Magalawa Island

Palauig, Zambales

Magalawa Island
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4.0 Stars

When you're feeling drained and exhausted from the city life or from your work, Magalawa Island didn't just provide a getaway spot but a blissful and refreshing piece of land that you can truly appreciate and enjoy.

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

You didn't fail Magalawa. You are trully a paradise. 128522128516128525128149

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

It was a much needed vacation last week. Sometimes you just need a little gas to keep going. Emo! 128517 Yeah, that's why I like to go around because it helps me recharge before the coming work week.

I was looking to explore Zambales but I didn't want to join the mob at the three famous coves; Nagsasa, Anawangin and Capones. I read about Magalawa which is further north but it's not as known to many so I decided to visit the island

The island does not promise a long strip of white, powdery sand. The water surrounding the island is teeming with life. Others would actually call this place the island of stars because there are so many starfish of different kind. Unlike Boracay and other known beaches, Magalawa Island has a lot of seaweeds and others find it icky to swim in the water especially during low tide. These weeds though are the reason why the island is full of life. Urchins, stonefish, parrot fish and sea slugs are common here. I wasn't able to spot a sea turtle but locals say that there are many especially during nesting season. What I didn't like about the island is the amount of trash underwater. It's disappointing to see small fishes going in and out of a tin can. Marine life is abundant and so is garbage. The locals should start taking action.

I was starting to think that I made a bad choice. I asked a local if there's any place I can visit and she told me: "Dismayado ka ano?" She mentioned that the island is not all about what you see at the resort. She suggested that I go around the island or visit Bacala Rest House if I am willing to pay PHP1000.

It was only 2PM and I decided to visit the rest house because it was only 30 minutes away from the resort. It used to be owned by someone but it was abandoned when it was badly hit by a storm. The house is settled on a sand bar and is the perfect place to swim. Clean and unsoiled water. I stayed there for 2 hours and went back to the island.

The following day I went around the island and reached the west end. I was surprised that this island has so much to offer. It was a 30 minute walk so I settled under a tree. It was relaxing to see South China Sea face to face. The west coast has mangroves and rock formations. The water is very shallow though. 128512 I walked 300 meters from the shore and the water is still 2 feet deep. I did have fun checking out different fishes and playing with a huge orange starfish. Haha

The island is not the best place if you plan to go swimming and lie down on powdery white sand. The island though is best for you if wish to go around and do some sight seeing. I enjoyed exploring marine life without using my fins and snorkel gears. You can pick up sea slugs, urchins and different kinds of starfish. DON'T PICK A STONEFISH. 128512 There are some areas where you can swim but it's more of a dip than a swim because the water is too shallow.

I was happy that I spoke to a local. I enjoyed my stay and realized that there's so much more to this island to appreciate than just swimming in crystal clear water.

i am giving 4 stars because they need to do something about the trash.

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