Lumiang Cave

Sagada South Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Lumiang Cave
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Ms Y.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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5.0 Stars

A Sagada Trip Special

Lumiang literally means cave. So it's like Cave Cave. Haha.

We were very excited for our Cave Connection adventure. I knew this was gonna be a tough one for us but definitely worth the experience. They offer shorter routes for the cave exploration or spelunking as they call it, but we took the longer and more adventurous one.

We entered the Lumiang Cave and there upon the entrance lie the wooden caskets of Igorot elders. Some are slightly ajar and you can take a peek at the bones inside.

Lumiang's paths are very narrow and steep. There was a time I almost felt really claustrophobic because of the tight distances of big rocks I couldn't see any other passageways. But the tour guide calmed me and I took it mind over matter.

I'm a bit impatient at things so I walk fast most of the time but this time I got to take things real slow and careful. There was no light at all except from the one that's coming from the gas lamp of our tour guide. Rocks were sharp too. Luckily I got out without a scratch.

The last phase was where there's a rope you will climb on towards the mouth of Sumaguing. It was really fun and exciting!

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Chie C.
5.0 Stars

Who loves canyoneering? Me! Me! I love adventures. I always make sure I have a lot of adventures & I travel to different places every year. This time I survived the deepest cave in the Philippines! I don't know how I did it, but thank God for keeping me & my cousins safe. Hey, if you really adventures, go to Lumiang Burial Cave at Sagada. They have a good & very friendly tourist guides. And they will always make sure you are safe & will help you to finish this trial. Our main tour guide also told a story about the different places inside the Lumiang Cave. We had a great time! Here, you will experience rappelling, wall climbing, and even swimming! Inside the cave has a lot of stalactites & stalagmites. It is so beautiful! But the tour guide told us not to touch them.

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April H.
5.0 Stars


My memory of previous trips is pretty rusty. I mostly remember fun timesbwith my cousins, playing cards and Taboo and doing crazy things with the family...

We are an adventurous bunch, we don't shy away from heights, spelunking, eating exotic food and whatnot... I'm the least traveled amongst my cousins, due in part to my nerdiness and the years of traning I had to endure... But I'm really happy to have been able to join this particular trip...

This is the entrance of the cave adventure! Coffins will greet you when you once there... You have to go down slippery rocks stained with guano... The stench of it filled the air and it to be it signified adventure! I've broken a couple of bones and bear some scars from these family trips, but G!10084

We had our guides with us, who brought lamps and flasjlights for the dark journey ahead... We had to go thru more slippery rocks to reach the beautiful rock formation inside... The road is paved with areas of cold and crystal clear water... Truly a wonderful sight... I wish I can paint a picture for you guys, but suffice to say that the beauty of this place (and the fun) is one of the memories I treasure... We worked as a team going thru the icy waters and using a rope to get up some rocks... We emerged on the Lumiang side drenched, tired and pumped with adrenaline! Really a one of a kind experience!128515

Me with one of my uncles and one of my nieces at the entrance of the cave...128516

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Allen Y.
5.0 Stars

The entry point of the cave connection tour.

Not for the faint of heart but good for the thrill and adventure seekers. You have to squish into small openings, stretch your legs further so you can reach the next step, and be mindful where you step on. It's surprisingly cold inside though cramped.

You'll need headlights/flashlights when going here though your guide has a lantern with him. Don't bring anything if possible as your hands will be busy holding on rocks and whatnots.

Guide fee is 400php each for two or more participants. Transportation to Lumiang and from Sumaging is 450php per van.

Make sure to coordinate with the local tourism authority so they can assign you a guide.

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

You only live once, that's what they say. So, this once in a lifetime experience should be given experienced to its utmost level, right?

Each of us has our own ways of YOLO-ing. Some travel all around the globe and pay for the experience. A lot makes sure to eat their hearts out most especially when they're still young. Many give their all to work just because that's the way they are. There are those who find fulfillment in acting like daredevils in doing the most extreme activities there are. We have our own takes on life and I believe that we all agree to one thing and that's YOLO so make the most out of it by working hard yet partying harder!

