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Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Bistro
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Most Recent Reviews

Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

It's been a while since I visited a board game cafe! For the past year, we usually play boardgames at work (after office hours) because one of my officemates collects boardgames.

We decided to head to Ludo for one last hurrah for an officemate who's leaving the country soon. There's no entrance fee, all you have to do is order some food or drinks and play all you want! They have a huge collection of games you can play and they also have some games for sale. 128077🏼

Before I talk about the games, let's go to the food.

They have a pretty good variety of food in their menu. There's quite a number of Japanese dishes and a few Korean dishes.

Really loved this!! 10084️ The fries were fried perfectly – crispy!! It was topped with okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and bonito flakes – just like a normal okonomiyaki! It was really good! 128077🏼 It was gone in minutes!

We ordered this as an extra since we lasted until around 10pm playing games. We needed something to munch on.. 128523 When it arrived, the table immediately smelled like cheese!! That's how much cheese was on the plate!

This was pretty good. Took a while to come out but it was worth the wait. The beef was seasoned well and the sauce was good with the rice. One disappointing thing about it was there was no raw egg 128557 Oh well. It was still good.

Other stuff we ordered:

We were able to play 3 games from 7PM til around 10PM.
1. Tokaido (5 players max) - Really fun traveling game wherein the objective of the game is to experience as much as you can on that trip! The player with the most points wins!

2. Takenoko (4 players max) - Objectives game where you have 3 types of objectives: pave plots for planting, plant bamboo shoots, and have the panda eat some bamboo! Each objective has its corresponding points. Again, the player with the most points wins. It's an exciting game because you'll have to choose wisely on what objectives you get (and note what your opponents are trying to do!)

3. Exploding Kittens - Intense game! 128514 I opted out because it's already intense enough with 5 people playing 128517 Basically, if you get the exploding kitten and you don't have anything to diffuse it with, you're dead!

Other interesting games that I wanted to try:
SUSHI GO! PARTY! ---- OMG! This is not your regular sushi go!! It takes sushi eating to a whole new level! There's so many cards involved! Too bad it was getting late so we didn't get to play anymore. But it was interesting reading through the manual!

I saw an employee explaining a game to one of the customers. Since we had someone who knew most of the games we played and we liked reading the manual, we learned the game by playing and reading when we did not understand something. 128541 But that's what ate up some of the time we had hehe!

Overall, the place was pretty big. Though it did get very loud later in the night because it was packed. 128533 Despite it being a Tuesday night!

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We were planning a Christmas get together with my college friends and I remembered how much I wanted to try each of the many, many boardgame cafes in the metro. So, I suggested that we hold our gathering in one, and it all boiled down to Ludo, since my friend knows the place too well.

Once we finalized all the details, I gave Ludo a call to reserve a table. I was then informed of some rules:
🔹we were given 30 minutes grace period after our reservation to show up or they cancel our reservation
🔹Minimum of 1 food or drink order per person
🔹we are required to reorder every 4 hours

I just wanted some finger food that night, so I ordered the nachos. Serving size was huge. It surely is good for sharing. It was okay. The toppings included some ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and some marinara (more on the sweet side).

There are a lot of games to choose from. I remember just staring at their shelf full of games wondering what each game was. Good thing their staff are so accommodating that they always approach troubled people like me, suggest games and explain the mechanics of those games.

By the way, don't waste your time looking for common games such as Jenga. They don't offer them.

We played games such as the happy salmon, cards against humanity, coup, and my favorite: coconuts.

Coconuts is a like a game of beer pong wherein players will attempt to shoot "coconuts" (that looked like maltesers) into the cups in the middle of the table using a monkey's hands as a catapult. Once you shoot a coconut into a cup, the cup is yours. The goal is to have 5 cups, I think? (5 or 6) It's a simple, hilarious, no brainer game, which is why it's fun! 128518

The ambiance of the cafe is perfect for enjoying your games. It's cold and spacious and the paintings on the brick wall are eye catching. A wooden door hidden in the brick walls also lead to their restrooms.

If you enjoyed your game, fear not as you can take home a game just like it, because Ludo also sells brand new boardgames.

