Luljetta's Hanging Gardens & Spa

Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo, Rizal

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens & Spa
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Vanessa D.
4.0 Stars

It's a triple celebration with this beautiful and amazing view of Hanging Garden and Spa. We celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary, birthday of my husband and my sister.

Luljetta’s Hanging Garden is a peaceful and beautiful destination near Metro Manila. The place is indeed perfect for relaxation. However, if you want to enjoy your stay and ensure that you will truly have a comforting getaway, avoid weekends and holidays. A lot of people are flocking to this hanging garden resort hoping to unwind, only to end up tired and frustrated. You will read accounts of horrible experiences by various people online; some of them claimed they were not able to enjoy the place because they were shoulder-to-shoulder with other visitors. Too lucky that we scheduled our visit on a weekday. We availed the day trip retreat package. It includes the use of all water amenities including pools, jacuzzi, sauna, water spa's, fish spa and a merienda of suman ng antipolo with lemon grass tea (di ko nagustuhan di kc ako mahilig sa tea 128540).

When we arrived, we were handed a basket with batik robes and towels. The basket is meant for you to house your things while going around the facility; the robe and basket were cute accents to our overall nature- inspired experienced. The spa has lounges and gazebos. I tried the Dr. Fish Spa and got a terrified by this because some of the fishes were pretty big. It is my first time to try the Dr. Spa fish so I feel excited and a little bit scared hahaha. At first, i did not even dip my feet entirely in the water as I was a bit scared. But after a several try, well it works! I did dip my feet entirely and its really tickling.

Next is Hydro Massage Pool, second most photographed! It has a massage tables with rain shoer effects. It gives the view like in Bali, Indonesia! The water here is so cold. Its great for muscles relaxation. My favorite part is the third pool! The infinity pool! This place is truly picturesque! I think it is the highly photographed portion of the resort. It gives you a breathtaking view of the Rizal mountain range. We stayed most of the time in this area.

The warm jacuzzi. It's in the same floor as the locker room, but tucked in a hidden area. Besides jacuzzi is the sauna room.

Luljetta's is a wonderful experience and I'd love to go back to lounge more at the Infinity Pool and try out their massage treatments. Indeed a happy anniversary and birthday! 128077

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Gi C.
4.0 Stars

My girlfriend and I availed a couple of Comfort packages worth 2300 per head. Package includes the following:

- 6 hour stay, with free use of all amenities (pool, sauna, various lounges)
- included in the 6 hour stay is a 1 hour massage
- set meal (pasta, salad, soup and drink)
- snack (suman and coffee or iced tea)

Food and amenities were okay for the price. Locker room is cramped and there's no chair or monobloc inside where you can sit. Changing your clothes in the locker is quite a challenge. Aside from that everything else was okay.

Great place to relax. Would definitely recommend their massage. Have tried massages from the metro and tagaytay but the massage in this place was A-okay! A+, Top notch!

Was not able to enjoy the pool that much because of the cold weather today. But for sure its great during the warmer days.

If you want to relax with your special someone but don't want to drive far outside the metro, Luljetta's Cafe is the place to go. Lovely place to celebrate your anniversary/monthsary. Would rate this place 4.5 stars.

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Van L.
4.0 Stars

We visited this place sometime in June of this year. The original plan was a beach getaway but due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to jump into another plan. No regret that we have opted for this since we are all after relaxation and escape from the busyness at work and school.

What can I say? This is a perfect venue for rejuvenation. They are offering different packages at a minimum of Php 1150.00 per pax where you can already experience all the facilities they are offering such as:
•Heated jacuzzi
•Hydro-massage pool
•Infinity pool
•Fish spa ( Dr. Fish spa)
•Meditation lounges (cabana)
Note: The higher packages include massage and body scrub (of your own choice!)

Upon registration, you'll be given the locker key and a native basket including towel and batik robe. This is also where you can put your personal valuables while inside the vicinity. By the way, they also have safety deposit box if in case you want to which is free of charge.

