Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe

Sct. Torillo St. cor. Sct. Fuentebella St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Jenna L.
4.0 Stars

Take a break from technology and come dine & play at Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe! They have plenty of options for their boardgames and no need to worry if you don't know how to play some, in our case, most of them (Haha) because their staff are there willing to help and assist you with your questions. This is really a great place for big groups since boardgames are more fun to play with 4 or more people though there are still games made for 2. The interior is really nice with all their games displayed all over the place. Their foods are great aside from their Iced Tea, since I'm not a fan of Japanese food, wgich I think is a Japanese kind of tea. Yes you read that right. Ludo serves Japanese cuisine.

You must try the Choco Chip Brownie Ala Mode! The perfect combo of hot & cold. Intrigued? Go try them! Overall, Ludo is a must for everyone. Even kids will enjoy the place!

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Debbie M.
5.0 Stars

Our absolute date night place! We usually go here 3 to 5 times a month. Chill place to hang out and to have fun with friends and loved ones. Food is sort of expensive, but considering you can play much as you want evens it out. Personal favorites: potato bacon cheese ball (photo), curry Katsu, and a cold super dry beer.

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Hydz T.
4.0 Stars

This place was fun! I'm the DQ of the night. Won this game! Food is so so, not that expensive. If you don't want noisy, people laughing, shouting and having fun. Don't go here! 128512

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Monique R.
5.0 Stars

This is my 2nd time here. And I must say, I really enjoyed this place. I will go back here over and over again. Love the food and also the games! Super enjoy especially for barkadas! Perfect bonding place!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

They offer various games to choose from and food as well. We had eaten already before going here, so we just had desserts.

Choco Chip Brownie ala Mode (180PHp) - it was gooey and soft on the inside 128523 a must try!
Choco Chip Cookie ala Mode (150PHp) - we didn't like it because it was over cooked.
Cafe Mocha (120PHp)

There were a lot flies flying around and my sister told me it's probably because some areas weren't cleaned properly.

The parking was limited too.

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Kathryna d.
1.0 Stars

We went here for my friend's birthday bash and as you can see from the photo, she's a total geek for Harry Potter, Suits, One Direction, and even Ian Veneracion! Go figure!

Anyway, we got there early and we had a reservation for 10 people. Some people from our party arrived late but they didn't take any of our tables away.

The place was really cramped! I can only imagine the horror of cleaning all the nooks and crannies of this small space.

The service was BAD. I cannot emphasize how bad the service was. There were about 3/4 members from their crew and unfortunately only the the lone girl from the group catered to all our group's needs. There was this one guy there who was so incompetent that he NEVER seemed to give me anything that I asked for (water, utensils, etc.) like hello bro asan ang presence of mind mo? Throughout our entire stay he was busy chatting with this other guy. They were not helpful at all when I asked for game recommendations and he was definitely not enthusiastic at all when he taught us this certain card game.

I regret ordering iced tea because it was instant Nestea powder. Yuck.

Their spareribs with kimchi was meh. The carbonara was okay. Their brownie skillet was burnt and honestly I highly suggest that they revamp their menu items because everything was either mediocre or sucky as hell.

Their bathroom was dirty.

However, I enjoyed the company. I'm looking forward to visiting their Jupiter branch since I heard it's nicer. I'm never ordering bottomless iced tea and rice bowls again.

I recommend that you eat a heavy meal before going here, have a reservation, order their pica pica plates (nachos, fries) if you get a bit hungry. Skip dessert, the bottomless iced tea, and the milkshakes. In short, just order a glass of iced tea and enjoy your stay!

Adios! 128111

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

I've been in this branch twice. The photo is actually the one in Makati but I just wanna give it a review.
I prefer the Makati branch better because it's bigger and has more space.
What I didn't like about this branch is the sanitation. My friends and I saw small cockroach roaming around the area. However, this branch has better customer service since the owner is mostly here.
I just feel so constricted when I'm at this branch because the owner is very strict! He doesn't want too much noise and always reminds us to keep quiet.
Maybe the noise is much obvious here because of the space.

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Janine R.
4.0 Stars

Went here one Sunday afternoon for bonding time with the cousins. Heard this place is almost always full, but we took a chance. Luckily, the place just opened when we arrived and only one table was occupied. Upon entering, I was already eyeing on the board games on the shelves. Btw it's not a problem if you are there to kill time by playing games, you just have to order a minimum of 1 food item and a specialty drink per person...and you're good to go! In our case, we ordered a couple of food items good enough for sharing and some specialty drinks.

The Okonomiyaki (or, Japanese Pizza) was ok. It has the consistency and taste of a pancake, medyo nakakaumay for me. On the other hand, the Super Nacho Chips were really good. Just an hour before we decided to leave, we ordered their Sloppy Fries, which was also good.

