mac and cheese, corn muffins, corn in the cob, fries, green peas, and hashbrown casserole. I took the mashed potato owing to my childhood preferences. The side dish exceeded my expectations. I initially thought that only the chicken would have that premium, exquisite taste. The mashed potatoes were also of high quality and well-prepared as well. It wasn't bland or salty either. It simply had the sweet taste coupled with a spiced up flavor from the gravy. I'd love to come back to this place to taste their delectable array of side dishes.

For your home-cooked American fried chicken cravings, try Lucky Chick. Its tasty offerings will surely leave you wanting more. It is located at 2F UP Town Center.

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Kristine M.
2.0 Stars

I hate it when I have to give a negative review of restaurants with good service.

I had been planning to eat at Lucky Chick for quite some time but I've been always outvoted by my husband and daughter. This afternoon, I finally got to try it since I'm the one paying hehe.

I got their 2-piece chicken and waffles. At first, I thought 2 pieces is too much but it turns out I needed that extra chicken.

The dish comes with 6 mini square waffles. Out of the 6, I only got to eat 1 piece---pilit pa. It was so rubbery and tasteless, I had doubts if I am eating waffles. Men, this is worse than Ihop. Even canteen waffle or those 20-peso waffle stalls taste better.

The chicken tastes ok, not bad but not stellar. I expected more as it seems that they're a chicken place.

The almost-saving grace was their staff and their internet. The guy who served us was so nice---he led us to the coolest part of the resto when he noticed that I was fanning myself from that walk from the parking to the old UPTC area. Sadly, it's not enough for me to come back.

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Jen S.
5.0 Stars

My first time to dine in here yesterday and I'd like to go back since I'm a fan of fried chicken and they offer a delicious one. 128522

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Saturday = Dinner at UPTC.  And he wanted a glimpse of Jupiter and Saturn.  A local group of astronomers has a free telescope viewing at UPTC,  apparently Jupiter and Saturn is weally close that night.  A couple of light years closer that the usual. 

After his happy kid moment with the planets,  we decided to have a light dinner at Lucky Chick.  Got a table and ordered one of their set meals with some fries on the side. 

The interior looks unfinished.  The space facing the counter resembles a  school cafeteria while the one tucked on the corner looks unfinished,  less decor and it looks so white from where I'm sitting. 

Fries and refreshments were served first.  The potatoes are ordinary,  thick cut and served with some catsup on the side.   After muching on the fries,  the chicken was served.  And oh,  you can pick among ther three variants - ordinary,  hot chick and lemon and garlic (not sure).   Just like any restaurant out there,  the food was served on a wooden chopping board.  The chicken was fresh of the frier and comes in big portions.  A cup of rice and some mash on the side. 

The chicken was mediocre,  I've had better. He seems satisfied till I saw something on my peripheral vision.  The inside looks raw (with some blood 128545).  Him being nice insisted that it's is okay,  me being concerned with the health risks of eating raw chicken insisted that we call the servers attention.  The chicken was replaced and the server offered his sincere apology. 

Part of me wanted to give a low rating but the server saved the day,  if not for his sincerity and attentiveness,  i would have given two stars but as they say excellent customer service goes long way.

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Kia S.
5.0 Stars

Lucky Chick is new in UP town center. The place is cool!! They have hanging lights all over the place, words of wisdom on the walls and very colorful chairs and other decor.

Price is very affordable, if you're on a budget and you want to eat good food then you should try it here. I've noticed that while I was eating there, most of their customers are students. I guess because a meal would cost from 120-190 pesos.

They have their "Lucky Meal" which consists of 1 pc chicken, rice and Iced Tea priced at Php 128. Their "Luckier Meal" consists of the same thing plus 1 side (they have 13 sides to choose from) priced at Php 188. If you're a group you could get the "Luckiest Meal" or more popularly known as the Family Meal. It consists of 4 pcs chicken, 3 rice, 3 sides and a pitcher of Iced tea priced at Php 688.

Aside from their chicken menu, they also serve pork and fish but since they're still on their soft opening, they are focusing on their chicken menu for now. The Pork Chop meal is good! It's a bit salty but the peaches on top and the sauce balances everything when you eat it all together. They also serve pork steak with rice and mashed potatoes.

They have their Appetizer platter and it consists of onion rings, lucky chick balls (pancake type batter with bacon bits inside shaped into a ball) and Jalapeno Sticks (they are legit Jalapenos and not local sili) hahaha. You should also try their Ice Cream sandwhich, the cookie is huge and their vanilla ice cream is good.

If you're a little conscious about your figure and you don't want to eat carbs, you could order their Lucky Chick salad. It's around 200 pesos. That's what I ordered and their serving is big, you could share it with a friend if you want. Their salad consists of greens, onions, cherry tomatoes, pork cellulite bites and chopped fried chicken breast.

When you're at UP town, you might want to try it out. It's on the 2nd floor beside Casa Verde. 128036

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