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Most Recent Reviews

Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Manam never disappointed me, that’s why i consider it my favorite Filipino Comfort Food! Good quality food with a very reasonable price 128079🏻

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Over the Food M.
5.0 Stars

I ordered garlic adobo, their number 1 sisig, their highly recommended patis chicken wings and their best watermelon sinigang. The adobo was mouth-watering, perfect for every occasion. It’s the best garlic adobo I have tasted so far. The large size of chicken wings was worth it, you can taste the flavorful meat inside and sauce too. They have the best food I swear.

The service was too good to be true. Everyone was extremely great, Ed was fast to approach us when we need something, Jen gave us an overwhelming welcome, Whoever is training Jen, good job for training a good manager. She’s really engaging, she obviously trained the servers to do the same, because Ed was pleasing enough, other servers who approached us were also desirable. And the service they offered us felt fresh.

5 stars for the service and food. 5 stars for keeping your place clean. We’ll come back of course.

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

And I wasn’t able to take photos...hehehe

Had their Pancit Sisig, Lumpiang Bicol Express and Caramelized Patis Wings. The real winner was their Pancit Sisig. It was sinfully good! 128523

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Dont you find it odd that i have never been to Manam at Net Park. It is not odd, you say? Believe me it is odd as it is a stones throw away from where i work.

I was with my band of misfits during the visit hence i only got one decent photo.

Here is what we ordered:

Sinigang na Beef Short Ribs sa Watermelon. This dish placed Manam on the foodie map. Frankly, the first time I've heard of this dish, i got giddy. I admire the audacity of the Chef. Adding a summer fruit in the Filipino Classic takes giant cajones. The natural sweetness of the watermelon adds a wonderful flavour dimension to the broth. It creates a nice contrast to the sourness of the tamarind and makes the short ribs stand out.

Chicken Pork Adobo. Adobo is my all time favourite dish. I can eat it for a month and never complain. The meat is tender and i absolutely love the garlicky flavor!

Ensaladang Mangga. I love green mangoes especially the plump ones that reeks of sourness.

Crispy Sisig. This is the best sisig in town *mic drop*

Suffice to say that i convinced my band of misfits to forget about the other joints who claim to be good at Filipino Fare. There is only Manam.

If i were to describe Manan in three words - Bold, fearless and unexpected #NuffSaid

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Finally I got to indulge on Manam after much talk about it among friends and foodies. Beyond good food was their unique concept of dividing classic and with a twist Filipino food.

If you’re a foodie like me, I got intrigued more on the left side which contains unique creations. One must try is their Watermelon Sinigang. It had a vibrant taste of sweet as you bit on the fruit and sour real sinigang soup.

On the classic side I enjoyed their Chicken & Pork Adobo. My only complaint is its so oily. The Kare Kare had a nice peanut sauce touch though watery.

Other dishes like Stuffed Squid, Fried Chicken, Sisig and their Calamares was just okay.

One must visit their drinks list. They have delightful picks of Filipino shakes with small tapioca. I enjoyed in particular their Ube.

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Kenneth C.
5.0 Stars

My top picks for good Filipino food (lately) are Mesa and Sarsa. But now Manam may have topped it. Sisig is so good. Chicharon Bulaklak, Salpicao, and other Filipino classics done very well. Will definitely be back

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And B.
3.0 Stars

food was ok we like the adobo squid and pinakbet was good too. We ordered pancit bihon it came 10000x salty! We returned it of course and they comp us back with coco leche plan which is nice :)
J ordered rice with beef and egg bowl, i forgot the name.. menu says 2 eggs, but it came with one lang 128517 it was superrrrrrr oily!!! Half part of the rice was swimming in oil as if they intentionally pour cooking oil in it, pretty sure that wasn't olive oil 128514its really bad. J ddn't finish it. Nice enough the took it out from our bill, they admit its not supposed to be like that.
They serve food without tray, they just layer them on their arms, the waiter's fingers was touching our food! He said "enjoy your dinner" while whipping his fingers in his tiny apron 128517 kinda Gross! I just ignored, was so hungryyyy!!!
On the other hand, staffs are friendly and accommodating, good service..We will give it another try when they start to use tray or something 128521 and clean up the place a little bit, seats got sauces and rice bits everywhere.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Since the waiting list of Locavore was just loooooong on the second day of its soft opening, transferring to Manam seemed like a good idea.

We were looking for Filipino food because we were with our balikbayan kabarkada. She was looking to stuff herself with lots of Pinoy comfort food while she was here. We were glad to oblige.

Manam serves either classic Filipino favorites or you can try them with a twist. I have always appreciated that they had different serving sizes depending on the size of your group. Or let's just admit it, depends on how big your appetites are.