For our first game, we had the Cards Against Humanity. Then we had the Coup, then Wood Man, then Tokaido, then Tapple. I commend the staff and owners for their service. They were very eager to teach everybody each boardgame they want to play in case they aren’t familiar with it yet. We got too hooked with the games. We were there for 6.5 hours!

Final verdict is 4/5. The food items are not fairly priced considering serving size and taste. The place gets jam-packed and noisy (but that's okay, everyone seems to be enjoying the games naman), so it's better to come early or call for reservation.

Would I recommend? Yes 128077🏻. Would I come back? Definitely 128077🏻, for the games. Hope they improve on their menu.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I love board games and I hate losing. (Who does anyway???) I would go all out when I play games and at times forget that I’m already in my (*gasp*) late twenties. I was so thrilled when I saw the post of D about a place called Ludo and as soon as I got enough info, I begged my friends to join me visit the place. And my favorite Dragon lady and F agreed! Woohoo! However, the day didn’t start as smooth as I wanted it to be as on my way to the meeting place with F, I failed to notice this street sign and hit my head against the sharp edge causing my forehead to bleed. Yes, I saw the Twitter bird circling around my head for an hour. Anyway…

Hello, Ludo!

The place was pretty empty when F and I arrived. There was only one other table occupied so we had a lot of choices. (Though despite having a full house, there are still a lot of games to choose from.)

The first game we chose was Mr. Jack. I forgot to take a photo of it as I was still pretty disoriented. But the game is pretty much like Clue as you have to find Jack the Ripper a.k.a. the criminal. Jack is amongst one of the 8 characters in the game and the goal is for the investigator (the other player) to find out who Jack is. The investigator is not represented on the board and he could only make one accusation throughout the game. If the investigator guessed incorrectly, Jack gets to escape.

What I find so interesting about this game is that each character has a special power that could either help or confuse the investigator. At the end of each turn, the investigator can ask the witnesses (the other characters) if Jack is visible or not. Of course, the only one who could answer that is Jack. Anyway, we played it three times before we moved to the next one. (T arrived before the first one ended.)

The next games we chose were pretty easy to play. We played this chicken game where you chase the other chickens with the goal of getting their tails. The one who gets all the tails win. But in order to move, you need to accurately match two cards. In short, it was a mix of tag and memory card game.

The other game we played was a coordination game which was basically matching the color on the dice and the card. The card indicates which animal to get and the goal is to be the first one to grab the right animal. (Did I make sense?) Each correct “grab” wins you a card. The one with the most cards by the end of the game wins.

My favorite though was Black Mysteries which was like being in a CSI episode. In this game, one player gets to be the storyteller and narrates the story. The goal of the game is for the other players to discover the reason behind the death, accident or any form of misfortune. The players can ask the storyteller questions that could be answered with yes or no. (However, we somehow cheated as we inserted “maybe” and “could be”.)

T had to leave after that game so F and I tried to be more hardcore with the board games and went for Civilization. It lasted us for 10 minutes. (Basically, we just set it up.) Soon, M and F(2) arrived and we chose to go back with no brainer games as it seem to suit us best.

We played the game where if two consecutive cards that have the same fruit forms a 5, we have to ring the bell. It was slightly brutal if you play with guys but it sure was fun to play. (Competitive.)

When F left, we went for the game where you have to continuously stack cardboard papers and place the miniature rhino from time to time. The person who fails to stack the next level loses the game.The last game that we played was some sort of lumber game. A trunk is cut into pieces and stacked together. The goal is to just get the wood on the side and not the whole ring. (It’s quite hard to explain it without the visuals but make sure you get this game!)

As for the food, I ordered the Classic Gyoza (PHP130), Tori Furai (PHP195) which comes with a glass of Japanese Iced Tea, a bowl of potato chips with dip (PHP95), Brownie Ala Mode (PHP180), and a cup of cappuccino.

The potato chips with sour cream dip is nothing special. Actually, it tasted like Oishi's potato chips. But it's a great snack while playing.

The Tori Furai was pretty good. It's your usual chicken teriyaki. The portion is just fair for the price.

The gyoza was served hot and it sure hit the grumpy spot. The meat was juicy and flavorful. For PHP130, this is a steal!

The Brownie Ala Mode wasn't that sweet so those who are not so fond of sweets would like this dessert. I just hope that they served the brownie warm to have that delightful contrast of the cold ice cream and warm chocolate.

And since I fell in love with the place, I stayed there for 9 hours straight. For dinner, I tried the Katsudon (PHP195) which was pretty decent too. It's nothing fancy though but it is very filling.

