Lusong Coral Garden

Lusong Island, Coron, Palawan

Lusong Coral Garden
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Nikki C.
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I could stay here in this 100 meters stretched coral garden ALL DAY LONG 128031128032128033128089

Prior to visiting Busuanga, we first visited around Coron. Though there were places to go for snorkeling, I wasn't that satisfied with the marine life there (coming from someone who got to explore Moalboal and Malapascua), perhaps of high expectations 128517. Snorkeling around Coron was just so-so for me, but to dive there might have possibly blown me away. 128513

So for this trip at Busuanga, it just completed my whole Palawan experience. It left me with wonderful memories especially this area as my favorite snorkeling area 10084️ The corals were so alive and colorful. From afar, you'd probably say that they are just corals, but if you peer and focus on each corals, colorful fishes 128032 are swimming around.

The whole cast of Finding Nemo was there!! -- except for the sharks and 128034 (which we didn't get to see)

I didn't know where to look while swimming, snapping the gopro here and there 128247 just so many beautiful fishes - unique, rare - utterly overwhelmed 128525128525 much better than Balicasag Reef! IMO 128522128077🏻128077🏻



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Kiko G.
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During my second day in Coron, I joined the Calauit Safari Tour. It's an whole day activity and tourists not only get to visit the Safari but also visit Black Island, Lusong Gunboat and Lusong Coral Garden.

Black Island was our lunch place and after our meal, we headed straight to Lusong Coral Garden which is the most suggested diving or snorkeling spot in Coron. I was very curious about how beautiful the place was because I was very impressed with Siete Pecados. The boat stopped at a certain spot near an island and we can barely see anything from above. They fastened the boat and as they hailed "GO" I got my gears ready and immediately jumped off the boat and Voila! It's a trench filled with corals and thousands of fishes.

The Coral Garden is part of the island and extends all the way down probably more than 100 feet deep. It was like standing on the edge of a cliff but under water. It was more than just a garden but an oasis of different kinds of corals; different in size, shape and color. It was so beautiful that I didn't even get to spend time taking photos. I felt "high" with everything my eyes witnessed. There's a feeling of excitement but I got scared at the same time just looking at the depth of this garden. The fishes were somehow used to people already that they weren't even bothered of us chasing them with cameras. 128514 Lusong Coral Garden is very extensice and is probably about 100 meters in length. The sight will give anyone the adrenaline rush. I even surprised myself. Who knew I can swim for an hour. I was so in awe that i didn't keep track of time. All I know is that I wanted to maximize my time because it'll be forever before my next visit to Coron.

I also regret that I did not take as much photos. 128553

We were suppose to snorkel / dive for an hour but we stayed for almost 2 hours but we can't get enough of its beauty. I have been to so many places in the Philippines but I can confidently say that this should be part of everyone's bucket list. If you have not been to Coron, then you have not seen a huge part of the Philippines. Palawan has a lot to offer and we're only talking about Coron. 4 days is not enough in Coron. If you're lucky to get to visit this island for a week, I suggest that you visit every tourist spot and do not forget Lusong Coral Garden. Trust me, it's really beautiful and it still hunts me in my sleep. Balik daw ako. 128512

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