Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen

Puregold, Mindanao Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen
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Clarissa R.
4.0 Stars

Craving for Chinese food? I recommend dining at Luk Foo where you can enjoy some lovely Cantonese dishes.

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen can be found at almost every Puregold store one of which is at Mindanao Avenue. Whenever we go there, we’d see people pass by the restaurant after grocery shopping. Sometimes they would just go straight to it.

Seeing this, we we’re intrigued and tried to dine in a few times but was unsuccessful because the place is always full. Luck was finally on our side last weekend as we were able to experience dining at Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen.

Judging from the outside, you might have an impression that the place is small. But once you enter, you’ll be surprised on how big the place actually is. There are round and long tables perfect for families as well as booths for small groups. Moreover, the restaurant is clean, well-lit and ventilated. The staff are attentive and courteous, too. And that includes kuya guard who welcomes you to the restaurant.

What about the food?

Luk Foo offers a wide range of Cantonese dishes from Dimsum, Soup, Noodles to Roasts and Fried Rice Toppings. You have to be careful though as the menu can be quite confusing especially under the Main Dish choices. We had to look intently because not only are there many choices but the font and size well, let’s just say they need to update it so it will be easier to read.

Despite that small issue, we were able to enjoy our food. I have my favorites. But first let me show you what we ordered.

Chicken Asparagus Soup

Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps

Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin

Beef & Broccoli

Braised Ampalaya with Tofu Lechon Kawali

I’m not going to lie to you. All these dishes are delicious but I’m going to pick my top 3. First on my list is the Chicken Asparagus Soup. Though it was a cold day, I believe that this soup is perfect for any type of weather because the overall taste just warms up the heart.

Second is the Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps. Okay, I’m allergic to shrimps. But I can take a bite or two. Let me tell you, I loved every bite. I just wish the broccoli florets and stems be a little bit tender.

Last on my list is the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin. I was a bit concerned about this dish at first because we were with our grandmother and you know how difficult it is for them to eat. But let me tell you that we all enjoyed the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin especially her. The meat is tender and very flavorful. *Two thumbs up!

If you’re craving for Chinese food, Luk Foo is a good place. They have a wide range of delicious Cantonese dishes plus the service is good. Now in terms of price. The most expensive in the main dish costs Php3000+ BUT there are dishes that costs waaay less than that. Simply browse through their menu and you’ll see a number of affordable dishes perfect for the whole family/ friends!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Had Luk Foo for my Lola's birthday celebration, and eveyone enjoyed it. Food was fantastic, and flavourful. A few crowd favourites were the birthday noodles, salt and pepper noodles, and asado platter. I particularly enjoyed the sweet salty tender pork asado with the fried rice served that night. I wouldve loved to taste the glistening duck hanging bu the window but nobody wanted to share it with me 128514 great service and bright ambiance.

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

During my Aunt's wake two weeks ago, Mom's brother went home from the US. Days after, he is about to celebrate his birthday here in the country and this surprise dinner was arranged by his son based here.

On the night of his Bday, some of us visitors arrived at 7pm as planned. The celebrant of course came later than all of us. It was during the height of Apec summit...when the traffic elsewhere was horrible! Hubby and I traveled from Pasay to QC for almost three crazy hours! Good thing that when my niece didn't make it through the heavy traffic from Makati to fetch us from the house, we grabbed a taxi and we're so lucky that the cab driver uses Waze and able to pass by the roads inside the villages hence we make it in less than 30 minutes!

My family and I didn't expect that the food serving will be this grand! I have been to Luk Foo Araneta branch a long time ago, I knew then that they serve good food but this dinner really showed how much they are under rated. I'd recommend this with all my heart without second thoughts. Now, let me start describing these unforgettable set of Cantonese cuisine one by one...

1. Fish Lip Soup
- The very first of almost 14 Entrée including the dessert. This is pork strips and long sliced fish lips in a thick soup. This one I like! 128077🏼

2.Luk Foo special cold cuts combination
- This is one of the best and definitely my fave starter whenever we're eating at a chinese food restaurant. I am a Seaweed lover! I consider this the best cold cuts platter combination. The platter includes Seaweeds, Pork Asado, Lechon Kawali, Century egg, Hainanese Chicken, Cucumber, Crab Meat and so many more. This alone makes me full sa start pa lang. 128540

3. Steamed Lapu Lapu with soy sauce
- Two pieces Black Lapu Lapu, with onion leaves as garnish, and soy sauce. The fish meat is tender. Most Chinese patients I know, believe that Lapu Lapu soup is great for healing. This one's healthy and elderly on our table including mom, just loved it!

4. Braised Birthday Noodles
- Always present sa mga Chinese Birthday dinner. The serving is huge on a large serving plate! I don't think this is good only for 10-12 pax, but for 20!...see it hasn't been touched much because of soo much food on the table!
It is complete with Quail eggs, pork Lomo, and vegetable. Comparing it to other restaurant's Bday Noodles, it lacks Squid and other seafood ingredients. But I'd say it tastes good.

