Mahal Kita Restaurant

Mahal Kita Inn, EDSA cor. Taft Ave., Pasay, Metro Manila

Mahal Kita Restaurant
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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

Oh my gad!
Super delicious food!
It’’s sooo good I’d say its worth a check-in!
We have been ordering via delivery for years now and have spread the good word so much!
Food is too good not to enjoy!
Super yummy and crispy buttered chicken.
The best chopsuey! (I don’t like vegetables and I like this! Lots of mushrooms!)
One of the best pancit bihon, with sauce! And spaghetti!
The buttered chicken is a bit pricey (whole) while all else are manageable.

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

Mahal Kita.

We ordered Pancit (Miki Bihon) for the team. It has all the good stuff - roasted chicken, pork, liver, veggies, eggs, shrimp, etc... Super good!

I ordered Buttered Chicken for myself. The selfish me didn't share it with the team. Hahaha... I brought it home and ate it all by myself! It was the best buttered chicken I tasted as far as I can remember. Perfection - moist and juicy plus the buttery taste was heavenly.

Mahal Kita is mahal kita! 128525

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Icynth M.
4.0 Stars

It was Friday morning (Thursday PM EST). My workmate had an early celebration of her birthday. She ordered a bucket from KFC, then cake, and the delicious palabok from Mahal Kita! Winner! No need for calamansi! It's the kind of palabok with thin strands - I like it better that way... But until now, I'm confused which is palabok and pancit Malabon! Lol

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Icynth M.
4.0 Stars

The name is just so weird... It's actually a small hotel (but I've never been there). Delivery of food runs 24hrs a day (I think).

It was a post #Mario typhoon kind of night and I had to go to work bc the flood in our place have subsided. Thus, no more excuse not to go to work! Haha

Well, many were absent that time. And the company ordered food for all the employees who made it through the rain! Chos! A bunch of huge bilaos of pancit topped with grilled chicken. The pansit has veggies and also shrimp! And what's weird is that there is this sauce that you can put over the pancit.. It actually looks like the sauce for fishballs! Hehe but I never tried it. Didn't get to try the chicken though.. But yeah, I liked the pancit with calamansi!

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