Marikit-Na Beach Resort

Maniwaya Island, Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Marikit-Na Beach Resort
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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Thought this might be helpful. Grabbed the photo from their FACEBOOK page. Now this makes the DIY travel a looooot easier! #bakitngayonkalang 128549128547128518

What are you waiting for? Gather your family and friends and use this guide! You wouldn't regret!!!

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Are you planning to visit Maniwaya Island? Next summer maybe? Well, here’s one of the best beach resorts that you might want to consider!

I posted a review about Palad Sandbar alone last week, and I just got the time make this review simply because I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. ( I blame the weather for that. Lol) Not to mention the fact that I’ve been busy with work because you know the feeling when you only have few days left before you get your feet into the beach sand again. Yup!!! Cant wait for my #hulinghiritsataginit with my fambam!

Going back, I wouldn't forget the first ever getaway I organized. It was a collaboration of my college and elementary friends. It was such a fulfilling feeling knowing that I was able to entwine them! Haha.

It started with all the sandbar posts in Facebook. Knowing that Kalanggaman Island is a little far from reality to happen this year, I decided to look for an alternative summer getaway destination. Until I saw Palad Sandbar! Not knowing anything about where to find it, I started searching and reading blogs, reviews, and the know-hows to Marinduque. While doing that, I also made sure I have enough people to join me and my boyfriend with the fun and adventure!

I started messaging friends who are not yet fully-booked. Haha. Luckily, I have my happy go lucky 2 girl-friends who immediately confirmed! I also messaged few of my college batch mates and friends and what a beginners luck it was that they were also in the mood to beat the summer heat.
I then discovered MarikitNa Beach Resort. The island only has few accommodations and MarikitNa is one of the top you will find. They were also featured in the ANG PINAKA news and variety show this year. I did not think twice to inquire over Facebook. I fell in love with its wooden-made rest house in a second!!!128525128525128525

I asked for their package and accommodation and happy to receive their quick response. We were offered Php2,600/pax rate for 5-10 persons. The inclusions were
🔸 4 MAIN MEALS (lunch upon arrival, dinner, breakfast on the 2nd day, and lunch before departure)
🔸2 WAY boat transfers from Buyabod Port and to MarikitNa Beach Resort.
🔸Island hopping
🔸Visiting Palad Sandbar
🔸Visiting the Rock Formation
🔸Environmental fees

I thought it was a good deal. The most exciting part was knowing that the odds were in my favour because the date we wanted was available!!! Like O-M-G!
We only had to make a down payment of Php2,000 and the rest was paid at the resort before we left the island.
The only issues I had with them was the late responses. I was worried at certain points but they were gone when I called the our contact person, Sir Ron Montes.

All it took was a constant reminder to my friends to file their VLs.

We left on a Friday night and here was the itinerary that we followed going to the island:

7PM meet up at Jac Liner Gil Puyat
10PM-2AM Bus ride to Dalahican Port (Php190)
230AM-630M Ferry ride from Dalahican to Balanacan Port. (Php260 + Php30 terminal fee)
630AM-800AM VAN from Balanacan Port to Buyabod Port (Php120)
800AM-930AM Boat to Maniwaya Island (included with the package)

We met up 7PM at MCDO beside JAC LINER, ate dinner and fell in line 8PM. All of us were first-timers and we didn’t expect such long line going to Quezon Province. We had to fall in line for 2 hours. Good thing that the buses kept on arriving.
We’re thankful that we made it to the 230AM Starhorse Ferry trip despite the face that we were late when we left Manila. It was all our first time too to ride a ferry! It was such a great experience. Watching the stunning sun rise in the middle of the sea left us in awe. I just loved the feeling!

Upon arrival in Balanacan port, you would see a giant statue of Virgin Mary an some islets. We were also greeted by the statues of men in Morion (masks), where Marinduque is known for. There were barkers offering us Jeepney, and Van rides going to Sta. Cruz / Buyabod port. We chose the Van because it brought us directly at the port. We just had to pay more, I think extra 60-40 pesos. If you will opt for a jeep, the jeep will drop you off at Sta. Cruz where you can ride a tricycle to Buyabod port. I realized we made the right decision because the port almost took 30 mins ride more from Sta. Cru and riding a tricycle would have been very tiring. The van was not air-conditioned though.

