Madison 101 Hotel + Tower

Aurora Blvd. cor. Madison St., New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower
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Mirriam D.
5.0 Stars

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is strategically located near J. Ruiz and Gilmore stations. It is just a few blocks from Robinsons Magnolia, a walk away from the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church and Connie's Kitchen, and a few minutes away from Tomas Morato. However, its location is not the only one you'd love.

Last November, I visited the hotel and lived in it for a number of nights. Every night is a different experiemce but the service is one thing that's constant. The staff attended to our needs promptly and accurately (I'd like to name members of the staff here but I realized everyone did a marvelous job, everyone served with all their heart.)

I am very particular with rooms and bathrooms, and Madison 101 did not disappoint. The linens are fresh, the beds are soft, and there are no crumbs of anything on the carpet. The bathroom is equally squeaky clean. The toiletries are complete, towels are lined up, and the glass doorto the shower is spotless. No wonder this hotel is a home of celebrities (a lot of teleseryes likeTill I Met You and Alyas Robinhood, and movies like Camp Sawi are shot here). What is more fantastic is that even when I am not a TV perspnality, they made my stay feel like I am one. 100841008410084

Unlike other hotels, they do not serve reakfast buffet but there's a café downstairs and a food park nearby where you can explore your palate.

P.S. Madison 101 has a dorm, and I lived in it for, summing it up, roughly a year. Get a sneak peek of my experience and a few tips and tricks of living in it here: 128521


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