Maira-ira Beach

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Maira-ira Beach
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Aldwin D.
5.0 Stars

It was quiet Windy and rainy when we visited this place. Swell is high and long due to prevailing Northeast monsoon. Good for the surfers, but Ive seen none. Anyway, its our first time here. Our plan is to book a hotel in Saud beach and visit this place for a Zipline. For no reason, we by pass Saud and we check in at Punta Azul beach resort instead. Its a homestay, there are so many homestay and rooms being offered just along the road. Not expensive. If you want a 3 star service then you can book at Hannah beach resort. Overall, the beach is not as powdery white and Lively as Boracay but I’m sure, you will love this place also because you can feel a rural like seaside experience. No Street light, cignal for Globe is none “No Service” and intermittent for Smart. We will surely come back again next summertime.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Maira-ira Beach in Pagudpud is more well known as the Blue Lagoon. This is the 2nd beach and further option in Pagudpud, Saud beach being the much nearer beach. Going here we took a overnight bus ride from Sampaloc manila. The bus that we rode was Partas which I wouldn't recommend. Our travel took us more than 14 hrs with all the stop and waiting of passenger. A better option is to look for a super deluxe bus ride via Florida.

I love this beach for its very powdery sand on the same level with Boracay minus the party party. The place is starting to get known and there are now lots of tourist causing traffic with the congesting vans. On one side of the beach (stoney side) the waves are strong and they are very nice for surfing. Best time for surfing is around July to September.

If you're a fan of clash of clans or random anime characters. You could go and visit the Hannah's Beach resort. They have big cool amazing statue of dinosaurs, marvel characters, clash of clans and other characters. Great way to have a fun pictorial.

For adventure seeker go for the zipline. They have the longest sea zipline in the world! From one of the high point of the island zipping down to the sea. Know that is cool!

Overall Blue Lagoon is still may prefer beach in Pagudpud.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Last of my "car ad" picture reviews but this is of the blue lagoon in Pagudpod.

Getting here in itself is a feat as it meant driving 800kms north of Manila already, but you're in Pagudpod already so might as well get to the blue lagoon. It's a cove and the water was really "baby blue" as odd as it may sound.

We went during January so it was really windy and people were actually surfing with the waves, for us - it was a lunch stop so in true Pinoy fashion, we didn't eat in the resort. We ate pa-luto style in one of the huts. They served fish, the usual sinigang with practically bottomless rice. The damage for 4 was an "expensive" Php550. By the areas' standard, that was over the top but everything was freshly prepared on the spot so it was good!

Really chilly when we were there so plan to go during summer. ;)

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

How can this be not 5 stars?

The beach does not have the finest sand. But the overall ambiance makes up for it.

Not a lot of people go here. If you're that kind of guy who wants to take his alcohol and chill on the sand, few restaurants near the beach will gladly hand you whatever type of drink you want.

Waves are not big enough for surfing. But I did see a few people trying to skimboard.

A few hotel resorts are nearby such as Punta Azul (budget) and Hannah's Beach Resort. The Maira-ira beach is a long stretch of awesomeness waiting for you to come and enjoy its cold water and warm sand! 127774127796

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