Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Rd., Murcia, Negros Occidental

Mambukal Mountain Resort
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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

This visit was in October 2015. I think I have reviewed all the places we went to in Negros Occidental except for Mambukal. I think it was because I get tired just thinking about how we reached the 7th waterfall.

I have been to Mambukal a few years back but only up to the 4th or 5th waterfall. This time, we decided we wanted to see the highest waterfall. We were given 2 options: to climb by foot, or ride the motorbike. Given that we got there pretty late in the morning, we figured we would get there faster by motorcycle. Of course I asked if we’re passing through paved roads, if it’s safe, bla bla bla. The guide gave pretty affirmative responses so we agreed to just go up by not passing through all the waterfalls of Mambukal. The ride went well only for a few minutes. The road to the top was not all smooth, as most part was just stones and mud. Motocross level. Plus, you don’t really go up just by the motorbike. They let you off in the middle of the trip, and then you will still have to walk for about an hour, cross rivers, and climb up the mountain. I was relieved when we finally reached the destination. The waterfall was glorious, the water was cold. Then I had to think about going back down.

When we got back to the resort, we were given a short tour of the resort. According to the resort’s caretakers, MabukaI Resort serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon, an active volcano in the Negros Island. We were shown areas in the resort where the sulfuric waters are located. Nature really is interesting.

Mambukal Resort also has available accommodations and various recreational facilities. Perfect for those who want adventure or those who just want to relax.

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Allen Y.
2.0 Stars

This is where stayed after our four-days trek to Mt. Kanlaon. We were all hoping to get a good night sleep to rest our qeary bodies. So we rented the dormitory room since there's 12 of us in the group, hoping that we'd be able to rest comfortably. Much to our dismay, the room was quite shabby. The beddings looked old and tattered. It came to a point when it got itchy too. I thought my case was isolated but came morning, a few of my friends also complained about the itch. The floor was sticky. Power outlets are limited. Only two electric fans for a 20-bed dorm.

We share a common toilet and shower room with about 40 or so individuals. I don't mind using a common toilet and shower area so long as it is clean and well-kept.

Plus, the other groups were quite rowdy and noisy. Radio on full-volume on top of the voices of a few individuals.

Well, getting the dorm room was a bad judgment call on our part. Nagkuripot kasi. Next time, we'll just rent the villa.

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Kia S.
5.0 Stars

Mambukal Falls is one of the tourist places you should visit when you go to Bacolod. From Bacolod City you could take a jeep to the bus terminal. Jeep ride costs around 8-10pesos. Ride the Ceres bus to Mambukal. The Ceres bus isn't air-conditioned but it's actually fun to ride. You'll feel like you're in a safari bus. The bus ride costs around 80-100 pesos each.

When you reach Mambukal Mountain Resort, there's an entrance fee of 50 pesos. From the entrance gate, you need to walk to the start of the trekking trail. At the start of the trail there's a Nipa hut with trail guides. It's optional to get one but I suggest that you get one cause you don't actually know the place plus you'll need the extra help when you climb the slippery trails to the falls. The trail guides don't demand an exact amount so it's up to you how much you'll give them. There are 5 levels of the falls, some levels are only for viewing and the other levels you could swim in. We stopped at Level 4 because Level 5 is the highest and the trails is really steep. At Level 4, that's where you can swim and take pictures. You can also rest there and buy snacks and drinks because there's a mini store at the side.

Going down from the trail you can either pass through where you passed going up but I suggest you don't cause it's slippery and steep so you might fall. The other option is you ride a habal habal (motorcycles) which costs 50/person OR a multi-cab which can fit 4 people and it depends on how much you'll give the driver OR you can walk but it's about an hour of walking.

When you're done, there are Ceres buses at the entrance of the resort wherein you could ride going back to the terminal in the city.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Experience nature most fully in Mambukal Mountain Resort. A place I never missed visiting every time I come home to Bacolod. This place is already part of the neighboring city, Murcia, but would only take you 30-45 MINS from Bacolod City.

I am not so sure about this but we paid around P50 each for the entrance fee. If you come as a group then you can rent cottages or stay overnight as they have airconditioned rooms for lease as well. I would normally just pay the entrance fee and walk up the mountain and enjoy the forest.

Recreational Facilities:

-Kiddie and Adult Pool
Adult P50
Children P20

-Mambo Pool
Adult P50
Children P20

-Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool
Adult P50
Children P50

-Waterfalls (1-7)

-Canopy Walk
P50 per head

-Slide For Life
P50 per head

-Wall Climbing
P25 per head

-Ishiwata Bath House
Greek inspired bath house with warm sulfur
P150/30 minutes per head
P30 for every additional 30 minutes

-Blade Spa

-Boating Lagoon

Pretty much the photos tell what you'd see in Mambukal.

