Magoo's Pizza

Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave., Chino Roces, Makati, Metro Manila

Magoo's Pizza
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Most Recent Reviews

Christina R.
5.0 Stars

We grew up feasting on this. This and Shakey's which both had branches really close to our home. Magoo's was right inside the bowling centre, which they used to be all located in. Joey's Special, Pepperoni, their pizza dog! My mom used to bowl too and watching her play meant getting a hot box of this overtime.

We recently ordered for delivery. I can't seem to get myself to visit them in their Makati Cinema branch, I'm a bit worried about the old building.

Still as good as it was many years ago. Anchovies are a must on my pizza here.

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Bea Patricia J.
5.0 Stars

Old school pizza!! Ahh, the glory of the 90s. I had a euphoric moment of nostalgia.

Anyone fond of pizza deliveries back in the 90s? THIS, domino's && 3M pizza. Hahaha sagana pa ng pizza sa wilson dati.

Just when I thought the last of Magoo's was in Rob Galleria after closing down there Wilson's branch, I found this!

Thanks our team who chose bowling for funfridays.. Heheee

Quality is still the same, I must say! Old fashioned cheese, caramelized onions, good old crust! Ahhhh.


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Bevs M.
4.0 Stars

The place was tucked inside Nepomuceno's Bowling and it's kinda awkward to eat there since it's right beside the main entrance. Their tables and chairs are so limited and I just wonder if it is just the only one remaining branch of Magoo's? I used to eat Magoo's in Makati and in Galle but I think it was already closed especially in Makati. This is the one of the classic Pizza since early 90's.

Their pizza was so good but the taste has somehow changed. Their Supersubs and Dough Crisps are also my faves.

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Shalum L.
4.0 Stars

The quality of the pizza has stayed the same. A bit old fashioned on the cheese, but the crust is still good, and the ingredients still fresh as before. We always order this- Magoo's Famous Combination with extra anchovies. Watch out though that they really out in those anchovies. Last time we ordered, they slipped by not putting in any. First time it's ever happened. Hope it doesn't happen again. Hope they can find a more accessible spot.

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Jennie V.
1.0 Stars

I am furious! Been waiting for my pizza for 1.5 hours! Followed up 3 times. First 2 times they said madami daw talaga tao. Then the third time inamin na mali daw sila. So I'm still here waiting 128545128545128545

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Carlos M.
5.0 Stars

I've always enjoyed Magoo's pizza for its generous toppings, great taste, and value for money. This time around, we got the Magoo's Perfect Combination and I really loved every bite of it. The crust was perfect - crispy and had a thick layer of toppings on top.

It's just sad how Magoo's lost its share of the market. What used to be a really famous pizza chain, which started in the 70s and pioneered food delivery in the Philippines, is now a rare sight. Hopefully they rebrand, and expand.

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

I didn't realize I forgot to review Magoo's!128561

Anyway, I went here with my assistant last May so she can try Magoo's Pizza. She's 21 (or 22?) and she has never tried this. Ugh, now that makes me feel so old!128534

Magoo's shares a space with the bowling place at Makati Cinema Square. 127923 The place looks and smells old. It was kinda dark inside too. 128294 We found it hard to locate the place since it's on the 3rd or 4th floor, and dulo pa.

We got Quattro Formaggi pizza. It was cheesy, duh!128518 You'll barely taste the difference between the different kinds of cheese they used. But it's still good. Crust was crunchy and has the right thickness. 128077 I liked that the pizza box can double as your plate too. Heehee. 128521

Eating here always brings back childhood memories. 128103 I remember my mom used to play bowling in old Coronado Lanes in Makati (where Greenbelt is located now. Oops #tanders alert) and I would always go just to eat pizza. 128540

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Mike B.
2.0 Stars

First time they gave me one of my favorites pizzas with hardly any pizza sauce and old bread.

It gave me indigestion. Hopefully next time they will get it right again.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Magoo's Famous Combination and Cowboy's Special Pizzas. Retro-fast food pizzas packed with melted-salty-creamy cheese, meats , and other flavorful fixings at an affordable price.

I thought that Magoo's has totally closed shop. I thought they lost the pizza battle due to the more sophisticated Pinoy's palate in pizza dining and due to the more aggressive pizza fast-food players in the market.

Magoo's is one of those retro Pizza places that many Pinoys have enjoyed during the 70's to early 2k. Magoo's was the pizza of choice after rounds of bowling (they were located around the city's popular Bowling Lanes). They likewise had strategically located Delivery-Dine in pizza joints around the Metro. I used to visit their branches in Magallanes, Wilson, and Robinson's Galleria (all closed now).

More than that, they were the first Pizza joint that offered food delivery----way before Shakey's , Pizza Hut, and Domino's Pizza have played in the local pizza scene. Magoo's also was the first Pizza joint that offered square pizzas and patented the heat-retaining tray-box that a lot of delivery food joints are now using.

Magoo's, then , was the mid-range fast food pizza of choice (Greenwich and 3M were the budget friendly, Shakey's was the higher end).

It was sheer happiness when we saw Magoo's at Makati Cinema Square . We automatically ordered the Joey's Special which we terribly missed eating (this was THE flavor of choice during Magoo's hey-day). Sadly, the pizza flavor was removed from their menu but instead, they renamed it to Magoo's Famous Combination. And we also ordered their Cowboy's Special.

What makes Magoo's Pizza different? It's Pinoy-savory taste. Theirs is the very-cheesy type of pizzas. I'm guessing Quick Melt and Local Cheddar were used , all generously sprinkled , baked , and melted into a gooey, salty , creamy , rich topping. Their tomato sauce is more of the sweet kind. The pizza crust is not the thin nor thick kind. Faintly like crispy , lightly charred bread that holds up nicely to the flavorful, oily toppings.

The Magoo's Famous Combination (regular size 270) is a pizza generously topped with tasty cheese, loads of pepperoni slices, minced sausages, green bell pepper slices, mushrooms, and black olives. It's a rich, savory, pizza--oily, a bit salty, but packed with yummy flavors. I miss eating this flavor!

The Cowboy's Special (regular size 270) is generously topped with an overload of ham, minced meat, chopped sausage, tasty cheese, pineapple, bell pepper, onions, and garlic. Savory, oily, salty, packed with flavors. The pineapple bits work wonderfully as a sweet-tangy balance to the otherwise savory , rich flavors.

Serving size of the regular order can be satisfying for person with a huge appetite.
Otherwise, it can safely fill 2-3 people with normal appetites.

How I wish that they have more accessible stores located around the Metro.

Recommended to people who enjoy eating savory pizzas---Pinoy Style.

I'll surely be back for some Retro-pizza fix. And I do also miss eating their Pizza-Dog buns which I'll most likely order next time.

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