Mainit Hot Springs

Maco, Compostela Valley

Mainit Hot Springs
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Vanessa D.
4.0 Stars

One of a kind hotspring in Compostela Valley Province. Geological formations where the hot waters cascade are all yellowish in color. This is mainly because of the sulfuric content of the water flowing on it.

This is a steaming waterfall. It is located at the hillside of Barangay Mainit. Sadly you have to go through a very rough road to get there 128514128514 A huge signage bearing the name of the place is placed along the side.

This hot spring is my favorite place to bathe way back in my elementary and high school days, when we have occasions like birthdays. I leave there nearby so its a walking distance from our home. Expect the water is warm or should i say hot! 128514 (Swear). It's warmer when noon. People their believe that it has a healing power and rejuvenating effect every time you soak your body in it. Have you tried bathing under the hot cascading waters in the past? This is what made this place exciting! You have to soak your feet first for a couple of minutes into the water to see if you can bear the hotness and to adjust with the temperature.

I remember way back elementary days, we just come here to bathe and then left. Sometimes we stay longer to enjoy the healing waters of the hot spring. People here come and go. Aside from being a nicer place to relax, everything here is cheap. Entrance fee is only Php 10.00 per person. Cottages are available for rent at very cheap price ( wag mag expect na maganda ha! Gawa lng po sa kahoy 128513) There is also one store at the side selling only basic commodities.

Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring can be reached from the City of Tagum. Tagum is about 45-drive from the City of Davao. From Tagum City Overland Terminal, take a passenger jeep or bus that plies Tagum-Masara Route. Tell the bus driver to drop you off Mainit Sulfuric Hot spring. The place is popular among locals. If you are traveling from any part of the country or the world, there are flights that will bring you to Davao City and from there start your eco-adventure to this one of a kind destination.

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