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Mango Tree
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5.0 Stars

I don’t know what the hell was I waiting for when I’ve been eyeing on Mango Tree for so long🤪 I’m happy to say though that it was really worth the wait. I’ve been so apprehensive to try another thai restau since most of them are just too “safe” and too bland, esp that famous one in GB, which up to now confuses me why and how it got so hyped!🤭

Anyway, Mango Tree is easily now one of my fave thai restau, a game changer indeed. All the dishes were as aromatic, authentic and packed with flavor as it should be. There is no safe betting here and the ingredients are just amazingly good. The desserts alone are good enough to come and visit the place. The whole restau is posh but comfy enough to bring a kid🤣 the staff were awesome and accommodating too!

Can’t wait to come back! 🤗

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

Tried out another Thai restaurant today!

We ordered the following:
10084️ Chicken in Pandan P420- love the chicken and the tamarind sauce
10084️ Vegetable Spring rolls P380- i love this. Good for sharing. I can eat this all day!
10084️ Pad Thai with Prawns P480- really good pad thai! So yummy. Fave pad thai ko na ito!
10084️ Sweet Cassava P220- you usually order the mango sticky rice diba pag thai restaurant. Try their cassava for dessert it’s soooo good!

Price- a bit expensive. A restaurant you can visit if— payday/sweldo.

Service- Good service! Medyo matagal lang when we requested for the bill. Nice place and staff.

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Kara G.
5.0 Stars

Favorite Thai resto. Pad thai, pineapple fried rice, and satay 128523128523128523

The pad thai as always was excellent! Not too salty or sour, tama lang talaga. The pineapple fried rice was interesting; I'd never had pineapple bits with fried rice but it worked! The satay was bitin 🤣

Great service. The waiters are always happy to serve and you don't have to call their attention more than once.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Pricier than the usual Thai restaurants, I guess their location dictates their pricing and they offer a little more than the usual cheap Thai places. We come in here once in awhile and always leave happy. I particularly like this red seafood curry.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

The Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) had our mini-holiday lunch get-together here at Mango Tree Manila. Mango Tree is known for serving authentic Thai dishes since 1989. I love the classy ambiance of the place. It's well lit and spacious.

For our lunch get-together, we had the following items from the menu:

Shrimp Cakes. Tod Mun Goong. Deep fried shrimp cakes served with sweet chili sauce. Normally, see crab cakes on the menu or fried squid as appetizers. Their shrimp cake is a first to me. It's soft and good.

Grilled Honey Spare Ribs. See Krong Moo Yang Nam Phung. Grilled pork spare ribs with honey. I like the sweetness of the spare ribs, it's also tender.

Chicken Satay. Served with sweet vinegar and peanut dripping sauce. This was my favorite pick among all that we had; I lost count on how many sticks I had. It's really good. I also love the sweet vinegar sauce.

They also served the following dishes for their holiday selection:

Homok Seafood Curry in Coconut. Mixed seafood in creamy red curry sauce searved on a coconut shell. It's rich in flavor. I love this with rice.

Fried Seabass with Tamarind Sauce. Fried Seabass topped with pineapple and cherry tomatoes mixed with tamarind sauce. The fish is tender good, and this dish has a sweet and sour effect.

Garden Salad in Som Tum Sauce with Chicken Wings. Mixed vegetables drizzled with "som tum" dressing, a blend of dried shrimp paste, fish sauce, lime and palm sugar for a balance of sweet and sour goodness, served with crispy chicken wings on the side for added texture.

Wang Bean with Fried Onion. Taro custard with coconut cream topped with fried red onions. This reminds me of the Filipino "kakanin" desserts that we have.

Sweet Potato Custard. Sweet Potato blended with coconut cream for a light sweet flavor and soft texture. It's good and at the same time sating. For a dessert, this could also work well as a stand-alone afternoon snack.

Full review and HD photos on my blog

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April V.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I’ve been here for the third time, love the ambience and elegance of a Thai restaurant and still comment on how pricey it is compared to its peers.

Its impossible not to spend more than your usual dinner budget and at the same time place it as an ordinary set of dishes.

Mango Tree takes delight in preparing Thai food right. At least for the three I had tonight and not counting previous experiences, they were all flavored well. Its flavor is deep and tasted all over.

For me, it’s one of the top Thai places. It is a par with People’s Palace. Must try if you havent.

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Marjorie G.
3.0 Stars

Thai cuisine is considered as one of best in the world. In fact, it is almost always on the top list alongside Chinese, Italian, and Lebanese. But I have never met a Thai food that I love, but I attribute it more from the fact that my exposure on Thai food is limited. Then I had dinner with my friends at Mango Tree in BGC, which specialty is Thai food. We ordered 6 dishes, that's more than enough Thai food in one sitting. Did I finally grow a liking with Thai food? Let's save the verdict for later.

Mango Tree is a casual fine dining restaurant. They have two other branches in Quezon City and Makati. The kitchen is headed by Chef Siwat Korsem who has over 27 years under his belt in cooking Thai cuisine.

Because I am practically clueless about Thai food I let my friend do the honor of picking something off the menu. Here's the rundown of the dishes that we had.

Khao Kloo Kapi (PHP 450 - USD 9.31) is stir-fried rice with shrimp paste, in tagalog, in tagalog, "bagoong rice." Thai food or not, I am a fan of bagoong rice so this easily passed to my liking. But I think the dishes have enough flavor that a plain rice will do.

Khao Phad Poo (PHP 420 - USD 8.69) is noodles and crab meat with egg. I had set my expectations high for this dish, unfortunately I didn't like it. The noodles was soggy (was it meant to be that way?) and there is something in the flavor that was off for me. After two spoons of it—one to taste it, second to give it a second chance—I gave up on it.

