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Main Street
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Most Recent Reviews

Christopher B.
4.0 Stars

Its a hit or miss with this place. Some dishes are really good, however some are not. Its highly possible that Canadian cuisine is an acquired taste, such as their Poutine and Blackened Chicken Creole (is this even Canadian?)). Nonetheless, their prawn and mussel pasta was top notch.

I’d say stick to their pizza, pasta, and burgers.

The place is brimming with potential, interior is very cozy and service is great. Such a shame that they dont get as much customers.

If they limit their menu to some of their best sellers and perfect it, then I’m sure people would flock in.

I’m rooting for this place and will definitely go back.

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Karyl Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

Main: (adj.) coming before others in importance — everything else is secondary.

Tell me, when you hear the words “Hoisin Baby Back Ribs”, “Bacon Jam” and “Steak & Gorgonzola Pizza”, would you be able to say to yourself to not try these at once like they aren’t the most important food spectacle you have to admire and devour?

I kid you not, I was at work that day, wondering where I wanted to treat myself to after a long day in the office when I stumbled upon Main Street here in |ooloo (yes, of course it’s here that I run to when I need to know where I should get my food fix next! Everyone’s reviews are usually on point. I trust all of you 128591🏼)

Of course, I had to call up my main man to join me in my Main Street escapade so that I can enjoy it more than I should — yup, I already expected that I would enjoy their food even before I tried it. C’mon! Does their menu seem basic to you?

11088️ Bacon Jam and Grilled Cheese - the tomato soup was good as it was but it was perfect together with the sandwich. Their grilled cheese had an unusual twist to it: it had homemade bacon jam. Guys, BACON FRIGGIN JAM. 🥓 Who jams bacon?! Apparently, Main Street does #notbasic. The consistency was that of wet corned beef but once you taste it, it’s the perfect marriage between sweet and salty. At first, it’s weird since it tastes like honey with a bacon aftertaste. But 3 bites in and you appreciate the masterpiece that is bacon jam.

11088️ Hoisin Baby Back Ribs - 8-hour braised baby back ribs with honey hoisin sauce, roasted carrots and mashed patatas 🥔 PSA: any dish that states how many hours it was cooked is a good idea. We love our 8–hour, 16-hour, 24-hour cooked meats so we decided to order this, especially when it comes with the words “honey hoisin sauce.” The ribs were fall-off the bone and it was beautiful 127830 The sauce was not too sweet, which we loved. Ya’ll gotta try this one

11088️ Steak and Gorgonzola Pizza - 1. Kitayama Flank Steak 2. Melted mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheeses 3. Arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle. Yep, be the judge.

11088️ Grilled Chicken Salad - this one was okay for me but my man loved it. In fact, it’s in his top 10 salad list 🥗 — I don’t have a list for salads. I’m a carnivore, my friends, and salad is not my forte. This one had herb grilled chicken topped with peanuts-lime-honey vinaigrette.

Basically, if you’re up for some un-basic comfort food and in the Kapitolyo area, Main Street is the place to be. The price ranges from P250-P400 per dish so it doesn’t hurt your wallet so much.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

You never know what you find in this bustling food district in Pasig, Kapitolyo. Another lovely night to go find out what more this strip can offer. Together with foodie sister and friend, we traversed Main Street serving Canadian Comfort food. It’s an unusual cuisine, so why not.

Quite lovely and cozy interiors, it looked like a house rearranged to become a casual dining space. It had a lot of ground and space to walk on, refreshing layout unlike most restaurants thats cramped up. This is apparently the second branch, having its first located at McKinley Hill in Taguig.

Vancouver posters and memorabilia adorned the walls as the Chef and owner, Adam Tan, spent a significant part of his life in Van City. He’s taken a special affinity for Main St. there, which is the strip that he named the restaurant after. I met him and had some restaurant industry chat.

We got the Steak & Gorgonzola Pizza (Php 350), Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pasta, and their Apple Crumble (Php 200).

The pizza was definitely mouthwatering, it had gorgeous play of colors and textures. It’s steak cooked to medium rare on a bed of cheeses, mozzarella and gorgonzola with rich marinara sauce on well cooked soft dough. It also had generous topping of fresh arugula.

The pasta serving was very generous it was almost initimidating, but in a good way. You could smell it from a distance, instantly wetting ones appetite. It had juicy and well seasoned grilled chicken that complimented well with the really creamy pesto. It got even better, one forkful after another.

Dessert came next, an enticing graham and streudel crust crowned with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot plate. Diving the spoon into the crust reveals nothing but stewed sweetened apples packed tightly underneath. The apples had a very nice crunch and tasted absolutely delectable. Addicting!

Here I am raving, this is a restaurant has crave-worthy dishes. I’ve got my eyes on the poutine for next time I visit. This is, after all, a Canadian joint. Nothing else says Canada than poutine.

Although there isn’t much culture and tradition when it comes to Canadian or American food, this spot wins on the comfort food part. I may be speaking to soon, but I intend to find out more as I visit again.

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Happy Valentine's Day! #latereview 128517

I thought it was okay.

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Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

Main Street Kapitolyo opened last May 2016, headed by Chef Adam Tan. It'll serve as your Canadian food hub along the streets of Pasig.

I was able to have a quick chat with Adam and found out that he never had any formal culinary training. He just had a passion for cooking, experimenting and perfection.

Here are my top 5 picks after the looloorendezvoos:

11088Bacon Poutine (P230)- Thick cut fries topped with applewood smoked bacon, mozzarella and gravy. It's good for sharing but you might keep it to yourself once you have a piece.

11088Classic Carbonara (P320)- Legit Carbonara which I'm sure you guys will love as much as I did.

11088Bacon and Rosemary Pizza (P280)- Cause Bacon is love. 128525

11088The Italian Pizza (P290)-Tomato based sauce with slices of Italian sausage.