Thus, I made sure to make it an ultimate Sagada experience. Being a fan of extreme activities, I make sure that I try them even for the first and last time only. I've already done a few that I am quite proud of. These include White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro, Canyoneering in Cebu, Sand Boarding and 4x4 Riding at Ilocos Norte.

Before deciding to go to Sagada, I've read loads of blogs and reviews that another extreme experience lies in this province, that is Spelunking in the Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves. This knowledge that I learned made me even more excited to set foot in Sagada as I'll be able to experience another thrilling ride that will probably make my mind and heart go so wild and crazy, again!

My 2 girl friends and I were supposed to do the spelunking activity during our 1st day. We've sort of decided to do the short course only, that's the Sumaguing Cave spelunking only, wherein entry point is from Sumaguing and exit point is at the same entry point. This was the initial plan that we had in mind as we wanted to squeeze in our time and stick with the itinerary that we've created and edited for 4 months already. Then yes, God really has his ways of making a lot of things better.

While at the Sagada Tourist Center, we were thinking if we could wait for another group whom we may join to lessen the tour guide fees because the larger the crowd is, there's a smaller price that you have to pay for the guide. Then there came this group of 4 teenagers who were inquiring the same plan as ours. My friends and I were looking at each other, trying to feel if they may be the group who'll let us join and probably the group that may want the same arrangement too. We were hesitant at first as we were shy to approach them and this was all our first time to meet new people in our travel, but then, my best girl friend got the guts to approach the guy, we discussed some details and yay, we all agreed to do the spelunking altogether! There, we met our new friends, Lenard and Alphi, same age as ours, and TJ and Ivy, the babies of the group. We've all decided to do the spelunking activity on our 2nd day at Sagada as we also heard news from the tourist center that a lot of tourists were already doing the activity that time, at around after lunch, so we'll be probably spending 5-7 hours inside the caves, oh no no no! It was the best choice to start our 2nd day early and head to the caves as early as we could.

Came our 2nd day in the province, Abbey, Dane and I all ate heavy breakfast sets as we know that we'll be battling so much for the first activity. After filling-up, we decided to walk from our inn to the town center where we will meet our new found Sagada friends. The 30-45 minute walk was a warm-up for us, the kind of stretching and muscle pumping up that we need for the activity.

At around 8:30AM, we met at the SAGGAS Tourist Center and started inquiring regarding the activity. As we were influenced by Lenard that the cave connection activity is the more worthwhile and fulfilling choice, we decided to trust him as he've done this activity for the 3rd time already. The cave connection activity meant that we'll enter both Lumiang & Sumaguing Caves. The entry point is at Lumiang wherein we'll see the Lumiang Coffins and we'll travel from there going to the connection part wherein the two caves shall meet and go out to the Sumaguing Cave exit point.

Per head, you'll be asked to pay P400 as the tour guide fee. What I liked about Sagada's system is that they do really have fixed, standard rates for the tour guides, the transport systems wherein you won't think twice to avail of the package because there really is a standardized system so there's fairness and equality for all. That, that makes it a happier place. We were given 2 tour guides as we were 9 in the group. Actually, it's more advisable to have 1 guide for a group of 3 but due to the lack of guides because of the so many tourists doing the activity, we still pushed through and decided that we can't miss the experience.

Take note that your guides must be geared with the proper items needed once inside the caves. This shall include a lamp, flashlights, headlights and ropes that will be needed inside the caves. It's also best to wear the proper attire for the activity - loose, comfortable top, leggings, hiking sandals/rubber shoes. You can also wear gloves and bring your own headlight. A dry bag or waterproof case may be needed for your important belongings including mobile phones, money, medicine, etc. More than that, you should be mentally and physically and emotionally ready for what's yet to come!

So, let's get the adventure going! From the town center, we walked towards the starting point for around 35-40 minutes. Along the way, you'll have a good view of the mountains, pine trees, the skies as you appreciate the happy, cool weather. Before turning left to the cave area, you'll have a chance to take sight of the caves exteriors at the overlooking spot wherein you could also take a good shot of it. Near the starting point are some cafes worth visiting including the famous one from the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, Gaia Cafe & Crafts.

