G/F Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City, Cebu

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Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

Luncheonette .... found in Robinson’s Cybergate , Cebu City 🇵🇭 is a great breakfast feed .... like an American Street Car Cafe 128513

The Luncheonette Big Breakfast - P289
• 2 Eggs - was on request , 2 any style of cooked eggs ... my yummy sunny side up eggs , were perfectly grilled , with the yoke still runny 128525128525128525 ... great with the toast 128556
• Herb Roasted Potatoes - was a flavoursome blend of small diced potatoes , with onion , mixed with herbs
• Crisp Bacon - was a savoury , few slices of grilled , crispy bacon rashes
• Country Sausage - was a spicy , well seasoned , thin sausage patty
• Buttered Toast - was a delicious , extra thick ( over 1 inch ) French Toast
• Roasted Tomatoes - was a nice two 1/2 medium red Tomato
• Breakfast Beans - these scrumptious Bake Beans ... were the best beans I’ve had in the Philippines 🇵🇭 with good thicker beans , in thankfully not much sauce 128525 ... as I’ve discovered , most Filipino Bake Beans are swimming in sauce in the tins
• Bottomless Coffee - Hot & needed 128522

This American / Australian style large breakfast ... was surely luscious , over filling , well cooked , heart stopping 128521 ... now I need to walk this breakfast off 128513128513

Luncheonette’s , other menu selections are various & different fillings
• Large Hot Dogs
• Hamburgers
• Chicken Sandwiches
• Selected Sandwiches
• Hand Cut Fries
• All Days Breakfasts

This restaurants staff were pleasant & commentating ... with quick , smiling service & fast coffee refills 128077

The prices are respectable , for the quantity of the orders

Will go back 128525128525128525128525128525

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April G.
5.0 Stars

Had my late lunch here and ordered breakfast food! Haha. Had Spam, Egg and Cheese Sandwich. This will definitely fuel you up throughout the day. The price (around P265) was worth it cause the serving was huge 128077🏼

✅ Service was fast and staff were accommodating

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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

My impression of Luncheonette is that it has good food because it under the same umbrella as the Abaca coffee shop nearby. The place was also full so that added weight to my first impression. Since it'll take a while to serve our group, they gave us 2 complimentary orders of Naked Fries. We all thought that it was sweet potato at first.

Our meal here already served as our brunch already so you can imagine how hungry we were when we arrived. Most of the boys ordered the biggest meal they have while us girls had the ones with small servings. I got Country Sausage, Cheese and Egg which was one of their Morning Sandwiches. I failed to read all of the notes on the menu so I was surprised that my order was served in a bun and not with toasts. So much for Morning "Sandwiches" expectations haha. I am not a fan of burgers so imagine the look on my face when my food arrived. I only ate it because I was hungry but I really did not enjoy eating it. To be fair, I don't have any issues with the taste, how it was cooked, etc.

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Mishua M.
5.0 Stars

On the photo is their best seller-Reuben *left and their Luncheonette Burger *right.
I was with a bunch of crazy in this second visit and we had diff orders to share. Reuben is indeed superb it has a sweet taste to it and I like the crunchy edge of the sandwich. The burger is also great; their patty is generous,juicy and delicious. You can have it shared, though if you're that hungry you can have it all for yourself.
Their staff is very accommodating. Nakakasabay sa kalokohan namin.

We'll be back for sure.

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Dominic D.
5.0 Stars

I may love the biggest, the baddest, and the most overly dramatic burgers as much as the next foodie, but sometimes, these fail to be what a good burger truly should be - which is basically a quick, no-frills meal that is designed to hit the spot.

Luckily, and unfortunately for us people who call Manila home, one such burger can be found in the heart of Cebu.

Enter, Luncheonette's burger. It was simple - bun, beef, and your usual cheese and veggies, but it was done excellently right (if there is a term).

Bun was enough to support everything without it turning to goop, beef was flavorful but not soaking in oil, and the cheese, tomato, and onion were just in the right proportions.

