Lydia's Lechon

E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5) cor. CJ Caparas St., Pasig, Metro Manila

Lydia's Lechon
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Emm T.
5.0 Stars

Tucked away right beside the exit of the flyover from Shaw - it's on your right facing Meralco Avenue, make two u-turns or just use Waze - this place should be frequented by people looking to stop their hearts cold. Ika nga, "Kain masarap, patay. Kain hindi masarap, patay pa rin. Kain na Lang ng masarap." (Google translate if your a foreigner)

The buy-one, take-one promo for paksiw is a steal. Tender pork stewed for what could be hours on end, with just the right balance of salty and sour. Just like an ex who talks smack behind your back (heh, rhymes).

The dinuguan (read: blood stew) could use a little bit more innards but can't complain about the taste.

The chicharon bulaklak should be ordered one person not because of the size, but because it'd be a shame to have to share it.

But the winner above all is the rellenong alimasag (stuffed crab). They don't skimp on the meat, and neither should you on the banana ketchup.

If your a fan of simple, no fuss pork dishes, this is a must-try. Don't forget to tip the staff generously 128521

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

*This is a sponsored visit.

Glorious Lechon Baboy by Lydias Lechon.

Everyday lechon happiness. :)

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

*This is a sponsored visit.

Lechon Baboy by Lydia's Lechon

Tender moist meat, crisp thin skin. This is lechon done right.

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Well this is not the first time at Lydia's but it's my first at this new branch along C5 Road. There was a recent hype about Lydia's Lechon but I did not end up at this branch because of that hype. I was waiting along C5 road for my UBER ride and just a few steps from me was Lydia's Lechon. The driver said that it will take him about 20 -30 minutes because cars in Lanuza hardly moved. So ng diet muna ko sa Lydia's.

The place looked nice and they improved on ambiance. I was not sure what really changed in their menu or if there lechon is better but it was kind of the same thing comparing to my last visit; still offering delicious food.

I only ordered 1/4 kilo of Lechon and rice. The same quality but if you have tried Bacolod or Cebu Lechon, you wouldn't be impressed that much but it's still delicious.

What really surprised me was the service they provided. Greetings as I entered the restaurant and assisting me to my table. Someone was there right away to take my order and time expectations were set. Servers kept on refilling my glass and one asked me about the food.

There is a huge shift in today's dining culture and Lydia's is playing along with it.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Was lucky to be invited TheFoodieStation and Lydia's Lechon for their relaunching event a month ago. When we hear Lechon in Manila one of the 1st thing that comes to our mind is Lydia's.Tried and tested through the year. One of the better lechon out in the market. In this event they showcased to us that more than lechon they are a full blown filipino restaurant that serve great meal. They gave us a try some items from their menu and here it is.

127807Crispy KangKong - a bit oily but I love the crunchiness of it and tasted good. Be sure to much on this as soon as served.
128055Chicharon Bulaklak - a one of my sinful fave snack during college days. Love every bite of it.
128055Fresh Lumpia - reminds me of DEC. I like their fresh lumpia. Something that my mom would surely like.
128055Pork Chicharon - This one is another hit. Big chicharon with lots of laman. The type of chicharon I ask my friend from bulacan to buy for me.
🦀Crab Relleno - One of my fave on this event. Love that ground crab meat!
128055Lechon Paella - a mix of seafood and lechon on top of paella. The paella was a bit lacking in terms of flavor. Hope they can improve on this cause it looks promising.
128046Kare-Kare-classic Filipino Kare Kare. Very nice and the Ox tripe was good.
128055Pork Dinuguan - another classic Filipino great dish. I also like this one. Serving size was good and not too fatty.
128046Beef Mechado - another fave of mine for this event. The meat was tender and the tomato sauce blends well with rice.
127807Chopseuy-a great thing to have after eating all those meat.
128055Pork Lechon - Last but not least of course Lechon! Yummy delicious pork meat. The pig skin was just not too crunchy.
127807Buko Pandan - nothing special typical Buko Pandan desset served in canteen.