Before going down to the cemented trail of Lumiang's entry point, there were some mini stores where you can buy candies, chocolates and some water to keep you going on the 3-4 hour activity. The number of hours that you'll spend inside the cave actually depends on the way you move, the traffic of the people inside and the bravery there is in you. Kuya told us that our movements must be snappy for us to be able to get a good pacing of the activity.

When we reached the entry point of the Lumiang Cave, I was really amazed with how big the cave's exterior and hole looked. There was a huge black darkness that would be thrilling and scary all at the same time but there's no turning back already. This is really is it! We walked down to the rocky and steep steps leading to the main entry point. You should really be extra careful with all the step you make because there were really areas with slippery effects.

Once you reach the cave itself, you'll see on the sides are the Lumiang Coffins. Just like the Echo Valley, Sagada and Dokiw, these coffins are for the elders, a sign of giving them importance despite them leaving this world already. The most recent coffin placed there was last 1986. The coffins were piled above one after the other, serving as the cave's marker for the tourists starting point. Kuya informed us that the actual challenge shall begin. To make us braver, Kuya told us that the rock formations would adjust to our body types, ooh, if only. Haha!

We started the spelunking activity. We were challenged with the rocky paths that we needed to pass one after the other. You should really take your time and really be extra cautious. It's best to make sure that before stepping to a rock, double check that it's not moving because there were some that actually did move when we stepped and that might cause you to fall. More than that, make sure that you have a good view of the next step that you'll take because there were some little holes that may cause you another fall.

We passed through holes from easy to difficult. There were some wherein initially you'll be certain that your whole body will fit. There were some wherein you needed to bend with extra effort to be able to fit your whole frame and there was this one wherein I really felt nervous if I would fit or not. Kuya told me to just slide my body and put my arms up and just slide the rest of it for me to fit in the hole. And yes it was effective, I passed yay! There were some wherein you had to really squeeze in with the super tight space for you to breath in. Ah, just trust yourself and make sure to listen to the guides' instructions as their goal is for you to be able to finish it in one piece.

There were areas wherein it's as if you're rock climbing because yes, you need to be able to pass through lots of rock formations to make it through. 80% were rock formations, 20% include flat surfaces and river passing through areas. There were moments when you had to semi jump to be able to get through the other rock. Whenever we get the chance, we take photos of the challenging portions that we were able to get through.

There were loads of rock sliding portions too. As we needed to go down to be able to reach the part that is connected to Sumaguing Cave, you should really be ready to scary parts wherein you'll see the cliff while sliding down. You need to make sure to be able to balance yourself and make sure that your foot is strong enough to be able to support the whole weight of your body as you keep on continuously go down. Be extra careful too with your butt. Some rocks can be extra sharp so take it slow, OK. There were parts when you had to sit down and carry your whole weight while moving to your left and wherein you need to bend your upper body as to not hit your head.

As we continuously go down, there came this part when we needed to rappel at a man made identified rappelling area. The rope was prepared by the guides and we were asked to do it one by one, slowly but surely. We were told to hold tight to the rope no matter what happens, to not take your hands away from the rope. This is were the gloves should come in. Just make sure that your gloves will not give that slippery effect. When it was my turn, oh my heart was beating so fast. I positioned my foot to go down and held tight to the rope while I slowly brought another foot going down. Then I was hanging. It was scary and hard because you'll be the one to control the steps that you make without you seeing it. What I did was I made sure to keep one foot tightly inserted in a rock before I step onto my next one. Good thing our 2nd guide was waiting down, ready to assist us. Whoooo!

After the rappelling downwards, we needed to carry all of our weight to be able to rappel going upwards. This was another challenging part especially for the chubby and fatty ones like me. To start it off, Kuya asked us to step our right foot in his lap, from there, hold tight to the rope and give all your weight to his lap so you could carry the rest of your body going up! Another guide was waiting to pull us on top. That one I really needed because I almost swung while on the rope! Thank heavens I made it through some of the hardest parts!

