Manila Doctor's Hospital

UN Ave., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

Manila Doctor's Hospital
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Trixia C.
4.0 Stars

Okay! This is the reason why I didn't make it to SALT EATUP. 128557

My friend rushed me here because of the severe pain I'm experiencing. Drank 2 pain relievers already but nothing happened. 128555

As we arrived, the nurse even the guards are so hyper to attend my needs.

I just hate the asking of questions part. I wanna tell them like, guys can you do it later because I can't bear the pain anymore. 128557128557128557

Did some test before they told me if they will release me or they need to confine me.

They are so accommodating. 128077128077128077
To think I'm having everything for free! 128076128076128076

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

My mom got admitted last week cause her blood pressure went up so she ending up having an executive check up. I'm giving Manila Doctors 4 starts!!!!! Why?

1) They have wifi. How cool is that

2) The private room and the hospital itself is very neat and clean

3) The nurses are very friendly

4) So many handsome doctors!!! Oops 128514

Minus -1 star because when we were at the ER their services there are kind of slow and their private rooms are all fully booked that day. Good thing someone checked-out thats why we got one.

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Allan D.
4.0 Stars

My mom suffered a mild stroke last monday mainly because of wagyu overload.

At 70yrs old she still eats like a teenager not minding a healthy diet and lives life to the fullest.

Fortunately, she's still able except for a weak left leg ...

We rushed her here at Madox as our doctors are comfortable in this hospital.

Rooms were generally ok but i feel pricier than makati med.

Nurses and staff were genuinely courteous and helpful thus keeping my mom relaxed.

Parking is a bum as i always need to pretend entering Pagcor and have my car parked via valet.

Hopefully wont be back here as i hate hospitals esp if my love ones are involved.

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Paul P.
4.0 Stars

One must see how they send medicines and other medical supplies from the pharmacy to practically wherever (as long as it is within the hospital, of course).

Lots of transparent tubes were installed on the ceiling where the meds are made to pass using (i think) suction or vacuum.

Nice and very efficient.

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