We actually tried each facility based on the sequence above. Unfortunately, jacuzzi and sauna were full at that time so we headed to the hydro-massage pool. You really have to wait for your turn for each facility because most of the visitors are in groups. Hydro massage pool was okay, it's a bit hard at the back though. For the infinity pool, the water is so cold hence I didn't really enjoy it. If you're looking for an instagrammable post, you have to go to the larger pool :) Sad part, we didn't have pictures at the pool, the camera we used was broken and images are corrupted :( Good thing, there are still few photos on our camera phones :)
Moreover, I didn't try the fish spa (sorry, no further comment on that) but my cousins said it's oddly satisfying! Hahaha
And for my most fave portion, the cabana, where I had a power nap. I'm really after rest and relaxation and I found this place a haven of peace and serenity while looking at the beautiful scenery of Rizal.

For lunch, since outside food is not allowed, we don't have a choice but to eat at Luljetta's cafe. We had tried their chicken satay, pasta and fruit smoothies.

Before going home, we received our complimentary "best Antipolo suman" partnered with lemon grass tea. It was good. We actually almost forgot it! Hahaha

Overall experience, it was nice and I'll definitely go back here :)

For further details, you can visit their site at the link below:

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Ms Y.
3.0 Stars

Ambiance - i give the Luljetta hanging gardens hydromassage pool, infinity pool, fish- foot massage area a whooping 5star.. superb view and experience

Rooms - not worth the price on Luljettas Governors room.. id recommend to get the Loreland rooms because its cheaper and maybe with same facilities (very basic facilities) with Luljettas room

Spa - my mom and sister loved the signature massage. I didnt try it though

Service - crappy service. from the time i booked it to the time we are looking for the infinity pool. Though some staff ate helpful... most lang i dont know if they really know what they are doing

Nevetheless, my family loved the stay here.. We'll be back here soon but again, not going to go for luljetta's expensive rooms.

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Niña L.
4.0 Stars

Been seeing lots of good reviews about this place so hubby and I decided to celebrate our first wedding anniversary here.. So, let me give you my own review.

Place- It was so relaxing! The ambiance, the view, the pools, everything! Will highly recommend this if you really want to escape from stressful life. Lol. Well-maintained and take note, they are very generous when it comes to shampoo and soap. You will never run out of place where you can find those plus a detox drink.

Food- Also very good but a little bit pricey. Ranges from 300-400 per person for a meal.

Price- Overall, it is pricey but worth it. Paid P1,150 (if I'm not mistaken but something like that) per pax. This includes access to their pools, sauna, dr. Fish, movie lounges and a snack (suman and lemongrass tea) They also offer massage but you need to pay extra for that or choose a package that includes that. Costs around P2,300+

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HungryCat P.
1.0 Stars

We paid 2600 per head and it was a waste of money. Lunch and snacks were included in the price. But the food was not that delicious. We only had soup and pasta since they ran out of salad. We end up ordering dessert in their cafe. The place was crowded for their facilities. We are 60-80 in the area and they only have 2 shower rooms to change clothes. They have 1 small jacuzzi, 2 sauna, 3 pools and 1 theather room with a 40" LCD TV. What I hated the most in the place is the massage. I was rushing to the CR to pee after the massage and the therapist was blocking the door for tip. She told me that I can give it to her or write the amount of tip in the paper. BTW, you can't be late in your schedule for massage. They would lessen the time of your massage. The problem is you'll definitely be late since there's a long line in the shower room to change clothes.

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Jhoa C.
1.0 Stars

Me and my BF celebrated our 2nd anniversary there last May 29. I won't say anything about the facade because for me, the experience is what matters most. Mine was terrible. The massage therapist assigned to me was not professional at all. While she was massaging my back, I saw from the face hole that she was wearing my sandals. The whole time I was trying to ignore it but I just couldn't bring myself to relax given that she was wearing my sandals. When she left to get the ear candles, I got the attention of the other woman assigned to my bf and asked her about it but she pretended she didn't notice and laughed it out. After the session, I talked to her briefly but calmly. She just managed to give me a weak laugh. No apology. I went to the locker desk to complain, the woman told me to just write down my feedback on the form in the dining area. Again, no apology. I went to the front desk in the dining area. They just gave me a feedback form. We went to eat our snacks that time too but there was no more suman. I thought it was suppose to be reserved. That made me more irrate. Even after the day, I wrote on that form, with my name and contact number written. I was half expecting to at least hear a sincere or scripted sorry. But no. I hope that the management would pay close attention to the bad reviews about the staff and their service. This could realy break you. If I didn't get that kind of treatment I would've recommended this place to friends and family. But now when someone asks, I tell them to find some place else. If I could take away the only star in my rating, I would. This is the one and only place that has ever gotten in my nerves. I guess there's a first time for everything. 128522

