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G/F River Park, Festival Alabang, Corporate Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Market Basket
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Most Recent Reviews

Aly T.
5.0 Stars

A mix of Spanish and Filipino dish, this paluto (buy from market and cook) restaurant in River Park Festival Mall is a uniquely must-try!

So the catch is you’ll pick from fresh seafoods, how many grams would you like, how to you want it to cooked and your choice of sauce.

We picked shrimps cooked with butter.

Then for the other menu, we tried their yummy pinakbet and sizzling lechon kawali sisig along with bagoong rice.

Price ranges from PhP 1,000-1,500 for 2.

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4.0 Stars

So, this is how you do dampa at Alabang? Haha Well it's basically the same idea. There's "paluto" and you can opt to buy the seafood by weight or if you wish to just order their dishes, that's ok too. I Loved the tinapa rice here, in fact one of the best I've had. We had some fish, forgot what kind but it was cooked well. The crispy pata is average. The enselada was yummy too, went well with out tinapa rice. As for dessert, i was so happy to find out they have nilupak! Too bad their version was super modified since it had halaya and caramel drizzle & I like the classic margarine-sugar version better. It was yummy still though, I'm sure many would still enjoy it. The cheesecake was good too since it had cornflakes crust! We had two orders actually lol.

Great place to bring the family and enjoy a good old Filipino get together!

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Ian P.
2.0 Stars

Had sunday lunch with the in laws. They originally wanted buffet but since the original restaurant was full. They opted market basket.
The place has a french country seaside theme. Quite charming with flowers, plants , chandeliers and little quotes on their chairs. Sadly the place looks a little run down.
To the food. The gist ordered a seafood and meat platter. The seafood platter consisted of grilled squid, steamed shrimps, fried fish, and steamed mussels. Surprisingly the seafood was fresh and ok. The meat platter consisted of pork ribs, chicken and beef tail which was slathered with some BBQ brian sauce. I particularly didn't like it. To make matters worse, I found a hair ( a long one in the meat). Lunch was over!

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Jacqui T.
3.0 Stars

My whole family went here to have our dinner. This place is a "sosyal" version of seaside paluto so we actually expect them to serve excellent and quality dishes.

We ordered baked mussels, sisig, pinakbet and their seafood plattter (grilled maya-maya, lapu-lapu, squids and shrimps). We were so disappointed with their food. Everything was so so except for their sisig. Their baked mussels taste like stale. Their seafood platter was half cooked so it was a bit "malansa". Their pinakbet was just okay, though their sisig was a bomb.

The place was exquisite and spacious. I love their chairs and stairs with written quotes. Service was excellent as well. It's just the food. We paid more than 2t for all. Gaah! We should have gotten to the authentic Seaside paluto.

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Jops M.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorites is the tinapa fried rice, obviously I ordered it and together with the seafood platter results to a wonderful lunch with the family.

The lechon sisig is also a must try.

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Sharmaine S.
3.0 Stars

Market Basket is the modern version of Dampa. I liked the interior of the restaurant but dining at the al fresco was way better. The food was ok. The shrimps were a bit overcooked. I was curious about the sizzling ice cream so we decided to order it. It reminded me so much of my childhood cause it tasted like the tiki tiki vitamins. The service was really good. Over all Market Basket is OK.

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Sudhiira L.
4.0 Stars

I generally like the view from the al fresco area. Avoid staying indoors unless u want to smell like fish coz the goods are inside :) food is just ok and pricey. For dampa lovers you would be disappointed here. Better to take the ones in MOA or any unpretentious dampa place. High class design but service is poor and food is not at all great. But I always say ... Try it for yourself.

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Noy D.
5.0 Stars

Market Basket at River Park: good find, good food

River Park is an extension of Filinvest Mall in Alabang, consisting of a man-made lagoon and lined with rows of restaurants. When we went to explore in mid-August, only 3 shops had opened.

Market Basket was a surprise and a good find. It sits just a few meters upon turning into the River Park. Market Basket is a fresh seafood-and-meat-and-veggies place where you pick and choose, buy by weight, then the kitchen takes care of how you want the dishes prepared.

We ordered half a tuna panga (800g) and adobong kangkong. Plus 2 cups of rice. The kangkong was served ahead while the tuna was grilling. The kangkong was tastefully flavored, not too salty, not too sweet either. It was so good, by the time the tuna inasal came, we had finished the 1st cup of rice. (What’s emoticon for embarrassed?)

The tuna was tender, juicy and again, tasty. (A 3rd cup of rice, please.)