From there, we then continued walking through the rocks of darkness that seem never ending. Despite the challenging paths, you wouldn't feel too exhausted because the temperature inside the cave was cool, you wouldn't even feel any perspiration coming out from your body. After a while, we needed to dip into some of the cave's cold, freezing water as we needed to pass through what seemed like a river crossing that shall lead to the other side. Again, be so so careful while stepping into the rocks because some can really be surprisingly slippery.

After passing through the cold water, be amazed to see one of the nicest rock formations inside the Lumiang Cave. It was the Papaya/Puso ng Saging rock formation that looked really beautiful. It was huge, white, shiny, and bright, making it really stood out at the midst of the darkness there is inside the cave. Of course we took some group photos there!

After a few more minutes of walking into the rocky and watery areas, we've finally reached the connecting point of the Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves yay!!! We climbed going up and another yay, some cemented flat land for us! This area meant that we were halfway through the spelunking activity as we reached the 2nd cave already! In this area, we rested for a while, drank some more water and took nice group photos wherein the big rocks gave nice shadowy effects to the photos that we took! Happy us!

From there, we felt more energized as we're off to Sumaguing Cave already. One of the most challenging parts here was the way going down to the bottom. To be able to reach down under, we needed to slide ourselves while facing the cliff! Imagine you're at the top, facing pure darkness only while you slowly slide your body down, making sure that you wouldn't roll directly to the cliff while you take care of your butt with all that killer rocks. Slowly but surely, I kept that in mind. From there, you have to be extra focused in balancing your whole body weight to keep yourself calm and stable.

A few more walks led us to that part of the cave where we saw mini geyser looking formations, with clear white rocks that looked really slippery and soft from afar but are actually hard and rough all at the same time. These formations looked so so beautiful, the type wherein you could just stay all day and role play as if you're in a sauna, of cold water though.

From there, a few more sliding parts followed but with some cold water in the rocks, making it feel like some mini falls inside the cave. I enjoyed this part as the cold water tickled my senses and lessened the fear that I felt in my bones.

From this area, there's an overlooking view of the down under and there were the traffic of people that wasn't too surprising at all. There were really long lines going to the super bottom part of the cave wherein some more rock formations can be found. Our guide told us that we might need another 3-4 hours to be able to take sight on the rock formations down under. We decided as a group that we won't go to that part anymore as we feel like our 3-4 hours will be wasted and we still wanted to visit Marlboro Country. So, from there, you could also see the people doing the short cave spelunking (Sumaguing Cave only) as the entrance point for them and exit point for us can already be viewed from there. Crazy! There's still traffic inside the cave.

From there, we started our way going up to the entrance. Down we go then up we go. Be careful because this area has more slippery rocks and formations that may injure you. Be sure to keep it calm and sure, remember it's always best to be safe than sorry.

We reached another part wherein we needed to hold onto ropes and tires to be able to go to the upper level. I realized how important it is to have good body coordination to be able to get through all the courses inside.

Almost there! When we reached the almost exit point, there was this elephant looking rock formation that was so cute that I wanted to bring it home, if only! We took one last group photo there and continuously climbed our way back to the outside world wherein there were some light already!

We followed the rocky steps and finally reached the exit point of our cave connection activity! Huuu! We all survived in one piece. Thanks to our guides, their equipment, my friends and my heart who braved through the darkness despite the crazy fear in my head!

More steps await as we go outside, while picturesque rock formation views accentuated by the sunlight made them glow prettier the longer you look at it. Ooh, God's given natural beauty, nothing beats that!

After a grotto-feel like stair steps, we made it out, happily, fulfilled and satisfied. The 3 hour challenge was all worth it despite the bruises, scratches, teared leggings (for me and Abbey haha) as nothing could beat the experience of being able to explore one of the most beautiful caves in the Philippines!

It's really uplifting to try new activities that will bring out the best in you! Go and dare to reach the extra mile because after all, the credit is all in you! Make life beautiful by living it up to the good limits! Try and go out of your comfort zone as there's so much beauty to see all around!

Yay! Spelunking is really more fun in the Philippines!

