Manila's Best Coffee

Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Manila's Best Coffee
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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

There has to be some kind of award I should get for that picture. Hahaha Most Jologs or something. I did that to highlight their magnificent and colorful straws which you can extend by a lot, to a point in which you can pull this off! Honestly, i am super amused by these straws.

I finally got a latte which I really liked. First of all, it's the first drink I tried from their selection wherein I didn't have to add water anymore. The other drinks they offer are just too sweet for me, but nothing a little bit of water can't fix though. If you're looking for something sweeter, just ask for some syrup. So in that sense, you have control on the sweetness level of your drink. Oh, and they still have their buy 1 take 1 promo so only paid 85 pesos to do that heart execution. Haha (unfortunately as of writing this buy 1 take 1 promo is not available anymore, but was able to avail during my visit.)

On top of our drinks, we also tried the Vanilla karaleto. It was very rich! I liked it. If you look at it closely, you'll see the vanilla beans in the sundae. Now that's a sign of its legitimacy. Awesome! Just check it out :)

They do give out a lot of napkins. Might want to give out less moving forward. It was not the first time they gave me a wad of napkins, definitely way more than needed.

On other details though, they do not have wifi. Their location is quite cold. But all in all, a great experience. Looking forward to maybe studying here one of these days! :) yeya!

That's it for now! Take care everyone!

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Eileene C.
4.0 Stars

Let's patronize local coffee! I recommend manila's best coffee:) i always have the dark chocolate mocha espresso. Sooo good and cheaper than starbucks. Their cafe mocha version is only 95 pesos. I hope more branches open. More power to Manila's Best Coffee128155

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Mico C.
3.0 Stars

Manila’s Best Coffee is the newest café in the immediate vicinity of the Alabang Hills Area. It’s located at the first floor of Madison Galeries. Don’t correct me please, that’s how they spel it. Kidding! Haha

An observation of mine as I walked in was that people here seem to really love their coffee. Two individuals had two tall cups each. When I ordered my café mocha and my girlfriend’s caramel macchiato but only paid for one, I found out that they had a promo. Buy one take one on all drinks until September 15. Awesome! That’s a pretty long promo period for a buy 1 take 1. Make you wonder about their margins.

Our drinks took a while to make. They needed 7 extra minutes because they were having problems with their equipment. They got some engineering personnel look at it.

My café mocha was super rich. I found it to be very heavy, very filling. I honestly did not enjoy it as much as my other café mochas. But a little bit of ice and water when I got home did the trick.

I still plan to go back though! They have other flavors which I plan to try.

That’s it for now. Stay mahusay everyone!

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Eboy D.
3.0 Stars

There's a new coffee shop here in Alabang and they serve good, affordable coffee! As an opening promo they are offering buy one get one on all drinks. Yes! On all drinks! And what better news... it is until September 2016.

Why only three stars? Although their interior boasts of local capiz windows turned into ceilling ornament fixtures. I find the seats and seating arrangement too bulky and far between. The lighting was too dark, the watts on the lights may not be appropriate to the total floor area of the cafe, it was not conducive for reading or studying under that dark environment. The staff seemed friendly at first but lacked over all customer interaction. Tried to make small talk but unlike partners in Starbucks or Coffee Bean, they do not know how to make a simple conversation. The drink (pistachio frappe) i ordered although tasted sweet and refreshing (and fattening) did not look anything like the one advertised. The pistachio drink on the photo had whipped cream and pistachio nuts but the one served did not have it.

I may still visit before the promo is over.

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