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Our new neighbor at Palanca cause quite a stir when they opened. Because why not, finally they're at Makati and at some place very close to us.

Hola Amiga! Gringo is known for their specialty ribs, and chicken. Their chicken comes in two different kinds; the original or the Southern. For a Php 225 for Original you get to choose two sides. Three options for rice either plain, garlic or mexican. And for a tomato lover like me, mexican is always a better option with some salsa on top. The rest of the sides varies from salads to potatoes, beans and corn. The Southern chicken is a little spicy but equally good. In all fairness, the serving size wise, it's big enough to make you full. Actually the chicken serving is pretty big. Ribs on the other end are grilled just right. With a little barbeque sauce and tender meat it's a good pair with those sidings. It's not too soft to the point of falling naturally from the bones. But a good one too.

The place has various beer options perfect for an evening drink, but the place can be crowded and it can be loud. We went here during lunch and I can barely hear my friend from the other end of the table. The place has nice couches but it's quite uncomfortable when everyone is so loud.

For the price we paid, the serving size and quality of the meal; it's highly recommended but be sure to prepare your ears cause it can be really loud.

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Myzyl C.
4.0 Stars

Chicken pepper and a generous amount of mushroom rice is really good. They have root beer float too, so that makes it even more awesome. So many games here but they only have board games that can accommodate max of 10 players. A smaller group might enjoy and play more games than really big groups. Awesome day.

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

we live.. to P L A Y !!! 128514
went here for dinner and we got overwhelmed by the board games they offer!
the ffond we had are as follows: the chicken cheeses balls (careful, it's hot! the cheese oozes as you take your bite)
the gyoza (we chose the cheese gyoza, since i'm a cheesy person 9996🏻️, it's good too! they offer other gyoza flavor as well)
the japanese pizza was a big takoyaki and it's so filling! super! hahahah!
so here we go with the board games, the instructions will make you go crazy 128540 hahahah! but don't worry, the staffs are very much happy to assist you and your friends! will go back soon for some de-stressing games! hahahah

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Myra L.
4.0 Stars

It's a great place to spend your afternoon with friends! The resto manager was kind enough to let us play our own Uno card set w/o a fee. 128588 The service was a bit slow but I enjoyed their Lemon Pepper Chicken. The meat was juicy and so soft! 128522 I was hoping for some caffine kicks from my cappuccino, sadly it was quite weak. 128554

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

While waiting for more friends to come, I ordered two of the cheapest among the appetizers. I got Chips and Sour Cream Dip and Bacon Cheese Balls. There’s nothing special about the chips but the dip was yummy. If I’m not mistaken, the chips is similar to Lays Original (Yellow). The Bacon Cheese Balls were good! We were all hungry when it came so we ate it using our hands. We had a difficult time eating it because the cheese was oozing out and we were very careful not to spill on the board games and cards. The bacon and cheese complemented each other. For dinner, I got Tori Furai (Breaded Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce). It took quite some time before my order came so I was in the middle of a game when it arrived. The sauce definitely reminded me of how the sauce tasted in other katsu restaurants. However, the taste still doesn’t compare to those other tonkatsu places. The chicken was soft and easy to chew. The rice serving was generous so I wasn’t able to finish it.

For a board game place, Ludo’s food offerings are really good but only the rice meals are worth the price. Also, always go for the bottomless iced tea. Just don’t forget to ask for more ice for every refill as it can get really sweet. If you’re planning to stay there for at least two hours to play, the iced tea will be worth it.

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

I've been to Ludo Boardgame Cafe many times now and this is already their second branch which I had to visit cause it's bigger and can accompany larger groups as compared to their first branch in Tomas Morato where it's always fully booked and waiting could take up to two hours 128529

I'm not really a fan of boardgames ever since cause I usually associate it with geek gaming or smart playing, LOL. I rarely play monopoly, and haven't played chess in my entire life, so i'm clueless on what to expect on modern boardgames.
Little did I know, there are a lot of new concept boardgames like co-op games, Deck Building Games, Strategy Games, Bluffing Games, etc. It might be intimidating at first but I assure you the game masters will explain to you how the game works at first and then you can start playing with your friends.

