Lydia's Lechon

Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Lydia's Lechon
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Business Hours
Open: 10:00a - 9:00p


  • Sunday
    • 10:00a - 8:00p
  • Monday
    • 10:00a - 9:00p
  • Tuesday
    • 10:00a - 9:00p
  • Wednesday
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  • Saturday
    • 10:00a - 8:00p

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Price Range

₱88 - ₱155

Most Recent Reviews

Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Buy one take one lechon paksiw! Say whhuut?! Who says only starbucks can do that?! Lol

128204128525 Lechon paksiw @205PhP
There is no doubt, when it comes to the meat taste, lydia's lechon does it the best! It's super soft and tasty! What i did not like much about it are the small bones included in the dish.

128204 pinakbet @160sPhP
It was too salty at first. I think you have to mix it (shrimp paste and garlic prec)

128204 fresh buko jiuce @75PhP
Pricey, i know, but if you are just craving for one, drop by here! They'll serve it to you with the coco meat.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I was walking hungrily along timog avenue when i saw this place-- wait! There's lydia's lechon here?! Wait! I have GCs! And why not since it's christmas.

The place gave me a repainted yet old cafeteria feels, with matching shadows of the huge rotating classic ceiling fan, i sat in front of the counter which the kind and accommodating servers suggested me. I personally did not like the spot but i have a no other option it was quite jam packed that lunch time (i was also surprised it's jam packed it does not look like it from the outside). Having the GC privilege, i scanned the menu (hooray for this, they are now pros!) from appetizers to desserts.

128204128525 calamares fritos @195PhP
I love how soft their squid are. It's not oily and it's not over covered with breading. Best tasting when dipped with the mayonnaise served with it, i am sorry but i am not a fan of their banana ketchup heehee.

128204128525 1/4 kilogram of lechon @220PhP
Yo actually compare it with Elar's i think Elar's got the skin portion better but winner parin si lydia's when it vomes to the tenderness and taste of the meat!! At first i was dismayed by the color of the meat (a little darker than i was expecting) but it just absolutely tastes heavenly and was sooooo tender!

128204128525 garlic rice @45PhP
I like that they do fry their garlic rice not like others who just put some garlic granules on top of steamed rice.

128204 ripe mango shake @80PhP
Ordinarily good.

128204 ube turon @60PhP
I wish they've served this after my mains, mejo kumunat yung lumpia wrapper. This is a flunk version of Gabe's valencia ala malabon dessert. I couldn't taste the ube that much, but it was okay because it's affordable and that it's 6 pieces! Having this for lunch would fill your stomach

Just like normal lydia's lechon branches, this branch got a function room, a nice clean CR and a good parking space. I truly commend Lydia's for its aggressive take. I hope prople would notice them.

Just so you thought you only get to eat lechon when it's a holiday, good thing LydiA's offers everyday lechon happiness!

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

We went to Greenhills a while ago. Last minute shopping for the gifts!! Parking was so hard! Anyways, papa suddenly craved for Lechon. Haha. He asked me to find a nearest one along Mandaluyong or San Juan, when there's none, we headed to QC. And with the help of |ooloo, Lydia's the nearest one!! Hehe.

It's just me, my mom & dad (little brother was still in the church to serve God). We ordered Lechon Paksiw & 1 kilo of Lydia's lechon. 128561

Though the lechon was not pre-heated, it's still the best! The skin was really crunchy!! 128550 jaw dropping? Haha. Choz. 128514

The Lechon Paksiw was also the best. 128077
The staff were friendly. 128077
The comfort room was outside the resto. It's scary. Hahaha. But it's clean! 128077
Cleanliness. 128077

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Ricky A.
4.0 Stars

who doesnt like letchon ryte ? xtra crispy skin uhmm very flavourful papaitan soup the kare kare was ok for 175 pesos who can complain.
shoot i end up ordering extra rice to finish off my kare kare ... to bad wlang beer for appetizer haha

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Norman V.
4.0 Stars

Just around my neighborhood for that sinful comforts. Love the papaitan, specially if serve very hot. I pay it off with a 10km morning run after.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Last May 2012 after my Lola emy's interment we had a late lunch at Lydia's lechon with my hubby,kids and dad before we dropped of my dad at his office in timog.We were hungry because its already past 3pm when we get there.Papa treat us.He ordered of course lechon,bulalo,Kare-kare,pinakbet,then we had halo-halo and all of then taste great especially the lechon.Lydia's will always be the best!

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