Mantigue Island

San Roque, Mahinog, Camiguin

Mantigue Island
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Nizhel V.
4.0 Stars

One of Camiguin's pride...
We're amaze with the beautiful beach, fine sand, and the little forest at the center of the island.

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TheMitch M.
5.0 Stars

Do not miss this island if you are ever in Camiguin!

We've all seen photos of the famous sandbar called White Beach. It is as breath taking as the photos you see online.

The lesser known but equally impressive Mantigue Island Nature Park boasts of Marine protected areas. It is one of the 30 Marine Sanctuaries in Camiguin and is rife with live corals and hundreds of fish. It is also a place where families can have a picnic and a day at the beach at the same time. There is also a forest in the middle of the island for the nature trippers out there.

The water is unbelievably blue and torquoise. Clearest I have seen in my adult life.

Skip the crowded beach front where all the food and people are at. Instead, engage the locals. Ask them what is best to eat. What's fresh. Head on into the forest and look for the floating raft. There is a small kubo where the locals usually hang out in.

We were served seaweed salad and TBH, I hate seaweed but this!

Sweet but salty and crunchy. It tasted like the ocean but fresher.

There's buko juice and soda. Bring your own water.

The sand can rival Boracay's. Honestly.

It's a marine sanctuary so expect a lot of beautiful fish and corals. This place is great for snorkelling.

That raft I mentioned is far, it is a bit of a swim. If you're not an experienced swimmer, please wear a life vest.

The view under that raft is..

I don't know how to describe it, but it is deeper under that raft. The ocean floor looks like it gave way and you are on top of a cliff looking down into another world.

Be careful! The buoys signify that you cannot go past a certain line. So please..don't go beyond it. It's there for a reason.

It would be great if I had the time to explore the entire island, but sadly, I had to go.


Be respectful.
You are visitors.
Pay the right amounts and try not to haggle.
Do not litter!
Follow the rules!
Do not swim past your capability.

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Katrina V.
5.0 Stars

This was the first stop of our Camiguin tour last weekend. While nearing the shores of this island, we all got excited seeing the clear blue water and white sand that we almost want to jump off the boat before it can even dock.128517

The island has a small fishing community but there's an area dedicated for tourists. After we settled in, we bought fresh seafoods available there in the island and have it cook for lunch. But you can also bring your own foods if you want to.

Since this island is a marine sanctuary, snorkeling is the best past time here but we didn't try it. We spent our time instead, swimming and taking a lot of photos.128516 Don't miss this place when you visit Camiguin!128521

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Allen Y.
5.0 Stars

Yes, the place is best for snorkelling as it is a marine sanctuary. No, we didn't snorkle.

They charge 50php as sanctuary fee and extra for the boat, 200php. That's on top of the 550php boat charge to and from the island.

So we just basked under the glory of Mr. Sun. 9728128089128521

It's quite near Benoni Port so it should be your first stop during your tour.

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Ivy B.
5.0 Stars

One last hurrah for summer.
30 minutes away from Camiguin by banca and you're in paradise.

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Jerry N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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