If there is anything on our menu that I liked, it's Pla Krapong Sam Rod (PHP 450 - USD 20.27). It's deep-fried sea bass with sweet chili sauce. Maybe because it was simply deep-fried, nothing fancy, didn't have any of those unfamiliar flavors that the other dishes had.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (PHP 420 - USD 8.69) is marinated chicken thigh wrapped in pandan leaves served with sweet tamarind sauce. I liked this second to the Pla Krapong Sam Rod. It was a bit sweet, tasted a little bit like inasal to me. It is wrapped in pandan so it took some unwrapping before we got to the chicken. Not that I mind the effort, I even thought the presentation is interesting.

Spring Rolls, this I don't like, not then, not now. I had spring rolls in other restos before and I have always thought it weird. I'm like why would you put pansit inside a lumpia? Lol. Yeah, not for me.

I like prawn, grill it, fry it, steam it, stew it, I'd eat it. So it was easy for me to enjoy Tom Yung Goong (PHP 520 - USD 10.73), which is spicy hot and sour prawn soup.

I heard that Thai food is spicy, but none of the dishes were spicy. I'm not sure if they were and I just didn't notice because they're not just hot enough for me (you see I'm a fan of spicy food), I don't know.

My final verdict is, Mango Tree serves decent food, they do have courteous staff, the place looks nice, but I am still not convinced that Thai food should be one of my favorite cuisines. Maybe I just haven't been to a resto where they serve really good Thai food, maybe the Thai restos here are different from the ones you can find in Thailand, or maybe Thai food is not just for me. I am saying maybe because I am not going to make up my mind until I've gone to Thailand and eat authentic Thai food. Based on my experience in Japan, Japanese food in the country of its origin tasted tenfold better than their local counterpart. So maybe it's the same with Thailand so I am not giving up yet. But for now, I'd give Mango Tree a 3 out 5. I think it's okay, just not blown away is all.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Rendezvoos at Mango Tree --- unsupervised edition! Quite unusual for Peanut D, Odell R, and company not to be there, but it was an experience nonetheless! Was here with the usual suspects (Clarissa P, Jairus d, Mary Love S, Reich T, Roy T, Ruth D, Ruth S and too bad Sandra Y had to turn back due to the horrendous rain caused traffic), so it was both a delicious and fun evening!

It's my first time at this branch, which is apparently their main branch (I'd been to both Trinoma and Greenbelt branches which are under Mango Tree Bistro, the main differences of which are that MT Bistro, 1) has a more casual set-up, and 2) has a slightly different menu from Mango Tree which has more choices). I was in awe of this Mango Tree. It has high ceilings, and its interiors contain many Thai inspired decorations and elements -- really serious stuff. It's among the more formal places I've been to not located within a hotel, and probably the most upscale Thai resto I've seen yet (and I've been to Thailand, worked there for the better part of 2 years actually, so I've seen my fair share). The ground floor alone already seats over 100, and they have a 2nd floor section for maybe 50 or so people so this place can fit almost 200 people. Wow. They feature 2 authentic Thai chefs so they definitely know their stuff.

We were greeted by the restaurant's GM, Karen, and the group of restaurants' Marketing officer, Betsy. Betsy stayed with us the entire evening so it was great that we could pick her brain about Mango Tree's best sellers, and also discover their other businesses. I was happy to find out that their owners also brought here Genki Sushi, which we tried already, Coca, another Thai resto that was a fave of mine in Bangkok, (it's got a hotpot option), Slappy Cakes (breakfast place), and lastly, a relatively new resto I've been wanting to try, Cocina Peruvia.

Back to our fabulous Thai dining experience…

We started with Miang Kham, which is an appetizer featuring various ingredients which you put together and wrap in a sesame leaf. You choose which ingredients to put in, of course. Choices include crispy coconut, savoury herbs, peanuts, dried shrimp, chilis, lime, onions and other veggies. Top it off with the sweet sour tamarind sauce. I tried the version without chili and with chili and found I prefer the chili version coz it lessened the bitter taste of the sesame leaf. I'd have preferred a less bitter leaf as a wrap instead of using the sesame leaf. It's my first time to try this type of Thai appetizer, so I appreciated the experience. Rating: 3/5

Personally, I'd recommend other colds appetizers like the pomelo salad (Yum Som O) or crispy catfish flakes with mango salad (Yum Pla Duk Fu) or, for the hot appetizers, I'd recommend their Deep fried spring rolls (Po Pia Goong) or Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes (Tod Mun Goong), both served with sweet chili sauce. Plus, of course, their Gar Hor Bai Toey (chicken in pandan leaves served with sweet tamarind sauce) which is among their starters but I've gotten used to this as a main dish.

This was followed by Tom Kha Gai, which is sweet and sour young coconut milk (gata) and galangal (a root that's kind of like ginger) with chicken. Right amount of heat, great starting burst of sweet then sour taste, good for sharing. Mango Tree has many offerings of soup and curry dishes, so it depends on your taste preference. Make sure you ask whether the dish has a certain degree of heat to it or not. I'd rate this a solid 3/5. To explain and to be honest, I've always been biased against soup (ramen excluded), hence the rating. But I like Mango Tree's variety of soup plus this dish's flavors are pretty consistent with what I know to be authentic Thai so kudos to their chef. I'd probably skip the soup and go straight to a few of their curry dishes like Choo Chee Goong Mare Nam (prawns topped with red curry and kaffir lime), or Panang Nua (beef in panang curry sauce with kaffir lime). I find that lime mixes well with curry as a way to counter the cloying effect of curry.

The clear winner for me is their Stir-fried fresh mud crab with onion and yellow curry powder, or Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree. You can opt to serve this whole crab (with shell) or meat only. As someone who abhors removing the shell from his beloved shellfish, I'd go with the meat only version.128523 The yellow curry is only barely spicy, and there's a tinge of sweetness to this. Absolutely amazing, I could have eaten this all evening. At P980, though, it's tied for the most pricey dish of our evening. But I believe that the protein (crab) and the quantity of crab makes this worth the price of admission. I'd rate this a 5/5, for sure!

