Malcapuya Beach Resort

Coron, Palawan

Malcapuya Beach Resort
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Jown P.
5.0 Stars

This place is so breathtaking I don't even know how I'll describe it kasi sobrang blown away ako 128514

Malcapuya Island is one of the 3 Islands included in one of the island tours you can avail in Coron, Palawan. It's 1500 per pax, lunch/merienda already included 9786️ the tours were really generous kasi they really go in with the food and drinks. Nagulat pa ako kasi pabalik na kami sa town pero they handed us puto and a bottle of water for merienda.

The Island was really a beauty. I highly suggest everyone to never miss this tour if you happen to go to Coron. It wasn't really that crowded na tipong you can't take good photos. We went on a Sunday and I was expecting many tourist luckily sakto lang yung dami ng tao. They have plenty of kubos you could use for free. The bathroom was decent too! Syempre de-tabo ang flush but it's pretty decent. The beach itself was really blue and breathtaking. The sand was so fine and white. Hindi din makalat sa beach. You can opt to snorkel but our guide told us there's not much to see compared to the other beaches so we didn't bother snorkeling. 9786

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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

If you are the type of person who just loves spending time under the sun doing nothing but get a perfect tan, then this place is definitely for you.

Among all the islands I've been to, Malcapuya struck ny heart the most because of its very calm, beautiful waters and sand. Don't get me wrong, the other islands are as beautiful and have unique appeals but this one just happens to be my favorite spot.

The boatman said it is best to enjoy Malcapuya island during high-tide season so we went there for lunch and stayed for 2.5 hours. We were able to get our perfect tan, sleep and swim. 128513 this island is also very photogenic because of how white it is!!!! It was a majestic view indeed 128513

The tourist boats are not allowed to park in front of the island, so we had to do a little trekking to get to the very beautiful place. Don't worry, it's an easy breezy trek. It just took us 3-5mins walk!!! There are cottages on this island that you can use for free. There's also a CR nearby so goodbye to the hassle of thinking where to pee, etc. HEHE. They also sell buko here!!! Get 1 big buko for P50 and you'll have the perfect summer feels... Wavy hair, sun, tan, air and the ocean 10084

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Kevinross B.
5.0 Stars

First things first. If you're travelling to Malcapuya Island from the mainland of Coron, be ready to get wet!! Travel time would be around one and a half hours and there's a high possibility that around 1 hour of your ride will be a bumpy and wet one! But trust me, after 15 mins of getting wet, a splash on the face with ocean water for the next 45 mins or so will be nothing to you anymore. It's that frequent! 128514 So be sure that your valuables are placed safely inside your bags and ask the tour guides to keep them at the back of the boat. And of course, wear you swimming outfit! 128515

Well yes, the journey to Malcapuya Island takes forever, but mannnn! When you arrive at the island, your butt ache will be gone in seconds! The beach is amazing! Lots of palm trees, white powdery sand, and the water is so clean and clear! You get to see that turquoise blue water near the shore. The one you usually see in tv/movies/postcards. Hehe. Right off the bat, you can really say that this beach is well maintained.

The waves on this beach were quite strong when we arrived so we only went for a short dip then rest of our time on the island was spent on having lunch that came with the tour package, photo ops and really, just relaxing while listening to the waves. 128522

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

This is probably one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to!!! Yapak Beach holds the #1 spot on my list, not until we made a visit to this paradise! 128588🏼

Malcapuya Island is located near the Culion Island, about 2 hours of sailing from Busuanga Island. Getting there is like an expedition to the undiscovered land! Well, more like an adventure when we encountered a storm in the sea. We almost felt like our boat's gonna drown due to the strong winds and giant waves, but thank God it didn't happen!

It was drizzling when we arrived in the island, but that didn't stop us to explore its disarming beauty. Many will think that this could be the look of Boracay just before it was jammed by establishments. It has the powdery white sands of Boracay (specifically the Yapak Beach) but even better in my opinion, no shells or pebbles, just love este sand! There are also cottages that are free to use, a mini store where you can also buy fresh buko and a bathroom just near the cottages.

The place is like a castaway island that's secluded from the civilization, perfect for laid-back chilling and dipping in the clear blue waters. Each corners of the island is picture-perfect, so our friends and I went on to some sort of a photo shoot while having fun! 127946🏽

It may be a challenge for everyone to get here because of its location and some "Titanic level" action (OA 128517) you may encounter, but it's totally worth the ride!

We just also found out that the island was also already brought by a private company, so probably, they'll pull-off a Boracay 2,0 in this island! We're glad that we're able to visit this place just before it was about to be contemporized.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Calaguas and Subic Beach in Sorsogon are two of the best beaches I have been to and I am adding Malcapuya to my favorites.

Malcapuya is almost similar to Subic Beach in Sorsogon. It's not crowded and I think there were only about 10 of us on that island. It has the powdery sands of Boracay and the water has different casts of blue. The beach is not as reserved as Calaguas because there are restrooms and cottages available. There's a mini "tindahan" as well where you can get chips, coffee, softdrinks or fresh Buko juice.

Checking the weather is a must if you plan to visit the island. The coast guard will not allow guests to travel to Malcapuya if the wind is heavy beacuse the outrigger boat will have to cross the open sea to get there. Travel time should take an hour and a half max but it took us two hours due to strong winds and whopping waves. Our boat was leaning from left to right and up and down. It was a challenge for some of us but it was all worth it when we got to Malcapuya. It's an island that will not only guarantee powdery sands and crystal clear water but also a stunning view of the islands surrounding it.

The entrance to the island is P200 per person.

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Maureen L.
5.0 Stars

My kinda island 128525128525128525

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Robert M.
5.0 Stars

Me and my friends recently went to Coron, Palawan. And one of the islands we visited was Malcapuya Island. Fine sands, calm water, great place for swimming, snorkeling and relaxation. Good thing we were still able to visit Malcapuya while its still open to the public. Our tour guide told us that it will be privatized soon, too bad but still happy to experienced the serenity of the place. #loolooapp

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Lito L.
5.0 Stars

this is what boracay must have looked like before it became popular and too commercial. love the simplicity of this place. we came in just after noon and the tide was building up — so we weren't able to swim. yet, just relaxing under a roof in the sand was time well spent.

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