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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Since our Christmas dinner came with foreign friends, we just had to showcase our world renowned Filipino dishes. Manam makes this experience a level higher with their classic take and with a twist combination.

Since everyone raved about their fruity yet still sour Watermelon Sinigang, we had its large portion, conveniently split into two since we were a group of 9. We also had this done with Manam’s crunchy and savory Sisig, 2017’s number 1 sisig in town.

Competing this gastronomic experience is a range of a lot of other choices. I must say they did a superb job two nights back as all our plates were handed back to the wait staff empty.

Another surprising favorite was their Adobong Squash Flower. This was oddly looking with it being more like a flower arrangement than a dish. It took everyone’s mouth by storm with its delicious combination of sweet and tangy tastes. I also liked how fresh it was, almost half cooked, giving it more crunch and a raw natural touch as well.

Corned Beef Sisig paired with their Breakfast Fried Rice was a beautiful taste of the morning, while the University Fried Rice, a tapa filled with eggs concoction goes well with their nicely fattened, juicy Paksiw Lechon Kawali or Manam’s version of Daing na Bangus.

We also had Batil Patong, a known noodle dish from Tuguegarao, Cagayan. This wet take on traditional Pancit was quite salty, caused by an overdose serving of Chinese sausage. It had, however, well cooked noodle, giving you a smooth slurp.

For desserts, I dictated everyone by choosing signature Christmas sweets, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. The former could be the best one I’ve had in awhile, the Bibingka was toasted on point, its inside fluffy and truly delectable!

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Pat S.
4.0 Stars

I love Manam’s take on Filipino food. Since we are new to this place, I relied on the reviews here in Looloo. All the dishes we had are among the best-sellers according to our server. We got them in small sizes except for the garlic rice. The price is reasonable. For an appetizer, 3 main course, 1 medium bowl of garlic rice and 1 ube sago drink, we only paid 1,000 pesos.

Among the dishes we had, the Sisig stood out for me. Crunchy, chewy, with lots of garlic on top 128525

Their version of Chicken-Pork Adobo is quite fascinating because the chicken and pork are breaded and fried before being incorporated into one adobo dish.

The Caramelized Patis Wings is another unique take on our usual chicken wings. Delicious as well.

I love the Ube Sago drink. Refreshing and they were generous with the sago.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

When I’m not on a tight budget, Manam is my go to Filipino restaurant as it offers a wide variety of dishes – both in the traditional and modern versions - and that, I think, is what makes Manam really stand out from the rest. It’s always a safe choice regardless of who I’m dining with – friends, families, or even as a couple. Why? Because the food is great and the dishes comes in three sizes! Small, medium and large which is good for one, three and six, respectively.

For today, I’m visiting with my family + grandparents! Father gave me the control to order for everyone which made me a bit giddy to be honest 128586

CRUNCHY SALT & PEPPER SQUID RINGS [Php160 • Php280 • Php485] 1108811088110881108811088
It is exactly as the name states – crispy, flavorful squid rings. The seasoning was just right – not too salty nor bland. A great appetizer to start dinner with. It would be good paired with a glass of beer too! 127867

GISING GISING [Php120 • Php205 • Php365] 11088110881108811088
I can’t resist anything with gata flavor. It’s just so comforting. Tastes good but I’m not sure what the vegetable used was. I don’t think I’ve tried it before but it’s good – crispy and bite size.

HOUSE CRISPY SISIG | [Php155 • Php255 • Php415] 1108811088110881108811088
No wonder Manam’s sisig is the best in the metro. For someone like me who does not appreciate laman loob, I quite enjoyed it. It really is crispy and flavors were spot on. It definitely deserves its No. 1 spot 128077🏻

CRISPY PORK BINAGOONGAN | [Php205 • Php360 • Php645] 1108811088110881108811088
Loved it before and still love it right now. This right here is a classic and delicious dish that everyone must try. Maybe I’m biased because I love almost anything with bagoong. Always a must whenever I dine here.

SINIGANG NA BEEF SHORT RIB & WATERMELON [Php245 • Php455 • Php775] 11088110881108811088
This has been highly raved about by most diners so I wanted to at least try it once. Even with just my first sip, I felt the burst of flavors in my tongue. Because of the watermelon, the usual sharpness of the tanginess was replaced with a sweet and sour sensation. The flavors were really concentrated so a tablespoon really packs a punch. I’m still unsure of how I feel about it since it did feel a bit overwhelmed but A+ for creativity. Who would have thought watermelon should be mixed in sinigang? 127817

OVERLOADED GARLIC BANGUS BELLY [Php175 • Php295 • Php565] 11088110881108811088
Another classic dish delivered well by Manam. Bangus is really fat and garlic was generous. Perfect with toyo-mansi as its sauce 128076🏻

GARLIC RICE [Php65 • Php100 • Php180] 1108811088110881108811088
Got a big platter to share with everyone. Garlic rice is really the best when its Filipino dishes we are talking about. Yum!