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Daylight M.
5.0 Stars

128536128149 i so love this place! R and R near the metro!
barely 1 1/2 hour from manila, and you'll be able to feel and be one with nature, relax and let your soul wander in this place, i love floating and letting my imagination fly together with the birds chirping nearby..
luljetta's is part of the loreland resort, we spend our afternoon here, lunch at cafe verde (loreland resort) and meryenda at luljetta's cafe, overlooking the laguna de bay. the entrance is 1,110php per person, inclusive of the pools, sauna and other amenities with suman 127860 and iced tea meryenda! they serve rice meals too (150php up, and don't forget the desserts! the cakes are all good!!!)
we went here on a weekday, so there was only a few guests (however, please make some reservations if your planning to go here for a weekend getaway)
the hydro pool is relaxing, so is the infinity pool.. the view is fantastic! i didn't try the fish spa because i'm that ticklish and i might not be able to enjoy it, i spend my time floating in the infinity pool. last was the sauna for 30min (i couldn't stay much longer than that) followed by a hot shower... whew... sööö good!!! if you didn't get to eat the suman meryenda, they'll hand it to you upon check out (the suman is so masarap!) with a tea plant-- as their complimentary thank you token! 128077🏻
easy to go here by commute or by private car, just follow the road apps.. if by commute, there's an fx (near the mrt cubao station) 30-45min travel to antipolo church, fare of 50php, and get a tricycle from the church to loreland resort, 10-15min travel time and 50-60php fare. i leally leally 128525 it here 128149128149128149 thank you, luljetta's 128536

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Julie L.
1.0 Stars

My friends and I took advantage of their Hanging Gardens Retreat (1,100PHp) which includes the use of the facilities then welcome drink and snack.

It looks good on photos but once you are there, well we weren't impressed with the place. When we arrived there, they didn't even guide you on what's included with the package just where the changing room is. It's pretty small and a bit confusing at first because the sign wasn't as organized and there wasn't a map to make it easier for their guests.

Some of the facilities wasn't well maintained, even the fish in their fish spa pond. It should only grow at a certain size but some of it, pwede mo nang ihain sa guest for breakfast.

Anyway, experiencing it once is enough.

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

Luljetta's Hanging Garden and Spa caught my attention a while back looking at several Instagram photos. Curious, Oliver and I decided to get an overnight stay at the resort which I booked online for 5,700 pesos for two people but it is really sulit in my opinion. 127800 The fee includes: an overnight stay at the resort, welcome drinks, set dinner, breakfast, use of the hanging garden facilities, and use of Loreland Farm Resort facilities. Basically Luljetta is inside Loreland Farm Resort, which is this huge pool complex. A lot of people come in at Loreland to swim and enjoy the scenery. 127807

We had brunch on the way to the resort -- going there is a bit tricky for us. They allowed us to check in at our room even before 12 noon which is a plus 11088️ The room was basic: queen sized bed with a/c, cable, wifi, bathroom with heater. Then we were served lemongrass iced tea and fried suman topped with coconut grits, mango, and latik-- sooo good! 128523 Will definitely try to make one at home heehee. Then we used Luljetta's facilities for the rest of the day. They will provide you with a colorful robe, a basket for your stuff and towel for your use. It's also good that there were just a couple of other people when we went there so we were really able to maximize their facilities.

