Manchoo Korean Restaurant

Friendship Highway, Angeles, Pampanga

Manchoo Korean Restaurant
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Reopens Sun: 10:00a - 10:00p


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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

After a tiring shopping spree at Subic we decided to go back to Rosario, Pampanga and on the way was Korean Town, a stretch that is filled with dominately Korean establishments and lotsa unlimited samgyeopsal here and there...

We decided to stop at this fairly new commercial center called Central Town, which houses Manchoo, a Korean Buffet Restaurant with of course Unli Samgyeopsal! 12792612852210084128077🏻127881

For only Php399 you get to feast on a lot of Korean treats.... there are appetizers like Maki's, tamago's, fried sliced sausages, flavorful soups, side dishes and the Mains.... the Unli Samgyeopsal either you cook it or just get your pre cut and cooked servings from the cooking station.... usually Korean locales prefer gettin fresh meat with veggies and cook it themselves.... but for hungry warriors like me ohwell I went straight to the serving station and made my own wrappings with the sauces hehehehe 12852210084128077🏻

There were different kinds of bulgogi... Beef, Chicken, Seafood... and they also featured small yet sweet korean sausages...the buffet also had assorted tempura...wow12852210084128077🏻

For the rice you could go plain ....or whip up a decorative Bulgogi Rice, complete with the spices, seasonings and the kimchi's 128522128077🏻10084

My favorite part was the Ramyun could have them cook a a pack or packets of ramyun with spicy soup... As for me I added a twist by adding the foodies in the buffet... grabbed some beef bulgogi, sliced some sweet sausage, grabbed the leafy vegees from
the samgyeopsal, beancurd sauce, garlic and boiled egg ala adobo style and presto my customized ramyun meal 12852210084128077🏻

They have a lot of choices for the drinks and beverages..... four kinds of nestea products...two kinds of iced tea and two kinds of flavored lemonade and oh127926 special maxim korean coffee....

How I wish in the future they would feature Korean Ice Cream in their desserts.... they have mildly sweet marshmallows and choco sticks with separate choco sauce dip....... and a sort of belgian waffles to be poured with this specially flavored sauce that looked like a small creamer cup....there are also sliced fruits and korean gelatin with prunes 128522128077🏻10084

Such a tummyfilling experience! Even the place itself features modern luxury interiors up to the restroom! You could say that it was well budgeted....128522128077🏻10084127775127876

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