The indoor part is quite small although there is an outdoor portion which can feel muggy on a humid day. It does have a 2nd floor dining area. Maybe the young folks can be seated upstairs, the staircase being quite steep and not too senior-citizen friendly.

Market Basket is worth a try. On weekends, best to arrive well before noon to avoid the likely “dampa-hungry” crowd. As for us, we will surely go back.

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Karen H.
1.0 Stars

I hope it was just "growing pains"!

But let me say, first, that for the food that actually got to our table, it tasted just OK such as the crabs and prawns. The fried chicken and Market Basket Pancit was pretty good.

We were excited as we walked in as the interior of the restaurant was very inviting and cozy. So it was really unfortunate that:

1. More than half of the SPECIALTIES on the menu was not available.

2.The orders came more than 30 minutes late.

3. The beer was stale. My brother had to return it.

4. The Chorizo & Sausage in Marinara Sauce and Chorizo Rice did not have Chorizo.

5. They got one order wrong.

6. One of the orders did not get to us at all.

Surely, the management need to improve on their inventory and order systems. It was a bad dining experience altogether.

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MeAnn C.
4.0 Stars

We ordered seafood platter served with salad and pitcher of pink lemonade. We also like their drink! The food was fresh and delicious! The place is nice and very cute! It's just that their aircon was not that cool.

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Jezziekha Blest A.
3.0 Stars

I don't know if I only came at the wrong time, but I think they should've made anything to keep all the flies out, (you never want to have a meal with flies) food's fine :/ Okay I think I loved the Ice tea. Atleast the ladies there were great servers. They've lot of unavailable meals, awfully, they do :( But I do love the setting of the place, It's a perfect garden resto set into a city 128077 The chair paints (If you've noticed) were lovely 128076

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Allan D.
4.0 Stars

Fathers day lunch @ buffet only P595/head. W unlimited iced tea.


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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Head on over to the South yo! This newly opened resto near Festival Mall area is worth exploring.
Vibe of the resto --- country, vintage-y

Service --- excellent service from the staff!

Perfect for 1. couples on a date because of the over all ambiance of the place ( they've got a good selection of wines)
2. Family dining - their food is good for sharing
3. For peeps who wants fresh seafood cooked to their liking. They've got fresh seafood displayed on glass cases, diners can have it cooked dampa- style

We ordered:
Lechon Kawali Sisig (P295), their bestseller, naman sisig na lechon kawali pa, need I say more why its in their bestseller list . Cardiac delight meynnn!
Assorted Fresh Fruit Salad in creamy balsamic dressing ( P195), this is my favorite, its got watermelon, mangoes and grapes on a bed of greens
Seafood pasta in creamy tomato & vodka (P295) and Chorizo & Sausage pasta in marinara sauce (P280), these were a hit w/ the kids
Market Basket Pancit, ok don't ask me how it is, a pancit will taste like a pancit 128521128540 but for P295, its' serving is huuuge! Other resto's pancit has garlic and green onion as toppings, theirs has chopped crispy pata 128055
TBone Steak, oopsie I wasn't able to check the price, ganun ata talaga pag hindi ikaw ang magbabayad 128541 . I didn't enjoy it as much as the salad coz I'm not much of a carnivore.

I plan to go back perhaps to try the dampa style seafood paluto, I've got my 128064 on the squid, shrimps, crabs and mahi mahi 128077128521

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Brian C.
4.0 Stars

Blanca R and I gave up meat for the whole Lenten Season that's why we're on the lookout for good seafood restaurants. Since we're in Alabang for a friend's wedding, we've decided to try this new "modern Dampa" place and see how it holds up compared to the original :)

The place looks nice and doesn't stink at all! We got to pick the oysters and shrimps that will later go inside our bellies :D

As for how they're cooked, we went with baked with cheese for the oysters and Sweet Chili for the shrimps. We also ordered an additional Lumpiang Gulay for our veggie dish.

Lumpiang Gulay - We liked this dish! Not your ordinary Lumpiang gulay and a perfect siding for your seafood entrees.

Sweet Chili Shrimps - as for most seafood dishes, there are 2 things to consider - freshness of the seafood and the taste of how it's cooked. The shrimps were fresh and there were lots of green goo in the head part (which is love) so they got that part of the dish perfectly. For the sauce, It was just okay for me. The Seaside Restaurants have better versions of this dish. I suggest you try other ways to have the shrimps cooked (I will next time).

Baked Oysters - now this, on the other hand, was Heaven! Fresh and SUPER JUICY oysters with the right amount of cheese. For 25 pesos per piece, sulit na! Highly recommended!