127802 Infinity Pool : they have a couple of this, both with fantastic views.
127802 Sauna : Can I please take this home? Haha. They have two sauna cabins, each good for two or even three people. And the view is overlooking the green hills of Rizal. 💯
127802 Dr. Fish Spa : This I find very strange. I know it's common and a lot of people do it, but it creeps me out to think about the fact that the fish are eating your dead skin??? They have a couple of fish pools in the area. I tried one but I really can not take it haha.
127802 Hydro massage pool : In which you sit or lie back while the force of the water massages you. Pretty cool concept.
127802 Heated Jacuzzi : Which we also enjoyed a lot, like kids playing in a small bubbly pool!

We decided to get a massage after, which was not included in the package we got. You can take a shower in the spacious and well decorated locker room. The massage was just okay but it still felt relaxing especially after the tea they give you. The massage was just so relaxing we went straight to the room to sleep! We woke up a bit after to go to their restaurant for the wellness dinner and obvs missed the sunset haha. The restaurant is located at the bottom of hill so going down, I was already thinking about the torture of going up haha. Again, we were the only people in the restaurant. We were served drinks, soup, salad, pasta. It was bland for my taste and when I asked for pepper, then don't even have any?! The morning after, we had breakfast at Verde Restaurant inside Loreland Farm. I had daing na bangus and the serving was quite big. We spent the rest of the morning walking around the area and savoring the beauty of Nature.

Overall it's a good experience and will probably try to visit this place again soon! 10024

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Hersel Danna S.
5.0 Stars

A hidden gem in the city of Antipolo! It was a perfect destination for families and barkadas looking for a quick, relaxing getaway to escape the toxic life in the highly urbanized city of Manila.

Ambience: 5/5
The whole place was overlooking Manila, Laguna Lake, and Rizal mountains. The walkways were also clean and the lush landscapes were refreshing to the eyes. The trees around provide shade to the facilities and help guests quickly recover from stress.

Locker Room: 5/5
When you enter the locker room, you will first notice the minty smell of the area similar to that of the spas. It smells soooo good! There were enough numbers of lockers in ample size for all your belongings and a hair dryer was also provided for anyone's use. Only two comfort rooms were available (one in the boys' area, one in the girls' area); BUT, several shower areas with complimentary shampoos and body wash were around the vicinity for your use. I suggest you already wash in the shower areas and just change your clothes in the locker room to avoid any inconvenience.

Water Amenities: 4/5
Through reservations, the crowd was controlled to avoid congestion and provide comfort to its guests. All the amenities were clean and properly maintained to give a relaxing massage in different areas of your body, such as shoulders, back, and legs. However, some of the water jets were not working but you can just sit at the pool and relax or try the Dr. Fish Spa. Do not forget to try the jacuzzi and sauna! They were my favorite!

Food: 4/5
Complimentary snacks were served immediately after we asked for it at the reception. The suman was delectable — crispy and not too sweet. Additional food could be ordered at their cafe but they only have few merienda selections. The lemongrass iced tea was refreshing. However, I hope they have options for those who doesn't want lemongrass.

Service: 5/5
I contacted Luljetta's through their phone number. And I was glad that the reservation officer was very polite. The reception and staff at the guard house up to the locker room and cafe were respectful to the customers. They were also very accommodating to questions and an attendant was always present near the sauna to assist every guest who wants to try it. Full jars of cold lemon water were available in every area of Luljetta's.

All things considered, I highly recommend Luljetta's to my friends and relatives. The time and money we invested were really worth it. My family and I enjoyed our stay so much! Luljetta's was definitely worth the try. Super sulit! :)

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Pauline D.
5.0 Stars

This place was amazing. My boyfriend was the one who found this place. At first I was hesitant because I was not sure if it was worth it because it was a bit pricey. But then!!!! I saw the infinity pool!!! I think that is the main attraction of Hanging Garden. The package that we bought was about 1k+ per head which includes unlimited accomodation to their water area, like the infinity pool,, hot tub, even the sauna. And they have a complimentary suman and juice (antipolo's best).

The package was good for 5hrs. I know it's kinda expensive but if you want to visit this place for special occasions, it's worth the shot because the place is really breath-taking. I think they have an over-night package, we just didn't saw it. But my friend said it was cheaper rather than staying there for 5hrs for 1100+.