Overall a great affordable place to have your Media Noche meal or any celebration. Happy to learn that they are more than just lechon.128523

Contact Num:02)939 1221/ (02)851 2987 to 89
#everydaylechonhappiness 128522

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

You better try it this place! For all we know, the place only sells lechon, but now it caters with a full blown menu from appetizers to desserts. I am so blessed to get invited by foodiestation at its relaunching of its branch at C5. They really prepared for us.

Lydias lechon wants to break the common notion that they only sell lechon. Please be aware that they cater full meals from appetiZers to desserts. To tell you, they are not below that standard level when it comes to taste.

128204 crispy kangkong @135PhP
This krispy kangkong is meh fir me. Better eat this as soon as possible at it will really become oily. If you like crispy kangkong, the toppings of pork belly at xocolat is better.

128204128525 Chicharon balat with laman @135PhP
Generous amount of crispy pork meat to go with that crispy fluffed up pork fat/skin. These i enjoy better than the ones without laman.

128204 Chicharon bulaklak @135PhP
This is limited edition daw but i already see this in their menu at their timog branch. Haha. Only Christina R and Dennis O got to try this one cause it was really tempting from the display (where photo ops were held) and i was too cholesterol-conscious that time. Lol

128204 pork dinuguan @205PhP
They have this. Reminds me of goldilocks. Nope. Did not try this but the serving is considerably big.

128204 Crab relleno @195PhP
2 piece ground soft shell crab with veggies formed in a ball that's prfectly placed in the crabshell. I'm not find of it because of the prickly texture.

128204seafood paella with lechon toppings @280PhP
I did not like this as well because it lacks the taste i was looking for. I think they should add more flavor in the rice.

128204128525 special Lydia's Lechon (1/4kg) @205PhP
This is their specialty. That's why sa dami ng hindi ko mashadong naustohan, it pulled up my ratings. The lechon meat is really tender-- the skin crispy at the first few minutes served. (I actually care about the meat not the skin) i like their meat because it's a little salty, just right to go with their savory lechon sauce.

128204128525 Lydia's classic beef kare kare @285
They serve ox tripe I'm not a fan but i do recommend this because if the sauce's thick texture, plus i like the veggies in it.

128204128525 beef mechado @285PhP
(Not sure if this is the beef chilli)-- but this one, i was the one who ate all of its contents. I love how sweet and tomato-y it is. Try to order rice with it because it really will increase your appetite.

128204128525 fresh lumpia
Love the tasty filling. The peanut sauce was good i think goldilocks got bigger serving but blander taste. So i go for lydias.

128204128525 buco pandan @75PhP
Yes. They serve desserts and this one hits my sweet tooth just right. The serving is good for the price.

Order your yummiest lechon thru this number: (02)939 1221/ (02)851 2987 to 89 #everydaylechonhappiness is now achievable with lydias lechon. They have function rooms to cater your events. This place is their largest branch atm.

Hey! Do you know that Lydia is still chopping her lechon at it's first branch at Pasay? She's already 80yrs old!! Salute!

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Dan P.
3.0 Stars

Had to ask for the serving spoon and water during the course of our late lunch. P240.00 for the Lydia's Crispy Pata which consists of very tough skin only. So hard that it could hurt the most sensitive gums. Crab Arellano (P235.00) was tasty and enough for sharing. Pork Barbecue (P75.00) was somewhat expensive. Buco Juice (65.00) was refreshing. The 1/4 Lechon never disappoints. Place was pleasantly designed. Wiling to comeback for the other dishes but not the service.

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Muffy T.
2.0 Stars

Had lydia's litson sisig for lunch - i really didnt like the dish. I felt like it was too sweet for sisig, and there were A LOT of tiny bones in the meat.

The server was also inattentive and forgot one of my orders to go.

Will prolly eat here again, but il just have the regular litson.

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Mikko F.
4.0 Stars

Ordered 800 worth of lechon (more than a kilo) they have very tasteful lechon and very crispy skin of the lechon. If you crave for some lechon go here, you don't need to buy whole lechon just for your craving (you an buy even for 1/4 kilo) Also, they are not only selling lechon but also different filipino dishes ljke caldereta, adobo...

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Grazie A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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