Marivent Café

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar , Bagac, Bataan

Marivent Café
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Anne D.
3.0 Stars

Had binakol and gabi ice cream, both good but the scoop was small for 50pesos. Limited food choices

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Kat M.
3.0 Stars

We had two meals at Marivent Café because that was the only open restaurant at Las Casas when we went there. Located at the back of Hotel Oriente, it is a simple restaurant with not much of an ambiance.

For dinner, all their dishes are good for 2-3 persons, so we just had the following:

🦄 Kilawin na Tanigue : Yummy, meaty tanigue cooked in vinegar served with green and red chilis and ginger. Really yummy. Pero may “umay” factor after some forkfuls. Perhaps it is better downed with beer.

🦄 Tinola ni Jose Rizal : Quite an interesting take on tinola, as they used buko juice and buko meat as part of the ingredients. There was no papaya or upo in it. It was good but not historically accurate.

🦄 For drinks we both had a glass of Sangría, which is quite a disappointment as it tastes like syrup and alcohol. I was hoping for a real fruits swimming in red wine.

The saving grace of our meal was the Taro (gabi) Ice cream. I ordered a scoop, out of curiosity, but Oliver liked it so he also had one. It’s really creamy and tastes like those sweet taro shake from Quickly.

We paid around 1,500 for this meal which is actually quite expensive considering the quality of the food but there is not much you can do about it.

🦄 Then the next morning, we had breakfast at Marivent again. It was a set breakfast and I had the daing na bangus served with two eggs and garlic rice. It was good and really crunchy. Oliver had their Tapa which tastes like tocino (?!). The meal is also served with fruits (in can) and a bread pudding. There is also a buffet of pandesal and tasty bread with butter and jam and free flowing orange juice and coffee.

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Kate R.
3.0 Stars

There are three restaurants in Las Casas. This restaurant is located near the hotel suites and main reception. This is where the included breakfast is served.

Marivent Cafe serves Spanish and Filipino cuisine. One order of any main course is good for two to three persons. Food price is around Php300.00 up, Rice is 50 pesos per cup.

We've' ordered pork binagoongan Php320.00, the pork is cooked well which is good however the sauce is a bit salty, you'll need more rice haha. The servings are huge, I think this will be enough to 4 petite person. Hehe

Next order was Kinamatasang Lapu-Lapu sa Palayok, Php510.00, it was an okay dish, nothing special. Pricey.

The servers are all attentive and accommodating, serving of food is fast too.

I've expected that the quality of their food will be top-notched. I've expected it to be delicious and appetizing however I find it expensive-average-grade food. Since you dont have other food choices you need to settle for this..

Btw, after we ate, we just found out that they have set menu that changes everyday, price is around Php400.00 up. 128514 i believe that will be a better choice, next time.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Marivent Cafe is the Filipino-Spanish Restaurant of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The place is one of the few dining venues located within the huge heritage park complex in Bataan.

Located in one of their reconstructed antique stone houses, the place's vibe pretty much gels with the old world charm of the park. Guests have no choice but to dine in either one of their in-house restaurants. After all, the heritage park is located far from the town's fast food joints or dining spots.

Their Sinigang na Ribs sa Bayabas, Adobo de Bataan, and Pinakbet were quite good. The Sinigang broth was tarty sweet from the fresh guava used to spice the soup. A few of the rib meat however were a bit tough to the chew. The Adobo de Bataan was a "sweet" version of pork adobo. Their Pinakbet was yummy with the crunchy veggies, crunchy pork slices, and Bagoong. Serving sizes were good to share between 3-4 people per dish. The only downside, the pricing is on the high side. Case in point, a fruit platter (consisting of watermelon and cantaloupe ) costs 350. The average price for dining here can easily set one back some 500 per head.