The suman and the juice that they gave us was good. The suman was fried, so it was a bit hard, but it was good. The juice was minty but tangy. But its the perfect combination.

It took us around not more than an hour from qc to antipolo. I suggest going there around 2-3 so that you could enjoy the sunset. They do reservation so if you want to witness the amazing sunset, that's the best time. Because you'll be able to enjoy other amenities while waiting.

Long story short, our 5 hours stay was amazing and relaxing. I hope you could find the time to visit them soon! Have fun!

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

One of my bucket list for 2016. Went to Antipolo alone last May 7, it was a Saturday well spent for me. Traveling here alone is memorable coz usually I'm with my family.

Luljettas Hanging Garden is one of a must visit place in Antipolo. Located inside the Loreland Farm. A big resort with swimming pool and restaurant. I didn't pay any entrance and the staff from Loreland assist me to Luljettas. The package is usually for couples and I'm not ready to avail the spa services which is their specialty here. I just one to eat at their Luljettas cafe and enjoyed that scenic view of Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila skyline.

I tired their famous "Sumaka". (Suman-Mangga-Kasoy) this is one of Antipolo's delicacies then their crab pasta was a winner and got a very refreshing drink. While eating I was able to use wifi also. Service was fast and it's very peaceful out there. A sweet escape from the city.

Tayo na sa Amtipolo.. At duon maligo tayo...

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Martina F.
3.0 Stars

I've been here 3 times since November 2015 with friends, most recently last Saturday. I would just like to give feedback on things that thay can improve on, given they have just increased their rates.

1. It is scorching hot these days, yes, but i hope they can do something about the Cafe's roof, like install insulation to lessen the heat. It would be great if guests can eat without being wary about the heat from the roof. Electric fans are useless.
2. Additional shower room in the locker area.
3. Please provide comfortable slippers. The one they have now is painful to wear, defeats the purpose of relaxation.
4. The hydro/massage pool is close to being useless if not as a kiddie pool. No pressure on the hydromassage beds.

Overall, it's okay. I would recommend it to friends but caution on the above mentioned so they can bring their own slippers and not include set meals if they dont like eating in an oven-like cafe. Suman and lemongrass tea are good. Massage is okay. Scrubs can be better.

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Catherine U.
5.0 Stars

Awesome place to relax and unwind. Highly recommended for soul searching and couples looking for some peace and quiet 128514 i got the Comfort package worth 2,450pesos inclusive of:
✔️ Snacks: lemongrass iced tea and suman topped with mangoes and milk
✔️ Meal: cream of mushroom soup, salad, pasta of your choice, creme brulee, lemongrass iced tea
✔️ 7 hour access to all facilities: hydro massage pool, 2 infinity pools, jacuzzi, sauna, buddha area, doctor fish spa, huts, comfortable huts, unlimited infused water to hydrate, locker room, clean bathrooms, group rest areas
✔️ 1 hour massage
✔️ 15 minute ear candling
✔️ Welcome kit - basket with ethnic designed robe and towel

Kinda pricey but for me, it was worth the experience. Nice and helpful staff. Great massage service. 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼 Healthy food. Peaceful environment. Good to go place on weekdays. Nice over-looking view. Clean and clear pools. Nice quick getaway from the stress of the city. 11088

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Gen S.
5.0 Stars

We celebrated our anniversary here. There are lots of words to describe this place such as romantic, relaxing and beauty. Though you had to go up and down high stairs. A bit pricey but if it's for a special day and a special place it's worth it. Sauna, Jacuzzi, Infinity Pool and a good Massage is what they offer. They also have this Ginger Iced Tea and This Suman that's really delicious. A photo perfect place. 128525

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Arvin C.
1.0 Stars

View was great but the service is bad. Reserved for a journey package that includes a massage service. Suddenly while waiting for our massage, the receptionist told us that the service will be delayed by 3 hours.

We waited for almost a hour that we could have spent to enjoy the facilities.

The suman that they were boasting about was all gone when we are about to claim ours. Thought it was a reservation, but I guess it isn't the case.