11088Apple Crumble (P200)- Sliced apples roasted in honey, butter and cinnamon, paired with a flavorful crust then topped off with vanilla ice cream. I honestly am not a fan of apple crumbles but this made me a convert.

Other items which you might be interested in:

⚬Smoked Pulled Pork Poutine (P240)
⚬Buttetmilk Friend Chicken Platter (P570)
⚬Miso Glazed Salmon (P390)- served with sauteed vegetables and fried rice
⚬Italian Sausage Pene (P290)- tomato basil cream sauce
⚬Fudge Brownie a la mode (P190)

⚬Steak and Gorgonzola Pizza (P350)- Has potential but some steak slices were hard to chew and swallow.
⚬Spicy chicken sandwich (P260)- Tastes good but the fillet was too thick.

⚬Seafood Lovers Pizza (P360)
⚬The Paseo (P270)

Other restaurant Amenities:
✔Function Rooms
✔Al Fresco (Smoking Area)
✔Movie Room

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

The restaurant which offered us the dinner is the Main Street in East Capitol Drive, Pasig. From their restaurant profile, they serve Canadian food. Chef Adam Tan, the owner and chef, attended to Miss Jackie and me while waiting for the other guests.
Main Street in Kapitolyo is the second branch. The first one is in McKinley, Taguig and is already on its third year of service, while this Kapitolyo branch is on its ninth month. Chef Adam didn’t have culinary background and started his career as a dishwasher, all-around crew, and the like. He’s the wonderful brain behind the new and old menu. I wish I was good in curating menu like I am when it comes to eating.

Also, I was amazed knowing the restaurant is formerly a house. Chef Adam happen to be searching for a new location for the second branch of Main Street when he saw a sign House for rent. Considering a lot of things, he rented the place and made few renovations. Most of the house remained the same like the walls and the floor. He did a little work on the ceiling. The bedrooms on the second floor which are now function rooms (they offer great deal on this) also remained the same, not to mention the restrooms. The former carpark is now the al fresco dining area. The old garden is now the car park. They also have a function room on the ground floor which I think is also called the the theater because of the comfy couches and the projector. Overall, the vicinity still feels like home. Home with good food. AAAAAAHHHHHHHhh

After talking about ~foods~ in general, Chef Adam started to serve us what we love and the reason for our living.


Smoked Pulled Pork — hand-cut fries, mozarella cheese curds, and pulled pork in barbecue sauce, and chipotle mayo and chives.

Bacon — hand-cut fries, mozarella cheese curds, applewood smoked bacon bits(!!!) in dark beef gravy.

I liked the pulled pork because of the barbecue sauce but I liked the bacon better. The bacon and fries tandem won’t really be a disappointment for me. I liked the tandem with the sauce and I want to try it again. Now. If only Kapitolyo is just somewhere near.


Italian Sausage Penne — sliced Italian sausage, tomato basil cream sauce.

Classic Carbonara — eggs and parmesan cheese sauce with bacon bits, topped with poached egg.

I honestly didn’t like the Italian sausage penne as much as I love the carbonara. It’s creamy and so tasty. I think the poached egg helped a lot in pleasing my taste buds, yay. I don’t remember my mom cooking such with an egg? Because all-purpose cream exists.


The Paseo — pulled pork sandwich made with homemade baguette, pulled pork, garlic mayo, romaine lettuce, caramelized onion, and roasted green peppers.

SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH — buttermilk fried chicken fillet, coated in buffalo sauce, shredded cabbage, ranch sauce, and pickles. Comes with fries.

I am not a fan of spicy food but I was able to finish a quarter of it. I don’t know which part made me survive, but I loved chewing the chicken while I’m yelling BICOLANA AKO KAYA KO ‘TO in my head. Yassss.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken — platter size with eight pieces, comes with garlic cream sauce.

Miso Glazed Salmon — pan seared salmon fillet glazed in a miso mustard sauce. comes with sauteed vegetables shallot chive fried rice.

Eat the chicken! Eat the chicken! Though it’s not jollibee chicken, it’s a good chicken! Crisp skin, juicy insides. Whew. The Salmon *cries*. I only got a little, like half of an inch of it, but I liked it, ooooh misty. I’m a fish person (a person who likes fish) and this is my fish. It tastes soooo good with the rice!


The Italian — tomato basil sauce, mozarella cheese, sliced onion, crumbled italian sausage, and dill.

Seafood Lovers — tomato basil sauce, mozarella cheese, prawns, mussels, fish fillet, basil, parmesan cheese.

Bacon and rosemary — olive oil, rosemary, mozarella and white cheese, chopped applewood smoked bacon, and honey garlic drizzle.

Steak and gorgonzola — olive oil, mozarella and gorgonzola cheese, sliced kitayama flank steak, arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle.

YES. All four pizzas were served because they’re all new! How lucky were we? The Italian, although seemed to be spicy, would be kid-friendly. I mean, the tasting game isn’t so complex but it’s satisfying. The Seafood Lovers for me is best enjoyed probably with ketchup? I’m not sure.

The bacon and rosemary’s aroma is *sniff* my favorite smell that night. You know, bacon… and rosemary. The honey drizzle added more flavor so it was really a big hit for me. While for the Steak and Gorgonzola, my pizza favorite, I don’t have a chef’s blood in my veins so I absolutely have no idea what are the herbs or spices they were talking about. I just loved that the steak lying on the well-baked bread is flavorful in my mouth and left a nice aftertaste. The set of pizzas is the real bomb and maybe the reason why I was meant to be there.


Yes, I felt full but Chef A said “dessert is coming”. Suddenly, there was a space.


