Mann Hann

UG/F Z-Square Mall, Banawe Ave. cor. Del Monte Ave., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mann Hann
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₱95 - ₱480

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Most Recent Reviews

Carlos L.
4.0 Stars

One of the few remaining chinese restaurants at z square mall, reliable and good food. Fried Squid , salted fish rice and string beans are great, i like also their
Misua ko (vermicelli)

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

I like how mann han transforn from an ordinary chinese restaurant at malls to what it is today, menu abit overhauled while the food are on point chinese. The place, not only at this branch evoke a bright atmosphere with simple and minimalist table and chairs. As usual with chinese restos at manila they serve free table tea.

On this particular visit i ordered:

1. Green Seafood soup - bits and bits of spinach with small slices of squid, shrimp and tofu. The tofu tasted funny, i didnt consume it. Be sure to put some black vinegar on the soup, i promise you it would taste alot better.

2. Cha yuchi - this is a staple chinese food, literally its called sauteed kidney. It was really really good.

Im not exactly sure about the prices but its not expensive here.

Other dishes ive tried that i would recommend:
- clam soup - very very good, halaan.
- ampalaya with beef - ampalaya is not too bitter, beef are tender
- oyster cake - fried omelette oyster, a must order.
- fish with tausi - cant say anything other than yummy.
- salt n pepper pork - 128515128515128515

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Gab R.
4.0 Stars

Lechon Macau... Must try!
Eggplant with Minced Pork... Pleasant surprise! 128522

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Fairly new branch... Super fast service... Generous servings... Nice modern cozy ambiance...Our go to place for great Chinese food!

Ordered our usual staple of Seafood Chami (noodles) , Fried Squid with Chinese Bagoong and our fave, Cha yochi (stir fried Kidhey) 128077128156

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Thea C.
4.0 Stars

Lechon macau 10084

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Jazz Stephen C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Edwin G.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ej M.
4.0 Stars

Great food, good service, good ambience.

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Jamie L.
5.0 Stars

Finally got to eat at Mann Hann after many weeks of failed attempts due to long lines 128515

Even though me and my family frequently at at various chinese restaurants, Mann Hann is definitely in our top 5, especially in terms of serving, taste, and value for money 128077

The servers in this branch were friendly and attentive. Service was also pretty fast which was a really big plus for us because we were so hungry already 128523 Here's a breakdown of what we ordered:

-Seafood Lomi
There was a generous amount of seafood in the lomi. Its wasn't like other restaurants where its all soup, but hardly any noodles or meat and stuff. It was also pretty flavorful, havig the distinct lomi flavor that some places lack (in which they end up being bland)

-Wanton Noodle Soup
This was my sister's order (she's pretty picky with food) and though I didn't get to taste it, judging by the empty bowl she had after, it must've been pretty good.

-Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
It was basically just fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce. Pretty simple, but when done right, its really good, and Mann Hann definitely got it right.

-Salt and Pepper Tofu
This is a staple for my family here in Mann Hann. The tofu is nicely cooked, soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside at the same time. They always manage to get the perfect balance of salt and pepper to give the normally bland tofu just the right amount of spice.

-Salt and Pepper Squid
I liked the way the squid was cooked, soft abd easy to chew. This dish ,though, could use a bit more seasoning as it was a bit bland.

-Bagoong Kangkong
Perfect for those who love salty food like me 128516 It was your typical bagoong kangkong, but since I'm particulalrly biased with saltiness and kangkong I loved this dish.

-Spicy Spareribs
This one got mixed reviews. My brother loved it but my mom thought it was too spicy and nakakaumay na after awhile. They both agreed that the pork was tender though.

Mann Hann always has long lines wherever you put it, and in my opinion, its got quite a well deserved hype 128523

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

Jan 10

The newest mann hann branch is now open in Banawe. It's located inside Z square mall (which has a resemblance with il Terrazzo in Timog near Mother Ignacia)

This is one of the nicest branch i've been to, next to little baguio in San juan of course.128539
The top photo shows the light wooden ceiling and wall with white lights at the end of a long tube...nice idea! 128077

The seat we had was the most comfortable & soft backrest up to the ceiling (in gray) available that is so relaxing and roomy for 2 people! To our left, features the Restaurant's signage in a very bright light! Fab! 128079128079128079

When we arrived at 945pm, almost closing time, and our orders came just within 5minutes! that was fast! 128077

Bihon soup P200- healthy veggies like mushroom & pechay with fish fillet, pork and bihon in soup! 128139
Rice 3 cups for P165,
Fried squid head 285, crunchy and yummy all the time.

Lastly, i couldn't end this review without mentioning how Buko sherbet only 95pesos, tastes better than any buko ice cream i've ever had in my entire life! i super duper uber love the rich buko flavor in it! Yummeyh! 128523128523128523

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