Mango Tree also serves a variety of options related to the Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree, which are a stir fried prawns (instead of crab) version, or baked crabs on noodles or crab with roasted chili paste. Mango Tree has many options for seafood lovers looking to spice up their preferred seafood, the Thai way. Also, other proteins like beef and chicken are there for you to choose.

Equally of note is their Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now, (also P980), which is steamed sea bass with fresh garlic, chili and lime sauce. Now this is pretty awesome, too. Another winning dish. Soft, moist, flavorful sea bass (one of my favorite types of fish), mixed with enough garlic and its own marinade to be a winning dish, best paired with Pineapple Rice (which we also got to try!), while the above-mentioned Crab best works with plain rice. The sea bass is also deserving of a 5/5.

Alternatively, worth trying are their Talay Phad Prik Thai Dum (seafood in black pepper sauce) and Gai Phad Med Ma-Maung (stir fried chicken with cashew nuts). Mango Tree has a ridiculous abundance of choices in its Thai Specialty part of the menu.

Aside from the aforementioned and truly great-tasting Pineapple fried rice with chicken (Khao Ob Supparod), they also served a Thai staple, Phad Thai noodles. Described as Thai stir fried rice noodles with mixed vegetables and tofu, I found their version a little too sweet for my taste, plus it had too much tofu. Verdict: a 4.5/5 for the pineapple rice and just a 3/5 for the Phad Thai noodles. I'd be curious to try their other noodles like Phad See Iw Gai (stir fried noodles in soy sauce) with chicken or Phad See Iw Goong (same, but with tiger prawns instead of chicken) alternatively, since these are more savory. Plus they have rice with crab meat, or rice with shrimp paste (bagoong) which is also a Thai staple.

For dessert, though I was super full, we had:

Khao Niew Ma Muang or ripe fresh mango with sticky rice (it seemed like they use brown rice but it still worked out fine). A 4/5.

Plus I asked for Tako Khao Phod which is coconut custard with sweet corn. I've had better so this was just okay for me, 3/5. Sorry, wrong order as they had so much more Thai desserts.

The ambience of the place is a 5/5. Intimidating upon an initial look, but I noticed that they allowed some guests in shorts so I guess it's not strict in its dress code. Service was also superb as their staff were warm and attentive, plus they spent time in explaining some dishes to us both in ingredients and how best to consume. So, Mango Tree has done a great job in training their staff to maintain a high level of professionalism.

We also got to try Mango Tree's cocktails, a mango drink mixed with Hennessey (just so so cause they used canned mango juice which was easy to detect), but this was offset by my next order, a spicy margarita that was pretty darned good! Also got to try their iced coffee and thai tea, both mixed with milk. The iced coffee was decent but I don't take my coffee in milk anymore so it was fine, but their Thai milk tea was better.

Overall, Mango Tree remains to be among the top Thai restaurants in the Metro area. The price tag comes with the territory, but I think that the dishes are priced rather well for the service, ambience and quality that you get. 128526

Thanks for the invite, |looloo! Though late, I spent a great deal on this review. Whew. 128549

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Last week's looloo rendezvoos was courtesy of Mango Tree. Thank you looloo Crew for extending the invitation to us, and of course to MT's Betsy and Karen for hosting us. As expected it was a fun night full of food and daldalan. 128514

These were the dishes served to us:

🔹 Miang Kham. This is an interactive appetizer which I liked. Miang Kham, which directly translates to "one bite wrap" is a traditional Thai snack. At Mango Tree, they will serve the ingredients (coconut, nuts, chili, onions, citrus, ginger, shrimp) then you'll have to wrap them in one leaf. The sesame leaves they use are both bitter and minty.

🔹 Tom Kha Gai. Sweet and sour soup with coconut milk and chicken. I was pleasantly surprised with this dish. It was a little sweet, a little sour, a little hot, but it was bursting with so much flavors. Chicken's already chopped so it's easy to share and eat.

🔹 Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree. Stir-fried fresh crab with onion and yellow curry powder. What can I say. I'm a fan of this dish! Yellow curry has a toned down spiciness so it was pretty much tolerable for me. And the crab was so tasty. I miss it already. 128514 For this dish, you have the option to have the crab whole or just have the meat.

🔹 Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now. Steamed sea bass with fresh garlic, chili, and lime sauce. This was too spicy for me so I did not get to enjoy it that much.

🔹 Phad Thai Goong. Thai stir-fried rice noodle with prawns. Phad Thai is probably the most popular Thai dish I know of. 128514 The others found it a bit too sweet but it was just right for me.

🔹 Khao Ob Supparod. Pineapple fried rice with chicken. This was good too. I didn't notice if there were a lot of chicken though. It has a very very very very very subtle curry taste, FYI. Just in case someone needs to know that. 128514

🔹 Tako Khao Phod. One of 2 desserts served to us. This is coconut custard with sweet corn. I didn't like it that much, only because it's not something I prefer as a dessert.

🔹 Khao Niew Ma Muang. Ripe fresh mango with sweetened sticky rice. Well, you know Asians. Carbs for dessert! Mango Tree uses black rice though, if that helps. 128517 Can't go wrong with this one. Delish!

The place looks really fancy and upscale so we were surprised when Betsy said it's just a casual dining place. Prices are definitely not cheap too so it's not exactly a place for everyday lunch. Serving size is for sharing though. 128513 But, I'd definitely go back just for that Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree. 128514

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos on a Thursday night in one of the high end restaurants in BHS Central offering Thai food, G! I love Thai cuisine - the curry, the heat, the chili, coconut milk and CILANTRO! This herb calms my soul and my taste buds love it! This invite was an automatic YES for me.

Got to the place just in time for dinner. Karen and Betsy welcomed us that night. Betsy, their Marketing Manger, stayed with us the entire time and we liked how chatty and fun she was.

We started the night with our choice drinks and I immediately got myself a glass of Thai Iced Tea which I absolutely loved! Cold and refreshing, it had the signature bitterness coming from the brewed Ceylon Tea, sweetened by condensed milk. I can go for seconds!