Overall, I loved almost everything we ordered. I liked the ambiance of the MOA branch better since it had higher ceilings and brighter lights. I really appreciate their menu too. It had lots of photos which helps the diners to easily picture what they would be having. Also, since they do have a lot of twists in the traditional Filipino dishes, it really helps the people to know how it would look like and thus, expectations are within the reasonable level.

Service needs a bit more improvement since it takes a while before the servers notice that we are wanting their attention. Also, my grandma (who is a bit of a neat freak) noticed that the spoon she didn't use was just transferred to the other table for the next customer to use which shouldn't be the case since hygiene is the No. 1 most important thing for those working in the food industry.

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Great sisig and sinigang na beef short ribs sa watermelon. If you have family, balikbayans or foreigner friends coming over. Manam is one of the establishments to bring them over to try out Filipino cuisine. The sinigang is something worth the various praises. We got the small serving of each (good for one) but since we were eating light the meal was shared by two seniors and one adult. Very good service and serving was enough. The ube sago drink/shake is also noteworthy.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Bago manood ng Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino sa Pamilihan ng Asya (Mall of Asia) kagabi, kami ay nagtungo sa “Manam” upang maghapunan. Pangalawang beses ko na sa kainang ito at ako ay bumalik dahil nagustuhan ko naman ang lasa noong unang pagkakataon.

Kami ay nagpasyang umorder ng mga sumusunod:
• Pakpak na sinunog sa asukal (Caramelized Wings) - sa halagang dalawang daan at syam napu at lima. Ito ay malinamnam, lasap na lasap ang sinunog na asukal sa bawat kagat. Masarap din ang pagkakapirito ng pakpak at ito ay malutong. Malalaki din ang mga pakpak kaya sulit na sulit. Sa sobrang sarap, ako ay naka apat na piraso, halos naubos ko na pala. May natira namang dalawa. 128514

• Ensaladang Namnam – Ito ay may sangkap na mangga at bagoong, suha, tinapa, pulang sibuyas, mani at kamatis. Ito ay masarap ihalo sa pakpak na may kanin pangtanggal ng umay. Hindi ko lubos na akalain na masarap pala ihalo ang suha sa ganitong klase ng pagkain, Sa halagang dalawang daan at tatlumpu, masaya na ang iyong tiyan.

• Malutong na Pata Tim – Ito ay nagustuhan ko sa kadahilanang napakasarap ng pagkakatimpla ng baboy at sa manamis-namis na toyo. Malutong ang balat nito at napakalambot ng baboy, napakasarap nguyain. Sa bawat kagat, lalong sumasarap. Ito ay nagkakahalagang limang daan at siyam napu at lima.

Ako ay lubos na natuwa sa aming hapunan. Hindi ako mahilig magkanin subalit dahil sa napiling mga pagkain, ako ay nakarami ng kain. Ang puso ko ay nagagalak dahil hindi kami nagkamali ng napiling kainan. Nakasisigurado ako na babalik ulit dito dahil hindi lamang malinamnam ang mga pagkain, mababait at masayahin din ang mga empleyado nila. Sa buong oras na ako ay nandoon, lahat sila ay nakangiti lamang sa amin. Masasabi ko na maganda ang kanilang serbisyo.


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Lorraine A.
3.0 Stars

Contrary to all the rave, I didn't like my 1st visit st MANAM. Still willing to give it another try. Perhaps, we ordered the wrong food. :(

Ordered sisig - it was ok. Typical.

Beef kansi - sour and salty. It tastes artificial ( instant sinigang mix? Instant gravy? That was the taste)

Lomi - it was too salty.

Everything we ordered were salty.

Leche Flan - was good. It was the only thing I liked from what we order.

Price was good for the size of the serving.

I'll come back to try something else.

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Sir Castro A.
5.0 Stars

I miss this restaurant. This is the restaurant why I even made a looloo account. haha I hope they'll come back soon. The food and service here are extraordinary.

I will try their new branch next week. :D BGC. Hope the service is still the same! :)

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Criz S.
3.0 Stars

We are so hungry one lunch time and we decided to try this reataurant out. They have pork sisig and I was sold with that one, because who doesn't like sisig anyway?