Anyway, let me go first onto the food. It's required to order 1 drink and 1 food per person to be able to play. No minimum amount required per order.

I love their CHEESE GYOZA P160, aside from it's cheap it's also yummy. It comes with a sweet sour vinegar sauce. We also ordered their SUPER NACHO CHIPS P250 (For 3 Pax) which is already good for 3 to 5 pax. Nothing special about the nachos, it's your typical nachos but it's the cheapest for sharing food on their menu so just had to order it. For the drink I ordered their GREEN TEA Latte for P100 which looks more like a Frappe, I find it so sulit cause for P100 you get to enjoy a nice drink already. And it wasn't that bad, being an avid fan of matcha I find this one good enough na. It's subtle and light, just a perfect drink while playing.

I don't really think there's something extravagant about their food that's why wala talagang tumatak sakin but when you're actually playing, you won't mind it anymore. Having good food for a boardgame cafe is like a "BONUS", as having tried playing in other boardgame cafes, so far wala pang super sarap that would make me want to come back for the food itself, boardgames lang talaga yung babalikan ko.

I like this branch better cause they have a wider range of drinks and imported beers. For some reason, their food is better and well prepared compared to the other branch. If I had to choose, i'll definitely come back to this branch!

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Ludo has a very huge collection of boardgames.

My friends and I decided to kill time at Ludo since we wanted more bonding aside from our dinner at Ogawa. Clingy, eh? We called Ludo to have our names put on the waiting list. We were 6th. We waited for more than an hour to be accommodated. Still, it's fine. Not sure why, but good thing there's a nearby Sbucks there for us to wait.

I ordered King's Landing Float and I loved it. I think it's priced at 250php. It contains Irish Cream, root beer and ice cream. Since for us to play and stay, everyone needs to order at least one food or drink. My friends ordered Butterscotch beer. It tastes like butterbeer! But too sweet tho. For me. One of my friends also tried their Triple Chocolate Chip milkshake. It's very yummy as well.

For food, we had nachos, and potato chips with sour cream dip. I didn't like the food so much. But still, okay for a pica-pica.

Very friendly staff. I just forgot the name of the girl who assisted us. 128584 We played Avalon. Super exciting! Haha. We also tried Escape from Enigma game from Mystery Manila. It's a bluffing game as well wherein the goal is to find the right tool for you to use to escape (i.e, flashlight, key, pliers, etc.). Just ensure to keep Enigma away as he will do everything to prevent you from escaping. Enigma may kill you too. 128517 We enjoyed this game so much that we bought 1 set of it. Haha since Ludo is just until 2am, we continued to play Escape in Whistlestop until 5am. 128584

P.S. They also have One Night Ultimate Werewolf game. 9786

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Camille S.
5.0 Stars

Lucky enough to find the last available table and last parking slot in Ludo during our visit. The place gets really packed around 5pm.

They require all guests to order at least one food/drink as their gaming charge. I ordered a lot since we stayed there for hoursss! I ordered A&W Rootbeer Float and Parmesan Fries first. The float was good; of course it's A&W. The fries lacked the cheese flavor. We asked the servers to add more parmesan cheese on it and it took them after at least five follow ups before action was made. I also ordered their Katsudon for dinner which was okay. I was kinda expecting that it wouldn't taste good because it wasn't their specialty or whatever. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all.

Since it's a board game place, there are around 1-2 people who helps in explaining each board game. I think they should add at least one more person to help because the place gets full and it'll take time before another group of people is "served". They also sell board games there but don't get too excited to buy your newly discovered favorite game. Some of the items are priced a hundred bucks more expensive vs. other game stores. But if your game is hard to find and they have it, might as well buy it.

Lastly, I have to commend the place for maintaining the clean tables and shelves. For a very interactive place, it's really good that they keep it clean. Of course, they wouldn't want their precious board games ruined with the drinks and food. I also liked the wall decors which were inspired from the Dixit card game. Creative!! It made me want to have my favorite Dixit card painted in a big canvas and hang it in my room.