Sir Ron, texted me the name of the boat and bangkero who fetched us and brought us to the island. Kuyang bangkero told us that it only takes an hour to get to the islan, but based on my timer, it took us almost 1 hour and 30 mins.
We were all scared and all I could do was pray because literally, all I could see was water! We all didn’t know where we were headed, plus the boat was a little tiny that I expected. Geeez. Good thing kung bangkero was friendly enough to share us stories about the island and as we go along, we were gradually mesmerized by the blue water and the islets.

I was so excited and all I could was guess from afar as to which part of the island we will land. FINALLY! Upon our arrival, we immediately took photos and videos at the beach front before entering. I just loved the secluded paradise vibe it gave. All you can see is water!!!

We were greeted by the staff with a four-season welcome drink. Aaaah refreshing! We arrived earlier than expected so we took the time extra time roam around, fix our things, and get more sleep.

I requested for a room with exclusive bathroom so they gave us what they call the ‘Apartment’. It’s underneath the main house, with 1 masters bedroom, and 2 other rooms. We occupied the master’s bedroom with 2 extra mattresses. What amazing was the fact that no one was booked in the other 2 rooms so it felt like we owned the entire basement floor.
The bathroom came with a bathtub. Unfortunately, the shower are wasn’t functional. The toilet also has a bidet.

I loved the entirety of our room, from the WOODEN door that made us feel we were in Batanes, to the ornaments and interior of the room. It has couches, paintings, and antique displays. It looked like a rest house of a buena familia way back ancient times.

My friends were surprised that the place doesnt have aircon. I honestly forgot to tell them. What would you expect from an island anyway? I told then as an excuse.haha.

Sir Ron gave as a sample itinerary that we could follow for our overnight stay, but we had the liberty to follow our own schedule.
8AM-11AM Boat to Maniwaya Island + Rest
11AM-2PM Prep + Lunch (served at the resto bar)
2PM – 4PM Palad Sandbar
4PM-5PM Mongpong Island, Rock Formation
5PM-6PM Palad Sandbar
6PM – 8PM Prep for Dinner
8PM – 10PM Dinner
10PM onwards - Socials, Rest

We were advised that the sandbar shows up around 2PM until night. I don’t know how, but all they do is take a peek outside the gate and they know if the sandbar is up! They said it only takes around 5 minutes to go to the sandbar from MarikitNa.

We had lunch at the resto bar at our first meal was Cordon Blue w/ corn and veggies as side dish. It came with a soup and four seasons flavored drink. I loved the meal because the serving was fairly hefty. Yumyum! I learned from one of the staff that MarikitNa is known for their good food especially when it’s Moriones Festival and I agree with that.

We then went to the sandbar at 2PM because we wanted to get there ahead of other people. Sadly, there were already bigger boats docked at the sandbar when we arrived. The water was still high at around 2-3 feet deep. It was rocky and was hard to walk without any aqua shoes on, but it was manageable. Just be careful with the big rocks and waves as it may take you away from the bar.

As time gets late, the sand bar shows up little by little, but more boats arrived. Everywhere there was a photo bomber. Haha! Nonetheless, it was still amazing to see how the sandbar appears! We enjoyed the little waves and clear blue water while waiting.

A little disappointed, kuya Leandro asked whether we wanted to go back, but since we still have a little time left, I asked if we could visit the rock formation so all we do the next day is snorkeling / island hoping.

The rock formation was originally on the second day, but kuya Leandro our bangkero for the tour was kind enough us to bring us there.

There were few groups when we arrived. They were all climbing at the rocks taking picture. However, none of us was interested enough to climb. We just took pictures and then left.

Going back, we had to pass by the sandbar and I couldn’t help but point my fingers seeing that the people and boats were gone. Only 1 group was left! Kuya Leandro asked if I wanted to go back and I nodded my head like a child. I don’t want to miss the opportunity although the sun has almost set at around 500PM.