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Potchie M.
4.0 Stars

We went for cave connection trip. Lumiang to Sumaging. Lumiang was the easy cave. I loved the fact of it's tradition there were recent coffins in there. I learned that the mark of geckos is a symbol of long life. I love sagada.

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BerryFaithy C.
5.0 Stars

Me, my sister and my hubby went for an extreme adventure when we were in Sagada. We chose the cave connection from Lumiang cave to Sumaguing cave. The trail going inside the 1st cave was so narrow. Good thing my hubby and my sister passed through it. Haha!

Just follow what the guide will tell you. There were dangerous spots in the cave. You have to listen carefully in your cave guide so you can get out of the place alive. Some of the stones were slippery you need to sit down and drag your body using your hands and butts only.

Memorable experience when in Sagada. You should try it also. Make sure you bring your toughest buddy to cheer you up to until the end because going inside this cave is not a joke afterall.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Lumiang Cave is the burial cave of the ancestral tribe. It's also the start of the cave connection adventure. The coffins are small because they bury the dead in a fetal position. The large coffins seen with a cross marked on the sides are pagans/christians according to the guide. They were the people who grew up in a tribe and were eventually, converted to christianity.

The cave is only a 10 minute trek from the main road and may be eerie for some since other coffins are open. Skulls..

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Albert T.
4.0 Stars

Getting into the cave is half the experience. Steep climb, slippery slope, dark entrance. The other half is the feeling of wonder thinking about how old those coffins are and the rituals that our native Igorots practiced. Cannot help but have a deep reverence for what is native hallowed ground.

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Jerome B.
5.0 Stars

Breathe taking experience to get in this cave closed to coffin

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Stacy C.
4.0 Stars

An adventure for the books! It took us five hours to pass through the Lumiang Cave all the way to the other end. Just trust your guides.

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Finally got the chance to check out Sagada last week. And yes, it was totally worth it!

NEC Tours arranged everything for us so all we needed to do was hop on the van, sleep, eat and visit/try all the tourist attractions. This was the first one.


We were charged P435 each for the guide + environmental fee.

I forgot the names of our guides. But there were 2 of them. I was so excited to finally use my walter mitty shoes. But then the guide said:

"Sir mas okay po kung slippers lang. Taksil yang mga ganyang sapatos. Madulas sa mga bato sa cave."

So yeah, had to wear my slippers. 128528

We then went to the starting point. We were then told about the rules and they gave us some tips.

☑️ Make sure that you're always with your group
☑️ The slowest "spelunkers" should always be in front of the group. This helps set the pace of the entire group.
☑️ Always ask for help when needed
☑️ For technical downhill sections, sit and crawl like a spider (very important tip)
☑️ Pray that it doesn't rain hard
☑️ Pray for your safety
☑️ Don't slip 128516

The cool thing about these guides is that they still use the good old lampara (fuel) as their light. Awesome!

We then started! First few sections were easy. But as we spelunked further, the terrain started to become more technical than I was inspecting. It was raining outside so rain poured down in some sections of the cave. So yeah, it was slippery like mantika in palo sebo.

In some sections, I had to do the spider crawl (while sitting down) to avoid slipping and hitting my head.

There were also sections where I had go through tiny holes. There was this one hole where I couldn't fit my shoulders. I had to do some crazy yoga things to fit myself in there. It was crazy.

In some cases, the guides will ask you to step on their shoulders or knees just to safely go down from a cliff.

My FAVORITE part was the one where I had to use a rope, carry my weight, and climb up the cliff. After reaching the cliff, I had to let go of the rope and move sidewards to get off the cliff.

We finished spelunking lumiang cave and sumaguing cave (cave connection) in 4 hours or less. It was an awesome experience. We were all wet and tired.

And the cool thing about it? No safety gears were provided. Not even helmets. 128516

Okay seriously, I think they should provide helmets.

But hey, we're still alive. 128516

Make sure to try spelunking when you visit Sagada. 128516 People are very friendly so feel free to go to their municipal hall to inquire about spelunking. 128077

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Jerry N.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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