Fudgie Brownie Ala Mode — Gooey brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Apple Crumble — sliced apples roasted in butter, honey, and cinnamon. baked with a crumble crust, and topped with crushed graham crackers, and vanilla ice cream

I’m in for pastries but I will always choose fruits! The Chef A’s brownie is the kind I’m looking for when I’m drinking coffee. The crispy topmost layer, the texture, the thermal (wow) difference of the fudge brownie and the ice cream is just perfect for study nights. The apple crumble, honestly, gusto ko siyang solohin, o di kaya, itabi sa bag ko tas magpapaalam na ko sa kanila. The crushed graham crackers went really well with the apple+cinnamon+butter+honey combination, plus the ice cream!

Comfort foods for when you don’t feel comfortable.

The night was amazing. I’m the youngest in the group, and the only one who’s still studying *sobs*. But I’m really happy I happen to join them because I learned a lot which are mostly about food. They shared different stories and I’m just sitting there, quietly listening to them and absorbing everything that will surely be needed in the future (future kainan, ganon).

Aside from learning and eating a lot, the reason I enjoyed the night was because of the thrill brought by the fact I chose this rendezvoos rather that staying at home to review for my exam the next day. I enjoyed, really,. And thanks for inviting me for my very first Looloo Rendezvoos, Peanut D.!!!
(just finished all exams, requirements, and election. sorry for the delay! More kwento about this overwhelming experience here:

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I always see Main Street whenever I pass by Tuscany. I also noticed it while making my rounds in Kapitolyo when I hunt for new restaurants. But for some reason, I was never lured to pay this restaurant a visit. It may be because I was in the mood for something else whenever I see it or perhaps because of the several lukewarm reviews about its food I've read online. But food gods (a.k.a. looloo) paved the way for me to find out myself if I'm missing out or not at all.

Hello, Main Street!

I was greeted by a well lit black and white signage and a dining area with warm yellow lights. The brown tables, lovely natural stone tiles and tan couches added warmth to the space making it quite homey and quite fitting in Kapitolyo.

We were in for a treat as we were served a lot of dishes!

First served were the poutinerie bowls-- Bacon (PHP230) and Smoked Pulled Pork (PHP240).

Both fries are hand-cut and topped with mozzarella cheese curds. But the bacon bowl, aside from homemade applewood smoked bacon bits, had dark gravy while smoked pulled pork had barbecue sauce, chipotle mayo and chives.

Despite both bowls sitting for over half an hour because of our passion for flatlay, I was impressed that the fries were not soggy at all and were still enjoyable.

Though both had a note of sweetness and have similar taste, I'd go with smoked pulled pork as it had more flavor and the chipotle mayo and chives made it not your usual fries.

For pasta, we sampled Italian Sausage Penne (PHP290) and Classic Carbonara (PHP320).

The Italian Sausage Penne was the least popular dish that night as it was the only plate that we were not able to finish. Though the sausage was juicy and flavorful, the tomato basil cream sauce was too overwhelming. In fact, it had that pungent smell that I'm not fond of.

The Classic Carbonara on the other hand was a crowd favorite. The creamy sauce overloaded with eggs was delightful and made extra delectable with bacon bits and parmesan cheese.

While waiting for the pizzas, we feasted on Main Street's bestselling Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PHP290) and Spicy Chicken Sandwich (PHP260).

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich was stuffed with one overwhelmingly huge chicken fillet topped with buffalo sauce, shredded cabbage, ranch sauce and pickles. I loved that the sandwich was just mildly spiced and that the chicken was juicy. However, it would have been better (and easier to eat) if the chicken fillet was a bit thinner.

I was a bit underwhelmed with Main Street's bestselling fried chicken. Though good as it was crispy and juicy, it wasn't extraordinary or something that would make me go back for more. In fact, it was overshadowed by the Classic Carbonara.

Chef Adam must be enjoying our company when he served all four pizzas for us to try.

Meat and cheese lovers would love Steak and Gorgonzola (PHP350). The perfectly baked pizza was topped with succulent sliced kitayama flank steak and gorgonzola cheese drizzled with olive oil and balsamic reduction. The strong taste of gorgonzola and balsamic were balanced by arugula allowing the taste buds to appreciate the flavor of the steak.

My favorite pizza that night was Bacon and Rosemary (PHP280). Topped with applewood smoked bacon, mozzarella, white cheese and rosemary drizzled with olive oil and honey garlic, it was a harmonious blend of flavors! The slight saltiness of the bacon was beautifully balanced by honey and rosemary added that delectable herby taste which made this pizza a winner in my book.

The Italian (PHP290) was pretty good too. The sausage slices were juicy and I find it a safe order when with kids.

Seafood Lovers (PHP360) was the most expensive among the pizzas and you'd understand why when you order it. Topped with fresh mussels and shrimps, this pizza good for 2-3 is actually bang for the buck. However, I found this dish to be on the bland side. Best to drizzle some chili oil to enhance the seafood's taste.

I was a bit iffy to try the Miso Glazed Salmon (PHP390) as it looked a bit overcooked and the miso mustard sauce seemed a bit too thick and could overpower salmon's natural taste.

I was pleasantly surprised though that it was quite good. The salmon remained moist despite the outer layer being too fried. The sauce also did not mask the fish's taste.

For desserts, we had Apple Crumble (PHP200) and Fudge Brownie a la Mode (PHP190).

Both sweets were pretty good! I loved that the apple crumble's spiced apples remained crunchy and not mushy. It was also bliss eating it with ice cream.

But I enjoyed the fudge brownie a lot more than the apple crumble as I'm a hardcore chocolate lover. But aside from it being so chocolatey, I loved that the edges of the brownie were crunchy. I'm not sure if it was intentional or if it was over-baked but I like it that way.