I almost jump off from the boat going to the bar. It was such an unforgettable experience and view! This was the time that I really appreciated the sandbar! We got the shots we wanted. The part I loved the most was being able to take a photo at the end of the sandbar. Aaaah!!! No regrets! It’s worth the almost 9hr ride! Super duper grateful! I suggest you visit at around 5PM onwards and you will enjoy the stretch of the sandbar!

We went back to the resort to have dinner at around 630PM. The electricity started being unstable at around 730PM. It will go back for a short time, and gone again. We had the dinner and after awhile the light was out again. I was too tired and sleepy to care so I slept at one of the hammocks outside. My boyfriends and friends took a shot at the shore outside the resort while waiting for the light to go back.

Around 11PM the electricity was back! We all went back to our room and slept. Little did I know it was already morning and there’s still no electricity. According to the staff, it happens specially when there are a lot of guests in other resorts. They do have the solar power, but it only could only last for a short time. On our 2nd day, below was our itinerary:

7AM – 8AM Breakfast | prepare for island hopping/ snorkeling
830AM –1100 Island hopping
1200 LUNCH
100PM departure 128547128547128547
100-200 Boat from Maniwaya to Buyaboad Port
200-215 Tricycle to Sta. Cruz (Php20/head)
245-430 Van to Balanacan Port (Php120)
430PM-730PM Balanacan Port to Dalahican Port via Montenegro Lines (Php208)
9PM-1PM Dalahican Port to Gil Puyat via JAM LINER BUS. (Php145)

This was the saddest part of the trip for me. The 2nd day which means we were heading back yhe same day. I then decised to make the most out of it than let the Sep-Anx eat me.

I woke up early to feel the ambiance of the place and see how it feels to live there. Ugh. I couldn’t be more contented enough. I could literally live there! After a few minutes of walk, I asked the staff to prepare our breakfast and woke up my friends. It was again a wonderful breakfast with longganisa, egg and fried rice plus hot coffee!!! Yes, hot coffee even though electricity was still out. Good thing there wad a water supply.

A little rest and we were back in the game! We rented the snorkel gear for Php100/each. Kuya Leandro brought is in the middle of the sea where we enjoyed snorkeling! The water never failed to amazed us! We were brought at the are with less fishes but lost of corrals and starfishes. It was scary at first, especially that I do not know how to swim, but I’m glad I made it! (With the life vest on). Lol.

Around 930AM, Kuya Leandro brought us back to the Palad Sandbar, and once again, we were the only visitor. The blue water was stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and all other superlative description you could think of!!! The tide was high, and there was a little wave, but one thing I noticed was the fine sand. The rocks were gone!!! At 11AM, we went back to wash up and took our lunch before departure. 128557128557128557
I was feeling the sadness, but everything must come to an end. Good thing the lunch served to us was generously delicious and festive! It was different fishes in sweet and sour sauce. It came with a soup as well.

Time has come to pay our bills and that was the only time we saw Ron, he was busy assisting other guests in another resort and we understood that. He was very accommodating and even gave the extra rice for free. No extra charges. We paid exactly Php2600 per head. By the way, I forgot to mention that they have a little grocery store at the main house, where the staff and the owner live. The price has a little mark up though. You have the option to have it charged to your running bill or pay every time you purchase.

They have the basic things you need like slippers, bottled water, alcoholic drinks, sodas, and etc.

Though we had to bid goodbye, we all left with a happy heart, refreshed feeling and clearer mind. We gave Kuya Leandro a small tip for such wonderful service and adventure! He was such a funny guy that he fell in the water upon our arrival at the port. He was all prepped up with his new hair cut and basketball shorts.

I want to go back here and experience the Moriones Festival and be back at MarikitNa. Ron said they are planning to install aircon in the rooms and I couldnt wait for that!!!
Upon arrival at the port, a tricycle already approached us. He said he is the designated driver for the MarikitNa guests and all Ron has to do is text him. Such a kind gesture!

We dropped off at Sta Cruz and got the chance to go inside the Holy Cross Parish Church. The van was almost full when we arrived so we had to wait for the 230PM trip. We had ice cream and photo opts while waiting.

