Macho Temple

MacArthur Highway, San Fernando City, La Union

Macho Temple
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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Ma-Cho Temple is a Taoist temple in La Union. Tbh, this was the first time I've visited a temple of its kind here in the Philippines. This was part of my solo travel itinerary in the Northern region.

Ma-Cho Temple is located along San Fernando highway and can be easily seen outside due to its big signage. The temple is very beautiful with intricate design. The place is so serene and quiet making it very convenient for tourists to appreciate its beauty. It is facing West Philippine Sea which is very appropriate as it is believed that Ma-Cho is the Goddess of the Sea. 10024127754

Actually, there's nothing to do here aside from taking photos of the place though I read in some blogs that you may enter the temple and pray. I was not able to do it, sadly. However there's something in this temple that I truly like. I don't know why or what, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

The whole place is so serene and peaceful. I had a pretty nice me-time. I wish I had a good book back then and I'll surely finish it there. Since this was my last stop in La Union before heading back home, I got to stay here longer. I found a spot there to reflect about everything that's happening in my life back then. And that's the reason why this place became all the more special for me. I can't wait to go back. 🙂

1. There's no entrance fee to visit this temple.
2. Be sure to apply sunscreen lotion especially when visiting the temple during lunch or afternoon.
3. There's no dress code.
4. To go here from Urbiztondo Beach, just ride a tricycle and say you're going to Ma-Cho Temple. Most drivers know this place. Fare is around 100php as it's quite far. But if you're coming from Manila, it's walking distance from Partas Bus Terminal and one short tricyle ride from Dominion Bus Terminal.

Be sure to include Ma-Cho Temple in your LU itinerary. You won't regret it! 🙂

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Donna P.
5.0 Stars

A feel of China in La Union

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Ma-Cho Temple is located at the town of San Fernando near Partas bus terminal. It's a taoist temple at the heart of San Fernando City. The place is clean, and peaceful. You have to observe silence in this area and respect the rituals they're doing. They have a great sunset view of San Fernando it's just that we failed to make it there by sunset. But worth a drop by for some photo ops.

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Kathryna d.
4.0 Stars

Breathtaking: from all the stairs, climbing, and of course the view!

This is only a short jeepney ride from San Juan to San Fernando. The place is a quiet Taoist temple and they say you can make a wish when you reach the top!

The garden is beautifully adorned with bamboo plants and sculptures of their gods. The intricate details of the structure made the walk really worth it.

Make sure to drop by this place when you just want to spend a chill day in LU.



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Monique A.
5.0 Stars

Back again & I can't get over how beautiful & serene it is ...

Come here to find some answers ... and answers I did receive .... This is not a good year for the ox, goat, dog, snakes & chicken i was told ... Nothing wrong to ask for guidance & plan ahead .

On the 15th day of January of the lunar calendar ... They hv a celebration blessing the devotees that might fall on the said zodiacs to ask for a more fruitful year away from sickness & misfortune... a little offering & pray over ... a little incense burning & everyone go home happy & feeling blessed128591

Peace of mind is priceless

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Beautiful temple located in the city of la Union , well maintained , airy & said to be very miraculous in helping and granting the wishes of the devotees

Majestic views overlooking the was told that macho is the guardian of the seafarers

With an elevation of 70 above sea level, the temple is a towering (about 7 stories), 11-tiered, multi-hued attraction on a more than one hectare of lot

A ritual among devotees is where one prays to the gods to grant one's wish. Weekly, a “Buyong” session is held as temple priests read Ma Cho’s message to the devotees.

the famous towering arch( picture)

The temple is adorned by Chinese motif of Taipei lions and dragons (camphor woods) and massive stones. Its original spider type dome awes the beholder with the interlinking wood carvings of saints (piling up in a total of 11 tiers).

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