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Lhorenz-Ehmer R.
5.0 Stars

Board games! ;)

Japanese food and board games!

We ordered japanese carbonara. Pesto, fries and gyoza! Super sarap ang creamy ng pasta.

Saya ng mga board games nila! At accomodating ang mga taga turo ng games. Buti super konti ng tao! :)

Visit na guys. :) fully booked sila ng friday night and sat. Kaya weekday pumunta. Hehe

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

And I'm officially into board/card games now. 128563 Went to Ludo with some friends and spent about 7-8 hours eating, drinking, and winning (mostly losing for me though). 🙄

We ate lunch first while waiting for our other friends to arrive. We got their chicken alfredo pasta and their 5 piece ebi tempura. Both items were actually pretty good. I also got their chocolate milkshake, which wasn't bad too. 4-5 hours later, we tried their chocolate chip cookie ala mode (forgot what it's really called) and did not like it one bit. The cookie was so hard and it tasted old. We finished it anyway cause... Idk sayang. 128542 Food was kinda pricey but most of it is good, I guess.

Now moving on to the games we played. Played some warmup games first like Exploding Kittens, Hive, Da Vinci Code and Sushi Go! before we moved on to playing Coup and Pandemic.128563 Has anyone here ever won Pandemic??? We tried twice and we thought we were good the second time but NOPE!!! I thought I wouldn't like the game 'cause you have to work as a team so no challenge... I was wrong. It's even harder. Too many epidemics!! Coup was pretty interesting too. I'm actually interested in buying it... So I can practice. And start winning. Lol.

We tried calling Ludo to reserve a table 3 days before and they said they no longer accepted reservations for that day but they also said that there would be walk-in tables available so... We went anyway hehe. It started getting full at around 5 PM on a Sunday. The game masters were helpful and friendly but there were still some games they weren't familiar with.

I cannot wait to go back and win Pandemic and try other long games! 128525 Other suggestions will be greatly appreciated lol.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

I really love it here. Although their food is quite pricey around P150 and their drinks, it's a good place to hang out for spontaneous night outs with friends :)
The place is very nig so you can come in 7-10pax. You can stay as long as you want but make sure you order something.
Better reserve before going here since most people stay for a long time there might be no available seats for you.

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Neil R.
4.0 Stars

Preface: This rendesvoos review is extremely late... two months late, to be exact. I had some trouble with a new phone that made me unable to post this earlier. Profuse apologies to Ludo, our awesome host that evening, and to the equally awesome and affable looloo crew.


One of the more active entertainment strips in the metro just became more diverse.

Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Bistro, this new kid on the Jupiter block, gamely and generously invited several loolooers for a night of fun and discovery.

Being situated at the former Pino and The Burger Project made Ludo easier to find. Adding to that ease, their big and bright bluish sign screamed, making it difficult to miss. The establishment was surrounded by huge panels of clear glass. Compounded by well-lit interiors, it made the big groups hunched over and around their tables difficult to miss street-side.

As you walk into their doors, you'll notice a row of shelves filled with board games. With an arsenal of over 650 games, Ludo is an escapist’s fantasy quite unmatched by any other option available at the moment.

On the day of our rendesvoos, they had been on soft opening for a few weeks already. Yet, based the inflow of patrons, the response from the Makati crowd was anything but soft. I was dumbfounded that evening, ignorant me was not aware that such a market existed.

Walking by the shelves you'll realize that it truly is possible to make every Ludo visit quite different from the last. Fantasy, history, science fiction, comic books and literature are but a few of the available genres. And if that's not enough, a five-figure budget allotment allows them to continually add more games while retiring some in the process.

You could also go in with an open mind and allow their in-house game gurus to recommend games and assist you in learning the rules and mechanics. Heck, they'll even play with you. How's that for customer interaction?

That night, Nathan served as our gaming guru. He had us try out games such as Avalon, Apples to Apples, Mad Gab, and Tic Talk.

That last one served as the highlight for me, as it provided some SFW catch words that will last a long time for the people involved. To mention a few: Svetlana, Ponstan 250, and Loperamide.