If ever you're in this side of the Metro, give this one a try!

Sa uulitin,

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Theresa L.
5.0 Stars

Market Basket is a newly opened restaurant in Alabang. I got invited together with other food bloggers to taste their offerings! 128517

• PLACE 127969
- It's a 2 storey building at the heart of Festival Mall in Alabang. It's like a small patisserie shop from outside having this homey interior, but it's completely different inside! A simple and quaint theme with pastel shades. You'll also noticed the see through kitchen along with their sea foods available for paluto.

• SERVICE 128129
- I'm not sure if it's because of the event but everyone was really nice and friendly! 128513

We were served 18 variety of dishes! Yes, We were blown away! 128552

➡️ Assorted fresh fruit w/ Asian Vinaigrette (195 pesos) - Simple fresh salad with a light touch of their Asian vinaigrette combination 127826

➡️ Sauteed Mushroom Salad (285 pesos) - I'm a mushroom lover that's why it's automatically thumbs up to me! A salad composed of assorted lettuce and mushroom together w/ creamy balsamic dressing!127824

➡️ Lechon Kawali Sisig (295 pesos) - This captured boyfie's attention! You know how he's such a fan of Lechon Kawali! He eagerly asked me to bring some on his plate. Why not? Even myself, this is a first time! A sisig made up of crispy lechon kawali smothered in sauce with onion and chilis! 128055

➡️ Stuffed Crab with Shrimp Aligue (350 pesos) - My favorite dish of the entire night! Who can resist a crab stuffed with aligue, shrimps and crab meat with melted cheese on top! IT.WAS.AWESOME! 128525128525128525128026

➡️ Seafood Bouillabaisse (295 pesos) - A flavorful soup with different herbs and variety of seafoods. Wasn't able to put much attention to this one since I am currently blown away by their Salmon Belly.128032

➡️ Salmon Belly - I believed it's one of the favorites as well. Reminds me of Sinigang sa Miso with veggies. The salmon belly was just fresh and divine! 128031

➡️ Tanigue Creamy ala Pobre (125/100g) - Second to my favorite! A simple grilled fish with a twist. Topped with some olive oil and garlic. There's also a zesty taste of lemon (I think) that blended well with the cream. 128051

➡️ Ribeye with Tiger Prawn (aka Surf and Turf) (295/100g) - Market Basket version is medium (I believe it's medium, sorry I'm not expert on this) The meat was cooked perfectly! It was so juicy and and flavorful! The the tiger prawn was a bit overcooked for my liking. 128517128004

➡️ Lamb Spareribs with Oriental Sauce (280 pesos/100g) - This melts in your mouth softness surely stays for hours in the stove. It's literally fall off the bone and can effortlessly use my fork to slice the meat.128015

➡️ Grilled Pusit (80 pesos/100g) - A typical cook for squid stuffed with bits of tomato, ginger, and onion.128025

➡️ Bouillabaisse Pasta (295 pesos) - The pasta was cooked just right. As far as my taste buds remembers, the pasta itself was thinly coated with aligue-like sauce. Forgive me if I can't remember the sauce that it has, but I'm sure that it really tastes like aligue! Winner!127837

➡️ Fried Maya (110 pesos/100g) - Fried fish generously coated with sauce. 128044

➡️ Macapuno Balls - All of us were surprised when they served this one on our table. Take note, it's a dessert! A macapuno balls with ice cream served on a sizzling plate! Each plump macapuno balls oozes its sauce as you bite it. (So better be careful). I loved when I put some ube ice cream together with the hot macapuno balls. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 128522127841

➡️ Sapin Sapin (95 pesos) - A unique desert made from mashed cassava, sweet potato, and ube as filling plus a thin layer of caramelized sugar on top! It's good but I appreciate if it's not too dense 128522127854

➡️ Blueberry Cheesecake (165 pesos) - A cheesecake that seems like a no-bake cheesecake to me because of the smooth texture it has! A hint of blue cheese that made this cheesecake a not the usual one. sarap!127856

➡️ Nilupak Roulade (185 pesos) - I haven't tasted these. But it surely looks good!127838

➡️ Macarons - I'm such a sucker of macarons! I think this is one of my most favorite dessert/pastry ever. Their baker is so lovely to give us another round! A chewy macaron sandwiched on a hazelnut (more like ferrero) filling drizzled with salted caramel syrup. huhuhu! I wished I can hoard all of these! Perfect to cap off our wonderful meal! 128522127832

Overall, this dinner is surely a night to remember. Amazing dishes, Fresh Seafoods, Impressive Service 128522

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