Manila's Best Coffee

Bluebay Walk, EDSA cor. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Manila's Best Coffee
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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We decided to have dessert and our officemate recommended the ice cream from this place that used carabao milk.

The pricing of the ice cream is cheap. Their smallest costs P55 and it was huge (more like large from other ice cream shops). There's also a smaller P35 that I didn't know about until I got my order.

There are two flavors: chocolate and vanilla, but you can have them mixed, which I did and regret. The chocolate tasted so strong and typical, and I wasn't able to taste the vanilla that much. Judging from the little vanilla that I was able to taste, think I would've liked that better.

I'll definitely try just the vanilla next time, I have a huge feeling that it's worth another try.

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

The coffee shop owner must've been so proud to be a Filipino...he used Luz, Viz and Mindanao as drink's sizes and uses Bao ng Buko as condiment's containers! Cool di ba!?! yet the place looks modern and clean.

Hubby tried their Milong Lunti which is a Honeydew drink with cream on top...okay naman. But I think I liked my order more...Toffee Mocha drink.

The staff said you can ask for coffee of your choice for your drink. They have Barako, Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Decaf. Barista used mix coffee of the day for my drink. I still don't know how these coffee differs from each other though... ;)

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Darlene M.
3.0 Stars

After lunch in MOA, Marjorie G suggested that we go for a coffee. Manila's Best Coffee stood out from the other nearby options when she searched Looloo app. It was something that we both haven't tried. It was a bit of a walk from MOA under the afternoon sun so we really appreciated the cold AC inside the cafe. But it turns out that all the tables inside were full. After a few minutes, we finally got seated by the glass wall. Got captivated by the poster of Milong Lunti beside my seat. I initally thought that it was like a Milo Monster drink. Turns out, "Milong" means Melon. Hahaha! So the literal translation is "Green Melon" for Honeydew.

They have 3 drink sizes, Visayas, Luzon, and Mindanao. Visayas is 75php and Mindanao is 95php. I bought a Luzon sized Milong Lunti for 85php.

Topped with a big dose of whipped cream, it was definitely a sweet treat to chase the heat away. Too bad it turned out tasting like melon powder and not the real thing. Still enjoyed it though because it was not overtly sweet.

Everyone seems to be ordering their gelato though so I would definitely like to try that next time.

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Marjorie G.
3.0 Stars

So I told my friend, Darlene M that we go have coffee and that we should pick one that we haven't tried before. So I picked up my phone, opened Looloo, and saw Manila's Best Coffee. What I didn't know is that we have to walk a long way from SM MOA to get there.

It turns out it's located in Bluebay, my first time here by the way. The weather is sweltering and there were no more seats inside so we waited by the al fresco area. Thankfully some customers have left and one of the staff was kind enough to inform us so we were able to get in.

Darlene ordered Milong Lunti, which we mistook for "milo." Turns out it's "melon." I wasn't able to try it but according to her it tastes like melon powder shake. I asked her what the heck does melon powder mean? She quickly explained that it means it doesn't taste like real melon.

I ordered hazelnut frappe. MBC uses carabao milk and the taste is strongly present in this drink.

They also offer kakanin, such as sapin-sapin, bibingka, palitaw, puto, etc. I ordered Ubeng Kakanin (PHP65), unfortunately it wasn't as good as those that you can buy on the street.

MBC also has gelato made from carabao milk, haven't tried that though but I'd sure love to give it a try next time.

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Franz D.
3.0 Stars

This. Is. The. Best. Milk. Chocolate. I. Ever. Tasted.

I had always been a fan of Hot Chocolate. When we recently tried Manila’s Best Coffee, I decided to try their Milk Chocolate. Iced. Funny thing is, their sizes are Vis, Min and Luz. Short for Visayas, Mindanao and Luzon.

They have a wide variety of drinks and another great thing about this Cafè? THEY SERVE NATIVE DELICACIES. SERIOUSLY. So if you happen to be near Blue Bay Walk, do pay a visit. They are very affordable and yummy.


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Carla M.
3.0 Stars

After my cousin's birthday lunch at Dampa, we headed to Bluebay Walk for coffee and desserts. Can't have coffee (booo!) and I would've wanted to order their Ube Bukayo blended drink, but I can't as well because it has milk. 128529 I just had a spoonful of my sister's Vanilla Karalato, their version of gelato but using carabao's milk. It was okay. Creamy, but the taste of the carabao's milk was overpowering. It was nakakaumay so better order one for sharing.

Prices were very affordable. Smallest cup (equivalent to Starbucks' tall) starts at around P70 for the blended drinks, and P55 for the gelato. Venti cup was less than P150! 128561

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Darlene V.
4.0 Stars

If you like it Hot and Cold, you gotta try their Spicy Chocolate Labuyo Blended Drink.

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