Magpupungko Rock Pool

Siargao Island, Pilar, Surigao del Norte

Magpupungko Rock Pool
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Ryan M.
5.0 Stars

Magpupungko Rock Formation According to the locals, Magpupungko means “sitting on top”or on a "squat" or “nakapatung” in Filipino language. It is a huge rock or boulder sitting on a very small foundation but has not fallen from where it was standing. Article from Love 127796127774127796127774 #siargao #Magpupungko

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

Magpupungko Tidal and Rock Pool is among the most recommended spots to visit in Siargao and for good reason. Magpupungko is famous for its natural pool caused by a huge depression on an almost flat rock formation in the water. It is only visible during low tide, the water doesn’t recede until around 10:00 in the morning.

You can reach it by motorbike, travel time takes about an hour. You can rent and drive a motorbike or ask a habal habal driver to take you there for P1,000.

Because we were too early, I didn’t see Magpupungko in its full form. The tide was still high, nevertheless I had fun swimming there.

I was very cautious where to put my feet as I slowly submerged myself into the water. The water level reached up to my chest. It took me a while to grow some confidence, but when I did, I didn’t want to leave. The water is clear and it’s not too salty.

So I floated on my back, dog paddled, and did some trudgen stroke. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want to leave.

I am not sure when will I visit Siargao again, but one thing is for certain; I will return to Magpupungko Pool.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Magpupungko Rock Pool is another nature wonder. A natural infinity pool in the island. This is one of the major attraction of Siargao. This nature wonder is so plain looking at first with all the rocks. Got me thinking what was so special about this island. Thats was until we walked toward the rocks and saw a pool in between the rocks. Wow! It was so amazing. During low tide the pockets of water inside the rock create a nice tidal pool like wonder. The combination of the tortoise colored water and rock formation made this place such an attraction. If you are of the brave hearted you can also do some rock diving from the top of the rock formation down to the pool. Wasn't brave enough to do it. Hahaha.128517

Another highlight of this island was the Big rock seating on top of a small rock. Wow! This is where the name of the island came from. Pungko which mean squat. With some iteration it became Magpupungko.

Most of the review I've read travel via van or habalhabal going here but our group included this stop in our island hopping. Not sure we paid to include this in the island hopping. Entrance fee of the island was just 50PHP not bad. Be sure to go in this island during low tide since they don't allow guest to go swimming during high tide.

Just some additional pointer the place is home to some sea snake so be careful. The rocks are also very sharp and slippery so be very careful. 128521

Overall this is another great wonder of our country and adding to the list of reasons why you need to visit Siargao.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Magpupungko Pool is quite far from where we stayed. It’s located in Pilar, around an hour drive from General Luna. We had to rent a van to get there. Entrance fee retails for Php50 per person. It’s very cheap but do note that there are no bathrooms or shower areas there. Also, be careful of your belongings since there are no lockers to safely store them.

In the center of unique rock formations lies a natural pool. The attraction has a vast shoreline with sudden deep natural pools in the middle. These “pools” causes the strong waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean. The place is mesmerizing with its mix of natural green and blue colors. 128525 I have seen similar structures in Batanes before but the Magpupungko Pool is in a much much larger scale.

The natural pools are separated from the ocean by a large reef. During low tides, the sea floor is exposed enabling you to walk on the reef. But do be careful since some parts of the sea floor can be a bit rocky and painful to the bare feet. Also, make sure to visit around two to four in the afternoon or during low tide so that the sea is calm. Once the water starts to escalate, waves become agitated and walking/swimming becomes harder. Authorities prohibit people from swimming here during high tide. But regardless of the level of water, the sea is incredibly clear in all shades of blue, green and everything between. The corals underneath are very much visible even above water.

Magpupungko in English means to sit. The name was derived from the huge rock structure sitting on top of another big rock along the shoreline that looks like a human head facing the Pacific when viewed at certain angles. Cool huh? 128526 But more than just a rock structure, guests and locals use this giant rock as a diving cliff. Don’t worry about hitting the bottom of the sea floor since the pool is very big and deep. The only catch is to jump away from the rock since it can be scary to hit the outward structure of the rock in going down. Also, wear your slippers 128099 when going up because the surface is very sharp and prickly that can injure your bare feet instantly.

