Mang Inasal

Session Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Mang Inasal
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Scy L.
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Mang Inasal, a Filipino restaurant whose secret recipe was invented by a Kababayan from Iloilo, but sold it to the Jolly Foods Corp. Jollibee was right to add this to one of it's food arsenals. In less than a year, chains of Mang Inasal has taken over the Philippines. But what does make it so good that Pinoys dig this like flocks of chickens?

Here are my ideas:

Well, for one, chicken is one of the most love meals of Pinoys. From fried chicken to roast chicken to Tinola, Sinapalukan, Adobo. You can do anything with chicken. Even my most hated dish the Pinikpikan.

Second. Mang Inasal started out serving the roast chicken in Banana leaves. This embarks on a homey feel for diners. It literally invites the Filipino habit of using their hands when eating. That's why you'll see an open wash area in every Mang Inasal store and people lining up to wash up before and after eating. Of course, who would not want to use their hands when eating a finger licking good roast chicken thigh (paa) or breast (pecho) on a stick. Although, the banana leaf concept was slowly taken out probably due to saving up and saving the trees. There are only so few banana leaves to go around.

Third. The unli rice. I am not sure if they are the first restaurant to offer this Unli Rice gig but they are definitely known for it. Filipinos love rice like the love of their life! Offering unlimited rice is just heaven! Heaven!

Fourth. The Chicken oil. Yes... That orangey sauce is actually oil you put on top of your steaming hot rice. It's no use eating without it. Most likely, unhealthy and filled with cholesterol, but definitely one of the reasons for eating at Mang Inasal. It's not like they were the ones who drizzled it on your rice.

Fifth and not the least.
The recipe. Probably the most important of all. The taste of the chicken is oozing with perfection. Sweet, salty and smokey! I love the semi burnt parts. Just thinking about it makes me drool.

If these reasons are not enough to safisfy you I hope these pictures will.

Mang Inasal however did not only limit itself to chicken. They also serve sizzling meals like Pork or Bangus Sisig, bangus inasal and even have other Pinoy favorites like Pansit, Dinuguan, and desserts like Turon and Halo-halo. Recently they added the Palabok meals and Dolce the Leche halo halo. I love this Halo Halo of all as it is so creamy and not overly sweet. I would order this anytime. Here are a few snaps again!

And to add another reason, the free siningang Visayan version of sourly sour soup!

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