Malalison Island

Culasi, Antique

Malalison Island
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Jean I.
5.0 Stars

SOLO- She Only Live Once

After a very relaxing Kawa hot bath in the town of Tibiao, Antique. I hailed a van (20ph) bound for Culasi,Antique. I rode a trike (10ph) to the tourism office/Culasi port. I registered & pay 30ph for the environmental fee. Waited for almost an hour for other passengers/tourists since paying 750 for a 2-way boat ride was a hefty price for a lone traveler like me. A boat can accommodate up to 5 people.
After an eventful 15-min boat ride, we reached the island of Malalison or Mararison as what the locals refer it. Fetched by my host, I've noticed that there's a lot of beachfront accommodations catering overnighters, day tour guests & campers. There are no hotels in the island, accommodations are mostly homestay. I found mine in a blog, paid 250ph for an overnight stay but it's a bit far from the beach yet it's just next door to the only carinderia in the island so I dont have problems when it's meal time. I've even got a free taste of "PATING" w/c tasted like tuna.
Electricity in the island is only from 6pm-10pm. Cellphone signals? Yes there is. Aside from beach bumming, you can also hike the rolling hills of Malalison, guide is required & we paid 200ph/3pax.
Would definitely recommend this island if you want some peaceful time, nature-tripping & alone time. Good for budget travelers & soloist.


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Karis Alexis J.
5.0 Stars

Located in Culasi, Antique, is a small island called Malalison, which is dubbed by many as the "Batanes of the South."

Malalison, (or Mararison to the locals) is an unspoiled island with breathtaking landscape and sparkling clear waters, just about 3 hours away from Aklan's most famous island of Boracay.

When we arrived at Culasi, we had to ask if the Coast Guard would allow us to charter a boat going to Malalison, for Typhoon Lando made its presence felt in the island just a day before. We were lucky enough to get the thumbs up from the authorities and enjoyed what the island has to offer.

Though the water was a bit unclear due to the unruly weather, it was still obvious that it is one of the most beautiful beaches you can find in the Philippines, and I felt so pleased with that fact.

We were also fortunate enough to have trekked uphill going to Nablag Islet, where we witnessed picturesque views along the way while trying our best not to be blown away by strong winds. It is also where I was able to have my first glimpse of a Pitcher Plant, which is a carnivorous type of plant.

Let me also share that this island doesn't just offer guests with its white sand beaches and vast lush grassland, it also takes pride of its people living a modest life.

Presently, the people and dogs (yes, dogs!) of Malalison are among the most friendly and hospitable I have encountered anywhere on my travels. 97289748️🏝128525128054🖖


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Jay R.
5.0 Stars

Caution: This is the first time I'm writing a long review so please bare with me.

Malalison Island is just a 15min boat ride from Culasi, Antique which is just roughly 2 hours away from Caticlan, Aklan. If you're tired of the overcrowded beach of Boracay and just want a peaceful, quite and relaxing atmosphere, the you should definitely go to this place. Don't forget to visit the Municial Hall and look for Mr. John Sumanting who is the Tourism Officer of Culasi. He will arrange the boat ride for you going to the Island.

With only a population of 700 residents, the island is bare so don't expect any boracay-like resorts in the island. As soon as you step in the island, the first thing you'll notice is that the people are so nice. Too nice! We stayed in a transient house for only 200 pesos per night. Lola (owner) is so accomodating and she even cooked for us. She noticed that we only brought canned goods because we don't really eat a lot when travelling especially on a tight budget, so she offered to cook fish for us...for FREE! What a nice lady.

There is also a Batanes-like hills which you can visit and prepare yourself with a breathtaking view of the entire island and Antique. Truly an unforgettable experience. You will also find Pitcher plants along the way which the locals said only grow in this island. Bawal pumitas!

Too bad I can only attach one photo (hello, looloo hehe) but if you want to check out some of my Malalison shots, you can visit my IG: sil3ntjay

I highly recommend this place and you will surely enjoy your stay in Malalison. Cheers!

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Rhett C.
5.0 Stars

Set up a tent by the beach and wake up to this. #malalisonsunrise

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Rhett C.
5.0 Stars

Just a small hike to the top and you got this hell of a view of the whole island and the great Madyaas Mountain, the Highest in Panay.

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