I also tried Margarita (PHP180) and got slightly tipsy when I reached the half of my glass. I'm not sure if I was too tired from work or if the drink was too strong. But if you want cheap cocktails, Main Street is a great option for you and your friends!

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner. Though no savory dish particularly stood out for me to go back anytime soon, I'm glad I was able to join this fun looloo rendezvoos. I'll definitely swing by for more of the fudge brownies!

Nice to meet you Sun M Jackie S Julienne D Mico C Camille S and Clarisse D (can't tag you for some reason 128517)! And it's always fun seeing you EJ B and Marc M! Thanks for the invite Peanut D!

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

I'm so grateful to have been able to join another looloo rendezvous! Thank you Pea and Looloo for the invite! When Pea messaged me that it's gonna be in Main Street Kapitolyo, I immediately said yes.
Main Street is one of my bucket list actually, I've been wanting to try their McKinley Hill branch, but it was always a wrong timing. They serve Poutine which is one of the famous dishes in Canada that I've been wanting to try!

I was surprised that this branch was way bigger than I imagined.
I so love the laid back interior and the very spacious dining area. They even have a bar and function rooms. I liked that before we started trying out their menu, Chef Adam Tan, Main Street's very young and handsome owner, sit down with us and gave us a preview of the restaurant.

Now, let's cut to the chase and talk about real business lol.

POUTINERIE 128149128149128149
Their Poutinerie won my heart out of all what we have tried. My love for fries grew bigger because of Main Street. Haha. I do not usually like sauces on my fries because it makes them soggy. Surprisingly, their hand cut fries remained crunchy despite the generous serving of sauces. The serving size is fair enough as it could be shared by 2-3 pax.

BACON POUTINE was served with lots of their home-made smoke Applewood bacon bits and dark beef gravy so 128077🏻 for me. I liked it, but not as much as the

SMOKED PULLED PORK. Chef Adam obviously knows too well Main's top choices. Haha. This one was a hit for me! I honestly didn't like the thought of eating pork strips with my fries. I mean who wouldn't love Bacon right? But pulled pork? I had a second thought, but when I tried it, I have to admit that I think I had the biggest portion of this.9996🏻🤣 Why? I guess it's the barbecue sauce! It was tasty than the dark beef gravy. I think the mayo enhanced the barbecue / smokey flavor of it. This made me want to try their Pulled Pork Rice bowl on my next visit!

They also offer the Traditional, Chicken, and Bacon Cheeseburger variant.

I love fried chicken especially buttermilk ones. One of their best-sellers, I liked the pepper-ish taste of it, the buttermilk flavor is there, but I wish they put more breading on it because it lacked the crunchiness I was hoping for. The garlic cream sauce was a little wishy-washy for me too. I didn't taste the garlic flavor in it and made me wish they use a regular gravy with it. They have 2 serving sizes which are Php295 for 3pcs and Php570 for 8pcs. The latter one seem to be a great deal specially for groups!

I can't help to be biased because I'm a big sucker of white-sauced pastas. Their Carbonara is also one of my favorites because it was sooooo creamy and came with a poached-egg. Just like how I always want my carbonara to be. According to Chef Adam it has 4 egg yolks and that explains why everyone got hooked with it. It comes with bacon bits and 2 slices of garlic bread.

It didn't taste Italian to me, which was OKAY for me. Haha. I'm not a fan of Italian pastas so I was expecting it to be sour, but it turned out to be creamy which I loved!!! It has a generous serving of sliced sausages and came with a garlic bread as well.


They also served us two of their sandwhiches that can be found under the MAINS


I'm not into sandwhiches so I skipped these two, fellow looloo reviews liked the Spicy Chicken Sandwhich better because of it's flavor and the fact that they used a buttermilk chicken in it.
For the Paseo which is pulled pork made with home-made baguette, (now this I regret not trying 128555128555128555 haha) was good however, the baguette made it hard to eat or the bread didn't match well with the pulled pork.

Chef Adam was so generous that he made us try all of their pizzas 🤗🤗🤗


I tasted all of them and what stood out for me was the Steak and Gorgonzola. It was flavorful and you could taste the gorgonzola flavor in it. The arugula put a balance to its taste which I think was the other way around with the Bacon Rosemary. Though most of them liked it, the rosemary flavor was over the top for me. The Italian Pizza was okay while the Seafood Lovers was the least favorite of the night. I am a seafood-lover, so I was expecting I would love it. But due to the lack of flavor as compared to the other pizzas, it didn't stand out for me.

Just when I thought they're done serving dishes, Chef Adam served us the MIZO GLAZED SALMON 128149128149128149 himself. I had my eye on it because again I love seafood. 128523128523128523 Aside from the Poutine, this one instantly became my favorite and I swear I will be back for this!
I just realized that this is the only rice meal we tried and I was so glad that Chef Adam let us try this. It's a pan seared filet glazed in a miso mustard sauce that was served with shallot chive fried rice. The flavored rice and salmon complemented each other well. I loved that the salmon was a little crunchy / toasted. Okay, I love onions so you can tell I am biased with its rice flavor. Haha. The texture of the salmon and it's balanced flavor was just perfect!


Chef Adam lastly served us their 2 of their desserts:

I am not much a fan of apple and cinammon to be honest, but the combination of the freshly baked apple slices in honey and cinammon underneath and the crushed crackers and vanilla ice cream on top made me like it. One serving is good for 3-4 pax already.

FUDGIE BROWNIE ALA MODE 128149128149128149
I loved this better than the Apple Crumble. The outside texture of the brownie was crunchy and gooey in the inside. It's topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. It was chocolatey that it looks really dark in the photo!

The group was divided with the dessert, some liked the Apple Crumble while some went for the Fudgie Brownie. Haha.
We were told that they do all their breads in-house lik with their sandwiches and pizza so I hope they add more on their dessert.