I also got the chance to try the cocktails chosen by Reich T. and Abe C. --

Chili Mojito for 250Php

White rum, lemon juice and soda with mint and chopped red chili - I tell you, this was good! The chili will not kick right away and will catch you down your throat. Refreshing and something different.

Hennessy Mango Lemonade for 350Php

One of their special cocktail, this didn't have a strong alcohol kick but was refreshing nonetheless, thanks to the mango concentrate that it came with.

Miang Kham for 380Php

Onto the food, they had us try their best selling appetizer - Miang Kham. It's a do it your own kind of appetizer with all the components served separately. You need to assemble one for you to enjoy - which was kinda fun. Fold a sesame leaf to resemble an envelope and fill the pocket with the ingredients - Miangkam sauce > toasted coconut > lime > peanuts > ginger and onion > dried shrimps and more Miangkam sauce. Fold the leaf to keep all the ingredients inside and dunk the whole thing into your mouth! As you take a bite, an explosion of flavors will greet you. The strong minty profile of the leaf, a combination of textures and a play of sweet and salty flavors. I loved this!

Tom Kha Gai for 420Php

Then we tried their Tom Kha Gai which was like Tom Yum but had coconut milk. It's the kind of soup that I can have every night! It was sour with some sweetness, lots of tender chicken chunks, mushrooms, some chili oil, strong ginger and lots of cilantro.

Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree for 980Php

After a hearty soup, the star of the feast was served - Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree. A bowl big enough for sharing, this dish had generous heaping of crab meat! Stir-fried with some onions, yellow curry and chili, the strong crab flavor made this dish delightful. I'm telling you, this could make you eat a lot of rice!

Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now for 980Php

Another star of the night, at least for me, was the steamed sea bass - Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now. A whole sea bass that was steamed with nothing but fresh garlic, chili, lime and cilantro. This was super good I wasn't able to stop eating. I loved the sour soup, the strong cilantro, the perfectly steamed fish that was soft and sweet. If you like fish dishes, I urge you to try this. Huge serving, I'm sure your family will love this too!

Khao Ob Supparod for 550Php

We also got to try their Pineapple Fried Rice - Khao Ob Supparod. Served in a pineapple boat, it had some veggies, raisins, chicken chunks, pineapple bits and mild curry. It's sweetness was from the fruit and can be eaten without any viand.

Phad Thai Goong for 480Php

Eating in a Thai restaurant will never be complete without a serving of Phad Thai. beautifully plated with plump and juicy prawns, this was just okay. It had all the Phad Thai essentials but a bit too much tofu and was a tad sweet for my liking.

For dessert, we had the following --

Khao Niew Ma Muang for 280Php

My favorite Thai dessert - Mango Sticky Rice! I love the combination of the tropical flavors - refreshing ripe mangoes x coconut milk - super good! Mango Tree's version used black rice for the sweetened sticky rice. It worked! I liked that the sticky rice wasn't very sticky and that the coconut milk sauce was thick and rich.

Tako Khao Phod for 220Php

It was my first time, however, to try this Thai dessert - Tako Khao Phod - and I loved it too! Squares of coconut custard wrapped in pandan leaves with sweet corn kernels - I loved that the coconut custard was light and had just the right amount of cream. Also loved the crunchy squares at the bottom - they added texture to the dessert.

Before we ended the lovely dinner, we asked for some Thai Iced Coffee. The strong coffee was somehow masked by the sweet milk. Not bad but I will choose the Thai Iced Tea over this at any time.

It was indeed a great dinner! Loved the ambiance of the place and the food! Their price range is on the higher scale but the portions and quality of food will definitely make up for it.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Still can't get over how good and awesome and amazing our dinner was the other night at Mango Tree!!! As in, OMG!!!!! 12852512856312855710084

When it comes to Thai cuisine, the only dishes I am familiar with are the usual Pad Thai, Pomelo Salad, Chicken Pandan, and the Mango & Sticky Rice. I never knew that there are still a lot of other surprisingly good and yummy Thai food that are super YUMMY. Just like the ones they served us that night.

Started the night with Karen and Betsy introducing Mango Tree to us. They shared stories and information about Mango Tree. Explained how this branch is different from the other Mango Tree Bistros. And ended the "introduction" with a note or a warning? --> We'll be eating A LOT. (and yup, we did! 128563128565)

Firstly, we all ordered drinks. While most tried the cocktails, I decided to try the Tropical Cooler (Php200). The drink was very refreshing and I liked that it was not that sweet. 127865

Then one by one, the dishes were served to us.

First was the MIANG KHAM. At first, I thought this was just a side dish or we'll use them to wrap something. But nope. Miang Kham or everything in one bite is a "popular" Thai appetizer. A good and unique way of starting a great Thai dinner. For some, this can already be considered as a meal especially for vegetarians. Basically, you wrap everything, all of the ingredients inside the leaf and bite it. All at once. And let it surprise your mouth with awesomeness! 12856312787810024 This was so good! As simple as it may look, this was exploding with so much flavor. Spicy, citrusy, salty, crunchy and YUMMY!! For something new and unique, you should definitely try this one. 128077🏼

Next was the soup. TOM KAH GAI or sweet and sour coconut milk and galangal soup with chicken and mushroom. It was tasty. What I liked about this soup (aside from the generous amount of huge chicken chunks added) was the fact that the taste was clean? -- it was not malansa, no weird aftertaste. I'm like eating chicken noodle soup (sopas) but Thai version and minus the noodles! 128517128518128586

After a couple of minutes, they served my favorite!!! I think this was everyone's favorite!! 128153128154128155128156

POO PHAD PHONG KAREE or Crab meat with yellow curry, onions and chili. Not a fan of curry but omg, this was sooooo good. As in! SOLID!!!!!!!!!! Nakakaiyak yung sarap 128557128557 (and presyo niya! 128514128517). NO LONG EXPLANATION NEEDED. Just please order this. It may be pricey but omg, super worth it!! I swear!!! Okay? You're welcome. 128513128076🏼

The crab was already enough. More than enough to make everyone super happy but just after a few minutes, they served us the PLA KRAPONG NEUNG MA NOW. Steamed sea bass with garlic, basil, chili and lime. The fish was good. It may look plain and too simple but the simplicity of the dish made it so much better. The spicy lime sauce was so good and spicy!!! 128525128563 It added a different level of awesomeness to the fish.