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Kate R.
3.0 Stars


After a very long stressful week, my friends and I decided to try this unique spa garden in Antipolo. Luljettas is located inside Loreland Resort. We we’re excited to try their relaxing massages, infinity pool and lovely sites! 128522

Luljetta’s offers a wide choices of relaxation, aside from the massages and body scrubs, they have sauna, Jacuzzi, hydro massage pools, fish spa zen ponds and meditation lounges.

Since, this is a pamper ourselves day, we tried the Nurture Spa Journey Package (Php3450). This package gives us access to Hanging Gardens Facilities:

✔Dr. Fish Spa
✔Heated Jacuzzi
✔Hydro-massage pool
✔Infinity pools
✔Meditation lounges

The following is included if you avail their spa journey:

🔹Luljetta’s Amu’in Aromatheraphy Welcome kit, which includes some personal hygiene things like toothbrush and loofah.

🔹Welcome Snacks is also provided, which normally they served the Antipolo’s Best Suman with Lemon grass drink, but they ran out of stockL, so they replaced it with banana walnut bread with soup.

🔹4 course wellness menu meal is also included in the package. They served an appetizing soup, green leafy salad, some pasta and crème brulee. Don’t expect so much with their food as it tasted ordinary for me. Salad and dessert is good, and I find their lemongrass iced tea refreshing.

🔹Luljetta’s Signature Massage with ear candling, You can choose to have your massage inside their massage rooms or outdoor in a nipa hut with open windows and fan with breezy wind. We chose outdoor for a different experience. The massage lasted for over 1 hour and a half, it was a combination of Swedish and Thai. I was a bit disappointed with their massage, I think they can amp up their service, by adding some REALLY signature way of massaging guests128528. Also, it was a little annoying when masseurs are talking to each other, whispering stories etc., I can’t relax at all, all I hear was their murmurs. The assigned therapists to us were Rona and Michelle and I forget the third one. Ohh by the way, when we asked for an outdoor service, I saw Rona makes face about it. Hmm attitude girl128533

🔹A cup of Coffee Scrub, this is the best body scrub I’ve ever experienced. The procedure were performed by Ate Emie, and the other one, I forget her name, so sorry, but they are both good, jolly, and in full assistance128077128077. They explain everything, which is good because I really want to know, what are they applying on me haha.

To start off, you need to get naked128561. Then you will be asked to lay down on the bed, then they will wash your hair and put hair treatment, they will put some minty facial mask too. Then they will wash your body with water and bath gel, then will rinse you, then they will apply the Coffee Scrub (don’t eat it haha), over and under from side to side haha. They will scrub your whole body. Then they left the scrub over my body for 10 minutes then they will rinse you, and you will be asked to take a shower to remove the coffee off yourself. After that you will head back to the bed again and they will put you the body butter. After the scrub, our body felt soft and we were super relaxed and detoxified. I really love having scrub!

So we stayed here for almost 8 hours, we maximized our stay enjoying their facilities, we took a lot of pictures too, and my friends and I shared a really great quality time together.

What I love: The inspirational quotes within the hanging garden, it gives positive vibes. Infinity pool and its view, after a very stressful week, all we need to do is just relax and appreciate the surroundings, this is the perfect spot for that.

What needs to be improved: They need to train their staffs in handling guests and their work, one bad attitude from them can affect one’s relaxation experience. It will add bad vibes and disappointments. From the locker room reception to their restaurant, I don’t know why people are so rude and not attentive. Hmm.

All in all, my friends and I had a great time experiencing the hanging garden facilities, but I am giving 2.5 stars for having a poor service.