As with every looloo rendesvoos, that night involved meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and actual face-to-face conversations with loolooers I only got to interact with in-app.

So shout outs to Chichi T. Dell C. Marie H. Mae A. Yshkael C. Paul G. Ronith Jazel D.

Plus, the greatest crew on this side of the globe: Peanut D. Odell R. Roegan T.

Props to Ludo as well for being such great hosts. Especially for providing an environment wherein you feel like you’re just playing and hanging out at your friends sala. Yes, I think we had the distinction of being the nosiest table that night. 128556

Before I end this, let me share some random observations:

> If you have a vehicle, park on the side. Oddly, the slots right in front of Ludo are owned by another establishment.
> You can bring in your own games.
> Game gurus wear white shirts and white caps, while the servers are in black.
> They offer a wide array of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails and imported beers.
> If you plan to eat, do it before you play. Eating nachos adds an extra layer of difficulty to a game challenging enough.
> The shelves also serve as a marker, dividing the quiet space from the not so quiet area.

So gather your friends, head on out to Ludo and get your game on!

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

I've been to several boardgame/cafe places before and to be honest, i hated them. I always felt like i would hyperventilate anytime soon given my close proximity to fellow boardgamers (ha!) and the feeling of "humidity" throughout my stay. With that being said, i really enjoyed my experience at Ludo. It was spacious, and the temperature of the place was well set. I really liked my stay, and didnt notice that we were there for 5.5 hours already.

Food was very practical. They were choices that could be eaten neatly while still multitasking and playing your game. We played Bang, Avalon, Timeline (history game wherein i spaced out but my humanities partner really loved), dixit (cool game, inside jokes all around haha), and this chinese dragon bridge game (forgot the name but would love to buy this).

Boardgame selection was awesome. Unlimited ice tea + 5 hour stay = sulit. Haha

Anyway, will definitely be back with my group of friends soon. Although, i know it can be hard at times to get seats nwe were there 5 minutes before opening hahaha #atat

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your visit if ever you decide to pass by :)

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

I was a bit surprise that they are packed for a thursday night. We were able to avail of their private room for 12 persons. Its 3000 for 4 hours and 1k for any succeeding hours, all of which is consumable. So its a good deal for a big group. They seldom run out of cards games and its a nice place to test out new card games before buying any.

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Just had their Iced Mocha (coz I was so full from my Chili's food trippin'). It was served a little late which was prolly due to the big crowd that night. It was a Saturday so the place was packed. Still had fun playing games (we played Mad Gab. Yaaaayyy!) here and yeah, a bit bitin so multiple visits is a must here. 128513

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

So finally i arrived here to meetup with my friends after all the traffic. For a friday, the jampack crowd is tolerable. Enough breathing space to walk around and has enough playing cards. Ordered their millshake. It was good9786

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Yay for looloo rendezvoos! I've been wanting to attend one and yes, my dream finally came true 128171

So for that night, the real winner for me was their Super Nachos. I couldn't help getting piece after piece. The plate was beside me also sooooo....hihihi 128513. It was just really filled and I don't think any nacho didn't have a topping (well, besides the ones at the bottom). It's just perfect for the plethora of exciting games that this place offers. No wonder it was filled with much buzz to the point that I couldn't hear my fellow looloo buddies 128029

Aside from the superb Super Nachos, their Cheese Gyoza was quite good too. Not too cheesy that it takes away what a gyoza should be. Opted for the Lemon Pepper Chicken though I should've stuck with my gut and chose the mushroom herbed rice to pair it with. The cheese potato mash was just too flavorful that it takes the limelight from the chicken. As for the chicken, it was very tender and had good flavor. It didn't need the sauce that came with it (too tangy too when I tries layering mine with one).

Missed the dessert part because I had to rush back to the office (boo me! 128532). But it was fun to play the games here. Some were misses but the last one I played, Mad Gab, was a real hit!