We alao ordered the pancit luglog, rice and halo-halo for dessert. When we started eatinf I was a bit dissappointed with the sisig because there is too much liver in it. For the oa cut luglog it was great. But the halo-halo is the best! I love it so much that I almost ate all of it - my boyfriend and I are supposed to share in one halo-halo.

For the price it was just right and the ambience and theirr crew are great.

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Kath A.
5.0 Stars

Loved their sinigang beef short ris with watermelon. Something new but the sweet and sour taste blended well!:))

Also ordered their House Crispy Sisig and Overloaded garlicky pork and chicken adobo. They're both good as well!

Got their ripe mango shake and it was really yummmmy!

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Maia T.
4.0 Stars

Back for seconds at manam! Ever since our first visit to the place I knew it wouldnt be the last. What I like most about manam is your option to choose between original flavors and unique twists, as well as serving sizes ranging from small medium to large. Perfect for when you want to get a taste of everything or even if you're a big group of friends.

Ordered the much talked about watermelon sinigang! Wow! It was not what I expected. Sweet and sour at the same time but whats weird about is that I really didnt expect it to go well along with the classic tangy flavor of sinigang but trust me it worked!

Definitely worth a try, promise!! 128521 Hooray for my filipino badge!

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John S.
5.0 Stars

One word - sinigangnabeefshortribandwatermelon! The cuts were just right and tender. Sakto din yun asim haha.

Also got the pork sisig, fried squid (too salty imo), and the tiger prawns (na overpower ng sauce niya). But it was the sinigangnabeefshortribandwatermelon that was the MVP of the night!

Tapos the soup went well with the university fried rice. Yummyyy!

I shall return!

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Sjenica S.
5.0 Stars

I think that the sinigang beef short ribs of Manam is a notable signature dish of the restaurant. The infusion of beef sinigang and watermelon produced such a flavorful burst of flavor in the tongue. Some may find it sour, but I tasted a subtle sweetness to it.

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Jenna L.
5.0 Stars

Always a good choice! We ordered the ox tail kare kare, usda beef belly bulalao, pinoy style baby back pork ribs and gising gising.

The ox tail kare kare was creamy and the veggies were nicely cooked. The beef on the bulalo was tender and you can have the soup refilled! The baby back pork ribs, was a let down though. I don't how they grilled it but the bitter taste was overpowering we didn't finish it. Lastly, the gising gising was delicious! It was spicy but not too much.

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Ella A.
5.0 Stars

I love their watermelon sinigang, pork sisig and selection of drinks! I also appreciate that you can choose portion sizes.

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Sir Castro A.
5.0 Stars

I literally just made an account just to put my review because I felt like I needed to get my message across of how overwhelming my stay here at Manam Moa. I finally had a chance to eat at Manam Moa, after my relatives have been talking about this for days.

We’re assisted by your manager Jen. I had many suggestions regarding my food, like taking out specific ingredients for the reason that I don’t eat those and when I want my food to be plated like this and that style. Jen did it without asking weird questions. I was extremely surprised for the first time that a server agreed with all of my demands.

The foods were heavenly tasteful, the beef rib was full of awesomeness and the lechon belly and shakes were excellent in uniqueness… I can say all compliments here about your food. I was hesitating to try some dishes that includes The menu was nicely done and the ambiance of the place was on point.

Gonna bring my whole family here on Christmas vacation, not going to doubt the service. I was overwhelmed really. Your service was superb.

My advice to people who want to try Manam, don’t forget to try their signature dishes. Don't hesitate to try the meals with unusual ingredients with it, it's worth it. Leave big tips, they deserve it.

Thank you Manam MOA for the great day. See you again soon. Giving this restaiurant an A+ grade.

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Faye D.
3.0 Stars

Manam has an ambiance of cozy and classy that really relaxes me. That or it is just my affinity for pastel colors talking.

I'll start with the most intriguing item we ordered, the Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon. Being a person who prefers her sinigang as sour as possible, their take on the classic Sinigang was interestingly delicious. It provided more depth on its taste in terms of richness and sweetness, but after a while it becomes too much. It would have been less 'nakakaumay' had they added more vegetables. Plus points for the succulent beef short rib though.

Eating the Crispy Pata with Garlic-Chili Bits is something you won't regret. Even though I still couldn't let myself eat the skin, indulging on the meat will make it worth it. I couldn't remember how many times I thought of how tender it was while I was eating it. You don't even need any sauce to make it taste better, in my opinion.