I'll definitely be back! :)


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Debbie Ann O.
5.0 Stars

This Board Games-themed Cafè is one of those place you and your squad must definitely try!! 128516128076🏼

When we went there, we actually don't have any idea what to expect. We just wanted to dine at some place we've never been. So, we found this Cafè and we give it a try.

At first we don't know what game we should play, then the personnel assisted us and give us a Board Game about Business. But before that, they instruct us to order our food (It's their Gaming Charge) before they teach us how to play the game.

The food was okay. Nothing special. It will just cost you minimum of 300php (solo) for a complete meal. Btw, they also offer finger foods for a minimum of 150php! 128518

They are open until 11pm. So, you don't have to worry if you still want to try other Board Games.

Overall, We really enjoy playing Board Games and surely will come back to this Cafè.

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Gayla b.
2.0 Stars

Before Thelma left for Canada--leaving me all alone, with misery and thirst--well coz she's my legit drinking buddy! And now that she's leaving me all i have left is a dry mouth, making beer not tasting the same and hard drinks nothing but painful liquid in my mouth!! 128553 -- okay enough drama.

We went here to ludo for some fun dinner only to put the sadness in the corner--128546

The smell of Old Wood that was like wet and then kept inside a box or and an old creepy cabinet for decades, making it self dry for years--The smell of my childhood--that welcomed us. -- it was disgusting. 128567

The place was packed with kids playing who knows what? 128530 We had a reservation for 4 but we were seated at a table with 3 chairs only. seriously. define reservation. 128530128530 A guy entertained us and help us pick games. We ordered some food. The food took about an hour or more before it was served. We did like millions of follow ups but i guess they think that the board games will make us busy not really caring about or rumbling tummies--wrong.128530128530128530 I wonder, if the cooks are also doing some board game inside the kitchen for them to take that long to give me my Katsu--that was nothing special. bland and miserable. like the waiting time. horrible. 128530128530128530128530

The desert saved the place, amazing good! 110881108811088

Of course the kid in me enjoyed the board games somehow. eventually I got bored. Will I go back? I still have to think about it--Give me an hour or more for me to decide--- 128514

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Amabel Kay L.
4.0 Stars

This place is perfect for barkada and family bonding times. You will not believe how extensive their game board collection is! The atmosphere is very cheerful, perfect for destressing!

You need not to worry if, like me, the only board games you are familiar with are Scrabble and Monopoly Deal. The servers are very attentive and will actually teach you and introduce to you new board games. In recommending the games your group is to play, they consider the number of participants and age group.

From time to time, servers will offer food. Our group only ordered milk shakes and chips because we were still full when we came, so I can't give a fair review for the food aspect of the place.

Ludo offers free wifi, but with the board games in front of you, I bet you won't even remember checking your social media updates! The only con of the place is its few parking spaces; if you are going with a group, better if you all ride one car.

I loved the place and can't wait for you to experience the same! :) #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Paolo A.
5.0 Stars

I love this place. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and their board game collection is extensive. You don’t even have to know the rules to everything because the staff is on-hand to help you figure stuff out. The food is reasonably priced and tastes great. I had the Torikatsu and it was prepared real well. It's best to get a reservation as this place packs quickly and people stay quite some while. Note that if you're planing a day there like we did, you have to order something every 4 hours. Worth it, though. First place I've truly loved in a long time that I can hold back on sarcasm for this review. Can't wait to scipe out their Makati branch.

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Iyah A.
5.0 Stars

Place for nerds. Ow yes. They got tons of board games in here. You can try each of em and what's more fun? If you dunno the game, just ask.. Somebody's going to your table to teach you. Ahuh 128077🏼

They got foods too, rice bowls, some other snacks, beverages like shake, en beers.

Friends en I spent around 4hrs, we had so much fun. Just be reminded that if you plan to go there on a weekend, better yet make a reservation first as the store gets jam packed with people who wanted to try, chill en play. No time limits when you're there btw. Store's up to 2am.

We tried rhino hero, travel blog, en cards against humanity..some of the other like blocks too, en ones I couldn't remember already 128540

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Catherine C.
4.0 Stars

A place for your friends to eat and play! Let the games begin! 128522128077128109128108128111

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Salie D.
2.0 Stars

We had a set lunch here two weeks ago with my family. We were 25 all in all. Mostly adults and some are children. I'm pretty sure that my sis-in-law did have a have four tables on one side of the restaurant unoccupied just for us. 128077🏼

When i arrived, family were almost complete and were there an hour earlier than some of us. From the time they arrived, they immediately took their order para di nga naman magulo. 128521 Which is actually magulo na coz kids and teens are already playing board games so ang saya lang! 128540