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Adventures at its best !

Not only food trips did we have but also some hiking + mother nature 127796127811127807

A day before we went back to MNL, my cousin who is a local, brought us to Mambukal Resorts. From the city proper, it would take you 30 minutes. Instead of renting a van, we decided on how locals will actually do it & it's a mini public bus (a jeep turned into a bus type haha)

Upon arriving, we fell in love with the place 128525 lots of trees everywhere ! Entrance fee costs us 50php (not bad !) & i also found out from my cousin that if you're planning to overnight, there's a cottage that costs 1,800 for 8 people. Not bad at all.

In order to reach the falls (1st-7th fall), you have to go hiking. Since I made a promise to myself to be adventurous, then why hell not try it?! It was veery tiring but worth it ! Hiking took us a good 30 minutes to reach the 6th falls. Also, I found out that the hiking going to the 6th falls was 1,600 ft above sea level ! What more pa pag pumunta pa kami ng 7th falls ! Note : if you're the type of person who's not used to go hiking, then this place, sadly, is not good for you since it will be a total workout @-)

Upon arriving the 6th falls, it was truly amazing ! Water was cold & there's an area that you can do a mini cliff diving ! It was my first time to try cliff diving & I'm proud that one of my bucketlist was achieved !

Around 12, we had to go back to Bacolod City since my cousin had summer classes around 1pm. Instead of hiking going down, we decided to ride the habal-habal. Love the feeling of riding the habal-habal @-)

Indeed, this place is for people who are game to be adventurous & try their cool amazing falls 10084

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Abi J.
4.0 Stars

It's been a long time since I've been to mambukal and I'm quite impressed with the activities and facilities they put up. My favorite would be the classic hike to the 6th - 7th falls. Where on your way, you would get a chance to do a small cliff dive in one of the falls and swim in the falls. We were too lazy to hike back down so we rode the motorcycle worth P50 per person. I love the part were we rode on rocky roads and down a scenic country view. Don't forget to pay the tour guide, it depends on how generous you are.

My next fave thing is the hot springs worth I think around P150.

There also a lot more things to do here like boating and what not. But these are what I enjoyed the most.

At dusk you would get to see the swarm of bats flying around the sky.

Had a great time great for little adventure seekers! :)

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Paboritong outdoor adventure ng tropa. This also one of my favorite places to relax when I go home to Bacolod. The resort is no longer part of Bacolod but it would only take 30 minutes minimum o get there. The mountain has 7 falls and we would climb up from the first to the seventh. At the foot of the mountain, the resort has swimming pools, mud pool, zip lines, hanging bridges from a tree to another, boating lagoon and picnic huts and rooms fro rent.

There's a certain spot too na may kumukulong tubig sa lupa where we boil eggs. Ang tanging baon. Haha

We don't stay at the main resort area because we set up camp near the seventh falls.

And if you want to see some wild animals too. Mambukal will take care of that for you

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April M.
5.0 Stars

If you're the outdoorsy type, you will be very, very happy in Mambukal. 128507 The resort offers a lot of activities at affordable rates.

Hiking - Since Mambukal is located at the base of a mountain, may hiking talaga. You can go trekking to see the 7 waterfalls in the mountain, and go for a dip.
The trails are not very challenging though. So you dont have to worry about not being a mountaineer haha.
If you're not up for it but still want to see the falls, you can ride motorcycles going up the mountain road (P20-40).

Swimming - there are a couple of huge swimming pools in the resort. Some you can swim in for free, some charge entrance fee.

Sulphur pool - We went here right after our trek. It was very refreshing!!! 9832 The water was warm-hot, and the pool was purposely structured for dipping. There are stone benches built along the sides of the pool where you can just park your butt and relax.
P50 per head. They will give you a stub as evidence of your payment, and you can use this stub throughout your whole stay at the resort. 128521

The food:
They have an outdoors canteen here. As usual, the food is inexpensive but really good! The stalls here put a certain twist to their food to make them unique. Every meal I had there was satisfying. 128516

The rooms:
Inexpensive, clean, and well-maintained. Our room was good for seven people (P1700/night). It had six beds and one futon.

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Les D.
4.0 Stars

Nature at its best. Try trekking the waterfalls or take a warm bath at the hot spring.

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