I love late night escapes so I was glad that Main Street's open until 12 midnight. They also serve all day breakfast so feel free to ask for the separate menu!

After the food tasting, Pea asked everyone about their favorite food for the night. I was surprised that Chef Adam even asked us about our inputs and suggestions about some of their dishes and he was very receptive to our feedback.

Shortly after, Chef Adam toured us to their other function rooms. They have a movie room and 3 other function rooms that you can rent for only Php5,000 for 3 hours and it's consumable! I mean that's pretty cheap! You might also want to check out their Social Media accounts for their existing promos!

IG: @eatmain
FB: Main Street Restaurant Kapitolyo

To sum up everything, I'd say Main Street is proven to be the best Canadian comfort food restaurant here in the metro!

Again, thanks to Peanut D and looloo for sponsoring this event. Glad to have met new fellow looloo reviewers Jackie S Marc M Julienne D Clarisse D Camille S and of course the old-timers EJ B Mico C and Mary Love S!!! Feels like I'm offically back! 128149128149128149

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

‼️ |ooloo R E N D E Z V O O S ‼️
in collaboration with Main Street Kapitolyo 128525

I arrived late due to the horrible traffic that is EDSA. Good thing I didn't have any trouble finding a parking spot since they have ample slots right in front of the establishment. Not only was it a breeze to park, I can also check on the car anytime since it can be viewed right from the table. Yes I am OC when it comes to parking situations and it would usually make or break a restaurant for me. Proper parking alone would merit a star for me.

Fortunately, when I came in, the food were already on a flat lay and everyone was taking pictures of the food. I went straight to work and introduced myself to other |ooloo reviewers in the process. Food muna before exchanging pleasantries 128513.

Since gutom na ko from the 2hr drive from Makati, I snuck a piece or 2 of the Fries from the Burger and was surprised that even though it was already cold (a/c was near the food) it was still crunchy. Inside wasn't soggy at all. Later on, we learned that Chef Adam really strived to perfect the fries in preparation for their specialty which is Poutine.

We were served two kinds of their Poutinerie: Bacon, and Smoked Pulled Pork. Both were good and the fries were still crunchy even after getting drenched in their respective sauce but I favored the bacon more. Well who doesn't love bacon, right? Plus I found the Smoked Pulled Pork to be a bit lacking the Smoky-Sweet-Barbecue-ish taste it should carry.

The Paseo - Pulled Pork Sandwich has such promise but like in their poutine the pulled pork kinda missed a bit in terms of flavor. Everything else was perfect, even the baguette was great. If they tweak the Pulled Pork further it would'nt be overshadowed by the otherwise chewy baguette.

Miso Glazed Salmon - There is a play in texture that I really enjoyed. The Crunchy Sear of the miso glaze leaving the inside moist and the burst of creamy salmon in every bite is just perfect. Can't say much about the rice though as I can't remember anymore while savoring the sliver of salmon that we shared among the 9 of us. BITIN! 128514

Classic Carbonara - Masarap DAW! It was such a hit that It didn't even get to reach me 128514. Keep in mind, there were 9 of us to a single plate kasi. 128557

127829 P I Z Z A S 127829
Bacon and Rosemary - was a hit! Everyone loved it. The Honey drizzle just works with BACON and the aromatic that is Rosemary. 128522

Steak and Gorgonzola - My favorite! Although parts of the steak can be chewy it doesnt take away the joy of chewing gorgonzola with it.

Seafood Lovers - Seafood Pizza can be tricky since some seafood like squid and shrimp flavors can only be enjoyed by actually taking a bite on of them. Filling in a pizza with those can make it very expensive hence making this seafood pizza a hit and miss. Parts of it can be a bit bland while some may have more flavor as in the case of us sharing the pizza, some said it was bland while I said it was full of flavor. Mainly because I picked slices with most ingredients on it. 9996128513 Also, I cleaned up most of the pizza myself, so Yeah.. I also think that tweaking it more with fresh garlic would bring out the seafood essence in the pizza.

Just when we thought it was over, people were already sharing stories and insights. Out came the Desserts and everyone was on their feet again. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng dessert sa mga tao 128514.

Fudge Brownie a la Mode - quite simply a brownie with ice cream on top. I loved the sides of the brownie 128513. Also, I prefer the ice cream to melt a bit and saturate the brownie. 128513

Apple Crumble - smells great! Apples are nice but I think the slices can be more smaller, thickness is just right. The crumble is also overwhelming, maybe lessen the crumbles because we had to dig deeper to get to the apples bed.

Overall, I would rate the food at a high 3 but the place, rooms, immaculate Wash Room, and convenient parking would nudge it up to 4. 128522

Thanks to |ooloo and Pi for the invite and to Chef Adam Tan and staff for the generous spread. Thank you.

It was also great to meet fresh faces:
EJ B, Mary Love S, Jackie S, Sun M, Julienne D, Mico C, Camille S, Clarisse

'til the Next Rendezvoos 128536

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Julienne D.
4.0 Stars

Its my first #looloorendezvoos! BAE (before anything else haha), I want to thank Peanut D. for inviting me to such a cool gathering! The introvert in me got scared but I thought its not everyday that you get invited to these things so why not, right?

Anyway, due to an unexpected event, I got to Main Street late already so my photos won’t give justice to the food anymore (my bad). Plus, I only got to eat the latter part that was served. However, it wasn’t that bad because the food they served after I arrived were all my favorites: pizza and dessert. So yeah, yay for me!

I got to try these pizzas: Bacon and Rosemary (290php) - I didn’t realize it was bacon in it because I only heard that it has a honey garlic drizzle so of course I got a slice right away. I’m all for unconventional toppings in a pizza so this one is a yay for me. Plus the saltiness of the bacon complements the sweetness of the honey so it was really good.
Seafood Lovers (360php) - This has more toppings than the first pizza I tried (mussles, shrimp, fish, tomato sauce) but surprisingly the flavor too overpowering. I think if you want a pizza that’s not to heavy, you should give this a try. This is a light take on a seafood pizza.

