Marriott Cafe Bakery

G/F Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Marriott Cafe Bakery
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Most Recent Reviews

Chelsea D.
5.0 Stars

Choco-glazed doughnut and classic ham&cheese! You can ask the staff to heat it up for you128523

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

For the first time in my whole existence, the traditional New Years Day lunch was not made at home. My 87 year-old Lola has been complaining about getting tired of cooking, and while we didn't let her get away with Christmas, New Year was her pass. As I said a silent goodbye to the best Callos and Lengua en aciete de oliva, we went on a search to look for an American Turkey meal. Lo siento Lolo, te amo.

Marriot seemed like it was the most bang for the buck. Others we had called, for just about the same price, only offered turkey and gravy. Marriot's had several sides plus dessert too.

I placed a call to the hotel and they quickly emailed me a full-color brochure with all their Christmas offerings. Very pretty. All Christmas orders are coursed through here. Their main dishes were a choice of Roasted Ham and Roasted Turkey. They said could not accept any more orders for Christmas as they had reached their capacity. I didn't realize Turkey was so popular in this country. Or maybe I just got used to having a Lola cook all our holiday meals that I thought that was the norm with all families.


Here's what we had:

Whole Roasted Turkey
5999, taxes included

Package included:

Maple roast turkey whole with stuffing (5kg)
Garlic mashed potato (1kg)
Rosemary glazed carrots (1kg)
Brussels sprouts with pancetta (1kg)
Creamy potato salad (1kg)
A whole pecan pie
A whole pumpkin pie

(+ 200 to get both mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce)


The driver picked up our order and it was packed neatly and ready to go. The box was an impressive, sturdy container. Bongga! The table was set in minutes and the last thing we did was open the box so the bird would still be be warm for lunch. Every time anyone would take a peak we'd get a flavorful whiff of the aroma trapped inside.

The Turkey was delicious! It was moist and very meaty. While I would've preferred the skin to be crispy, I think boxing it in made the skin soft, which I didn't mind. Since I don't particularly like stuffing, I didn't expect to like it and I didn't. We were all saying how good the turkey would be in a sandwich. Our small family of 12 only consumed half the bird.

Now, for everything else... hmmmm... didn't like it so much. Loved the mashed potato, however, it says on the menu we were supposed to get garlic mashed potato, and I didn't taste any garlic on the potato. The carrots were cooked well, but couldn't taste the rosemary and was a bit watery. The pancetta on the Brussels sprouts seemed like bacon to me. And the potato salad tasted like it was frozen then thawed for us. The gravy was obviously instant, and the cranberry was just watery. The pies were pasty to me. They tasted the same, the other one with nuts lang. Sayang.

I can easily remedy the sides and make my own gravy to make it taste better, so it wasn't a deal breaker. The pies were a disappointment as I love desserts.

We still had a good, hassle free meal. Inquiries, order and pick up were easy. Since the Turkey was the star of the meal anyway, I'm still giving you guys a 4.

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Gracie T.
3.0 Stars

Custard Doughnut: Php90.00

This was delicious! By the looks of it, I was expecting it to be a sugar overload but surprisingly it wasn't!

The custard filling looked more like scrambled eggs since it wasn't oozing out of the doughnut but it turned out to be just perfect.

Service was a bit slow; took about 20min before it was served & this was our only order. Despite the slowness, our waitress, Christine, was all smiles & helpful. I noticed tho that the others were not as receptive.

Lovely, cozy area but please turn up the a/c, too. It was pretty warm in that area. We moved tables but it was still the same.

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Krissy R.
3.0 Stars

Decided to check out this place based on reviews I've read on the cookies and coffee... The cookies were not bad... But nothing great about it! They serve illy's coffee. The place is nice and cozy. A nice place for a date !

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Tina B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Antonio B.
4.0 Stars

Nice place

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Bianca U.
5.0 Stars

They have the best cookies and i'm not even a cookie person. PHP50 only!

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Triky O.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

I haven't been to their actual store. But my mom got me their:
⭕Chocolate Chip Cookies
⭕Chocolate Crinkles
⭕And lastly, I think that was Dark Chocolate Cookies.

They were amazing. I love the taste of home made cookies. Especially when its freshly baked. Yummy!!!!!! 128079

  • No. of Comments: 2
Alyssa P.
4.0 Stars

It's a really small cafe inside the hotel, and yet it delivers. They've got really good display which would really make you want to buy everything! From the lovely pastries inside the cooler display thing to the cookie glass that has cute colorful cookies in it! They also have macarons (they're all over the place!--macarons I mean) and gelatos. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cafes and this place is one you should try, not for coffee but for the pastries, really.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

I was supposed to stop making reviews and delete my account here but someone stopped me. Osige, hindi na. Boss ka eh! 128540128541128539

There's no harm on trying something different.
While waiting for eric, we decided to try this pastry shop inside marriott hotel.

I was looking at their pastry and I cannot decide what to order because most of their pastry is calling me and saying "Hey momma bring me inside your tummy" 128541

They have macarons, cakes and cookies.

Finally, I just decided to order White chocolate Macadamia cookie and chocolate chips cookie.

And ohhh! My Arizona love. :)
I can drink this arizona tea for the rest of my life. 128525

The cookies? It's just like your Mrs.Fields cookies. But it is chewy. Its not like the crispiness of your chips-a-hoy cookie. 128076

The size and taste is worth the price.

I'm pretty sure that we will go back here for their cakes. And for the place also. Few people goes here so you can have a serious talk here without caring about the people around you. Hahahaha! Just the crew and guards.

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Edrence A.
5.0 Stars

Their prices are noticeably higher than neighborhood cafes, but that's understandable -- you're dining at a hotel. This coffee shop is quaint and well lit, and void of all the noise of more popular coffee shops. And since it's inside the hotel as well, it's a no-smoking zone (wonderful news for non-smokers like me).

My personal choices in the Illy line are the creamy Espresso (P190), the classic Americano (P210-Sm, P240-Reg, P280-Grande) and the light and milky Caffe Latte (P220-Sm, P250-Reg, P290-Grande).

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