The balikbayan wanted sisig (sadly, the largest size is still bitin; if I could, I would order a tub of it. Stroke lang naman) and kare-kare (we got the medium one, good for three). Great choices, I believe. We also added the beef salpicao, good for one-- sort of a safety net. #takotmagutom Of course, what is a Filipino meal without rice? We all enjoyed the meal, but we ordered a laing midway because my friends were a little starved for more veggies. I'm not a laing person, so don't ask me about the dish. I enjoyed the kare-kare, but I prefer that the sauce have a thicker consistency. What I do love is their crispy sisig, I can't get enough!128525

I'm really glad our friend enjoyed her classic Pinoy meal. We found everything delicious and the service was very good too. We came to the right place!128515

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Lyka T.
5.0 Stars

No one does Filipino comfort food better than Manam 128076🏼

*Let's talk about location and ambiance.
Their BGC branch is the best. It's well lit, floor to ceiling windows and high ceiling. It makes you want to enter their restaurant. It feels very home-y.

The place is always packed and even if it is crowded and a bit noisy it would still feel like home, as if it's fiesta time. It's walking distance from where i live so that's a plus.

128077🏼 thumbs up. Good food recommendations and friendly staff.

What you see in the photo is ensaladang pako, baby squid in olive oil and garlic & crispy pata (and who can forget the white rice)
Yes we did get a few of everything. Veggies, seafood and meat 128076🏼

Absolutely delicious. The pako was raw, fresh and crispy with tomatoes, onions and sliced red egg. It was different from the usual pako since they used fern but still delish.

The baby squid was cooked perfectly and the sauce was amazing with the rice. A little spicy with some chilis in the dish but that's how i liked it.

Crispy pata was hands down delish. Crispy skin and juicy meat. You couldn't ask for more. We also had their unlimited iced tea (not in the photo) it's our favorite since their house blend is amazing.

🍽 I always come back if i crave pinoy food.

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Joy and Lance x.
5.0 Stars

#JLJustLanded recommends:

Caramelized Patis Wings x Laksa Style Halaan Soup x Crispy Pata with Garlic Chili Bits x Laing

--for our 4th month together, we decided to devour some Filipino dishes, with a twist! Props to Lance who researches new places to eat prior to asking me out, with or without occasion. And to add to that, he never fails too! Just like our dining experience in Manam. We both love to eat, yes, but Lance has this thing for weird... or shall I say unique kinds of dishes and loves to prove himself right about it. HAHA

Out of the 4 viands, I loved the caramelized patis (fish sauce) wings. Who would've thought it actually tastes good?! And Lance favored the Laing as it's not the usual spicy coconut based dish.

AND!! To top it all off, did you know all these were below a thousand bucks?! Talk about sulit! 128076

Follow our food/travel-ventures on Instagram:
@jljustlanded 128107128156

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

I was not feeling well the other week and because I can't skip meals and I need to eat "real food" aka not oatmeal or cereals or bread for lunch, Ony and I had lunch together. We went here at around 11am and good thing, a couple just left so we were able to sit right away. Best to go here extra early or prepare yourself to wait because this is still a pretty new place and a lot of people are eating here. I repeat, a lot of people. And they don't accept reservations.

Since we only have an hour to eat, we ordered right away. We got the following: Pancit Molo soup, Crispy Sisig, Caramelized Patis Wings and Rice.

Service was fast as we didn't have to wait that long.

Pancit Molo - soup was hot. Very comforting as it was flavorful and tasty. Not too salty and oily, as well. I like that they added a lot of big meatballs. Around 4-5 pcs. Tip: you can ask for a soup refill but only once. You have to pay for the succeeding requests.

Crispy Sisig - only tried a little since I am trying to avoid oily food. So it's true, this was good. It was indeed crispy and yummy. But I still like Gerry's Grill's sisig. 128518

Caramelized Patis Wings - this was highly recommended by my friend since he enjoyed and liked this before. Found the dish just okay, though. Nothing special.

The small serving size of the rice was big. Can be shared by 2 persons already but Ony finished everything! I think this is around 2 cups of rice. 128563

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

All I can say is excellent!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

Try their traditional Filipino dishes served with a modern twist like the char-grilled squid stuffed with crab and chorizo! 128077

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Kal K.
5.0 Stars


I loved everything I tried!!