Steak and Gorgonzola (350php) - Among all the pizzas served, this is my favorite because for one, I am a big cheese person so just having gorgonzola on a pizza is already heaven for me. And second because the other toppings - flank steak, arugula and balsamic reduction goes well with the cheese. When I go back, this is what I’ll order again.

According to Chef Adam, they make the pizza dough from scratch so plus points for them!128077🏽128077🏽

I also got to try the Miso Glazed Salmon, which I surprisingly liked. I normally don’t eat salmon (despite the healthy oils and stuff it has) because it just has that fishy, and oily aftertaste that I can’t stand. But this one, doesn’t. The flesh was soft and the crust is a bit crunchy. Its a healthy option for those who are on a diet.

For the dessert, we were served with 2. The Apple Crumble (200php) and Fudge Brownie Ala mode (190php).

I rarely find an apple crumble here that reminds me of the one I used to have back in the states. There's always something missing. But this one, I can almost compare. I love how I can taste the cinnamon in every bite and how the apples still manage to remain crisp after all the baking. The crumble crust and the graham topping isn't too sweet so the vanilla ice cream acts as the sweetener. I think if I didn't have to share it with the others, I probably would've finished it myself. Hehe

And last but not the least, the Fudge Brownie A la Mode - well I would be biased because I'm a chocolate person. But I'm the kind of chocolate person who likes her chocolate dark. I'm not into super sweet chocolates, tbh. Like this brownie for example; its moist and firm but its not too sweet. Though it could've been nice if they added another scoop of ice cream since the brownie is big & is good for sharing.128523

The place is actually bigger than the one in McKinley, and they have more items on the menu too. Its also nice to know that this was once an old abandoned house - and they were able to turn it into something like this. In addition, they have function rooms that you can use for events and meetings as well. You can give them a call a few days before or even on the day itself if they have a room available.

All in all, this was a very nice experience. I'm very privileged to meet Chef Adam, too. He was cool and very open to all the comments and opinions that we have to say. I think its a good quality any restaurant owner should possess. And again, although I came in late, I left the place super full from all the food and stories, and glad to meet the other reviewers as well!9786

Thank you again, Peanut D. and the rest of the gang: EJ B Sun M Camille S Mary Love S Mico C Marc M Clarisse D Jackie S!

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

I was very fortunate to have been invited to my 2nd looloo rendezvoos! I would like to thank looloo for the invite and Main Street for their food and generosity. Full disclosure: This was a sponsored event and everything served that night was generously given to us for free.

I arrived at 7 pm on the dot, but being on time made me miss some of the start-up stories of Main Street told by the owner himself, Chef Adam. Topline though, this establishment is a Canadian-American eatery which offers comfort food. Many of the items were inspired by Chef's experiences during his time living in Canada, as well as his subsequent annual visits.

Before discussing the food, I would just like to run through a couple of details. I honestly had worries when I found out that we'd have our rendezvoos in the Kapitolyo area, because that usually means difficult parking situations. Luckily, Main Street has a lot of space for parking, which is a luxury I really appreciated. Main Street is easy to locate even at night: it is near the main intersection, and it's very well-lit. Chef shared that this was deliberate when they were redesigning the place, which used to be an abandoned home. From a restaurant in an area such as Kapitolyo, I appreciate the effort.

On to the food. A bit of disclaimer: we ate all the dishes after spending around 30 minutes taking pictures of them first. I'll simply highlight the dishes which stood out for me.

They served us the Bacon and Pulled Pork Poutines. The traditional poutine (fries smothered in mozzarella cheese curd, and dark beef gravy) is just P165, but the others (with meat) are priced from P220 to P240. Considering the fries sat directly beneath an air conditioning unit for some time, I still found them really good. They were still very crispy outside. From the two, I preferred the Bacon, I think because of its dark gravy sauce. And the bacon, of course!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Chef regards this dish as the accidental star - the dish that put them on the map. This item was not even part of the original menu, but a suggestion from one of their stakeholders led to the creation of what would become Main Street's bestseller. P570 will get you 8 pieces of chicken with no rice. The breading had just the right thickness. It wasn't very crispy but it was nice to the bite. I also found it quite moist, which I liked.

The Paseo (Pulled Pork Sandwich)
My initial reaction to this sandwich was awe: it was overflowing! The baguette was stuffed with different ingredients such as lettuce, onions, green pepper, and of course, the pulled pork. While the serving was generous, I found the pulled pork lacking in flavor. Also, the baguette was a bit too tough. It may be a matter of preference - I personally like softer bread (like, say, Vietnamese-style baguettes). Just my opinion though, since my jaw is a bit weak.

Main Street's carbonara is very sinful as it is made with quite a number of eggs, some butter, and oil. But it was as good as it was sinful, not to mention more authentic! It does not have cream, just the way I like it. My girlfriend makes a mean carbonara and so I am not one to be easily pleased with others. I loved this one. It was also a hit for the other looloo-ers.

Fun fact: The doughs of Main Street's pizzas are hand-pulled. The pizzas are a product of numerous experiments with dough. This just goes to show how much care they put in to the development of their food. They served us all four of their pizzas, which are all quite big, almost asymmetrical in shape, and great for sharing. My favorite was the Bacon and Rosemary. I liked the sweet kick of its honey garlic drizzle. I also think this flavor is close to Chef Adam's heart because it's the first one he developed. So I highly recommend it. Another favorite for our group was the Steak and Gorgonzola.