Of course, with dishes that good and flavorful, you just can't help but ask for some (or a lot of) rice to eat it with. 128563 You can ask for plain rice which pairs perfectly with the oh so delicious crab (the rice is unlimited, btw. You just need to ask.) Or in our case, Betsy let us try the KAO OB SUPAROD or the Pineapple Rice. Was surprised that this is a Thai dish. The only time I was able to eat pineapple rice was in a Chinese restaurant. 128517 I don't eat rice that much anymore but can't help not to try this one. Loved the sweetness of the rice. Can already be enjoyed on it's own but it paired well with the fish. Sarap!!! Plus the presentation was really pretty. 1285131285259786

And last but not the least, the PHAD THAI GOONG. Loaded with fried tofu and prawns. This was good but not super yummy. But it looks really really nice! 128525128076🏼

To end our feast, Betsy ordered 2 desserts for us to try.

TAKO KHAO PHOD. First time trying this and it was surprisingly good. Soft custard with coconut and sweet corn and other ingredients I can't figure out. Have to agree with Reich that this is like our very own Maja Mais but Thai version. 128518

KHAW NIEW MA WUANG or the Sticky rice with coconut and ripe mangoes. This was goooood! The mangoes, super sweet and the slices were huge!!! The rice was flavorful but was just too heavy. Best to share this with someone. 128077🏼

Mary Love S and I decided to try the Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee, as well. Between the two, we liked the Iced Tea more than the coffee. It tastes like your usual milk tea but better. A bit sweet but still good. 128077🏼

Service was excellent. Everyone was so warm and helpful. Our server was super nice and even game to help us with our photo requests. 128517

It was a goooood and fun and awesome night with the bests! Nice to finally meet you, Roy! 128513 Mary Love S Ruth D Jairus d Reich T Clarissa P Roy T Abe C

Thank youu thank you thank you, looloo (Peanut D) and Mango Tree (to Karen and to the super nice and friendly, Betsy) for making our tummies full and oh soooo happy!!! 128076🏼 To more rendevoos and eat ups!! 128518128513128077🏼

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

I got an invite to another looloo rendezvoos with my favorite people on the app and this time it was sponsored by Mango Tree!

Thai cusine is an unchartered territory that I'm inclined to explore. The strong aromatic flavors with Thai's distinct take on combining sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors made it internationally famous. It's about time I try a couple of dishes and get acquainted with the taste.

Enter Mango Tree!

It's a casual fine dining Thai restaurant from the Mother Spice Food Corp. with branches in BGC, Quezon City and Makati City. This branch occupies a massive space and more upscale compared to the other two. I wore my favorite long sleeve and caramel brogues to get into Mango Tree's vibe.128526

We were greeted by Betsy (Marketing Officer) and Karen (General Manager). While waiting for the rest of looloo users, we settled and ordered Hennessy infused drinks. I got the one with Mango and Lemonade (P350). The mango and lemonade taste was present with a strong alcohol content. I haven't slept for 22 hours so I got a lil wuzzy after finishing my glass. Oops! 128517

Don't be confused if you can't find some of their dishes in Makati or Trinoma as they only share 60% of their menu with other branches. We got to try the following last Thursday night:

🇹🇭 Miang Kham (380 pesos) - Means everything in one bite. A traditional thai snack with sesame leaves, roasted peanuts, roasted coconut, onion, ginger chili, dried shrimp and a sweet salty sauce made of everything mentioned. The right way to eat this is to wrap a small portion of the ingredients in the sesame leaf along with the sauce. The combination is a thai cuisine party in my mouth. All the flavors are wonderfully harmonized by the sauce. Each bite is refreshing and an awesome appetizer to start our night.

🇹🇭 Tom Kha Gai or Goong (480 pesos) - Think of Tom Yum but with milk and chicken strips. I'm a huge fan of coconut milk and creamy soups so this is a major win for me! The spicy kick was just enough for me to finish my share.

🇹🇭 Poo Phad Phong Karee (980 pesos) - Stir fried crab meats with onion and curry powder. The taste is light and creamy. I would have liked this if not for my hate with curry.

🇹🇭 Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now (980 pesos) - Steamed Sea Bass with fresh garlic, chili and lime sauce. This was my first time to try sea bass and I loved it. It's delicate and yummy! The soup was quite tangy thanks to the lime sauce. My mom would definitely loved this dish.

🇹🇭 Kao Ob Suparod (550 pesos) - It's a Thai fried dish with pineapple. I liked the idea of the rice being placed in an actual pineapple. I would have loved this if not for the curry taste.

🇹🇭 Phad Thai Goong (480 pesos) - Stir fried noodles with prawns. I had my first pad thai from Sen Lek and this was almost the same in taste but Sen Lek was way cheaper.

🇹🇭 Tako Khao Pad (220 pesos) - Coconut custard with corn. It's similar to our very own maja blanca but the texture is silkier with light taste of sweetness.

🇹🇭 Khaw Niew Ma Wuang (280 pesos) - Ripe mango with sweet sticky rice. I loved this dessert! The mango was sweet and perfectly paired with the sticky rice that was cooked to my liking.

All in all, I enjoyed the dinner! Good plating, awesome flavors and commendable customer service. Betsy was on her A-game too! Thank you Mango Tree!

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

This is my fifth |oo|oo RendezvOOz since i switched from inactive to active status. Receiving emails from Peanut D makes me feel like a kid on the eve of Christmas.  I got weally excited when i found out that I'll be spending my Thursday night with #TheUsualSuspects at Mango Tree.  Thai food,  baby!

