M-Bay Health Spa

778 Pres. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

M-Bay Health Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Dianne C.
3.0 Stars

Loved the place and the service, although, I find that among all the spa's we visit, this is the least of my favorite. 128513 This is our second time to try M bay and both times sakit katawan day after having a massage. Oh emmmm... 128557128557128557

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Loren L P.
5.0 Stars

One of the best massages I've ever had. I must have heard all my bones , joints and neck cracked. 128516 I wanted it to last for hours and hours. The masseuse stepped on me, stretched every inch of my muscles and at the end of the 75minute session, I was still asked if I wanted to be carried for more stretching. I wanted to shout "hooray!"

The facilities weren't the best but wet area was clean and well maintained. I loved the sauna, I didn't need to pour in more water to increase temperature. The premium room the husband and I got was also spotless and ambiance felt warm. We would have stayed for an hour more to relax but it was past midnight and we knew that our date night was over as the daughter was still up and waiting for us 128516

Thank goodness for the groupon voucher- had I not purchased it, we'd never try this place as we're quite happy with the spa places we've been going to.

I was going to give this review 1 less star because when I asked the husband if he's happy with the "apak" portion, he said he wasn't asked if he wanted it. Since my masseuse offered it to me, then it's part of the 75minute massage we got and so my husband should have been offered as well. 128532

But aside from that, it was an overall great spa experience. If our "fun & recreation" budget would allow it, we would come here every week.

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

I went here past 5pm I think after going to Rob Manila. This place was renovated, more appealing now and more elegant looking unlike before that looked like an abandoned building. 128514

I can't remember the price (because I wasn't the one who paid it, I was only treated by someone. 128513) but what I remember, the price is affordable for two persons. 128077

We went upstairs, it was a little tricky, wherein seems like you're in a game because there are many doors. Hahaha! But don't worry, there's someone who will accompany you to the jacuzzi room. I don't know what do they call that place. Hahaha!

Inside the room, you will notice that the place is really elegant. The lights, the interior and the woman that was there was friendly, nice and accommodating!! She smiles at me whenever I ask something and etc.

Time to start!

☑️ The jacuzzi was clean though it was small (can accommodate 3-10 persons, I think), I still liked it because it's very very clean and the water is running. Unlike in Wensha, it was so eew eew (can't move on with my experience there)
☑️ The Steam was okay, I just don't like it because the smell of that mint or something (basta yung parang efficascent oil yung amoy) hahahaha! Was too strong. I can't breathe properly so I went out of it. But still good! 128077
☑️ The Sauna! My favorite of them all!! I could stay as long as I want! I feel like I'm having a tan session there. 128514 the temperature is just right!
☑️ I was the only one who's there that's why solong solo ko lahat. 128514

After there, you will go upstairs to proceed to the massage room. The lady will instruct you where to go but there will still someone who will guide you. You will pass by their lounge area, there, you can have your coffee, juice and even watch television. You can still relax there. 9786

Inside the massage room, it was quiet, a relaxing sound was being played, the woman who will massage you was very nice. 1280779786️ Their body massage was the best for me! 128077128077 looking forward to go back there. 9786128147

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Ems S.
5.0 Stars

Love10084️ the place so much. I visit the place once a week for relaxation, good massage, cool place and friendly staff (i really like their jacuzzi)9786128077128077128077 i recommend this spa and look for mia128522sorry i don't have any pictures of the place but i will assure you the place is cool9995

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Jho C.
5.0 Stars

we had a great stay here at M-Bay Health Spa! The place is clean and not crowded, staffs are friendly and accommodating. We've experienced a relaxing and good massage128077 Look for Raquel and Mic128522

  • No. of Comments: 3
Chelann F.
5.0 Stars

i love it here. All facilities are just newly renovated. Not crowded. Friendly staffs. A great place to relax and unwind.

  • No. of Comments: 8