Malinta Tunnel

Corregidor Island, Cavite City, Cavite

Malinta Tunnel
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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

love the 30-minute walk tour along the malinta tunnel. at the end of the tour felt the tears on my eyes as the philippine flag was being played. 🇵🇭respect for our world war II brothers and sisters. SALUTE!

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I am addicted to voucher sites like Metro Deal and Deal Grocer. I find myself checking these sites on a weekly basis and more often than not, I end up buying a voucher or two. And one of my recent purchases was a voucher for a tour and overnight stay in Corregidor.

Hello, Corregidor!

It was my first time to explore this historical island so I was very attentive to our tour guide who seem to be an expert of Corregidor. (Well, he should be if it's true that he has been doing tours for over a decade.)

We visited several ruins and saw huge cannons used during World War II. Each site was filled with stories. Sad stories. The ruins alone could make you imagine the agonizing pain our troops experienced from the blasts. Our guide even told us the horrific tortures done to the bomb survivors.

One of the two optional parts of the tour is the Lights and Sound Show (PHP100 per person). Since R's aunt was raving about it, we figured that it might be worth our hundred bucks. So we bought tickets and headed to the Malinta Tunnel for an entertaining and educational show.

It was rather chilly inside the tunnel. It was so dark too. I kept holding R's arm as I really could not see anything. (I had poor visibility to the point that the possibility of me grabbing another tourist's arm crossed my mind.)

As soon as everyone was inside, we were asked to walk forward. (Whuuuut? No cart or train to tour us inside??)

After a few steps, we were asked to stop and one of the tunnel's side openings lit up. There were some statues that represent key players during the world war.

There was a voice over that played to explain what was happening and there were also a few taped conversations. The quality of the audio though was so bad that I could barely understand a thing. 128529

There were a few special effects though in some openings that somehow made the show worth PHP100.

At the end of the tunnel are some actual ruins and a passage to the hospital which was also attacked during the war. This is the second optional tour in Corregidor but the Tunnel Lateral Tour only happens at night for an extra hair-raising experience. (We opted not to take this one because we wanted to sleep. Riiiiiight.)

I'm just glad that they finally opted to do some maintenance. Hope it'll be a lot better for the next set of visitors.

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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