All in all, I wouldn't really say one should book the next ticket to Cebu just to go here, but I feel any trip to Cebu, from this day, wouldn't feel right without taking a bite into this quick, no-frills meal.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

OMG ka-lamiiiiiiii! 128525128525128525128525128525

Dear Abaca,

Thank you for bringing such amazing restaurants to our lives, and for making Cebu an even more awesome place to live in! 100841008410084

I haven't had a day off from work, so today I went here for dinner just so I can feel the weekend... Even just for an hour or two. And the ride from Mactan is all worth it when I finally arrived in this joint.

I've read about their famous burger, but I've heard more about their chicken sandwich, so I was looking forward to try this. Their friendly staff recommended Jake's Hot Rub and I was apprehensive at first cause I'm not a big spicy food fan. But they told me it wasn't spicy at all, it's heavier on flavor.. And that it really was!

The piece of chicken was super crispy on the outside and amazingly tender on the inside. The sauce was sweet and tangy and went very well with the generous helping of coleslaw, and the brioche bun was just divine! GRABE ANSARAP!

I enjoyed my monster sandwich with a side order of fries and a bottle of Sola Raspberry Iced Tea, and I am officially the happiest person alive at that moment! I gobbled up all the goodness with so much gusto! 128525128525128525

I can't wait to come back! 1008410084100841008410084

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Gladys M.
3.0 Stars

Good food but the place is so small.

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

I love the interior of this small joint. If you have seen the Cinderella movie of Hilary Duff, she works in a diner and that diner is similar to the interiors of this joint 128522 (sorry no photo, next time). It was a mini version of the diner. The stainless steel table, the backless stool chairs, everything was so American! 128077🏻

I ordered the Patty Cheese Sandwich (I think that was the name 128517) and had it for take out. It's a sandwich cut in half with caramelized onions, cheese and burger patty in between. It was soooo good!! 12852510084128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻 It was priced at 299php, the price was right for the size of the sandwich which is good for 2 (given that you are not super hungry).

I will be coming back here again with photos and to try out the other sandwiches and burgers they are famous for 128521


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Gino J.
5.0 Stars

So, im the first person to review this american diner inspired short order restaurant. Luncheonette is located at Robinsons Cybergate Fuente Osmeña which means close to almost everyone in the city. Its also under the famous Abaca Group of restaraunts. The place is not that big but spacious enough for you and your friends when you dine here. Their main specialty is their Luncheonette cheeseburger that costs for 299 pesos only. You can also add some extras like caramelized onions, bacons, fried eggs, jalapeños and extra cheese. The burger patty is made of 5 1/2 ounces USDA Angus beef. You can also choose for your bun from wheat, rye or white, a plus points for people allergic to wheat. They provide a simple menu of their burgers, sandwiches and an american breakfast. On the menu they put a "Burger Disclaimer" stating that they intend to serve the burger UNCUT for you to have a great burger experience but they will provide a fork and a knife if you'd ask for it. On my thoughts, thats a great statement after all you're eating a burger and not a steak right. Some people use fork and knife for their burger and i respect them coz they don't like "Messy eating", but for me id rather use my bare hands hehehhehe. Prepare your widest mouth from the layers of goodness as you take a bite on it. The burger patty was so juicy, flavorful and not salty unlike other burgers do. The greens and tomatoes were fresh and crisp as well. The burgers were not served with fries, but if you want you can order it separately. Personally, the burger itself is a one whole meal already, no need for fries to fill up your tummies. The interiors is like an american diner that i saw from the television shows (coz i havent stepped on USA soils pa haha) wherein you can watch the crew make your food, take and eat your food at the counters, reflecting mirrors and a layer of stainless steel counters but more of a modern version. One or two thing is missing, the retro looking black and white tiles and the red colored fixtures but i know they aimed for a modern diner look. I havent seen a lot of american diner inspired restos and cafe in Cebu city so this is definitely a new experience for Cebuanos. For the crews, they're so friendly coz i converse with them while having burger juices on my hands ahhahaha. #12Days

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