Sisig (so nice and tasty and crunchy!)
Crispy Pata (Crispy na, ang dami pang laman at balat!)
Adobong Kangkong (para may gulay naman kahit konte, para healthy kuno)
Frozen Gin Pom (because college days, its like you tell your old self, uy throwback o, pero frozen siya kaya umasenso ka na bro)
Frozen braso de Mercedes (I don't know if i spelled that right)
Mango Turon with ice cream (maliit na kagat lang nakuha ko inubos kasi ni Arianna K)

Special shout out to Jen and Jasper for excellent service even though our party was full of hangry people at the beginning.

It had been a stressful day for me and that meal just hit every spot that needed hitting.

Good job whoever owns, runs, and works at Manam!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Finally tried Manam 2 Saturdays ago! I've been wanting to try this place since my friend raved about their Sizzling Corned Beef Kansi!!!

It was my parents' anniversary and I picked this place cause no one has tried it yet but I knew it was going to be a hit!

I did all the ordering! I consulted my friend and he told me to have the Sizzling Corned Beef Kansi, of course! Plus their Crispy Sisig!

From the 2 recommend dishes, I personally enjoyed the sisig so much more!!!! Gah couldn't stop getting more. We got a large size already, good for 4-6, but maybe we should've gotten 2 orders for our group of 8! Haha everyone loved it. No need for extra toyo. My friend said it's so solid because he had it taken out and it remained crisp when they ate it at home.

The Sizzling Corned Beef Kansi wasn't as good as I expected. I think it's cause I was thinking of a more on the salty side kind of dish. Since this was Kansi pala, it was a bit maasim, like a sizzling sinigang. It's good naman mixed with rice, but I don't think I want to order this again in my next visit.

We also had adobo for another main dish. It reminded us of salpicao because of it's garlick-y taste! This was actually really good, tender and flavorful, but then I tasted the sisig after and totally forgot about this dish. We took home more than half of the large serving of this one.

I got the Special Pansit also. It had both thick and thin noodles. It was just the right kind of salty and was filled with good sahog, plus not oily! Not too heavy on the stomach either!

We had Sinigang na Baboy also. We should've gotten a seafood soup, since everything was meat already, but everyone agreed pork! And pork was a good choice! 128076 Tasted homemade! Didn't get to try all the veg in it, but my boyfriend said sarap daw!

Everyone had their choice of drink also. I had a mango shake and it was sweet! 128536 Not one of those rip of shakes in restos.

The large serving is LAAAARGE and sulit talaga here! P500 more or less for each head in our party of 8 for quality food and service! 128077128077 I predicted P600-1000 per head and was so glad it was less, with the drinks already and take out pa!10084

Not-so-downside: No reservations allowed. You have to just be there early and hope to have a table available for your group! Also, all or majority of your group has to be there before you can enter. We had to wait for awhile, so we inspected the menu nalang first while waiting.

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

The place was packed when we got there at 8 pm. Despite the number of people in the restaurant, we were seated immediately. We were given a seat at the far end. We were given menus and immediately I had a hard time communicating with my girlfriend. The acoustics of the place is bad. I had to lean forward just to hear the selections my partner wanted.

After a bit of shouting, we were able to agree on our order. We asked the waiter if we could get the table adjacent to ours so that I could sit beside my girlfriend. The waiter obliged and the problem of difficult conversation was solved. I don’t think my patience could endure a whole night of shouting and requests for reiteration. I didn’t want to sound like Dory.

The menu items were well thought off with each item having a corresponding item which gave it a twist. We ended up ordering a few best sellers.

Sinigang (Twist): They used watermelon instead of tomato. The soup was slightly more viscous than the typical sinigang. This is a dish which you think may go horribly wrong, but will most probably exceed your expectations.

Crispy Pata (Normal): It is what it is. Flavor was what I expected it to be and that’s why this option is not a twist. This is a very straightforward dish. No surprises.

Strawberry + Camias Smoothie: I love the camias kick. It made the drink more refreshing. The two ingredients blended well. I really liked this drink! Good thing I tried this.

Lemon Grass Iced Tea: Wish this had more lemon grass and less ginger.

Service was great! Given the number of people in the restaurant that night, we got our orders quickly. The only issue I had with the servers is that they dropped a lot of things. During our stay there, which lasted approximately an hour, we witnessed 4 intances of waiters dropping items. One instance involved broken dishes. Other than that, the servers were very attentive and quick.

That’s it for now. Take care everyone!

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Sir Castro A.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been to other Manam branches before but at The Fort branch, it was my first time. The service is superb, although my friend and the staff had the heated misunderstandings over the reservation policy. I apologized for my inconsiderate friend if he was a lil rude. I was in fact impressed on how Jen remained patient in handling my aggressive friend and sticking with the policy.

