Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream

G/F Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia, JW Diokno Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream
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Ice Cream
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Isha S.
3.0 Stars

I saw this fish-ice cream thingy on my instagram feed a while back and became determined to have it. I finally got the chance a few days ago when I was in MOA with a friend.

The place is just a small stall/kiosk located at the Entertainment Mall area. Taiyaki apparently means the Japanese fish-shaped cake and in this instance, it's a fish-shaped waffle cone filled with soft-serve ice cream! 128031127846

On the menu, you can have the fish-shaped waffle cone with your choice of ice cream flavor and toppings for P75 or a black cookie cone which is cheaper. I got the fish-shaped one, obvi! And picked their vanilla-cheese ice cream swirl + rainbow sprinkles. They also drizzled some chocolate syrup on top and stuck a stik-o in there haha.

The vanilla and cheese ice cream were both quite bland and I couldn't really tell the difference between them. The whole thing also melted pretty fast and before long I quite literally had a soggy dripping mess on my hands. When I finally got to the fish-shaped waffle, it was a pretty underwhelming experience as well. It was also quite bland and all mushy from being soaked in the ice cream. I didn't really get to finish it and just gave up as I couldn't manage all the spillage anymore 128514 plus they didn't have any tissues huhuhu. Looks nice, but I think my praises stop at that, I'd give it a 2.5 overall.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

I've been attempting to try this ice cream a few times before I actually got to try it! It's hard to find since it's just a kiosk located at the entertainment area of MOA.

Similar to other soft serve ice cream stalls, you get to choose the cone, flavor, and toppings you want, plus a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a wafer stick on the side.

CONES - Taiyaki (fish) or Black Cone
FLAVOR - Vanilla or Cheese or Mixed
TOPPINGS - Rainbow Sprinkles, Rice Krispies, Oreo Crumbles (for an added cost)

Of course I had to try their taiyaki cone (the fish) with mixed flavors of ice cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles.

I paid P75 for my ice cream and it was not that great to me. It was missing that creamy taste. The taiyaki was like a waffle. It was okay, although a bit bland for my taste. I only got a bite of it, since it was already soaked after I finished the top part of my dessert. I had to throw it away 128532

This dessert was too messy to eat!!! 128514

If you're craving for some good ice cream and has a budget of P75, it's still safer to go to DQ. Other fastfood ice creams will also do.

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