Mandarin Sky Wok

23 Panay Ave., Paligsahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mandarin Sky Wok
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Most Recent Reviews

Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Mandarin Sky Wok is an branch of Mandarin Sky of Banawe. Beside it are its sister restaurants, Artsy Cafe and Komedor, which is a coffee shop / breakfast place and Filipino resto, respectively.

MUST ORDER #1: Fried Oysters in XO Sauce. Hmmmm gooooood. 127775127775127775127775127775
MUST ORDER #2: Avocado Sago (for dessert) Aaaaaaand we have a winner! It's more watery here than in Mandarin Sky but no less compelling, surprisingly enough. 1277751277751277751277751/2
MUST ORDER #3: Garlic Beef Cubes (off menu) sweet beef, like Chinese beef tenderloin, but with garlic and sesame seeds. 127775127775127775127775
MUST ORDER #4: Polo Pao, sweet crusted soft bun with Adobo inside. Their own version of the ones popularized by the likes of Tim Ho Wan, Tao Yuan, the 8 by Choi Garden, etc.
++ Another great tidbit is that you can order from their two sister restos adjacent, Artsy Cafe (which in and of itself is worth a visit) and Komedor (a Filipino resto).

The others we tried,

Yang Chow fried rice 127775127775127775127775
Suckling Pig 127775127775127775127775
Dragon Balls 127775127775127775127775 (shrimp and pork inside a deep fried wanton cover, good but not fabulous like others I've tried) plus it took so darned long to serve, like 30 minutes, which the waitress forgot to tell us; we were done by the time we tried it!

Resto Name Ratings, at a Glance: 
> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775
> Service (Dine-In) : 127775127775127775127775
> Kitchen Service  : 1277751277751277751/2 (we waited 30 minutes for the Dragon Ball)
> Ambience            : 1277751277751277751/2 (an oddball combination of traditional with industrial)
> Value for Money: 127775127775127775127775
> PRICE : 1277751277751277751/2
> Worth a Try      : Yes
> Worth a return : Yes
> VERDICT          : 127775127775127775127775

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I got to visit Mandarin Sky Wok, in Panay Ave, Quezon City just recently. It is located at the recently established Marvin Center, where two other restaurants that their partner owners manage, are actually in (namely, Hapag and Artsy Cafe).

Growing up in a Fil-Chi community, I’ve already attended numerous events in the past whereas various culinary skills were showcased in prepping up Chinese cuisine. The food that I had here in Mandarin Sky Wok brought me back memories of those feasts.

The restaurant is giving off a very classy and sophisticated vibe. I love the contrast of the old paintings against the modernity of their furniture. Given the restaurant’s beautiful setting, it’s no wonder this place gets pack even on weekdays.

They got dimsum trolleys going around the place. The course was all kickstarted with a serving of beef balls, of which we were told by the owner that it’s best paired with Worcestershire sauce. And indeed, it did taste well together, with the sauce giving in a unique twist to the dimsum.

Mandarin also took it with the trend with salted egg as they served us their salted egg custard cuapao. It didn’t disappoint at all, with the soft custard giving off a nice and sweet contrast to the taste of salted egg. It was both fresh and light for the appetite.

The star dish of the night was their curry fish head, which was a fairly new creation by Mandarin Sky Wok’s Singaporean chef. It bursts of a wild fusion of spices, with the curry flavor mostly highlighted in the dish. The dish also had lots of ginger in it.

I got overly excited upon seeing their eel over kiampung rice with lotus leaf since I used to eat this when I was a kid. The deep fried eel was delicious and it’s best paired with their Chinese fried rice.

Their cereal prawns, on the other hand, could have been better if they weren’t too greasy. I didn’t like the amount of crumbs/flakes (?/whatever you put it) that they have put over the prawns, and in my opinion, I think it needed more seasoning too.

They have served us their sotong squid with shredded egg, and I haven’t seen anything like it. It was unappetizing, and a sight for sore eye. How it looked like manifested too in its taste. It was too oily and didn’t satisfy my palate at all.

I suggest that you try out Mandarin’s beef cubes with garlic. The beef was tender, and it had this nice combination of sweet and salty flavors to it. This goes best with rice.

Since Mandarin Sky Wok was the last restaurant we visited on our food crawl, we were somewhat feeling full before arriving here, thus, I wasn’t able to eat more than I should.

Anyway, as for my verdict about Mandarin Sky Wok and their food, I do think that they ought to open another branch if that’s what they see themselves doing soon. I highly recommend for you to come by Mandarin Sky Wok and try out the food yourself.

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Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

nice place, 128077🏼 interiors, friendly staff and ample parking (they provide shuttle service if parked to their vacant parking lot across the street).

lechon kawali and asado rice toppings were a bit salty and dry. the corn and crab soup was 128076🏼. dimsum selections was ok. for dessert i prefer the mango sago over almond jelly. 10084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

This is the 2nd branch of Mandarin Sky and this one is a much better and more modern looking. Hidden in Panay Ave beside Artsy Cafe. Maybe motivated how cute Artsy Cafe, They design this branch in a Chinese artsy way. The outcome was amazing. I love every corner of the place and the bitsy pieces of Chinese decoration.

For the food it was as good as the one in Banawe branch. We tried the siomai and hakaw dimsum for starter. True to the taste of Chinese style dimsum. Their chili garlic was also spicy good. We also got the spinach soup yummy! Sweet and spicy pork was thumbs up! Tofu hotpot was superb!

Overall great find for Chinese food with a lesser hassle in parking compared to Banawe. Anothe tip is when going on weekend night it is best to pre order food.

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