I always pass by BHS Central,  i sort of memorized the establishments on each block.  Some survived,  some didnt.  Mango Tree is still standing strong albeit the changes. 

This marks my second time to dine here.  We were greeted by Karen and Betsy.  They gave us the lowdown of the restaurant's history.  This branch is the third in the metro, the sister and the cousin lives in QC and Makati.  The relatives is on the Bistro side while this branch's concept is casual dining.  I find it hard to believe,  as the interior screams fine dining.  Modern furniture,  usage of earth tones,  dim lighting and the mighty high ceilings.

Karen offered cocktails while we wait for ze others to arrive.  I picked Chili Mojito as this is one of their bestsellers.   The last time I've had a cocktail was eons ago,  i dunno how one tastes like.  I gotta say that the mojito is smooth with a chili kick.  Anything with chili is fine by me. 

Some settled on Hennessy infused drinks,  some had juice,  others had something with caffeine in it.  On to the food,  shall we?

| Miang Kham.  Php 380.  Loosely translates to everything in one bite.  This dish comprises of sesame leaves,  miang kham sauce (made of tamarind, palm sugar and shrimp paste),  roasted coconut,  lime,  chili,  peanut,  ginger, onion,  dried shrimp.  Ze dish is more on the interactive side as you have to make a pocket thingy made of sesame leaves.  Think of a miniature shawarma.  Our server,  Jake was really patient with all of questions.  He made dem sesame pockets for us.  The leafy taste is too pronounced,  the sauce neutralises the flavor.  Peanuts for the crunch,  dried shrimp for a lil salt,  lime for a lil tang,  red chillies for a lil spice.  It is a symphony of flavors, an explosion of flavors on each bite.

| Tom Kah Gai or Goong.  Php 480.  Sweet and sour coconut milk and galangal soup with chicken.  It looks like a work of art,  excellent color contrast.  As for the taste, think of Tom Yum with coconut milk.  This is just okay as i aint a fan of Tom Yum.  There were generous chunks of chicken though. 

| Poo Phad Phong Karee.  Php 980.  Stir fried fresh crab with onion and yellow curry powder.  Man,  this is the highlight of dinner.  Everyone liked this dish (except for Jairus d - he is not fond of anything with curry,  personal preference).  I usually skip crab whenever I'm dining out as I am not fond of removing shells.  This dish is perfect for lazy diners as you don't have to get your hands dirty.  Get some rice on the side and you're all set.  The crab meat is sweet and goes well with the yellow curry. 

| Pla krapong neung ma now.  Php 980. Steamed sea bass with fresh garlic,  fresh hot basil,  chili and lime sauce.   The sea bass is dynamite!  The simplicity of the dish made the fish stand out.

| Kao Ob Suparod.  Php 550.  No,  I am not chanting some sort of incantation.  This is ze pineapple fried rice.  This is the prettiest of em all.  Pineapple infused fried rice with chicken encased in ze actual fruit.  Cute eh?  Aesthetics aside,  this is full flavored and can be eaten sans any viand. 

| Phad Thai Goong.  Php 480.  Thai stir fried rice noodles with prawns.  This is one of the dishes that i can eat repeatedly.  Sad to say,  MT version is mediocre.  Too sweet for my liking and with a price tag of close to php 500,  i was expecting to be blown away. 

| Tako Khao phod.  Php 220.  Coconut custard with sweet corn.  Think of this as Maja Blanca Thai style.  The custard is light,  creamy and not too sweet.  Me likey this,  as it is subtle and simple. 

| Khaw Niew Ma Wuang.  Php 280. Ripe fresh mango served with sweet sticky rice.  Mangga at  Suman ng Thailand, need I say more?

Dinner was fantastic.  Betsy was an amazing host,  she answered all of our questions.  The service was outstanding,  servers were attentive and friendly.  Everyone had a grand time.  I had a grand time,  Mango Tree,  thank you for your generosity. 

Fun night as always. Abe C Roy T Ruth D Ruth S Mary Love S Clarissa P Jairus d #TheUsualSuspects

We missed you Sandra Y

Note: Fish photo taken by Abe.

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

An email from Peanut D. will always get every active |ooloo reviewer excited, because it means r-e-n-d-e-z-v-o-o-s! 127881

Because of my super busy work sched, I had no choice but to turn down some invites during the first quarter, this one almost because of schedule craziness, but thankfully the odds were in my favor and I was able to attend. 128077🏻

More excitement happened when I learned it's going to be sponsored by Mango Tree in BGC. I have always seen them as the this romantic, quiet, and fine dining restaurant in High Street, always passed through their shop when I visit BHS, never got to try them, only their Trinoma branch. Apparently, they are more of a casual dining restaurant as per Betsy, their marketing officer. Trivia for the night. It must be the general ambience that’s making their store intimidating. 128517

Mango Tree Cafe specializes on Thai food. This branch, being their flagship store, have menu items that are exclusive.. meaning they're not in Trinoma and Greenbelt branches.

Karen, Mango Tree’s general manager, and Betsy, marketing head/officer, were there to welcome us. These two were really friendly and the group had no awkward moment or whatsoever throughout the whole course. Learned a lot about their company and future plans!

We were first asked to choose our drinks while waiting for the other reviewers to arrive. I got the HENNESSY GINGER MOJITO (350PHP) and I liked it. A subtle taste of ginger and the usual mojito alcohol kick. Great starter, yes!

Next, our appetizers arrived. It was my first time to try MIANG KHAM (380PHP) and it’s composed of crispy coconut, roasted peanuts, diced lemons, onion, and ginger, dried shrimps, sliced chilis, with their chutney sauce. So how does one eat this dish? You get a sesame leaf, fold it as if you’re making a shawarma or burrito, and then add a bit of each of the toppings I mentioned. last, you add the chutney sauce, which had this sweet and a bit spicy flavor to it, finish the treat by wrapping them using the remaining leaves, and eat it. All I can say is, this was a bomb full of flavors. Sweet tangy-sour spicy and etc etc! fireworks in my mouth. :)) This is a good try! add more chili to add more spice and heat to your life.