Soft as it was, I found the breading on the Crunchy Salt & Pepper Squid Rings too salty for my taste. It would be better to eat it with rice or to pair it with an alcoholic drink as suggested. The sweet chili sauce balances its saltiness, however.

Out of the dishes we ordered, I least enjoyed the House Crispy Sisig mainly because I haven't taken a liking to incorporating mayonnaise in sisig. I guess I could try asking them to remove the mayonnaise next time, I guess? Another reason was because I was also expecting more meat in it.

A perfect ending for the meal was the Strawberrry + Camias shake I ordered. The slight sweetness of the former and the tartness of the latter complemented each other refreshingly well. I could've sworn there was a trace of syrup or artificial flavoring in there though. However, I wouldn't mind drinking it again. :P

Despite my seemingly negative remarks on the dishes, I could still say my dining experience ended with a positive note. The server was very accommodating and responsive of our requests. I'm looking forward to trying the other items on the menu and see how they pull off the interesting twists on their dishes.

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Manam for a very long time but my family keeps putting this off. The idea of sinigang with watermelon is just so intriguing!!!

K and I weren't supposed to have dinner that night, but when I told him that I was craving for sinigang and that there's this restaurant that offers one with watermelon, he immediately agreed!

Their menu is extensive, but since we're both (always) on a diet, we just got their sinigang with watermelon and gising gising, and plain rice. We ordered medium servings, and we finished everything. 128584 Goodbye, diet! 128514

We both loved the sinigang as it is very flavorful and the beef rib was so tender, you wouldn't need a knife. I just wish it was a bit more sour though!

I liked the gising gising as well, but I think it lacks something. I still prefer Recipes' take on the dish.

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Sunday lunch after mass with the family here. My first time to dine in this branch since I've only been to their Greenbelt branch before.

Food was amazing, as usual. Really good for the really cheap price. 128077🏻

We got their sinigang na beef short ribs with watermelon, salt and pepper squid rings, that overloaded garlicky chicken and pork belly adobo 128523128523 i love garlic, and pancit canton special for main dishes. All were really good except for the pancit canton which was just okay, nothing too special about it. I think it lacked meat and other toppings. We also got the ensaladang pako, my first time to try pako, and i liked it. Their dressing was light. I think lemon, vinegar, and some sugar. 128523

Their blended drinks were also good. I got the Buko and Pinya which was light. I liked it because of the pineapple but it's expensive at 150php. My sister got the mango, pomelo, sago drink which was an okay for me.

Manam is one of my top choices for good Filipino food. Their service was not so good though. I think they're understaffed since there were initially only 3-4 servers and that already includes the person making the drinks. When we left, more people were their but not in uniform so i wonder if they're regular there. I hope they hire more people. Getting one star out for this. This improved, I would be more than happy to give a 5. 128517

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Cyndy C.
5.0 Stars

I love their drinks (non-alcoholic) selection and must try their twists dishes (I like how they have the option for either traditional or twist).

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

#loolooandroidreview naman
Manam for our family's late fathers day and birthday celebration
It really has a nice concept of twisting tastes of filipino food. The place was large and crowded especially on a sunday noon. We actually waited quite long because the waitress told us thee ws a group going out already however the group opted to stay longer.
My sister had an argument with the waitress but when we finally got in they gave us free shakes (ube and mango). I liked the ube shake cause it tastes like blended MAgnolia ube flavored ice cream. The mango shake with sago was weird because it has pomelo on top. The pomelo was "bittersour" hah. Define that!
All their dishes comes in three sizes (small good for 1, medium 2-3, large 4-6)
We ordered
Tuna sisig: was actually good, not too dry and not too oily. Its a bit chilli.

Laksa style halaan: it quite tasted like bamboo shoot soup. The lemongrass made it foreign in taste and the corn in it... Quite did not blend in the taste.

Luglog: (noodle type) soso. Not fund of luglogs. Pero this one is served with fried egg.

Chicken adobo: was ok as well. The taste is remarkably strong. I mean the sauce was thick enough for the flavor to last long in your tongue.

Calamares: yummy. Tender and not rubbery. The breading was.. Fluffy as i may describe haha

Garlic rice: i dunno. But this one really is good. The garlic really was into the rice. The aroma was really there. (Big deal for garlic rice?! 128513128513 but i loved it!)

The best part: choco butter nut sansrival! The chocolate was really thick and although it was quite too sweet, hindi naman gumuguhit sa lalamunan. Please do try this when you get here.

The servers were really courteous even though my sister was quite hot headed at that time.

Thumbs up too for their well managed service.

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