The barker also sold us discounted Jam Liner bus ticket for Php145 each and luckily the van was airconditioned. We knew we will not be able to make it to the 230PM Starhorse trip to Dalahican, but we made it in time for the 430PM trip of Montenegro lines so we get to arrive in Manila earlier. The ferry ticket was also discounted, however, the trip took almost four hours compared to the 2.5 hrs ride with Starhorse. Montenegro lines also does not have airconditoned seats so we stayed at the 3rd deck where there were beds and TV.
We arrived 730PM at Dalahican. Feeling hungry, we went back to the terminal to buy snacks and pee. We didn’t know that there was a bus waiting already at that time so we were in a hurry to catch it up. Sadly, we didn’t make it. God bless us because there was 1 more bus trip to Buendia. We had to wait for another ferry to arrive before the bus left. We left Dalahican at 9PM and arrived in Buendia at 1AM. The trip going back obviously took longer.

Overall, it was a successful summer adventure! Thanks to my friends who came with us, and to MarikitNa for the wonderful assistance and accommodation!!!

If you plan to go here, you have to options – get a tour or do a DIY like we did.

The tour is cheaper for Php2,300 per pax. MarikitNa is lending the other half of their kitchen for the organizers to cook for their guests. They follow a different and shorter route to the island since they have their own van.

The DIY was more expensive, for around Php3,800 but I believe it was worth it. You get to be with the people you know without being hassled by other people. Haa! I find the travel which is 4-5 hrs longer more adventurous and fun!!! You will enjoy the scenery while travelling to Maniwaya and also get to experience things on your own for the first time.
Maniwaya’s package let you follow your own time when it comes to activities and meals. So no pressure. All you have to do is give prior notice.

Th only issue I probably had was about the environmental fees included in the package given to us. I don't recall a time that we had to pay the environmental fees.

Anyhow, everything depends on what type of traveller you are, but all I can say is Maniwaya Island is a must visit!!!

Manage your expectations due to the unstable electricity and non aircon rooms, but more importantly with the breath-taking views!!! Let’s support local, but let’s make sure to take care of our mother nature!!! All we left in Maniwaya and brought with us were memories we will treasure!!!


If only I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!! Haha. The photos upload were not all taken by me, some were taken by my friends and my boyfriend. I uploaded the most stunning ones for me!

Let me know when you get to visit!!!


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Jaevonne P.
5.0 Stars

Sometimes, you really need to wander extra miles to see wonders. This time, it was about 7 long hours of land and water travel to reach Marikit-Na Hotel at Maniwaya Island.
The hotel brags an overlooking view of the famed Palad Sandbar which Marinduque is known for though it isn't the sole reason why I easily fell in love with the place. Staying in the hotel is like meeting coziness in the most unexpected place. It sports that transitional look fusing contemporary and traditional design. Imagine the likes of a rustic interior accentuated with sleek couches upholstered with synthetic leather plus those oversized glass windows that invite natural light and the coastal scent of the air. They also have an attic equipped with a mini library with books made more charming by the rich tone of wood. Now if it isn't much of an appeal to you sitting on the wooden floor with a book on hand, you might want to sink in one of the two la-Z-boys facing their veranda - an indulgence of the seamless stretch of Marinduque's calm waters. But perhaps the highlight of our stay, which I think redefined our island experience is their theater room. It's almost like a mini movie house that can comfortably accomodate around 10 people. Just pick a movie from their database (or bring your own copy) and have it projected widescreen while slouched on the couch with your fingers digging into your favorite snacks!

Their dining area also serves good food. For the 4-set meals included in the package we availed, all were satisfying complete from the appetizer, the main course with their ever refreshing drink and the dessert. Definitely a 'tums-up' dining experience. They also have a mini bar so if you are into alcohol infused drinks, you might want to try it out.

To sum it up, it would be an exaggeration to say that it was a perfect place because still, they have some few things to improve like water and electricity supply. But really, I wouldn't mind because the quality of service that the staff is giving is just amazing. Everyone is just so attentive with that genuine warmth of service. I'm glad to have visited Marikit-na Resort and I hope to come back for another laid- back weekend because definitely, it is worth the elusive 5-star looloo rating!

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