They served us the Apple Crumble and the Fudge Brownie a la Mode. The Fudge Brownie had a crispy top layer, which was a nice surprise. The ice cream and the brownie offered a nice contrast in texture and temperature. I'm more of a fruit lover, though, so I preferred the Apple Crumble, which was like an apple pie with a unique texture. The crumbs on top were an interesting element as well. Overall, it's a dish which I really liked and could have finished on my own... if I had not been on a diet. Huhu (though this was a cheat day... #regrets)!

Before I end this review, I have a couple of other tips to share:
1) The establishment is open from 9am to 12 midnight every day.
2) They have happy hour! From 6 to 10pm, they offer a 5+1 promo on San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Red Horse, and San Mig Light.
3) According to Chef, business is lighter from Monday to Wednesday so expect more room on those days. Foot traffic increases Thursdays leading up to the weekend.
4) They have conference rooms! These can be booked for meetings and events. They have karaoke machines and projectors in some of the rooms.
5) They have very nice, clean, and spacious washrooms. Which is great if you decide to hold a meeting/event here.

All in all, Main Street is a great place to try especially if you're seeking comfort food.

It was nice meeting all of you: EJ B, Camille S, Jackie S, Clarisse D, Mary Love S, Marc M, Julienne D and it was nice seeing you again Sun M and Peanut D!

To Chef Adam, isa kang alamat! As the owner, the head chef, and everything else in between, napahanga mo kami. More power to your team!

That's it! Take care everyone and have a nice day! Stay mahusay! :)

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars


Before we started taking photos and eating our food, we had some to talk to Chef Adam on how Main Street started. It was so cool that he had no culinary background and was just working for restaurants in Canada before. So inspiring, right? 128521

We started with poutine. Chef Adam served two kinds - bacon and smoked pulled pork. I liked the bacon bits and its overall taste. The pulled pork had a very strong aftertaste (I’m guessing comes from the barbecue sauce) which I liked. It went well with the pulled pork but I think the pork can still improve in terms of texture and flavor taste.

For the main dishes, we were served two types of sandwiches (The Paseo and Spicy Chicken Sandwich), Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Miso Glazed Salmon. The chicken was just okay. I recommend eating the chicken with meat + skin rather than meat first or skin last like what most people do. This is because the meat inside was a little bland and the skin had so much spices on it. The salmon was one of my favorites! I liked how flavorful the salmon was. The rice was also good in adding texture to the whole dish.

Chef Adam also served pastas and pizzas.
Classic Carbonara and Italian Sausage Penne for the pastas. I liked the carbonara more because it was creamy and the penne had nothing special.
For the pizzas, he served everything that’s on the menu. Lucky us!! The Italian (Italian sausage) was their bestseller but I liked their Bacon and Rosemary the most! On my first bite, you can really taste how the bacon, mozzarella and white cheese complemented each other. The Italian had its own distinct flavor too coming from the hints of tomato. Steak and Gorgonzola was the third pizza and coming from the name itself, you’ll expect that the smell is very strong. It was a good pizza but I’m not really a fan of steak and pizza together. I prefer having them separately. If you plan to order for this, feel free to suggest how you want your steak done. Last pizza was the Seafood Lovers which had fish fillet, prawns, and mussels on top. The mussels on top made it look intriguing and interesting.

I also got to try their Margarita. It was served right away but I wasn’t able to drink it because I was busy taking photos. Because of this, the ice had melted already and I have prepared myself to taste a blander margarita. But I was wrong! The drink still had a very strong alcohol kick. This is good if you want to take your time drinking.

Of course, we won’t end the night without dessert! They served Apple Crumble and Fudge Brownie a la Mode. Both desserts had ice cream on top but I wished they had more ice cream :( The proportion of the apple crumble and the brownie is not equal to the ice cream. The apple crumble was good; the cinnamon flavor did not overpower the whole dish. Looking at their menu, the description for the brownie is “gooey” but it wasn’t. I liked how the crunchy part on top which adds enhances mouthfeel but the cake was just okay.

Thank you Peanut D and Chef Adam for having us! :)
Until next time guys, EJ B, Julienne D, Clarisse D, Mico C, Marc M, Mary Love S, Jackie S, Sun M.

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4.0 Stars

Now... I'm back in Kapitolyo!

It's another Looloo Rendezvoos fun night at Main Street's biggest branch. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is four times bigger with Tuscany branch. The Kapitolyo branch is very bright, you will notice the restaurant immediately once you're in the area. It's a 2-storey abandoned house turned into restaurant with spacious interior inside. They have function rooms upstairs and amazing theater room in the ground level. They also have veranda for the customers who wants to smoke or feel the vibe outside. According to Chef Adam, who greeted and accommodated us while we were in their restaurant... "in Kapitolyo, you need to be bright to be noticeable." 128521

As I see the menu, Main Street Kapitolyo has a wide selection of comfort food compare to Tuscany branch. The only difference is that they offer pizzas and pastas in their biggest branch.


128061 Bacon Poutine for Php230.00 (Hand-cut fries, homemade Applewood smoked bacon bits, mozarella cheese curds & dark beef gravy) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 Smoked Pulled Pork for Php240.00 (Hand-cut fries, smoked pulled pork, mozzarella cheese curds, barbeque sauce, chipotle mayo & chives) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"Among the two poutine which they have both good flavors. I really appreciate the the Bacon Poutine compare to Smoke Pulled Pork Poutine because the flavor of homemade Applewood smoked bacon tidbits compliments with the fries."