The local kids looked like they were having so much fun jumping off the rock so we thought it wouldn’t be a fulfilling experience if we didn’t jump. We did travel a long way and expensed quite a lot just to come here so we maximized it. The climb was a STRUGGLE! 128547 We had to go back to where we left our slippers just to climb the super thorny rock. Once you go up, the only way down is to jump because it’s more dangerous to climb back down from where you came from. It took me some time to jump off but it wasn’t that scary than I thought it would be. It’s actually not that high – height was around four meters only. We only had one try though since the waves were becoming stronger and the authorities were telling us to go.

But overall, it was a great visit! 128077🏻

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

A beautiful natural pool that appears during low tide - the perfect time to go there around 2pm-4pm. You need to ride a habal-habal (400PHp per person, minimum 2pax) and the travel time takes around 50mins to an hour. Or you can take a van if you are in a bigger group and for the price for the van costs around 4,000-5,000PHp.

Entrance fee per person: 50PHp
Parking for habal-habal: 20PHp

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Nicko R.
5.0 Stars

Everything here is magical. Every time I visit Siargao I never miss a chance to visit this magical place.


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Nicko R.
5.0 Stars

Quite unique formation of the shoreline. A considerably spacious shoreline with abrupt deep fall towards the Pacific Ocean that causes strong waves and current. During low tide, the sea floor is exposed with two big and deep tidal pools that provide good swimming and diving experience. A huge rock on the shoreline sitting over a rock platform simulates a human head facing the Pacific when viewed at a certain angle. Thus, the magpupungko name.


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Nicko R.
5.0 Stars

This is the most amazing natural pool in the Philippines! The rock formations that were carved naturally for hundreds of years were extraordinary.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Before our Holy Week Siargao trip, I tried to check for reviews of the places we planned on visiting and I fell in love with the idea of a "natural infinity pool"!

You'll pretty much have to request for a tour with the resort you're staying at because it's pretty far from General Luna (where Cloud 9 and pretty much everything is). We booked for a van to take us there from our resort, Patrick's on the Beach, for Php 4,000. Pretty pricey actually so it would be best if you had a big group. Travel time is around 1 hour.

Plan on going to Magpupungko during LOW TIDE so make sure to ask or check the tide schedules when visiting. The authorities don't allow people to swim during high tide. The waves get pretty big around the area.

There is an entrance fee of Php 50 per person. When you get there, there are some huts and a very rocky beach. To get to the swimmable area, you'll have to walk on water (haha!). It's. Pretty far walk if you want to reach the edge where you can actually fee like it's an infinity pool.

See the rock in the middle of the "pool" in the photo? Locals and those looking for fun and adventure actually climb up that rock and jump into the pool. The pools are really deep so there's not much worry with hitting rocks when you hit the water, but make sure you jump far enough from the rock.

To climb up, you'll need your slippers since the rock has a very pointy texture which makes it really difficult to step on barefoot.

We actually climbed up... And it took me a long time to jump off. Apparently, it's not as easy as the local kids make it look... 128517

Overall, it was a great visit! #YOLOMoment

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Katrina V.
4.0 Stars

The first natural infinity pool I've seen! Don't miss this place when visiting Siargao. Although the travel was quite far from Gen. Luna going to this place, we enjoyed every bit of it! It's called a rock pool because there are a lot of rock formation here. There's one area on the pool where you can climb atop a big rock and dive into the turquoise water below. What a pity that I don't know how to swim. So as much as I wanted to try it, I just couldn't. But my sister and two of my friends did and I could only watch in envy.128513 What's even nicer was the view in front while swimming in the pool, all blue waves coming at you!128522 There are also cottages here that you can rent if you want to have lunch or picnic by the beach. This is totally a must visit!128521

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King Francis O.
5.0 Stars

I just 10084️. A must visit place in Siargao.

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