Luisa's Cafe

Session Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Luisa's Cafe
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Ann S.
2.0 Stars

Felt like this place was trapped in the 70's. The decors and interior are outdated, the tables are grimy, the chairs were the heavy iron-wrought type, and the menu, laminated and sorry looking not to mention sticky. Typical chinese restaurant with the big ass steamer and hanging duck and asado on the glass window display upfront. Well i came here ONLY because my son is a lugaw fanatic and was craving one when we were in Sm. Long story short, we walked down to session rd to find a place to get his fix. We ordered one meatball lugaw for my son, and chicken noodles and asado siopao for me. My order came after a few mins, so i started feeding my son who is btw a veeeeerrryyy picky eater(all granma's fault) he basically grew up eating lugaw cos he wont eat rice or any viands. he was taken care of by my mom cos hubby n I are always away for work, syempre na spoil ni lola. Add to that na we used to own a 24 hrs lugawan/tapsihan in our place dati. So, when his order came after we almost finished the tasteless siopao and noodles, i had to separate the meatballs pa cos he wont eat it unless its hardboiled egg. I actually asked them to separate it for him pero wala. When he tasted it he asked for patis over and over again, of course, i said no. I tried it, walang lasa, as in prang water. Anyway, wont be coming back here soon. I think 75 pesos for a tasteless bowl of congee is a rip-off. Guys, dont come here either, kahit institution na sila sa baguio, i guess the quality diminished thru time. Just go somewhere else, so much option in session rd alone.

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