TOM KHA GAI (480PHP) arrived next. This soup is like Tom Yum’s cousin only that this has coconut milk in it. We got the Chicken version, “gai” in Thai meaning chicken. Trivia by Betsy. 128077🏻 Overall, I liked this soup dish. It had that sweet and sour taste, a battle between them Thai spices and coconut milk. Note that this had a spicy kick, I think brought by the ginger, which did not really linger. You may also opt for prawns (goong) for this soup.

The next dish, I think, was the highlight for my Mango Tree experience! POO PHAD PHONG KA REE (980PHP) or in English, CRAB MEAT IN YELLOW CURRY, was my favorite! I love seafood and crab, in particular, is something I enjoy except for the hassle and mess one would get when eating it. I don’t usually order crabs in restaurants except for the specialty restaurants because of the mess. I usually have them cooked at home so that I can have all the messy eating I want. Hahaha! Imagine my happiness about this dish, they actually removed the meat already! HEAVEN. They stir-fry the crab meat with onion and add yellow curry then some egg and spices. I loved how it was not spicy but just a slight kick. 128525 Be sure to have lots of plain rice for this. Best with plain to appreciate the flavor more.

PLA KRAPONG NEUNG MA NOW (980PHP) or STEAMED SEA BASS was also good! It was served in this portable heater to maintain it’s temp. I’m not that a big fan of steamed fishes but this was generally good. It had a kick of spice at first bite, I think brought by the ginger. Again, it’s not one that lingers, unlike those usually brought by chili-spicy. The serving is huge. I liked how not too bony this fish is.

KHAO OB SUPPAROD (550PHP) or PINEAPPLE RICE came next. Pineapple is usually automatically associated with Thai food, in my impression, so this one’s something we should not miss. I was looking for some striking taste, which made me not appreciate it that much. It was an okay. I can’t really compare it with other pineapple rice because I’m not that versed with Thai food. 128517 It’s still a good dish to try though! Presentation is superb!

PHAD THAI GOONG (480PHP), the all famous Thai rice noodle dish, stir-fried with prawns is a must-try in all Thai restos. Again, I remember visiting a lot of Thai restos to try to see what makes Phad Thai something people crave. I’m not that into these noodles actually. Again, I’m usually looking for something striking and I don’t usually find it in them. I can see that it was really good from my friends’ faces, so you guys have to try! Presentation and preparation looked really good! Worth every penny especially if you’re a Thai food person. 128521

We were very very full after the previous dishes. Thank God it was time for desserts and we will always have an extra compartment in our tummies.

KHAO NIEW MA MUANG (280PHP), the famous SWEET MANGO STICKY RICE was super good! I loved the plating, the taste, and everything about this. Four big slices of ripe mango and a cup of their sticky red rice. A must-try!

TAKO KHAO PHOD (220PHP) was the last dessert served. Coconut custard with sweet corn which had this close resemblance to our maja blanca, only that this is composed of two layers. A more translucent sweet part and a solid white coconut milk layer, these two sandwich-ing a layer of sweet corn. Good dessert!

For drinks, I also tried their Thai Iced Tea which I highly recommend! Super good! I got a bit confused why they call it Iced Tea when I’m used to calling it Thai Milk Tea. 128514

A solid 4 stars for Mango Tree Cafe for me. 4 because they served us really good and authentic Thai food, the food presentation and plating were all nice, the ambience superb with the high ceiling and dim lighting, the good service, and the good serving size. We were all too full after the meal. Prices are not cheap but I think they justified the price with all the mentioned good points. Not an everyday meal you get in Mango Tree, but you can save them in your special occasions list! 128077🏻

Thanks again to looloo and the Mango Tree Cafe group, Karen, and Betsy for the fun and filling night! 128512128512

Again a fun day with the gang. Thanks Ruth D. Abe C. Clarissa P. Reich T. Mary Love S. Jairus d. and it was nice to finally meet you BabyRuth S.! 128512

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I always get so giddy whenever I see an email from Peanut D. It always mean great news and by great news, I mean yummy treats! This time, the email was all about a rendezvoos in Mango Tree. We were advised to wear something a bit more formal. But given the humidity of Manila, I simply could not sport a blazer.

Hello, Mango Tree!

It does have a fancy feel to it with its dim lighting and dark colored interiors. No wonder we were told to dress nicely. We would get so out of place if we dine here wearing shorts and flip flops. But they do not enforce any dress code so you're okay to wear whatever you want. (Actually, I have been here before for a shoot with the late OK! Magazine staff for our annual editorial shoot but we only had a few drinks then which I vaguely remembered to be strong.)

The group was already pigging out together as early as 3 p.m. in Makati for another event but we left a huge tummy space for the feast that was prepared for us. It was perfect too as I was craving for some Thai dishes.

While waiting for the feast, I ordered Hennessy Mango Lemonade (PHP350) and it was served in less than 5 minutes.

The taste of Hennessy was evident but it was complemented by the sweet taste of mango juice. Abe C pointed though that the mango taste reminded him of canned juice. But I liked it!

The appetizer Miang Kham (PHP380) was served next and it looked like a feast for vegetarians. True enough, this dish is loved by veggie lovers. It also means everything in one bite and I will tell you why in a bit.

One order comes with dried coconuts, lemon, chili, ginger, peanuts, onions, sesame leaves and chutney sauce which is a combination of shrimp paste, ginger and palm sugar.

The wait staff showed us how to stuff every ingredient inside the sesame leaf and I failed when I tried as I put too much in my leafy cone. Taste-wise, it was a lovely harmony of flavors. It was refreshing because of the sesame leaves (though a tad rough in terms of texture) and lemon bits. I sparingly put ginger and skipped the chili as I am not fond of spicy food. I stuffed a lot of peanuts though for added crunch.

