Makai Bowls

El Union Coffee, MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Makai Bowls
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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

The Famous Smoothie Bowl in LaUnion is now offering a Unicorn Bowl!! 128523128524

They added Magic on your smoothie bowl. It has a dragon fruit smoothie base topped with chia seeds, desiccated coconut, bananas, Mangoes, Oranges and edible Flowers 128561 It looks soo good that it turned our table into a pop up Photo studio 128514 Everyone wanted to take a photo of it. 128514128514128514 It tasted as good as it looks 128077🏼128523

Also last Sept 8, Makai bowl transferred from
Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel to El Union Coffee. They Built a kubo connected El Union Coffee with a really nice sunset View Deck. It is still under construction but makai bowl is already open. And More stores will be opening soon. I have a feeling that the place will be a hit soon. A perfect chill place in ELYU.

The down side is, I kinda miss Makai bowl in Flotsam, I wish they didn't have to close it down and 2 locations would do.

But the new location looks really nice and comfy, it is also at the edge of the kubo facing the beach with a sunset view deck.

The last photo are my friends trying to pull off a "Candid shot" 128514 They were trying to pay each other when I took the photo. 128514 which is the reason why they are holding their wallets and money 128514


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Maj C.
4.0 Stars

Had to try LU's smoothie bowls and here's what I have to say..

1. I love smoothie bowls personally. Im into the healthy lifestyle now so I appreciate that they have one in LU already!

2. While the price is quite steep for it's serving size, the bowl was actually good. The avocado bowl could have been better if it was served colder. Was expecting it since the other bowl was really cold 128532

3. The ambiance in Flotsam makes eating Makai bowls better!

It's been a while looloo but I'll try my best to be a bit active again! Haha!

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

Started of my LU-Baguio weekend by having breakfast here. I already expected that they would come in small portions so I ordered two smoothie bowls - Beach Break and the Amianan!

Both were very refreshing! Although they were in small servings, I wish I just ordered one because I was planning to eat as many places as I can as I was only staying until noon. (Food lang talaga habol sa LU) Lol. One is actually enough. Accdg. to them, It's all fruits, no ice, no dairy, and sugar-free! 10084️ I felt so healthy that morning even if I ate crispy pata and inihaw na liempo the night before. Cheret! 128514

Now that I'm writing this, I'm suddenly craving for one! LU, anyone?

Fun Fact that I read on their Instagram account: Makai is a Hawaiian word which means "To the sea". 127754

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Sandy P.
4.0 Stars

This is definitely on the list when we had a quick getaway to La Union. Finally something healthy after all the cheat dayssss! 128055128514

I ordered one of their best sellers - "Beach Break" it has spinach, banana, coconut juice and spirulina topped with homemade granola! 10084

I actually loved the mixture and the refreshing taste of this smoothie! And since I love banana, I enjoyed it even more! it's also dairy free and sugar free! 128076🏼

How i wish I can try other flavors but that time, only 2 flavors were available.

I shall return! 128523128525

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Ever since I read the reviews here on |ooloo for places to eat at La Union, Makai Bowls was on my must try list. 10084️ I was glad that we were able to visit it early because they're not open until after dinner.

We got the green smoothie bowl and the chocolate smoothie bowl. Enjoyed both 10084

The green smoothie bowl is actually their best seller. And I can see why. It's pretty good for something so healthy!

The chocolate smoothie bowl was great - not too sweet with peanut butter 128077🏼

Too bad we didn't notice the avocado smoothie bowl!! 128557 Would have loved to go back and try it again.

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Archieval M.
4.0 Stars

Went sa flotsam and jetsam nung Independence day long weekend and pag dating namin,tried their Makai Bowl. We got the one with dragon fruit ata. Ok naman sya. Medyo small portion lang pero refreshing and lasa nya.

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO TRY MAKAI BOWLS!!!!! The only reason why I wanted to visit La Union was to try this smoothie bowl (Also the reason why I insisted we stay in FJ! 128521128523).

I ordered their bestseller which is THE BEACH BREAK or the Green Smoothie Bowl. Made w banana, mango, pineapple, spinach, spirulina? and coconut water.

It's basically just a fruit smoothie/shake but with fresh fruit slices and granola/nuts added; it's placed in a bowl instead of the usual cup + straw. And instead of water, they used coconut water for the added health benefit and refreshing island taste/feeling. 128154

How was it? It was very refreshing and perfect since it was hot. We were all tired from our Tangadan Falls adventure and this bowl was the perfect reward! 128525

I've already tried a smoothie/fruit bowl in a smoothie/fruit bowl place here in Manila and though good, I wasn't that pleased. Maybe because we were inside the mall with aircon and stores as our view..

But the smoothie bowl I tried here was AWESOME and AMAZINGLY GOOD!! Nakakakilig siya! Maybe because of the view, the place, the intense summer heat... they must really affect the overall experience. 🤔 ANG SARAP!!! Can't wait to go back and have more of this!!! 128525128525128525

PS: They also have fresh fruit juice, shakes, and fruit popsies. 128155

PPS: They're only open from Thursday to Monday (8am-6pm).

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