Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo

Chino Roces Ave. cor. Malolos St., Makati, Metro Manila

Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo
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Mervin M.
5.0 Stars

Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo or LSPT for the conio kids is an established industry for drunk people in Makati. Technically, the name of this place is Angeline's Lugawan. It became sooo popular that they simply call it LSPT.

The house specialty is Lugaw with lechon kawali (take all my money). they sell it for 55bucks a pop. If you want a toned-down version they also sell the same ligaw sans the cow innards for an even cheaper price.

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Marjorie G.
3.0 Stars

Yesterday I was craving for lugaw so I searched Looloo and found this. But I didn't go, even when I wanted to so very badly. I've seen this lugaw place many times before but never really gave it a chance until today.

So I went there and noticed that the other lugawan (Lugawan sa Tejeros) across the street has more customers. My friend told me that Lugawan sa Tejeros has better lugaw according to his former roommate.

Even so I still decided that we eat at Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo since it's the one I've been meaning to go to anyway.

Just as described in the reviews the place is not exactly pleasing. Good thing I'm not a delicate person so even I didn't really mind. This is the first time I saw a lugaw with lechon kawali (PHP45) and boy oh boy that lechon kawali is really tasty.

The plain lugaw with egg is very cheap, only PHP25. The area is in the dark or ugly side of Makati and it probably explains why the food in this area is so cheap.

As with the taste, it was just okay. Tasty but not exactly something that I'd describe as unforgettable.

For the price I think this lugaw is okay. And I wouldn't mind going back. Next time though, I'll try their competition just to know which one offers the best lugaw in this area.

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Joicy B.
5.0 Stars

Our go to place where ever me and my friend Hanna doesn't know where to eat and where to go to make chismisan128514 and if we are in tipid mode and super sulit.. We usually order Goto with innards and Tokwa at Baboy. The taste never change since kiddo days 128103. I remember a friend of mine brought his well renowned author friend to this place and he like it there. Simple food makes the person happy. Will ever go back here to eat alot of Goto for comfort food specially in cold weather.. 128077128540128514128523

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Gel S.
5.0 Stars

My 2nd best goto after Lugawan Republic's Goto Hell. My number 1 lechon kawali though the ambience is not really good.

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Eunice S.
4.0 Stars

No photo because.... my husband told me so. Hehe "wag ka nang maglabas ng cellphone at mag-picture dito."

Tipid hits tonight so we ended up here. This is Lugawan sa Pasong Tamo located at the not so posh side of Makati. I saw a new sign was up with it -- Angeline's Lugawan. I dunno if they have a new name. It's right across Lugawan sa Pateros which looks exactly the same. Per Spot PH, Pateros is the original though my husband swears that the Pasong Tamo one is more delicious.

Definitely not for the neat freak, it looks quite dingy. Yung tipong ipa sa Diyos na lang na wag ma-hepa ganong level. Haha! But I must say, the Goto with egg at P40 and Lechon kawali at P55 is such a good pair. The lechon kawali is so tasty and crispy! Just be sure to order a new batch. Our total bill? P150!

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Ja R.
5.0 Stars

Love this place! Great goto! Feels weird with the cr like place.

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

Ultimate comfort food on a rainy day or after a drinking session. I love their Goto! So cheap but really good! Pretty popular in the Makati area.

However, you can skip the tokwat baboy 128078.

By the way, they're open 24/7!

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