5. Fried Taro with Scallops
-Oh my goodness, just looking at the picture makes me wanna have it again, I finally tried it. Yey! Served around 12 pieces and a size like a fist each piece. Super yummy and nakakabusog...deep fried and is ridiculously crunchy and delicious! My nephew loves this that he ate three pieces!
I swear this is a must try for everyone! With slightly burnt Scallops on top and soft filling that I think is made of shrimp and ground taro. Soo good! 128525

6. Peking Duck (two ways)
- Served almost at the end of the Lauriat package just before the dessert came. I think we just brought this home for it is left untouched. It was like stir fried with a variety of vegetables. Because we were all happy and occupied sa Wrapped Peking Duck! 128571

7. Yang Chow Fried Rice
- I don't remember not liking Yang chow ever in my life. But since the food arriving on our table is non-stop, I managed to eat only a little.
I'd say this is not the best Yang chow, the color is good but it lacks visible ingredients. I've had better Yang chow but it doesn't matter already coz everything we were having that night tastes awesome!!!

8. Iced Tea (bottomless)
- Even before the Birthday celebrant arrived, the waiters served us a glass of Iced Tea and a glass of cold water, and during dinner, they still refill our glasses with Iced tea, soo generously! 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻

9. Crabs - Oh my golly wow! Wish ko lang hindi ako High Blood. All of us visitors looked funny that our eyes widened upon seeing this one coming! I'd surely finish half of this whole serving, I swear! Kung hindi lang bawaI! Nagpapigil lang coz my mom who seats next to hubs keeps reminding me to stop eating these. Imagine naman those Crabs na puro aligi! ang taba talaga! The table next to us, palibahasa puro lalaki, all of them our cousins, taob ang plate nila ng Crab! Nagkulang sa kanila ang serving so we gave them our leftovers. 128539

10. Peking Duck Wraps
- Delectable peking duck wrapped and covered with scallions, cucumber, haiosin sauce, and duck meat. This is my ultimate favorite, It's like I've always hoped this is part of our daily meals. 128514 I finished more than 5 pieces. It came in two sets, 12 pieces per plate per serving. 128525

11. Patatim
- I don't know but it was on the table the whole time, I forgot to touch or try it na. It didn't seem to attract my palate. Di ko na tuloy tinikman since I already had my full midway to the end. 128513

12. Mango Sago
- I didn't like the Mango that's almost like Mango Juice na sa labnaw. They used a bowl and a spoon for serving but I guess I could've drink it na lang sa pagkalabnaw. But still, it served it's purpose pantanggal umay sa dami ng nakain namin. Yay!

13. Butchie
- Oh, it's crunchy and light and yummy!!!!!!!!!!
The best for me, also claimed to be the best they had for some visitors. It's funny that when we're all done eating, the leftovers are enormous! Though busog na busog na kming lahat and honestly everything tastes remarkable! Masarap lahat I promise!

*Set Meals
- I checked the Set Meals on their Menu on Looloo. My cousin says that the package per table he got was the most complete hence, yung pinakamahal...hmm..

*Birthday Cake from guests
- OA na sa busog lahat ng guests, there were two round cakes given to the celebrant but my Uncle and cousin took it home instead coz nobody! in nobody can tolerate any extra food intake anymore. 128514128514128514

Overall, the night was perfect and super fun. The surprise party was a success. The Chat with relatives was just priceless! Happy Happy Birthday Tito Eddie! 128077🏼

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Jam P.
3.0 Stars

Take out for Papa's birthday. Had crispy noodles w seafood, spareribs in strawberry, roast chicken and sweet and sour fish fillet. The crispy noodles was surprisingly good! It was my favorite. The thick sauce with assorted seafood went well with the noodles. The fish fillet were generous in size, fried until golden brown. It's flavorful even without the sweet and sour sauce. Roast chicken was a bit hard and dry. Spareribs in strawberry did not surpassed our expectation. We decided to try the dish because it reminded us of City buffet's same dish. Luk foo's version was bigger in size and saucier but it lack some straeberry flavor. Overall we got fully satisfied for an affordable price.

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Ruel C.
5.0 Stars

We've been here a lot of times, we live in Q.C so we intend to just find nearby restaurants with good food & Luk Foo is one of them. 1280769786

For Appetizer, we order Chicken Corn soup. Our favorite appetizer every time we come here(also i love the complimentary tea, so good‼️127862127861) This never fails me, it's hot, tasty & it's the best freaking soup. 128514

For Main courses, we ordered:

Yang Chow Fried Rice127834
what i love about Luk Foo's yang chow is that, it has everything in it. beans, carrots. etc. it was overwhelming, just looking at it. but in a good way128076. it's delish af & one of my favs.

Luk Foo Fried Chicken127831
well, i love their way of serving the chicken because it is already chopped in a convenient way. walang kahirap hirap, tutuhugin mo nalang. lol. it's tender, it's juicy it's everything what you want to expect on a resto fried chicken. 9786

My parents are a fan of vegetable-plated-course so we always have a chopsuey in our main courses, we choose the Seafood one & it was fantastic. 128076 it is not too salty unlike the others, plus it's healthy so always put chopsuey or any other vegetable kinda courses. 127793

Steamed Sharksfin dimsum127843
I'm a fan of their dimsum, so i'm the one who insisted on ordering one (even though ako din ang umubos) 128514 the way they present the dimsum is always a treat, very traditional & really cute. It's kinda salty which i never experience before, but regardless, it's delish & i recommend it if u want to order a side dish. 128076

overall, i rate it 5 stars because Luk Foo Resto is really an it place for family dining on Sunday or something like that. I recommend it when you just want to have a simple afternoon lunch with fam or a place for your birthday dinner. worth every penny.128076128153128153128153

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Jamie S.
5.0 Stars

We always go back here. We don't know why.

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