Macao Imperial Tea

Congressional Ave., Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Macao Imperial Tea
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Clari R.
4.0 Stars

Whether you love coffee, tea or milk tea, this global tea brand has got you covered.

Macao Imperial Tea which hails from Macau a.k.a the “Vegas of China” is one of the fastest-growing cafe chains. In fact, it has now over 350 branches in Macau, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Vietnam and the Philippines. It was brought here by the Fredley Group of Companies and opened the first branch on June 2017 in Banawe, Quezon City.

Now, Macao Imperial Tea has several branches in and out of the metro. The nearest branch from where I live is at Congressional Avenue. This one opened in December 9, 2018. As a special treat, the first 100 customers received a FREE Happy Bear tumbler. Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit that day but I was able to the following day.

This branch may not be as spacious as the other MIT shops but they have the same look and feel. To be honest, I don’t usually hang out at coffee or tea shops because not all customers respect peace and quiet. Am I right? 128521 But in MIT – Congressional Avenue’s case, I did enjoy the ambiance they provide every time I wait for my drink.

Speaking of which, I have two go-to drinks here at MIT.

Special Drink For Me and Blue Curacao Soda

I love these two because they’re delicious and unpretentious. You see, I like simple drinks that satisfy my cravings. Let’s say I’m in the mood for something sweet, then For Me which is iced strawberry milk is the perfect drink. And if I want a delicious thirst quencher, Blue Curacao Soda hits the spot.

But there are several other great choices at MIT such as an entire line of Mpresso or espresso-based drinks, coffee, chocolate, chestnut cream, cream cheese, milk tea, tea, red bean, and yakult-based drinks. They have everything!

Besides these, I’m pretty sure you will also appreciate their reusable tumblers especially the one that comes with cute mouse ears. Cool, eh?

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

I never thought that I will line up and make to the 1st 100 customers on the opening day of a milktea house. It was just last Dec. 9,2018 when Macao Imperial Tea held its opening day and will give away 100 happy bear tumblers for the firsr 100 customers who will breve the lines. Woohoo! I made tho 128521128513

I grabbed their BOGO which will run for the whole month of December. I got the

Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea php140
Oooooh I never wonder why this became on top of their best seller. This was really good. Not too sweet not to creamy and the milktea notes is still highlighted. Super recommended!

Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha Milktea php155
Plus black pearls php20
I don't know why, but my aunt and cousins first impression to this was it tasted like sardines 128546 I can really say yes to that but somehow I thought that their matcha and milktea won't fit. As in hindi bagay. Sorry but this was not for us. ☹️

Hey! I got the happy bear tumbler and it was really cute! Sulit naman yung 2hrs waiting time. Hehe

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