Mario's Kitchen

Marmico Bldg., Katipunan Ext., Blue Ridge, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mario's Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Earl M.
4.0 Stars

Ambience is great and the cozy feel facilitates in chill conversations, bring a date, a small group of friends, have a meeting or a rendezvous, the not so harrowing atmosphere will be perfect. They also have live acoustic performers, professional duos, in fact they were running through their sets even though the patrons had yet to arrive.

The food was good enough. We had the double cooked adobo flakes, tasty, a bit on the salty side, but the texture felt great when you took a bite. We should've tried the house special of the day. Maybe we will next time.

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Nins A.
4.0 Stars

I loved the place! They had a band (We went on a Friday!) and they had good food. They had paella for 1 person so if you're craving, the serving for 1 person is perfect. I also loved their lengua in mushroom sauce though I was disappointed when they couldn't give me more sauce when I requested for it. They said it was portioned. Boo! The shrimp and beef salpicao over garlic rice was also very good. Their chowder was also perfect! 9786

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Glenn E.
3.0 Stars

Too lazy to cook Last Sunday Evening; my cousin Dan, my niece Monina and I decided to have dinner outside. Never wanted to go far, we went to katipunan and ended up here at Mario's Kitchen. They're still on it's soft opening so I didn't expect that much. The staff who's taking our order still doesn't know the menu well when asked about the dishes to order. We ordered:

Spicy Squid Head. I don't really eat Squid Head but this one was good. I liked it coz it doesn't feels like eating a rubber band. The coating was good too, crispy and flavorful.

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao. It was so-so. Not that tender.

Chuletas De Pollo. My least favorite of all for dishes we ordered bit the serving was big. It's your typical fried chicken, nothing special about. Presentation aas good, too oily and I didn't like the gravy. I'd rather order a Mc Fried Chicken. Haha

Ostras A'la Rockefeller. My fave that night. The shells were big, it's cheesy and creamy. But still I'm a fan of oyster boy.

Super Bock Stout Beer. Dan had this one for a drink. It tasted a sauce but still good. For him, Corona Beer is still the best.

Super Bock Green Beer. Monina had this one, it's
tangy and citrus-y. Indeed a ladies drink.

Citrus Iced Tea. They both had beers and I had an Iced Tea. Haha 128514 Not that good, not that bad either. Sakto lang.

Too bad paella (for sharing) wasn't available that night but their paella with toppings were available. I don't really see the point why they can't serve us the paella we want. Oh boy, too tired to argue that night.

The place is cozy and small. The menu was old and dirty considering they just have opened. And It just feels weird that ABS-CBN channel was on the tv on the bar instead of sports/movie channel. 128540

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