Btw, the photo is taken from the infinity pool view. 128522128522

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Planning for a quick birthday getaway when I saw a post on facebook about Luljetta's hanging garden. (Gosh, lots of raves for this one) It's just a tricycle away from my place so its a plus! Searched for their contact number, called and booked a reservation. When the receptionist confirmed that there were only few people in the resort, my sister and I hurriedly packed our bags and off we gooooo. It is located inside Loreland farm resort. We availed their 7hr stay + massage package which costs us 1500php each. We immediately went to their washroom and changed our clothes. They gave us a basket with a robe and a towel which we can use. We started our tour in the resort and noticed that they only have 4 visitors that day. A very sweet couple, (hihi) my sister and I. We tried their therapeutic water massage and stayed there for quite a while. Next stop is the Dr. Fish spa, we were shocked as the dr. Fishes that they have were really big (i think 3 or 4 times bigger than the normal dr. Fish). We had our callouses removed by the fishes. It was really ticklish. Hihi then we tried their jacuzzi. 4-5 people and it will become crowded. Then off to their infinity pool. Wow. Just wow. A pool all to ourselves. Haha good thing we went there on a weekday. After pampering ourselves in their lovely pools we decided to avail the massage. It was heavenly. Almost fell asleep. Haha it lasted for an hour. For the finale we indulge ourselves with their delish snack (fried suman + refreshing iced tea in a mason jar). Definitely a good place to stay if you just want a quick getaway from the city. 128513

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Isha S.
5.0 Stars

Went here for our 3rd year anniversary day trip! I didn't do any research beforehand and let my bf do all the work. In effect, I was absolutely blown away by the place! 128525

It's a bit of a drive to the upper Antipolo area but it's worth it! It's open from Monday-Friday and Sunday from 10 AM to 9 PM and from 10 AM to 11 PM on Saturdays. When you get there, staff welcome you with open arms and tell you all you need to know. They offer various spa services individually but also have packages. We got the comfort package which included all the spa facilities and pools, fried suman snack and drink, a 4-course meal and Luljetta's signature one hour massage with ear candling. This whole package costs 2,450 pesos per person and is valid for seven hours, more than enough time to experience everything. The other packages include extra stuff such as a body scrub, for example.

The first thing we did when we got there was check in, get our locker keys, a basket to put our stuff in and some towels. We changed into our swimsuits in the separate boy and girl locker rooms and donned their batik robes. We then visited their:

127800 two infinity pools, overlooking the green landscape and the Manila skyline. Both were not too deep and you can swim and float around comfortably in them.
127800 hydrotherapy massage pool. This one reminded me of Ace Water Spa's services with jets of water and falling streams massaging your body.
127800 sauna rooms. They can get nice and warm with hot coals you pour water over to increase the steam and it's fitted with a nice window for you to look longingly outside at the beautiful scenery.
127800 jacuzzi! This was my favorite. Warm-hot water bubbling all around you as you sit comfortably in it. Ahhh, such relax, much wow.
127800 doctor fish pools. Areas where fishies can nibble at your feet and toes, supposedly removing dead skin, etc. This was super ticklish and I kept laughing and squirming throughout the experience.
127800 various native huts and areas where you can just sit down or lie down, be one with nature and enjoy your quiet time, meditate, etc. Fresh air and sounds of nature abound! Water stations and restrooms also surround the place.
127800 massage area. You can have your massage indoors or in one of the massage huts outside. The signature massage was so relaxing and seemed to magically melt away all my stress and troubles.

The area is bright and airy, with lots of greenery and flowers lining the paths and stairways. Hanging beads, elephant statues, wind chimes and even lounge areas dot the entire place. There are fountains and inspirational, happy quotes and sayings painted onto wooden signs and happy staff welcome to assist you as needed.

We also went to the cafe, serving drinks and pastries, etc. But we stuck to the free snack and drink haha 128539 We had the fried suman drizzled with sesame seeds and a special sweet, sticky sauce. The drink appeared to be lemon grass tea, and it was goooood. 128077

And for our mid-day eats, we headed to the restaurant that served us a four course meal on low tables with cushions for chairs, starting with a delicious soup served with bread, a crab salad (so gooooodddd!), a tomato-based pasta and a blueberry panna cotta for dessert. Still had that ginger lemon tea here as well. Score!

After everything was over and done with (sad face), we went back to the locker area and showered in the shower rooms (complete with shampoo and liquid soap), got dressed and returned our robes, towels and baskets.

It was truly a wonderful, relaxing experience and I'd be happy to do it all over again. Here's a shot of my lemon grass tea and the green backdrop of the hanging garden spa. You guys really have to see it up close and personal to appreciate its true beauty. 128522

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