Manjuyod White Sand Bar

Manjuyod, Negros Oriental

Manjuyod White Sand Bar
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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Manjuyod White Sandbar is a 7 kilometer stretch of white sand with a number of quaint cottages. These are the features why the place is dubbed as the Maldives of the Philippines.

I ​was made aware of its beauty by a friend who insisted to visit the place when we went to Dumaguete last month.

From Dumaguete city, we took a Ceres bus liner to reach Bais City. The trip was more or less one hour. Once in Bais, we bought food in a fastfood chain before riding a tricycle to Capiñan Wharf where local government and private boats are located.

​We secured a middle-sized boat for 3000 pesos.

Before heading to Manjuyod, we made a side trip to go dolphin watching. I believe it was around 9am when we arrived at the famous sandbar. The sand was not as visible as we want it to be but our group enjoyed the pristine color of the water!

There are fishermen selling scallops and sea urchins around the area. We opted for a couple of scallops for 300 pesos. Not sure of the taste as it was my friends who feasted on the grilled sea creatures.

We stayed in Majuyod until 12pm. We swam, took some instagram and profile worthy pictures and marveled at the magnificent view before calling it a day.


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Charlene Clara D.
5.0 Stars

The City of Gentle People #DUMAGUETEway 127754

To make my 2 week annual mandatory leave worthwhile, my friends and I decided to go somewhere different and remarkable 128522

Dumaguete has its hidden tourist spots that were never advertised in social media and other ads unlike Boracay and Palawan.
But truly, you can find peace, beauty, and relaxation in this City.

We've been to Manjuyod White Sandbar, the so called "Maldives of the Philippines" and watched the the dolphins dive and swim 128044

We've been to Balinsasayao Lake, and dropped by the Steamy Mountain while we're on our way to the Red Rock falls where you can swim and have your pictures taken endlessly 128507

We've been also to Tierra Alta Light House and have tasted the delicious Chicken Inasal by Mang Inato and the Native bodbod 128069
And lastly, as they say, never ever leave Dumaguete without trying the butter and chocolate Silvanas. So we went to Sans Rival Bistro for our pasalubong before going back to Manila 128513

Our stay in Dumaguete was indeed unforgettable.
It is somehow expensive but undeniably worth it 128522
One of the locals there told me that I should come back again when I'm with my better half. And I can't wait for that to happen.

See you again soon, Dumaguete! 128522


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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

We went to Dumaguete and stayed in Atmosphere Resort. (More on that on my other review) but another reason why we went to Dumaguete was because we wanted to get to Apo Island and Manjuyod White Sand Bar.

Firstly, it's pronounced as "man-hu-yod" where the j is an h. We booked the trip from Dumaguete which consists of having the van to Bais, and the boat for the actual trip to sea. The tour is actually a whole day tour consisting of the dolphin chasing aside from the actual sand bar.

Bais is a 1.5 to 2 hour ride from our resort, which makes it 45mins to an hour from Dumaguete city proper. The tide dictates which part will happen first, if you'll go chase dolphins first or go to the sandbar before chasing the dolphins.

On the day of our trip, this unfortunately coincided with the "super moon" phenomena recently - this translated to the tide being "extra wavy." We went dolphin chasing first in the morning, what they do is there will be several boats covering the area and the guides call each other when a boat and a dolphin sighting is near to them. So think of having a rough morning out at sea for 3 hours - needless to say it made me really queasy. 128547 To think we decided to pay extra to use the bigger boat! (We did a Kalanggaman trip before on a smaller boat which was a really bad idea.)

The sad part was the 3 hours translated to only 3 dolphins. We later learned that dolphins actually prefer calm seas. (How I wish the guide told us that earlier!)

It was now lunch and we docked in Manjuyod already in one of the cottages there. We had lunch on the boat and waited for the low tide in the middle of the afternoon.

It was so windy that day that we had a hard time taking pictures but we did what we could given the conditions. So, the pictures offer different perspectives of the place. From the boat with a view of a single cottage or a view of the 2 further cottages out at sea or the one where we walked to the middle of the sand bar and took a perspective shot of the area.

Loved how vast the sand bar is and how fine the sand was, you can probably walk for half a kilometer before you'll reach the end of the sandbar! (As you can see from the pictures)

The sandbar definitely made up for that really bad morning out at see. next time, we'll check the forecasts first before agreeing on chasing dolphins! Another tick off the list!

Side Notes:
1. Cottages can be rented and are solar powered! Some even choose to stay overnight.
2. The tide says how much shallow the water will be, on our day it was around 6inches of water only above the sand.
3. Plenty of snails 128026, small alimasag 🦀 and starfish of various sizes scattered.
4. Boatmen approach each boat docked offering fresh sea urchin or oysters freshly caught for the day. (Eat them as is or with vinegar depending on your tolerance level)

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Tei A.
5.0 Stars

This island sandbar is love! Stayed overnight in one of the four cottages. Nice to sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves, catch sunrise and sunset. Water 's calm, pristine and the sand's white.

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

So we got a tour package that includes lunch at Manjuyod Sandbar and dolphin watching we paid 700 each.

This beautiful island during morning is accessible but in the afternoon it isn't anymore due to high tide. It's a great addition to your adventure itinerary when you visit Dumaguete.

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