Our overnight stay included a Filipino breakfast. The choices were limited but generally tasty. I particularly enjoyed their Daing na Bangus, Corned Beef, and Sausages with Scrambled Egg. I must say that their Breakfast rolls (breads and sweet breads) tasted fresh and yummy. Loved their Spanish bread and Blueberry-Cream Cheese pastries.

What I loved most of all were their Pinoy Snacks. I am guessing that Marivent Cafe's kitchen prepares these native delicacies.

We were able to feast on these delicacies through their food stall set up at the complex's Plaza after our walking tour. Their Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, Palitaw were really good. I also enjoyed their Fish Balls and Kekiam. Plus, quite surprisingly, all were quite affordable. The native delicacies were cooked fresh right in front of us as we ordered. The choices costed less than 100 each.

Another good Pinoy foodie find (I'm guessing again prepared by their Pinoy kitchen) were their Panaderia goodies. I loved their Ensaymada (Php 55). Their version tasted fresh, chewy, moist, and loaded with grated cheese. Even their Mongo Ensaymada ( Php 70) was yummy. Their huge Cheese Rolls (Php 35) were made from soft pandesal-like buns stuffed generously with cheese. These Panaderia treats were available from their Gift Shop. I admit that we hoarded on these good, yummy, and affordable treats to snack while we stayed in our hotel room.

Dining at Marvent Cafe can be a bit on the steep side. But, on the good side, we enjoyed most of the dishes that we ate. For the "budget" conscious, indulge on their Pinoy snacks and Panaderia goodies. Feast on these with the free coffee/tea in your room.

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Barbie D.
5.0 Stars

Gabi ice cream!
Need I say more???! 10084

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Carmina R.
4.0 Stars

Ginataang seafood! Very innovative!

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Rose C.
3.0 Stars

Cafe marivent is located inside las casas filipinas de acuzar.
This restaurant serves filipino- spanish cuisine.
Since we are on a day tour we need a quick lunch enough to make it on our scheduled 1:30 tour.

We wanted to try the Paella.. But they told us it would take 1 hour for them to prepare for it... So, we have no choice but to stick on whats available and can be served as quick as possible... They offered us their set meal which comes with:
127858 Soup: sinigang sa miso
128055128031Main dish: tuna or liempo
127811 Side dish: chopseuy
127846dessert: ice cream (halo-halo)
127865 drinks: ordinary instant iced tea

All for 416
I dunno whats the 16 peso for? Hehe
Not much about the food it was ok and nothing special. Pero nabusog nia ko.
So its an OK128077

About the place:
It is lovely place, stone walls arcaded openings, capiz traces of the tragic past....
It was casa unison owned by a family who was killed at that house leaving the youngest child alive... This place has a tragic past to which they converted to a restaurant and called it cafe marivent... 128128128123128540

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Eric N.
4.0 Stars

Casa Unisan is one of the heritage houses at Las Casas Filipinos de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. It was originally owned by the Maximo family of Unisan, Quezon. Due to it's colorful and tragic history, the house was converted into a Spanish-Filipino restaurant called Marivent Cafe, in order to drive away any negativity due to the house' dark past.

Marivent is sort of a combination of two Spanish words, "Mar" or sea, and "Viento" or wind.

The restaurant itself is quaint and charming. Antique style wooden tables and chairs, old lamps, embroidered table runners, all of these add to the atmosphere of a dining room in an ancestral home.

We ordered four dishes, namely, the sinigang na karne ng baboy, the lechon carajay, the pork binagoongan, and the chopsuey. We thought the prices were a bit in the high side (a dish would cost between 300 to 500 pesos) but our jaws dropped when our orders arrived. Each dish can easily feed 3 to 4 people!

A bite of each revealed another pleasant surprise. All tasted great! They did not scrimp on ingredients. None of the commercial stuff that you would eat in other restaurants. Here, everything tasted like how your lola would make them.

We were too full to try any of their Spanish dishes or their desserts. Hehehe!

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Sarah F.
4.0 Stars

Love the filipino spanish food! 128522128074

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