Don Gesu Bldg., 116 Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

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Fran G.
4.0 Stars

Since I'm not a coffee expert (hardly drank coffee this year despite the need to stay awake in med school), I'm gonna review the cakes.

I tried 3 flavors last night and all 3 were moist and oh so yummy!

The carrot cake was their best seller. I just had a bite of this and I can already see why. It wasn't in your face sweet. Among all the cakes, this is quite light and very afternoon tea worthy.

The chocolate caramel had a chocolate base with caramel, yema like, frosting. I never tried the yema cupcake from slice so not sure how this would compare. This was the cake for those with really really bad sweet tooth. It was super rich that you can't finish the whole slice without by yourself or by just eating that cake. But the bites that I did have from this cake were so heavenly.

The last flavor was the chocolate with cream cheese frosting. This was my favorite and quite possibly my new favorite cake flavor. Forget the red velvet coz this cake taste sssssoooo much better. This flavor just had so much more, well, flavor. Adios, red velvet! I doubt I'll ever settle for your less chocolatey flavor again.

I do believe they bake their cakes in the shop based on the mixers and ovens inside.

I wish this cafe would get a little more hype, I would hate for them to shut down coz I would lose my fave cake.

P.S. The also sell cold compress juice. You have to order in advance though.

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Michi M.
3.0 Stars

Finally a coffee shop in Alabang that is NOT STARBUCKS!

Place is okay. Pretty simple. Comfy sofas. Has a function room for meetings or birthdays. It's pretty okay. :)

Must try: their ICED CARAMEL. So goood. And cheap! 85 bucks. :D

Limited menu for their drinks though. Especially if you want iced coffee. For food, they are only limited to cakes and some Empanada.

Good study place too. Quiet. And away from the busy streets. :P

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Lally C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Benjamin Jozef d.
3.0 Stars

Tried out this interesting new coffee shop that popped up near my village. The design and feel of the place has, admittedly, caught my attention. The beautiful white wash with rustic furnishings truly tugged my heart.

However, as I made my order I realize that it was a bit warm. Seems like to conserve power they shut of air conditioning. Understandable but inconvenient especially since i walked a couple of blocks to get here and it takes time for the room to cool.

However, their coffee ( I ordered cafe americano) is pretty good. Strong and flavorful. Just the way i like it!

Other concerns include some tables being too short for my height ( and thats saying something because im 5'4 1/2 and their service is lacking in flair usually standard for coffee shops

But for some reason I am willing to be patient and forgiving because its such a beautiful place with much potential.

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