Lusong Gunboat

Lusong Island, Coron, Palawan

Lusong Gunboat
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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

128032 After Black Island, we went to Lusong Coral Garden but there is not much to say about that. The marine life is fairly okay. I won’t say it’s rich or diverse. Some reefs are dead too. But to be fair, the surface area of the coral reefs is wide. I was tired after all the snorkeling because I don’t want to step on the corals. Anyway, just near the Coral Garden is a sunken shipwreck which is called the Lusong Gunboat. It’s quite shallow that you can clearly see it from our boat. I was a bit hesitant to go down and snorkel at first because (1) the waves were particularly “active” and (2) the ship is rusty and the last thing I want on a holiday is to get cut by a rusty iron.

128031 However, I decided that these factors should not spoil my holiday so I went down. There were a lot (A LOT) of fishes on around the area – these fishes are the standard species you find hanging around people. They don’t seem to mind that there are legs swimming around their niche. Maybe they are so used to humans haha. There are also some corals that grew on the sides of the ship making it really suitable for marine habitation.

128044 It’s beautiful and surreal. The orientation of the ship is slanting downwards, which makes is suitable for those who are just snokeling and those who are scuba diving. I tried diving in Subic before to see some shipwrecks but they are your standard deep, big boat kind of wrecks but the Lusong Gunboat is teeming with life. I think the major factor for this is it’s shallowness. It’s also a good opportunity for non-divers to experience swimming near wrecks.

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

A few meters away from the wonderful Lusong Coral Garden is a piece of history laying on the sea bed. ⛴

An Imperial Japanese Navy auxiliary patrol boat was sunked in this location by a U.S. carrier-based aircraft. The entire ship is situated slanted that when it is low tide, the tip of the boat can be seen surfacing above the waters 128522

Now this historical vessel is home to numerous number of fishes and corals. The ship is covered with soft corals and sponges, and is good for snorkeling and for beginner divers 128031128032128166 It is also a good resting site for divers doing visits on different diving wreck sites.

During the time we visited, the waves were a bit high and unstable 127754 From where our boat docked, we had to swim a long way to get to the tip of the boat wherein you can stand on and reached the tip of the wreck. 128526 I find it super cool to be able to do that. So, reaching my go pro, from the tip of the wreck, I made a run-through video of the length of the boat. I even forgot that I was doing it underwater! I was so into the entire thing, screening every nook and cranny 128517 #iforgottogaspforair #girlhindikaserena 128517128514128514

This wreck is way more better than the Skeleton wreck so Lusong tours - Garden & Gunboat Shipwreck 127775127775127775127775127775

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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

Lusong gunboat is practically a medium sized boat that tilted on the waters and due to the abundant marine life, corals started inhabiting the whole boat giving it a nice and exciting experience.

The location of the shipwreck is very shallow, one can even step on to it.

Snorkeling their is a bit challenging as the waves are choppy and current is hard to manage.

There are a lot of fishes too although not as colorful as you'd expect. Our boat men gave us 40minutes to explore the area but given with the unsteady waves, the time is more than enough.

Overall, it's something that you can skip.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

The waves were crazy that afternoon. I lost my camera strap and I was too scared to bring my underwater camera with me because I may lose it. Also, I was holding a flashlight with my left hand and I will find it hard to swim against strong currents if I bring the camera.

The boat was wobbling from left to right as waves hit the sides of the boat. Feeling a bit light-headed because of the motion, we thought it's best to stay in the water.

Underneath the strong waves is a ship that's 22 Feet in length. Though I was only using fins and goggles, Lusong Gunboat is best for dive beginners as it is a shallow spot about 15-20 meters. The boat is now home to marine life and the myriad of fishes going in and out of the ship holes is a beauty. The site is swarmed with damsel, parrot and stone fishes. I even spotted a lionfish swimming along the edge of the ship.

If you got taken aback by the strong waves, please note that it's not always like that. I suggest that you check the weather before you include this in your itinerary.

I borrowed the photo from google. Sayang! If I had my camera with me, daming magagandang isda.

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