'Twas a fun night playing games with other looloo folks, namely, Dell C, Yshkael C, Paul G, Chichi T, Ronith Jazel D, Neil R & Marie H. It was nice meeting you all along with the amazing looloo crew, Peanut D, Roegan T & Odell R! On to more looloo rendezvoos? Yes? 128522

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

One thing I'm not so comfortable of doing is socializing, I'm the introvert type, see. Also, I'm usually shy and awkward, especially when I'm with people I barely know. So when I replied to Peanut D's email (who was inviting me to join a Looloo rendezvoos), acknowledging and saying yes to her invite, my inner self was like, "WTH?? How will you survive this? Cancel now before it's too late!" And I swear I was actually thinking of cancelling. But hey, I've seen some people's comments to some of my reviews and people here at Looloo seem really nice and cool. So I thought, it's worth a try, it's not like they would ignore me or whatevs, right? After all, we all love food here (right, right!?) so I thought, at least we have a common ground and will have something to talk about. Lol. So I stopped thinking of not getting along with the bunch I was going to be with and started telling myself that I just have to try and be friendly as I could. Haha!

We were supposed to meet at 6:30 but I got there 30 minutes early. Haha! I didn't want to be late so I allotted an hour ride expecting a heavy traffic, but to my surprise, the flow was pretty good. Good thing Paul G was as early as I was whom I overheard being asked by one of LUDO’s staff if he’s part of Looloo, when he said yes, I approached him immediately and introduced myself (I did a great job here, I must say, way to go haha!).

The same person who asked Paul kindly showed us the way to our table which wasn’t really hard to find, lol (we had the longest table, I think haha). We were also welcomed by the Mister who seemed to look like Aga Muhlach (I didn’t get his name, though, sorry!). Paul took his time to roam around and take pictures and have a little talk to “Mr. Aga look-alike” (okay, now I feel bad for not getting his name) while I observe and (excitedly) eye the board games. It’s what I was looking forward most, really, I mean, I’ve been wanting to go to their first branch in Quezon City but my friends are always busy and it’s really not a place for just yourself. It was also nice to watch people play, enjoy, and get so pikon. Lol. I swear there was really one group who were arguing there. I started taking photos of people and the cool interiors of LUDO by then.

This branch was so alive that time, it’s almost full, a good thing I guess for it just opened couple of weeks ago.

Peanut and Neil R came in no time. They were so nice, I must say and both had a welcoming vibe, huhu! By this time, Mr. Aga 128532 introduced us to Nathan who was our game guru for the day, he seemed nice and entertained some of our questions and even enlightened us willingly. He also gave us suggestions on which of the board games could be perfect for a group of 10-12, he said though that it’s hard to find one for a large group like that so he suggested to split our group in to two. But then he introduced us to this game called “Avalon,” it’s good for 5-10 players (not sure), a simple in a (kind of) complicated way game. Us, four early birds with Nathan tried to play it and it is more serious than enjoyable, I think not my kind. Dell C, Yshkael C, Mae A, Chichi T, Odell R, and Roegan T came few more minutes after our first try on the game and by their looks, I think our feelings for this one are mutual. Haha! I don’t recommend this if you’re looking for a light and fun game.

We decided to give up on “Avalon” and Nathan gave us another game, the “Apples to Apples” which is like a matching game, where there is an adjective (in a form of cards) that you would have to match with one of the cards you have (can be anything: people, events, movies, whatevs), the best match chosen by the “leader” will get the card with the adjective, and whoever has the most number of adjective cards wins. This one I didn’t like, but I’m pretty sure Odell and Paul did for they matched most of the adjective cards! Some of us also tried playing something related to animal and the zoo but I didn’t join anymore because it sounds more complicated. Haha!

While playing, we were served with the appetizers, Super Nacho Cheese and Cheese Gyoza. I liked both, way too much I think that I ate way too much than I’d usually allow myself to (like I was nearly full when the main dish was served). The Nacho Cheese has a very generous serving, I think it can be good for up to 3 people but it could use more toppings, and cheese, maybe? Yay for cheese! The Gyoza on the other hand was sooo good! I was never a fan of it, I thought it’s overrated, but that was then when I have not tried it with cheese yet. I think the cheese gave balance to its taste, it’s not overpowering, it just added a twist, a good one! You really can’t go wrong with cheese, you know!

