Majayjay Bed & Breakfast

18-B, Gozo Subd., Majayjay, Laguna

Majayjay Bed & Breakfast
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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

Upon the invite and recommendations of my sister in law who was very fascinated with this Hotel in Quezon province, the whole family came all the way here for a celebration of this Month's Birthdays in the family. She at least been here three times already within a month! So being the first Reviewer of this place makes me super proud!
She was very excited to tell us that it is very affordable, food meals included and an overnight stay just costs P1000 per head...Okay, haha that sounded a little too much for us ni hubby already. But needless to worry, It was a Free quick vacay fully paid by Mama. 128077🏽9786
And so when we headed in the province of Quezon, we finally reached this sweet haven, it was already noon time when we reached this place, There was even a Wedding Pictorial going on as we parked the car in front. While hubby is parking the car, I approached the guy and a woman standing on a Balcony watching the pictorial. I was then told to follow them inside. As we enter, a big Mirror approached us that serves as a divider or maybe it means something in Fuing Suy (did I spell it right?) that blocks the direct Main Entrance then behind that Mirror shows the hidden beauty of the Hotel.

Just by looking at it closely, You'd instantly notice that the place is highly maintained and took care of. It truly showcased a love for living and the non living things. They said it serves as a Rest House for the owners. Otherwise exclusive to guests pag wala sila.
With high wood ceilings that is intricately done, Glass walls which gives nice lightings, Century old chandelier at the Dining and Living Room, detailed carvings framed on the walls, wood furnitures that looks heavy and solid Narra, the huge Dining glass table for the Family , a nice Living Room with Bamboo Sofa sets parallel to it , shiny floorings and all. But what really really fascinated us all is when you look at the Exit door leading to the Green grassy Garden, an astonishing view of the Mountain awaits you! Tall Pine Trees and lots of different green plants give life to the scenery. A small cement bridge that we used as a stage during our Family pictorial using the Fantastic Mountain as our backdrop!

As I go about The Main Hotel Area that has three rooms including the locked Masters bedroom, a Room for two to three pax which was used by my dad in law and his kumpare, simple yet elegant inside and the third my sisters' room that has 2 Queen size bed.It is situated beside the only Comfort Room for the all the bedrooms here...and lastly the small Kitchen area where the magic in cooking all the delicious food is coming from. 128525

Before you can actually proceed to the Bahay Kubo on the right side of the Garden, a huge Green Garden with an astonishing view in front is the picturesque view of the mountain that will definitely catch your attention. It feels like in Tagaytay at night kasi ang lamig ng hangin. It is also where you'll have a place to rest in a Kawayan Papag (Bamboo Bed) and Duyan (Swing) where you can just play around with friends or simply take a nap.

In the Bahay Kubo, there's a mini Kitchen, a typical Pinoy na may kusina made of kawayan or so called "Banggerahan" sa mga probinsya is how it looks like. Open air lang lahat kaya malamig, Sounds of Nature can be heard coming from the Mountains. Looking outside is where you can see the small Creek down the hill...such a very nice view. There are healthy Tall Trees surrounding the area.
The Dining and Living Room has Bamboo tables and seats. There is but one CR to the entire Kubo which is okay. One big room with 4 single beds ALL neatly covered with white clean sheets and white duvet lang naman completed the basic needs of an overnight stay! 128525 Inside the Room is an attic for two. a cute ladder hangs on leading to the attic. This house can be shared by a big group of Family, Boys Only are allowed in this Room the night we stayed here.
The steep man-made stairways going down the hill at the side of the Kubo will take you to the Batis, only a piece of Bamboo connected to each other serves as a support to hold on to in finishing the race to the bottom below.
It took us 5-10 long minutes to go down, it surely did take our breathes away as we were panting all the way up because the steps are big so it was really tiring that you'd better think twice before doing it. 128514 But honestly, Instagrammable pictures with the forrest Trees as background and a foot dip in a cold water plus the entire quick adventure experience makes it all worth it. 128077🏽128522128514

My sister in law and her kids who's been here before and knew how it feels like to go there, kept laughing at us when we reached back to the top. 128541

On the other hand, far left from the Main House is another two storey House for Rent with a grand staircase on both sides going to the middle part of the second floor which serves as the Main Entrance. A rustic feel of Living Room awaits you there inside. It has two big rooms left and right and has a stairway in the middle going down to the first level.
Though I wasn't able to see the Room on the first floor, Mama said she had a good sleep there because of the white clean sheets, big open window where you can see the Nature outside and a very quiet, peaceful environment. This room alone costs Php2-3k per night.

Lunch and Dinner were served. It is included in the package per head. Each Meal caters us all 22pax. Busog na busog at madami pang sobra!
During the Lunch may Tilapia, Sinigang sa Miso, Crispy Fried Chicken, White Rice, Fresh Fruits, Juice and appetizer completes the sumptuous meal.

At Breakfast - Fried Egg, Longganisa Lucban (which is the best!) wherein I can eat as much as I want, (they refill the serving plates up to 3x!) Fried Rice, Kamatis at Itlog na Pula, Pickled Ubod (masarap at home made) they have it in a bottle and sells it for I think Php150 or more. Fresh fruit, Free Coffee or Hot Chocolate (usually costs Php50 per cup during the day).

All the Comfort Rooms has Free soap and Shampoo unused is included in the package per room. Also use of a white, fresh towels are free of charge. 128525

The night we were there, they helped us make a Bonfire after Manong was done grilling Liempo for dinner. The same spot is where the Bonfire is placed. We bought BBQ sticks, Marshmallows in the Market nearby to cook on the Bonfire which also kept us warm during the windy night.128554 Brrr...

We played Cards the whole night and gladly they happily served us a cold bottle of Beer Php75-100 each and coffee Php50 kahit patulog na ang staffs.128077🏽
Btw, we learned pala that kuya, who is the waiter, ay part din ng pagiging cook sa Kitchen, sila rin ni ate ang nagllinis at nag receive ng aming payments and all. Sila sila rin ang taga maintain kahit walang guests almost 4-5 staffs lang sila.
When we woke up the next morning, a good smell of food from the Kitchen and an aroma of coffee brewing makes us all hungry and look forward to Breakfast. Ganon daw talaga dun, masarap kasi ang food always and generous ang serving kaya nawiwili mga guests. After Breakfast, we headed to Majayjay Falls where we take a very quick swim in a super duper uber cold water falls!!!! I swear di ko na uulitin yon hahahaha!
At past 12noon, we were all ready to leave but of course we didn't forget to take a lot of selfies and don't forget our Family Jump Shots and groupies before we did.
Actually, I consider every corner of this place Instagrammable.
I know that I will no doubt recommend this place, a truly one with the Nature vacation and an unforgettable experience. 128525

By the way, if you happen to know Ms. Encar Benedicto, a TV host and actress, she and her husband actually owns the entire place. 9786️ We didn't get to meet her during our visit, but sister told us that she usually give her guests a visit whenever she can. Also, her picture, trophies and magazines etc are there so it's impossible for you not to see who she is in her past career.
Total cost is Php25k ++...


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