I would also like to commend the owner, for having such a unique and fun place! I didn't know his name 128513 but he gave his time to entertain us by choosing a game and introducing it to us as well. Enjoyed it much! 128525

But why did i gave it two stars....Orders took it sooo loooong to arrive! We were all starving and nodding our heads sa sobrang tagal....with my group on our table, buti na lang at we just focused on playing kasi our first plate came out 230 pm! Wow, we ordered it past 12noon!!!!! 128553 And mind you, Spicy wings lang yung dumating! Nag share na lang kaming tatlo on our table to ease up our hunger...Carbonara, Gyoza and Tonkatsu wala pa din, even ICED TEA?!?!? Wow di ba? We had to follow it up around that time when we stopped playing na to let them know that we're already looking for our food! and that it's been two and a half hours?! Kaloka!

My nieces and sisters-in-law are just too mad and ranting already! Even their Milkshakes are not available na...only those who arrived earlier lang ang na manage nila servan ng Milkshakes!128542

The Spicy wings were okay, naubos sa gutom. Then came Tonkatsu, just so so.
Gyoza came after 15mins more kasabay ng Iced Tea. The classic Gyoza is better than the vegetable one. Carbonara in a bowl came last. Wala na kaming gana sa sobrang layo ng gap ng mga food. 128532

And i heard that the total bill is around 8-10k...not worth it due to bad service! 128533

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I am really happy with how Ludo turned out. The first time I went here was March last year and they were still on soft opening. Now they've added a few items on their menu and the place is always packed.

Ordered chicken wings and sloppy fries. Both were good. 128077🏼

If you have kids, please bring them here and stray them away from gadgets. 128514

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

The place opens at 12 PM, perfect for an afternoon hangout with friends. Apparently, you can reserve tables, and we were lucky to get the only non-reserved and non-occupied table when we got in a little after they opened!

We immediately ordered their food including their katsudon, beef teppan (served with toge and mushrooms), pork spareribs (served with honey sauce, kimchi, rice) and vanilla milkshakes. We also ordered the cookie skillet ala mode for dessert. They also offer alcoholic drinks and cocktails if you wanna get your buzz on haha as well as pica pica like fries, nachos, etc.

They have a wide selection of board games, although no classics including chess, battleship, monopoly, etc. (some classics are on display, but reportedly have missing pieces, etc.) because they believe that you should come here to experience new games. But it's okay because they're happy to assist you! At the time we came, there was this really friendly and knowledgable "game guru" who helped us pick out games tailored to our tastes and explained very well how to play them.

It gets really noisy at times, though due to the competition among friends and families haha. No fees for the games, but you can only have 2 per table. If you like strategy games, I recommend Power grid! Fun!

As for the food, sakto lang. Not really wow-worthy, although I enjoyed the beef teppan. Prices of food and drinks at 100-300 pesos.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay here (we literally stayed for hourssss) and didn't realize how much time had passed by as we ate and played the afternoon away. 128523

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Vinny L.
4.0 Stars

Interesting place as it is a cave of all the games you love, and more importantly, all the games you didn't know even exist.

The place is great for bonding with your friends. Ot does tend to be noisy since people get rowdy and awfully competitive while playing boardgames and card games of all sorts. So it's not exactly the place where you'd want to be if you wished to catch up and talk.

We made a reservation for 15 people since we knew this place would be packed if we didn't. There's a grace period of 15 minutes and luckily we made it on time. There were about 4 other groups of around 5 that night, and people leave after 4 hours or so.

Everything on their menu is expensive, but I think it is quite justified. They don't have any fees on playing the games, or do they have a rule that each one on the table must place an order.

I got a ribs rice bowl with Japanese green tea. It really turned out to be a rice bowl serving – it had a cup of japanese rice, a kimchi serving on the side, and about a palm-sized meat. Instead of looking like ribs my order turned out to be some barbecued liempo but it was tender and savory enough for me to like. My drink tasted a lot like wheat tea with a few hints of honey. It wasn't that refreshing at first because I could still feel its warmness from the brewing.

They also have Blue Moon and Stella! Although it's quite heavy on the budget at 200-250 a bottle.

What was superb about this place was the service. You could ask them which are the ideal games for a certain number of people, and which games would be recommended if you preferred to play something like brainteasers or buzzer beaters. They would immediately grab a game from the huge stack for you. They know all the rules and would even facilitate it during your first round. How awesome!!

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Lexine F.
4.0 Stars

A great place to enjoy games with your friends or family. They have plenty of boardgames to choose from. The food and drinks are delicious. The staff are very accommodating and nice, you can even have them suggest you a game if you can't decide on what to play and they can instruct you on how to play the game if you're not familiar with it. Two thumbs up for this place. 128077128077

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