128020 MAINS

128061 Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Php290.00 - Meal Size 3pcs. / Php570.00 - Platter Size 8pcs. (Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 Spicy Chicken Sandwich served with Fries for Php260.00 (Buttermilk fried chicken filet coated in buffalo sauce, shredded cabbage, ranch sauce, and pickles) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 The Paseo for Php270.00 (Pulled pork sandwich made with homemade baguette, pulled pork, garlic mayo, romaine lettuce, caramelized onions and roasted green peppers) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 Miso Glazed Salmon served with sauteed vegetables and shallot chive fried rice for Php390.00 (Pan seared salmon filet glazed in a miso mustard sauce) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"Actually Main Street is known for Butter Milk Fried Chicken and it is one of my favorite in Tuscany branch but tonight maybe we ate the chicken too late because its cold and not crispy anymore although the sauce still tasty. The Miso Glazed Salmon standout among the four mains served because we had it while the fish was still hot and the rice and vegetables were to good combined with the salmon."

127837 PASTAS

128061 Italian Sausage Penne for Php290.00 (Sliced Italian Sausage, Tomato and Basil Cream Sauce) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

128061 Classic Carbonara for Php320.00 (Eggs and parmesan cheese sauce with bacon bits, topped with poached egg) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

"Everyone's favorite was the Classic Carbonara but for me both pastas were firm and tasty."

127829 PIZZAS

128061 The Italian for Php290.00 (Tomato basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced onions, crumbled Italian sausage, dill) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 Bacon and Rosemary for Php280.00 (Olive oil, rosemary, mozzarella and white cheese, chopped applewood smoked bacon and honey garlic drizzle) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

128061 Steak and Gorgonzola for Php350.00 (Olive oil, mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese, sliced kitayama flank steak, arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

128061 Seafood Lovers for Php360.00 (Tomato basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, prawns, mussels, fish filet, basil and parmesan cheese) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"The dough of the pizzas were remarkable. And my favorites were the Bacon and Rosemary Pizza 'coz I like the twist of the drizzle honey in the pizza. The honey gave more flavor with the bacon. "Bagay na bagay". And the other pizza I like... the Steak and Gorgonzola Pizza. The steak compliments with the cheese, arugula and the dressing which is the balsamic. Masarap!"128521

127856 DESSERT

128061 Fudge Brownie a la Mode for Php190.00 (Gooey brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

128061 Apple Crumble for Php200.00 (Slice apples roasted in butter, honey and cinnamon. Baked with a crumble crust and topped with crushed graham crackers and vanilla ice cream) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

"Both desserts were toothsome. I like the texture and sweetness of the Fudge Brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. The Apple Crumble was served in a skillet which makes the dessert hot and the sliced apple with apple sauce below sticky and yummy. "Bawasan lang nila yung thickness ng crumble/dough. Masyadong makapal."


128061 Amaretto Sour for Php170.00 (Amaretto, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Wedge and Cherry) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

Overall, I had a great experience with Main Street Kapitolyo branch. Nabusog ako ng bongga! BTW, you can rent the theater room for Php5,000.00 for 3 hours and it's consumable.

Thank you Peanut D for the invitation.

Thank you Main Street and Chef Adam for having us.

Nice meeting you fellow foodie! Jackie S, Clarisse D, Sun M, Julienne D, Marc M, Mico C, Camille S, Mary Love S

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Main Street is the second stop of our Kapitolyo Recon x Food Crawl. I wasn't too keen on trying 'em due to the lukewarm reviews I've read. The only driving force that made us dine here is their hours of operation and proximity. Main is right across Epic and they open for breakfast (the other establishments on our list open by 11am).

Egg Slut. Well, this dish sounds scandalous. Kudos to ze marketing team for naming it such as it caught our attention instantly. Bacon and egg sandwich with fries and sriracha mayo on the side. I such a sucker for potatoes hence my compulsion to stuff my face with it 128512. The fries are okay, thick-cut, crispy and best eaten with the sriracha mayo. The sandwich is mediocre. I aint sure if they used brioche but the bun is not what i hoped for. I was hoping for something similar to what 8 Cuts uses. The eggs are sweet!!! I don't understand why the scrambled eggs tastes like that. And this doesn't go well with ze caramelized onions and the bacon. No flavor contrast whatsoever.

Now i understand the lukewarm reviews.

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

We checked this place out hoping to get something good out of it despite the not so wow reviews. We scanned the menu, found nothing really interesting but then we remembered Ruth S so we looked for an egg dish. Eggslut caught our attention because bacon & eggs in the morning just sounds right. Add in some fries & Sriracha mayo - oh gosh!

When it was served, we attacked the fries first and they were okay. Nice and crispy, well seasoned, best when dipped into the Sriracha mayo. The Burger though was a different story. Wanted the bun to be a little toasted. The cheese got stuck into the bun and didn't even melt. The bacon was good. That's all. The egg was sweet. Errr I didn't like it at all and it's pretty expensive at 300Php plus 128534

Still willing to give this place another chance but it's not a prio.

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Tricia Jade G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
2.0 Stars

Kapitolyo has blossomed into a major food hub. Most restaurants aren't that big and most of them only have a few parking slots. We decided to eat where there was ample parking space. Aside from Main Street, there were 2 other options on a weeknight dinner rush. Aside from us there was only one table occupied when we arrived. The place looked promising.

On the table
🔹Grilled Chicken Salad - the chicken looked sad and unappetizing. There was a smell I didn't like. Most probably from the dressing.
🔹Pulled Pork Rice Bowl - the pulled pork pieces were very soft and tasted ok but the diluted sauce was sweet and tasted like pork and beans
🔹Pork Belly - I did not like the herby flavor, not sure if it was rosemary but it was manageable after a drop of lemon juice. I find it weird that you have the option to eat this with bread.
🔹Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Fries - nothing out of this world. I got turned off when the first piece I ate was undercooked. They said they would change it but they just refried it to a golden brown. We didn't bother eating the extremely oily Fries. You could feel the oil in each bite.

I highly doubt that we are ever coming back even if this was the only establishment that had parking slots.

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Anton M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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