The food is really the best Filipino food I have ever tasted. As a Filipino, I have tasted Kaldereta, Sisigs and Sinigang countless of times in my life. But they offer tastier Kaldereta and the Sinigang I kept on hearing everywhere. I recommend everyone the Bibingka with fruit shakes, craving for those right now. Their sopas are perfect for rainy seasons. I could taste it wasn’t just cheap powder or coloring food, it’s freshly done.

Their dishes are instagram-worthy, even their balut because it comes with black, brown and flesh salts. The meals are affordable, it’s good for people with a budget. Prices do differ in sizes.

Thank you to Jen and Sam for the impressive service. The place is clean and they have fabulous interior. This is highly recommended.

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

We got their solo crispy pata thinking it would be enough for the two of us since we still ordered kare-kare. Well it was bitin hehe. Both kare kare and crispy pata were okay, nothing special. It's okay if you just want a no-frills dinner.

The second photo was from another visit. Pinakbet, Adobo and Caramized Patis Wings were all okay too. Good comfort food.

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Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

Loved the food in this place so much, I'd be sure to return.

Their Crispy Sisig is at the top of my list.

Their Crispy Pata and Gising-gising was also good.

Surprisingly the Caramelized Patis Wings was delicious. Never imagined the taste could work.

You can also order Sinigang soup for only P50.00 if you don't want to order the whole thing.

I would have given this place a perfect score but we struggled a bit with their seating policy. They won't place you in a table unless your complete. I initially dropped off my siblings so they can get seats and order ahead while I look for parking. To my surprise, they weren't seated because headcount was 6 but only 4 were present. I get that they're trying to avoid hoarding of tables, but for god sake, not everyone arrives on the same time.

Also, our garlic rice and soup was served a bit cold already.

But as I said. Their food was Good.

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Avarlyn Dantes A.
4.0 Stars

We witnessed an arrogant guest talking rudely to the employees. We felt bad, it’s not their fault if they’re just following the no-reservation policy by the management. We didn’t enjoy our dinner that much, we felt terrible witnessing how guests are stepping down the staff. We wanted to consult the lady servers who the man yelled at, wanting to see if they’re feeling okay, but we don’t want them to know we overheard all the commotion they had. So to avoid the feeling of humiliation, we pretended nothing happened. We left a big tip though. LOL
Also, we felt boggled when the manager didn’t even consult the servers after the guests left. We assumed she’s the manager ‘cause she’s the only one not wearing a uniform. It’s a disappointing to see she’s right there behind the counter just watching the commotion. SMH I’m sure she’s the manager ‘cause she’s wearing civilian clothes with jeans and colorful blouse blah blah Emotions aren’t attached when it comes to business I guess, “business is business” as they say.

All Manam Branches have a good service based on my friends’ blogs and this is the biggest branch they have, so it makes you more relaxed in some ways only ‘cause if you have Claustrophobia or even a little bit of anxiety when it comes to being “in closed”, they have too many servers and it can make you trigger that. Just keep them a heads up and request for one server, IDK, but explain to them and let them know. My cousin has Claustrophobia that’s why she can’t even eat in fast-food restaurants or wait in a long line of cinemas. Okay, that’s another story LOL. Anyway, a server was refilling our drinks, while another server puts the orders on our table, and another one server behind assisting him, then one server getting the additional order from my friend, like relax guys. Why so many servers. Chill. LOL

My friends have been to all branches of Manam. They’re not into Filipino foods, it means the foods here made them love it. The menu is kinda diverse and it’s awesome. You can have seafoods, meats or pork with a twist. You can adjust the serving type Small for single person, Medium and Large for 3 or more people. If you are a vegan or whatsoever allergy, go tell the server to get rid of an ingredient, the service here is awesome. You will be treated awesomely.

I didn’t take much photos, I’m actually not into those things but I guess the food presentations are good for instagram or blogs. The food platings are not messy, it’s really tidy. Everything is delicious, the sinigang is highly recommended by everyone I read online, the garlic adobo isn’t disappointing, the pureness of garlic is really in there.

The university rice paired with sizzling is super the best pair, I can’t go diet anymore. The university rice is like the memories from school, what you used to eat in your college years, you know, like stores near your university that sell fried rice, fried egg with tapa, I think that’s why they named it “University rice”. It’s so cute. I was hesitating to order the ox tail, but I’m telling you, order it, and order big. LOL It’s soft and the sauce is delicious. You will go back to Manam to try other things, you’d crave for more. I like the high ceiling style with lovely interiors.

Don’t forget to order Sinigang and literally try all of their twists, there are “classics” also, the usual ones and twists with, well, interesting twists that will make your head nod and approve. They have glass house, it’s so cool, it’s a glass house like a VIP room and it allows reservations I think.

And be nice to servers, seriously guys come on. LOL

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