Before we continued playing, we had our main course, a choice between Lemon Pepper Chicken and Honey Cured Pork Spareribs, I had the latter with mashed potato. I’m not so impressed with this one, although the meat was tender, the sauce was overly sweet for my taste. I even tried to remove the outer part so I’d be able to enjoy the rest but medyo na-nunot na ‘yung sauce (which should have been a good thing in other cases), so even the insides was too sweet. Although I think I should have enjoyed it more if I partnered it with plain rice because the mashed potato was a little off to me too, it’s too cheesy (don't overdo the cheese now hehe) to the point na may umay factor na, I think it could have been better if they partnered it with a regular mashed potato instead, or might as well let the customers choose what kind of mashed potato they prefer? I didn’t finish this one, it’s sad, I know.

After having the main dish, we tried playing again, this time, Marie H has arrived and played Mad Gab with us. It is an interesting game, it's like guessing what phrase will be formed out of the words combined, like for example, "Juice Colored" the phrase is "Jusko Lord" or “Hi Nut Quo” = “Hay na’ko” something like that. Haha! We were divided into two groups, Team A and Team B, I was part of Team A with Odell, Marie, Chichi and Neil. Apparently, we were too "normal" (as what my groupmates had put it haha) to win. It's hard and complicated, really, but in a good way, especially when the rules state that clues should only be related to syllables and whatnot. But, hey, rules can be broken so our team did, kaya medj nakahabol. Haha! It was so much fun, intense even, I can still remember how I repeatedly shouted when I thought we got the phrase right (spoiler alert: we did get it. . . after a few more tries) well, not sorry.

We tried Tic Talk next, still with the same groups. There were five colored dice with letters which will be copied to a pad paper with boxes, to their respective colors, out of those letters, you'll have to form words, making sure it's a hard one for it'll be exchanged to the other group later on and they would try to guess it based on the clues that will be given by their team's leader. This one was so much fun too, and more intense, from choosing the words to trying to understand the opposing group's writing, to figuring out what the words actually mean, to finding what clues are the easiest to understand, and to actually guessing the sometimes too-hard-for-my-brain ones hahaha! Our group tried but, yea right, we lost. But ha! I had so much fun to even think of it.

While playing Tic Talk, we were served with the Creme Caramel, oh this one is sooo good, that custard-y (or was it?) sweet heaven, I'd have it again and again!! If you are planning to go here, this dessert is a must try (ah, I am such a sucker for anything custard huhu).

Hours passed, I didn’t even realize that it was already 10pm. I wanted to stay a little bit more but I have thesis to think about and a whole bunch of paper works to finish that should be passed before 12nn the next day. So I said my goodbye and went home with a happy heart and tums!

Food is one thing here at LUDO but with all the board games you can borrow (or buy if you're into it) and play with your friends and family, this place can truly be a perfect fit to hang out and bond and have so much fun, I truly recommend it. I, myself am planning to go back and bring my friends to kick some ass. Lol. If you are not so sure which board game to go for, don’t hesitate to ask for guide and advice to their staff/game gurus, they are beyond nice.

Everything went well, I had fun, I socialized. I never thought I'd enjoy that much on this Looloo rendezvoos, never did I thought either I'd give out that laugh I give only when I'm with my closest friends. People are so nice, the Looloo crew, my co-Looloo reviewers, and even the staff of Ludo, so if you'd ask me if I regret saying yes to this, the answer is NO, not even a bit, not at all.

So I thank Peanut and the rest of the Looloo crew for inviting me and for being such a great host, thank you too for the sweet letter, Looloo blue payong, and the Looloo candies! Also thanks to LUDO for sponsoring this fun-fun eat up and for the giveaway (I'm still trying to figure how to play it haha) and to their staff for being such of help to us!

It’s always nice to meet new people and share stories and experiences. For someone like I am, it can be intimidating, scary even, at first but trying is always the best option. So if you get an invite for a Looloo rendezvoos, don’t even think twice and just say yes! Trust me, it will be fun!

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