Tom Kha Gai (PHP480) was served next and I was worried that it'll be spicy. I was so happy that it was mild. It was tolerable that I easily finished my bowl of sweet and sour coconut milk and galangal soup with chicken and was even craving for more!

The star of the night for me was the Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree (PHP980). The stir-fried fresh crab with onions and yellow curry powder was so delectable that I had several spoonfuls of this. It is best enjoyed with rice as it could be cloying if eaten alone. You could order this dish with the whole crab (with shell and all) or just the meat. It is best to order it with just the meat though to avoid the pain of cracking and peeling the shell.

The curry taste was not as strong as I thought. It actually reminded me of "tortang alimasag" only this one was saucier. The onion bits added crunch to the dish which I liked.

Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now (PHP980) is one of Mango Tree's bestsellers and it sure deserves to be one. The scrumptious steamed sea bass was a piece of seafood heaven. The taste of the fish was light and was well complemented by the garlic, chili and lime flavors. The sauce though was too spicy for me.

Pair this dish with Khao Ob Supparod (PHP550) and you have a winner! The pineapple fried rice with chicken and mushrooms was slightly sweet and a nice complement to the huge fish.

We also ordered Iced Thai Coffee and Iced Thai Tea (each glass priced at PHP90) and both were good. I prefer iced tea over coffee though because of it's lovely Thai milk tea taste. The iced coffee was a bit too sweet and I like my coffee slightly bitter.

Our super cool host, Betsy, also ordered desserts namely Khao Niew Ma Muang (PHP280) and Tako Khao Phod (PHP220).

The ripe mango with sticky rice was so good! The rice was firm and was a nice contrast with the soft and sweet mangoes. The mangoes were so sweet that I couldn't resist ask where they source it. Unfortunately, Betsy is not very sure with the exact province but they get a regular supply and delivered via Victory Liner!

The Tako Khao Phod was good too but not as good as the sticky rice. I'm not sure if I was already too full to enjoy this but I wasn't too excited with the coconut custard with sweet corn filling. It was definitely lighter than the former dessert though and more ideal after indulging in a feast.

Overall, it was a spectacular dinner as always! I had a lot of fun and left with a happy tummy. Service was amazing too as the one assigned to our table was game with our ridiculous requests such as holding plates and slowly pouring soup just so we could capture good photos worthy to be featured. 128518

Thanks again, |oo|oo and Mango Tree! 10084️ I'll be back for more of that crab curry!

Fun night Clarissa P Jairus d Ruth D Ruth S Reich T Roy T and Abe C 128518

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April G.
4.0 Stars

My friends think I am a hermit. To rectify my lack of social life, they took me out on a date.

We ended up here.

My first thought was "Wow! Date talaga!"

The ambiance was worthy of a first date. Dim lights, fancy linen, attentive staff, and of course... Good food.

We couldn't make up our mind on appetizers while waiting for my other date. It's was a three-some date. Actually, they're a couple who just took pity on me. Lolz 128514

We ended up with Thai Coffee and Pad Thai first. We let the staff mix it for us bec we're fancy and lazy like that. Good decision as the way the lady mixed the pad thai and added the chili and lime juice was just right!

When my buddy's girlfriend arrived, we ordered the ff:

Spring rolls- unmemorable. Was ok.

Papaya salad- man this was HOT128293128293128293 and we loved every bit! The crunch of the papaya was a great contrast to the spiciness. Sarap!

Satay- was good. But also unmemorable.

Massaman Curry- sublime. Like Indian Buttered chicken but I can't put a finger on it why it's so darn good... Lalo na with Jasmine Rice. Huhu. #fatnessfirst lick your plate good!

Red sticky rice with mango- this was very yummy. The fact that the General Manager gave this dish complimentary made it all the more yummy!

Can't review the price as it was a date. So my dates paid. Harhar.

Will def be back!

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3.0 Stars

It's my sister's birthday and she plan to go out with family to celebrate. We had our lunch at Mango Tree Bistro - BGC Branch.

While waiting for them, we order the following Thai known bestsellers cuisines:

Pomelo Salad - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Tom Kha Gai
(Sweet and Sour Coconut Milk Chicken Soup) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Hot and Sour Prawn Soup) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Phad Thai Gai - 110881108811088️ 3/5

Chicken Satay - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Pandan Chicken - 110881108811088️ 3/5
Bagoong Fried Rice - 1108811088️ 2/5

Kao Niew Ma Muang (Mango with Stcky Rice topped with Coconut Milk) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Tako Kao Phod (Coconut Custard) - 110881108811088️ 3/5

The price of their dishes are too expensive for small serving, especially the Bagoong Rice "OVER PRICE" ang feeling.

Medyo rude yung dating ng waiter nung nagserve pagdating namin sa Mango Tree. Parang may discrimination kaming naramdaman yung pagpasok namin kasi we're not properly in business attire or dress up well, naka shorts lang. 128078🏼128078🏼128078🏼
Mabagal din kumilos. Ilan beses kami humingi ng water... hinde nabibigyan. Wala rin kusang loob maglagay or serve, kailangan pa mag-ask.

Maganda lang yung place pero sa service POOR! at MAHAL! Hinde worth it yung binayad namin na Php 5,300.00+ Mas masarap sa ibang Thai restaurant and reasonable yung presyo. Sayang lang pera... Ambiance lang binayaran mo.

Kala okay dito #loolooapp? 128078🏼128542

Sayang ganda pa naman ng pictures.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #MangoTreeBistro

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Antonio Lorenzo Q.
4.0 Stars

If Thai food were put into international standards, this globally known resto is one way to exemplify it. Don't be fooled by the contemporary interior design of the place, as their Thai specialties are as good as putting your tastebuds on a trip to Bangkok. Of course, their staple Pad Thai and Tom Yum soups are more than worth mentioning. Prices may seem a bit too steep if one may decide to come back here again.

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Louie A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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